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Break Narmer Changes & Fixes

  • Made further improvements to the movement AI of the Scyto Raknoid Boss on Venus.
  • Adjusted the visual FX on the Deacon mask beam.
  • Fixed some issues of Solarans having odd movement on Venus, which included entering off-limits areas. 

Veilbreaker Quest Changes: 

  • Fixed a case of the sky flickering onboard the Murex during the Veilbreaker Quest. 
  • Fixed a visual issue of two individual Map tiles not connecting properly.


  • Swapped the Tertiary and Accent material channels on Styanax, Styanax’s Helmets, and the Afentis to better match player expectations and be in-line with other Warframe’s material channels.
    • You will notice the colors of your fashion have changed upon log-in. A quick swap of the colors between your Tertiary and Accent channels will restore your fashion to what it was before this Hotfix!


  • Fixed Amar’s Howl not removing Waypoints for Clients. 
  • Fixed cases of overlapping text in the Syndicate ‘pledge’ screen. 
  • Fixed the Hespar neutral attack triggering many unintended Status effects. 
  • Fixed the Dojo Legend UI not disappearing when making the HUD disappear. 
  • Fixed Railjack side turrets camera rotation being off. 
  • Made a potential fix towards Clients losing UI after extracting the Shard from an Archon.
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7 minutes ago, Damocles said:

What about punch through on projectile weapons not going through walls and other objects?

Can we get an example of not working, please?

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16 minutes ago, SadAt4AM said:

Still not fixed

Known, and fixed in our next update