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18s the in the
21s world change way I feel about girl I got
27s this I got a pH
30s [Music]
33s are you
35s awake are you
40s awake
42s are
45s [Music]
54s are SE about you but I got
59s this I got
64s I don't want to sleep I want to CR to
68s the be
73s yeah till
75s [Music]
79s fing
81s feeling I want
84s to I want to CR
89s yeah
93s [Music]
98s no
101s [Music]
108s feeling
110s I
111s [Music]
119s I
123s I
124s about I got
126s this I got
136s [Music]
142s [Music]
149s a
150s you are
159s needed wake up
161s tenno you are
163s needed it is
166s [Music]
172s time it is
173s [Music]
179s time
186s something's
189s [Music]
206s happening
209s up
210s [Music]
219s Focus find the
221s power
223s [Music]
232s time hey dreams we are up and ready
238s toy there just is no hold and you are
247s back
249s hey
250s your
263s gas clear
269s friend
274s hey
275s [Music]
284s Dre
289s [Music]
299s dream
302s [Music]
308s dream dream
312s [Music]
317s [Music]
324s [Music]
329s dream
332s [Music]
357s there just is no and you are back are
363s you
365s [Music]
389s late
407s [Music]
415s [Music]
419s for
446s hi everyone welcome to Prime Time if you
448s didn't understand it that's what that's
449s what H hope my pronunciation worked out
452s yeah we have so many question marks in
455s chat listen I have been learning Korean
458s from kinsun s please give him shout outs
461s because I don't know I get all jittery
463s trying to actually use the language I've
465s been trying so hard to learn and I want
467s to get over those Jitters thank you for
469s helping me nailed it now let's play
472s Warframe first of all do you guys know
475s what's happening on March 27th what's
476s happening March 27th um Dante Unbound is
480s happening on March 27th and you can
483s expect a new Warframe you can expect uh
485s incaran weapons game modes enos's rework
490s Styx tonatia so much more did you want
493s to cut to my screen there
496s oh o I mean I Can't Get Enough what a
500s guy I can't wait to meet him wish I was
501s that chill you know you're pretty chill
504s oh thank you you're pretty chill um now
507s I mean okay I'm so glad we're already
509s talking about the abilities I'm so
511s excited to watch broim and everyone else
514s make use of this warframes kit cuz it is
517s wild got some incaran
520s weapons deep
523s archimedia sty xaa oh my goodness give
527s me give me give me I want it and come on
531s the man the myth the legend in Naros
533s he's back he's back in a big
535s way and tenen I love that tenen Unbound
539s go team I don't know who made the call
540s on that title but that's so fun for this
542s and uh lots of quality life so I guess I
544s just want you to know that you can look
546s forward to that on March 27th and we
548s also have no hot fixes until then we're
550s in that hot fix blackout stage so that's
553s going to end March 27th as well yeah so
556s much of course all of the changes that
558s we've been making in the background will
559s come on the 27th so no hot fixes
562s publicly but we are still making changes
564s and they will come I promise I promise
566s that's not the only thing that's
567s happening very soon it's our 11year
568s anniversary
570s my goodness I'm 11 years old
572s congratulations the game is 11 years old
574s and we're celebrating here with the
576s community uh you may have seen something
579s pop up on your YouTube feeds maybe even
581s your Twitter but we thought we'd just
582s show you again right here roll the
594s [Music]
598s clip
601s [Music]
602s [Applause]
617s so cool and that's right starting
619s tomorrow we will have some special
621s 11year anniversary alerts that will be
623s happening in game uh and those will be
625s going on until May 17th so we've got a
627s long long time to celebrate 11 years uh
630s you can earn stuff like skins weapons
632s noggles uh weapon slots and more all the
635s previous anniversary deex Awards will be
637s there uh and we also have some twitch
639s drops planned starting next week they
642s will be directory wide they're featuring
644s some great community art from an artist
646s called Dara art they look great you can
648s see that very soon nothing to show you
650s now but stay tuned for that if you want
652s to learn more about 11-e anniversary you
654s can use exclanation point anniversary do
656s you say it's someone's birthday someone
657s said this is happening on their birthday
659s Havey birthday oh my gosh it's their
661s anniversary to um 11 they're also 11
665s years old I don't think you can be on
666s Twitch if you're 11 well sh your secret
668s safe with
669s us anyways something else really really
672s cool that's happening tomorrow is
674s devstream
675s 178 you want to go to Fan Art let's look
678s at this beautiful
679s spoilers look at this beautiful
681s beautiful key art deam 178 is happening
683s at PA East this time around So Co the
686s crew I know right like oh my gosh the
688s crew is already in Boston right now
690s getting ready to show up at Pax and give
692s you a great great show you can turn in
694s tomorrow to our Channel I believe as
696s well as the Pax channel uh there's no
698s twitch drop per usual but we do have
699s some huge huge reveals Rebecca Jeff
702s Megan and a very special guest Ben star
704s will be there and they're going to be
706s giving you the lay down on Dante and per
709s chance some other stuff that's all I'm
710s going to say I wonder what else we could
