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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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With the release of Warframe’s mind bending expansion,The Duviri Paradox, we’re also launching a set of new items and collections. The following bundles (and more) are available now for Platinum in the in-game Market!

Royal Steed Pack
The Royal Steed Pack is worthy of a king. It contains everything from both the Grassland and Outland Steed Packs. It also includes the Steed’s Regalia Pack.

Baruuk Doan is the calm center of a chaotic storm. His collection includes the Baruuk Doan Skin, Harmatt Sparring Skin, and Khinn Syandana.

Concepts for the collection were created by community fan artist TBGKaru.

Natural and preternatural combine in Wisp Somnium. Her collection includes the Wisp Somnium Skin*, Subvolv Syandana, and Privolv Fulmin Skin.

Concepts for the collection were created by community fan artist UndergroundWubwubmaster.

*The Wisp Somnium skin also adorns her Reservoir and Motes in the same style!

Make the most of morphic material created during the Zariman Void Jump. This collection includes the Mesa Voidshell Skin, Limbo Voidshell Skin, and each skin’s matching material structure.

Material structures are exclusive to Voidshell skins.

Dress just like the hero described in the famous storybook, Tales of Duviri. The Fabled Warrior Pack includes the Aeospex Armor, Gabrai Kavat Armor, Drifter Loneryder Suit, Lonesome Shawzin, and Only Beyond Vistagraph.

*All items in this pack are available for purchase separately.

New Drifter Transference Suits!
The Drifter Loneryder and Feldune outfits are here and available for purchase! Each piece from these collections can be purchased separately or as a collection available in the in-game Market:

New Visage Inks!
Several new Visage Inks are available to add more style to your Drifter! The Sharpshooter, Heavy Striker, Manipura, and Aru Visage Inks can be purchased with Platinum individually or in the following collection available in the in-game Market.

*Visage Ink can only be applied to Drifter. Each of these Visage Inks can also be purchased individually.

Our first batch of TennoGen items are here following the changes we made to the program! Enjoy 6 new incredible creations from these talented artists:

• Nitrolyst Gauss Skin by Goosmo
• Retrolyst Syandana by edwino22 and Erneix
• Caliban Scion Helmet by LostEpoch
• Xaku Deathea Skin by kakarrot2812
• Alocana Syandana by blazingcobalt
• Katix Earpiece Operator/Drifter Accessory by lex182 and cedd00

If you missed our announcement last year, we removed TennoGen Deadlines and are now reviewing pieces on a monthly basis. Thank you all for your patience as the team transitions to this new system -- with all of the hard work behind the scenes by our TennoGen artists, we are ready to showcase the current list of accepted items!

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