17 days ago - [DE]Megan - Direct link
21 hours ago, (XBOX)Triagion12 said:

Hi Warframe I'm a fellow warframer when my game was updating for the new update everything was fine but after the update when I tried launching the game when it starts up you know after the downloading process it literally blacks out and it kicks me out now Warframe has never done this it only did this as soon as the newest update just came out so I want to know if they're error with servers or is it just my game please help me out I literally just uninstalled Warframe completely and I'm reinstalling it thank you so much and I love Warframe


8 hours ago, (XBOX)OneChicago51 said:

I can't start the game today. 3 seconds into loading the music stutters and the game closes. Tried everything except uninstalling. Xbox series x.

Hello to you both!

We see that you both have logged in since posting these reports. Are you still experiencing these issues at all or have they been resolved?