712s have to discuss we'll have to tune in so
714s weird and if you ended up grabbing a
715s ticket for our in-person event Tano VIP
718s uh after packs we hope to see you there
720s have a freaking great time uh say hi for
723s me cuz we're here we're streaming yeah
725s we're we're across the globe and by
728s Globe I mean united through two
730s countries we're united through the
732s internet uh so we'll see you tomorrow
735s drive foram we could overnight drive
736s there and then we didn't get tickets
738s though so we could stand outside the
739s building during the dev stream and cheer
741s them on like AWI concert sorry it's
742s tickets tickets only you can't get in
744s we'll do the Tes Swift parking lot thing
745s but for the dev stream cuz I'm so
747s excited all right I'm down I love it I
749s love it so excited for tenacon 2024 I'm
752s just k um huge and tickets physical and
756s digital go on sale at 1100 a.m. eastern
759s time on March 28th so man you get Dante
763s Unbound and then the next day tenacon
765s tickets to go on sale Madness it's
767s Madness and you might be a cosplayer in
770s chat I don't know if you are you might
772s want to hit exclamation mark cosplay to
775s send your submissions for the tenacon
777s 2024 cosplay contest
780s or hey maybe you're an artist you're
783s cool you're a musician you have
784s something you want to share with us well
786s the Community Showcase is also a thing
788s so you can do exclamation mark showcase
791s to learn about submitting your work to
793s that for Tenon woo love it hey what do
796s you think about merch love love it you
798s love merch what do you think about merch
800s sales I love merch sales oh well then I
803s think you're going to want to take a
805s look see at what we've got going on
807s right now we we have four packs that are
811s going to be discontinued soonish and
813s they are therefore being sailed we're
816s making a sale out of them love it we got
818s the chrys ofth pack at 50% off that has
821s your hesar heavy Scythe which is one of
824s my favorite names I've ever conceived
826s zerin glyphs resource drop chance
828s boosters and void shell skins like
831s everything zerman happening the
834s emergence pack similar vein different in
837s Carin you've got the sanct supporter
840s pack which I mean if you want the
843s sanctum Color Picker the too late emote
846s classic perhaps you want alick's Yahoo
848s display perhaps you want a necrite of
850s your very own or my fave the kless fur
853s pattern oh me too me too that so cute
857s and then the initiate power pack as well
858s which actually has warframes this is so
861s great if you're newer to our community
863s and you want to get this pack you know a
866s a slow and lower price it's pretty nice
868s so uh there you go just
870s PSA Che those out well yeah it's St
873s Patrick's Day well it was it is it was
876s but it's still St Patrick's Day in
878s Warframe we're doing a little bit of a
879s celebration with some alerts in game uh
882s this is actually the final weekend so
883s they're live now they were on live on
885s March 15th and they're going to go to
887s March 25th at 11:00 a.m. so if you log
889s in now you can grab yourself 30,000
891s credits a rift sigil in the Rapier
894s tribut taker skin that's pretty sweet I
897s love that and of course darvo is getting
899s in the spirit he's offering some uh
901s exclusive sales so make sure you check
902s go daro and if you like the color green
905s you can head to the market and grab the
906s Shamrock color palette for just one
908s credit you're getting 30,000 you got to
910s spend one though so we're actually
912s giving you $
914s 29999 credits bummer bummer we'll work
917s on that so close head to the market grab
921s that before it's gone uh and enjoy
923s celebrating some St St Po's Day St poty
926s day P's day and moving on before we
929s offend
930s uh of course thanks for tuning in we've
932s got some twitch drops for you this week
933s is a a pretty juicy twitch drop I cannot
936s lie it's a toome mod grab bag so you can
940s grab one of these amazing toome mods uh
942s we got fast jahoo is it Kira cir cra cra
947s we got Lok netra riss vom inzata you can
950s get one of those amazing amazing mods
952s and if you haven't had a chance to check
953s them out already or maybe you don't even
955s know what they're used for in that case
957s keep on playing but if you know what
958s they're used for hop in game try them
960s out uh an amazing twitch TR for you
962s today that is pretty rad just a reminder
964s if you're watching on iOS currently you
966s cannot get a twitch drop on iOS uh
969s that's just twitch rules you can read
970s our PSA on that uh if you want on the
973s forms but you can still watch on your
974s phone and then collect it on a other
977s device but if you're seeing no drop
978s progress and you're watching on an
980s iPhone uh see if you can watch on
981s something else if not you're still
983s getting drop progress just make sure you
984s grab it on a different platform after
986s that speaking of drops we got more drops
988s we have our level Creator jobs for the
990s weekend starting us off we have faded
992s Chronicle who's going to be streaming on
994s March 23rd from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
997s giving you that amazing Nogle statue
999s I've actually never seen that Nogle
1000s statue before so I'm going to make sure
1002s I grab that one uh and then the gameo is
1005s continuing that at 9:00 p.m. to 10 p.m.
