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im in no rush take all the time you guys need to figure things out. im just curious, do i need to put i request for the refund in or is this automatically. just a question thank you

It's retroactive - no need to reach out!

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On 2024-03-26 at 8:33 PM, [DE]Taylor said:

As mentioned in our Dante Unbound update notes, we have made significant changes to the market presence for Railjacks. With Update 35.5, all existing Market offerings for the Railjack were removed and replaced with a new Starter Railjack Bundle.

For context, here is a cost and offerings comparison of the retired bundles, and the Starter Railjack Bundle. 

Retired Bundles: 

  • Railjack Captain’s Bundle (555 Platinum) 
    • Railjack, Nautilus, 4 x Crew Member Slots
  • Railjack (400 Platinum)
  • The New War Firepower Bundle (465 Platinum)
    • Voidrig and Railjack

New Bundle:

  • Starter Railjack Bundle (175 Platinum)
    • Railjack, 4 x Crew Member Slot, 4 x Components & Armaments Slots

Given the significant reduction in cost, we will be running a script to refund price differences for those who purchased the Retired Bundles. While Railjack no longer has a standalone Platinum price, its new estimated cost is approximately 110 Platinum, so we calculated refund values based on that number. 

Here is a breakdown of the Platinum refund per bundle type:

  • Railjack Captain’s Bundle: 290 Platinum refund (cost difference for the Railjack, as there was no discount applied to this bundle)
  • Railjack: 290 Platinum refund
  • The New War Firepower Bundle: 90 Platinum refund
    • This bundle had a significant discount applied to it -- the easiest path was to reduce the cost to match that of the Voidrig (at 375 Platinum), meaning purchasers of this Bundle now essentially received the Railjack for free!  

Due to the added complexity of Cross Platform Save, the team is taking extra care in crafting the script, meaning it may take a few days after the update before we can run it. We will update this thread once it has run, and once it is completed.

Thanks, Tenno! 



The refund script has begun!

Due to Cross Platform Save, there is an extra layer of complexity with this refund. If you purchased a Railjack on a certain and later Merged/Linked accounts using Cross Platform Save, you will only receive a refund if that Railjack purchase happened on your Primary Cross Platform Save Account.

If you think there are issues with your refund, please contact our support team: support.warframe.com

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