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Lua’s Prey: Baruuk Prime: Hotfix is live!



  • Updated Voruna’s Shroud of Dynar ability description to align with the changes made in the previous hotfix:

    • Voruna’s Shroud of Dynar now grants her the buff for 3 seconds upon leaving invisibility in every possible way instead of it relying on if you used melee and hit a target. 


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11 minutes ago, XennethKeisere said:

While so many DE reps are here, I'm hoping maybe someone can address a long standing issue in the Index.

Whenever a player casts Dispensary, it breaks the Energy spawn points. That results in the Dispensary being the only source of energy. If the player stops casting, there's no Energy for the team.

Please investigate, thank you 

Seems to work okay here. A video showing how to cause the problem is always the optimal way to report bugs, if you have a minute

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3 hours ago, -.GALAHAD.- said:

Perspicacity doesn't seem to work in sorties anymore.

Works here, are you using any other hacking related mods?  Detailed bug report including your loadout are the best way to contribute