1007s with a Warframe articula uh make sure
1009s you tune in to those lovely lovely
1010s creators grab that drop say hello for us
1013s love it all right now let's get into
1016s some Warframe gameplay of course we're
1018s not the only ones here streaming we also
1019s have the lovely lovely Charlie hanging
1021s out in the Discord uh she's going to be
1024s reading your comments sending that fan
1025s art right in the Discord as well is
1027s gathering top 10 comments for the Stream
1030s So if you're looking to make a pretty
1032s Banger comment make sure you hop in our
1033s Discord using exclamation point Discord
1035s say hello to Charlie and have a great
1037s Old Time Charlie what are they talking
1038s about now everyone shocked you didn't
1039s have Lucky Charms but McDonald's before
1042s per Time Lucky Charms I'm being exposed
1045s already I had the Lucky Charms you had
1047s Lucky Charms I'm here to represent there
1049s Lucky Charms here for the both us yeah I
1051s did have it was a McDonald's day I can't
1053s resist
1054s sometimes uh we also have Rue running
1056s the stream in the backgr hi R hello hey
1059s hey uh and we're going to give you some
1061s giveaways while we're watching as well
1062s do you want to why don't we just start
1063s one off right now with a giveaway yeah I
1066s love your attitude all right all right
1067s th Platinum let's give it away right now
1070s right me out love it love it I thought I
1072s would time it right when it needed to be
1074s hit but um It's thinking oh it's
1076s thinking really hard it's thinking okay
1079s well maybe we need to talk about Zach's
1080s gameplay situation we do have to talk
1083s about my gameplay
1085s situation you might have noticed that
1088s soric has won 1,000 Platinum please
1092s message the twitch Channel you're
1093s watching right now let us know your
1094s in-game anast in the platform you play
1096s Warframe on so that we can send 1,000
1098s Platinum directly to your account Zach
1100s what's happening here on the screen well
1101s well well as you saw at the top of the
1102s stream I have a choice to make Chad I am
1105s at my 600 day Milestone and I've got
1107s some pretty juicy options here uh I
1110s don't know if there's a poll up right
1111s now Rue the poll already ran while you
1113s were doing housekeeping and I have uh I
1116s have the actual uh Choice has been made
1118s for me results please tell me what is my
1122s choice dang okay Prime shred has won
1126s with
1127s 77% of the vote the people have spoken
1130s the people love Prime sh Prime shred yo
1134s you're going to be shreding please no
1136s inbox message please we're good we're
1138s good okay fashion frame are you kidding
1140s me well thank you oh my goodness I'm
1142s just not fishing for compliments
1144s guys I will take it uh Zach's been
1147s playing for less than two years I've
1148s been playing for a while I just should
1150s log in more actually I'm really bad at
1152s not loog some days you log in to test
1153s and then some days you go into public
1156s and you're like oh what I played way
1158s more than that and it's all gotten kind
1159s of jumed up in the my bra that's what
1161s we'll say what are we doing today Helen
1163s today we're doing NRA cell runs so
1166s buckle up get your best builds
1169s and then message do you want to host or
1171s my sure I can host no problem then me
1173s message Zachary is your real name
1175s Zachary yes my full
1179s name oh my god what have I done this is
1182s how you know it's serious oh I always I
1184s thought you were going to be like my
1185s full name is Zachary of or something oh
1188s that'd be really cool but I think like
1190s two people in the world can call me by
1192s my full name my mother can call me my
1194s full name and Helen and Helen can call
1198s me two people in the world can go that
1201s but yeah if you want to play some NR
1202s cells message de Zac in game what should
1204s they message us I think God sorry I'm
1207s laughing at the fact that someone said
1209s Zach's full name is Zack
1212s Warframe that is my full name how'd you
1214s know uh you should message me I was
1216s going to say you should message me your
1218s full name but like don't do that don't
1220s do that message um message him G's full
1227s name oh oh like make it up or is there
1229s yeah like if gar had a last name there's
1231s no La related to that if gar had a last
1233s name what would it be message me in chat
1234s if you want to play some netr cells here
1236s I'll leave the chat window so we can
