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Veilbreaker: Hotfix 32.0.4


Break Narmer ‘Sneaky Sabotage’ Mission Changes & Fixes: 

  • Narmer Deacons will no longer perform their beam attack in Break Narmer missions. 

    • This attack is designated exclusively for the Stolen Plates stage in The New War Quest. 

  • Updated some of Chipper’s dialogue for clarity. 

  • Updated sound FX for laser traps and doors. 

  • Fixed crash that would occur in the Narmer Scyto Raknoid fight. 

  • Fixed being able to glide through the air towards a target after jumping and spamming melee as Kahl while melee auto targeting is enabled.

  • Fixed Kahl being unable to be damaged by the Narmer Scyto Raknoid’s melee attacks while his Machete is in hand. 

  • Fixed the Narmer Scyto Raknoid having weird VFX trailing underneath its centre mass. 

  • Fixed enemies that enter the Narmer Scyto Raknoid boss fight arena before the gate shuts just standing around and not attacking. 

  • Fixed the tutorial prompt for Unveiling Chipper remaining on screen after successfully freeing him. 

  • Fixed Deacons getting way too close to Kahl after being detected, causing them to completely miss their attacks. 

  • Fixed unveiled allies still having the Veiled voice FX. 

  • Fixed the Narmer Propaganda Drones not having any collision.

  • Fixes towards falling through the floor when completing a Veil removal. 


Break Narmer Challenges Changes & Fixes: 

  • Added a looping and pickup sound FX to nearby K-Drive parts in the Break Narmer Missions for the ‘Find K-Drive Things: Find The 4 confiscated K-Drive part’ Challenge. 

  • Increased size of Chipper's tools and added a pickup glow so it's easier to find for the ‘Get Chipper’s Tools’ Break Narmer Challenge. 

  • Fixed the ‘Kahl Go Fast - Complete the mission in under 15 minutes’ Challenge continuing to count indefinitely after the 15 min mark. 



  • Optimized some shader & textures. 

  • Made very slight optimizations to the Narmer Propaganda Drone. 



  • Fixed a script error when switching between the ‘Helminth’ and ‘Archon Shard’ tabs in Helminth’s UI if you have something selected. 

  • Fixed flickering issues in the Helminth UI. 

  • Fixed Rogg’s Hellion Jetpack particle FX being the wrong color. 

  • Fixed several placement and clipping issues with Shoulder Armor equipped on Kahl (notably the Sorex Shoulder Guards). 

  • Fixed UI soft-lock related to Clan Emblems. 

  • Fixed the Protea Caladrius Skin’s helmet visor tilting to the side permanently after casting her Grenade Fan. As reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/xe93xd/protea_visor_bug/

  • Fixed the Aegrit’s holster position and rotation sitting funky. 

  • Fixed being unable to return to Dojo from a Railjack mission if you have Clients in your squad. 

  • Fixed script error related to Syndicate Medallions when joining in-progress missions. 

  • Fixed script error when scrolling in the Helminth UI while feeding resources. 

    • Also fixed auto feeding occurring when scrolling if a resource had been selected.

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Just now, CleaLoreus said:

Please fix volt ability 4 bug which causes massive FPS drop for the host.

This seems to have something to do with Archon Stretch, we are investigating.  

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