1237s read this out loud hey can I join hey
1241s how are you I love this thank you so
1243s much but we need gar oh I saw gar Subaru
1247s love it you're welcome to the welcome to
1249s the squad excellent uh what who else we
1251s got
1252s here gar oh it's reading gar glass
1257s breaker o
1260s glumer gar glass you know makes sense
1262s gar MC gar face love it gar M toyami
1267s that sounds like a real last name I have
1268s to say it does gar glasgo okay I do like
1270s the Irish you know St P's day and
1272s everything all right the Irish win again
1274s here you go and I'm going to invite
1276s Helen oh thanks Helen I got to get you
1278s in here you know that we have the same
1280s Signa on today do we really we do we
1282s really we're kind of matching sweater
1285s matching signas just enough I love it
1288s and we're all here all right Squad let's
1290s do it I'm ready to heal everybody yeah
1293s so Helen is playing support today I am
1295s support bot Lane always
1297s as Nam Nami One trick Nami I love Nami
1301s you love Nami too yes cuz we have the
1303s same hair and tast of music it's true
1307s okay we are headed to the sanctum oh
1309s glasow is Scottish oh my God it is
1312s that's one the most embarrassing things
1313s we've done on the internet add that to
1315s my list I've done some other
1316s embarrassing that's
1318s like was for vegan meatloaf it's up
1321s there with that it's up there with that
1323s like I knew I knew Glasgow was Scottish
1326s me too that's why it's embar and I'm
1328s Scottish so that's even worse ah I'm
1330s sorry
1332s Zachary I don't know we got to work on
1334s that I think it's going to take some
1336s time we'll get there we'll get look at
1338s the Scottish yeah we'll uh look at the
1340s Scottish huh we'll do that all right we
1342s made it okay let's go talk to my
1345s favorite favorite favorite deer tager
1348s that's your favorite dear a oh no the
1351s other well actually today I walked by
1353s tager and just got the um sobbing
1357s subtitle oh I was like that would
1360s actually make such a great tweet no
1361s context it's just
1363s [Laughter]
1365s soing h i remember uh first meeting
1369s tager I think even was when we were just
1371s uh playing on test and it just said like
1373s very depressed or whatever you're like
1376s same feel that buddy yeah sobbing
1380s sobbing look out for that tweet next
1382s time I see it oh nope not nightwave wh
1386s let's get back to it I couldn't agree
1388s more Nora night Glasgow Street in London
1391s Ontario is that true we have one really
1394s yeah dude how did that person know maybe
1396s they're from London Ontario also they
1398s probably realize that everything in this
1399s area is just named
1401s after European UK if you've been to
1404s London UK you've kind of been to London
1407s Ontario all
1409s Street yeah maybe just in Street Queen
1412s Street we've got the river temps we do
1414s have the temps that's true King Street
1416s Queen do I want to be struck by
1417s electricity I'd be open to being struck
1419s by
1419s electricity you get to warm up to the
1421s idea uh void energy is there one with
1424s energy cuz I have energy vampire yeah
1427s yeah yeah right here at the left I'll
1429s take that oh it's claimed so me oh
1431s that's okay I'm going to take uh unless
1432s one person wants to take all of them and
1434s then be a g but I don't know if I could
1436s I'm scared I'm scared to do that you
1438s know what I'll take electricity unless
1440s unless you feel drawn great fashion
1442s frame too matching Wings we have
1444s matching signas matching Wings wow oh
1446s shoot I just
1447s took do we have enough take that that's
1450s okay did yeah we do we do we're good
1452s we're doubling up a little bit but that
1453s is okay matching we're so
1456s matching this is so cool guys we look so
1460s good wow what do we have here oh we have
1463s stairs here and the electricity has
1465s begun OE already let me get my damage
1468s retion up
1469s shall we all make our way to the
1472s console oh yeah why am I fighting we run
1475s we run Sprint don't worry the fight will
1477s come wow so dramatic so poetic goty man
1482s Helen I got to ask you what is the most
1485s anticipated thing coming for you in next
1487s week's updat well you H it's got to be
1491s Dante however here's what I'll say my
1493s most anticipated thing is the story
1495s surrounding Dante I'm looking forward to
1497s watching people put that together and
1499s the world expansion related to it but
1502s you know I love that lots of good things
1504s happening that's so cool there is so
1507s much I think it's hard to personally
1509s pick something that I'm excited for yeah
1511s uh what do you think Megan is most
1512s excited for cuz I have a very
1515s good I okay actually oh I'm under stairs
1518s I think I can't even say what my
1520s favorite thing that's coming is don't
1521s you hate when that happens but you're
1523s under NDA listen that is so true listen
1526s we had a conversation today uh the
1529s lovely Connor said guys there's a
1531s feature coming that I think is the best
1533s feature in the update and I was like you
1537s know that's a pretty it's pretty you
1539s know big thing to say oh no I'm I'm
1541s coming I'm coming I'm
1543s coming I'm on my way I'm right here I'm
1545s right here no one left behind oh
1548s someone's got nice it was you nice it
1550s was me truly falling into your role love
1553s that one job but he showed us the
1555s feature let me say real good feature woo
1558s yeah oh my goodness guys oh my goodness
1561s Conor's got the best Intel like so so
1566s good so oh gosh I'm excited for that but
1568s because I can't tell chat what it is I'm
1570s also excited for Dante very very much I
1573s uh I love the idea of um combinations
1577s for abilities like you can get like a
1579s bunch out of them it's kind of like
1580s value good value for that FR
1583s value abilities for the price of four
1587s why just have four when you could have
1588s so so many more yeah that'll be really
1591s cool I seriously I'm looking forward to
1593s seeing the builds come that come out of
1595s it me too R I'm I'm watching I'm ready
1598s Bros I'm uh I've also been playing a ton
1600s of SX so the deluxe skin is just perfect
1603s for me that Delux skin how do you say it
1606s though Helen tonatia oh man tonatia
1608s that's such a cool name yeah man I think
1610s it means sun in oh hey twitch chat
1613s what's the language that the Aztec spoke
1616s cuz it's not Aztec I'll tell you that
1618s start with a he no I think it starts
1621s with an
1622s N actually yeah I don't even know
1628s no yeah oh very cool so it's WR in that
1632s language the name
1634s of cool disable security Matrix I'm on
1636s my way I did it I did
1637s it we run I am not doing a good job here
1640s I need to focus need to lock by the way
1642s I don't know if I clarified this I think
1643s Megan's probably most excited for the
1645s anos I think so too I mean who else is
1649s cuz it's going to be very good uh it
1651s will actually give me a chance to play
1653s anaros I think I'll admit I wasn't a big
1656s anaros guy you know I didn't play him
1658s too too much never oh but uh the same
1660s thing happened with hydroid played
1661s hydroid for a little bit but that rework
1663s hedid brought me back yeah I like
1668s that this is your chance to become best
1670s friends with a new
1671s Warframe friendship ended with Sr new
1674s best friend is inos it's going happen
1678s hey a little early but happy 11th
1680s anniversary thank you so much you same
1683s to you same to everyone you guys were
1686s here maybe some people are in chat have
1687s been here since the beginning me all 11
1690s years so likely probably likely Megan's
1693s excited for sticky Corners I'm excited
1694s for sticky corners or the removal of
1696s them they will be no
1699s more Charlie's in
1703s agreement I'm here since day one after
1705s Clos beta oh heck yeah day one after
1708s Clos
1709s that is early
1711s early corner is Unbound yeah I love
1715s that change the update name Dante is no
1718s longer the poster boy no
1720s no my man that art though art
1725s yeah oh get him I love I love
1730s energy oh I fell
1733s bum stay with me stay with me Zach we
1736s the Tom open you're Focus we are
1742s Focus like this I won't let you die Zach
1744s I have one job like this okay am I
1748s better now hello Chad come on Zach get
1752s excited
1755s hey we have okay Zach and fake leer are
1759s going to that objective lovely
1761s lovely I'm going to prepare to continue
1764s killing enemies oh yeah we're good you
1765s guys are good over there I got carried
1769s only die lock in only
1772s die playable archons when well well that
1776s would be pretty cool oh my
1778s gosh playable archons I like that idea a
1782s lot you like uh maybe a little stalker
1784s mody but archons you're like well they
1787s did stalker mode what else is possible
1788s listen the archons freak me out I don't
1790s want to play it freak you out they're
1792s scary well it's all matter of
1795s perspective cuz I think they're kind of
1796s rad playable domes sck DRS wow Chad just
1800s wants to be anyone else actually that
1803s just makes me think of like uh like a
1806s Warframe Prop Hunt where you can like
1808s turn into anything in a tile set and
1810s someone has to try and find you that's
1812s fun that'd be so fun wait let's do it in
1815s a minute wait let's make this happen
1818s wait Reb
1823s actually oh we're so close to 50% if I
1827s kill this enemy we'll be yeah yeah feels
1829s good feels good to watch it turn 50%
1830s when you kill so um I believe people got
1833s a an interesting email in their inbox
1835s this morning from Warframe I believe it
1838s was your Warframe yearin review that you
1841s should have received in your inbox if
1843s I'm not mistaken um year end review so
1847s uh what was everyone's most used
1849s Warframe this year got to know oh could
1852s you guess mine oh Zach I don't think
1855s it's out yet what no
1859s everyone everyone's saying no they have
1860s not seen this bummer stay
1863s tuned Zach you're under
1866s NDA I'm kidding that's such a hard at
1869s any point he says something he shouldn't
1871s I'll just mute him it's fine yeah R's on
1873s it Dev shorts cuz we're leaking
1875s information
1879s B that's a SC
1883s anyways let's just say hypothetically I
1885s know what my most spring is this year
1889s could you guess it ell
1892s uh
1894s G that's Taylor will be Tor
1898s um I got do you need a hint Helen wait
1902s this is kind of like this is kind of
1903s embarrassing cuz I'm kind of showing how
1905s much
1906s I it's kind of like when you Reveal Your
1909s you don't know your friend as well as
1911s you thought you did like when they
1912s expose people live on talk shows like
1913s how well do you know each other what's
1914s their favorite food and the person
1916s doesn't know and they get like no on the
1919s Whiteboard listen I'll give you a hint
1921s but it's an audio clue oh Catrine thanks
1924s fake leader Catrine no
1929s oh the hint is
1932s k um bird Zephyr oh my God right because
1937s you zhr it's all coming back to me oh I
1940s died I was so focused on Zephyr I'll
1942s save you
1944s um okay I feel like I've told this story
1946s before cuz I don't know why but I feel
1948s like Kaka has come up on this stream
1950s before and this is what triggers this
1951s memory for me I used to lifeguard at a
1955s beach and there was a there were there
1960s were bylaws which you know lifeguards
1961s don't enforce but you're supposed to be
1962s like heads up if the bylaw officer comes
1965s like oh dogs on the beach dogs on the
1968s beach now I can't remember if it was a
1969s dog on the beach or like someone had
1971s brought a brusi to enjoy on their on
1974s their blanket or whatever yes but it was
1977s so innocuous and they were there with
1979s like their friends and family and they
1980s were just such nice people and they were
1982s like hey I'm not saying like you know
1984s give us a heads up as B officer comes
1986s but like could you give a a heads up if
1987s the B officer comes and I was like oh I
1990s couldn't do that but like wink wink
1991s nudge nudge I'm not a jerk so sure but
1995s we didn't agree on what the signal would
1996s be and honestly I didn't expect the
1998s bylaw officer to come the bylaw officer
2000s came and so picture me lifeguard so
2004s official in the guard Tower going Kaka
2009s good they knew exactly what it meant
2012s they got themselves off the beach and
2013s nobody was charged for breaking a bylaw
2016s my gosh that's perfect thank you maybe
2019s is it maybe it's sort of a universal uh
2022s warning thing yeah I think we could all
2024s agree what do you think twitch chat
2025s works yeah that's pretty
2027s funny go it love that lifeguard eh yeah
2032s lifeguarding I wish I lifeguard you get
2034s to be on the beach feel like you did I
2036s feel like you did in another Lifest
2038s listen I was small for a very long time
2041s I am still very small small but
2045s lifeguards about that you got to be uh
2049s you know kind of bayw watched to be a
2050s lifeguard right well it depends I will
2052s say pool lifeguarding is world's
2054s different from Beach lifeguarding right
2056s yeah so you could do anything so true
2059s heard someone explained it to me as I
2062s even have been my boss at the beach who
2063s said when you are a pool lifeguard you
2066s are preventing injuries when you're a
2068s beach lifeguard you're responding to
2070s inuries oh and that was true
2074s fact I thought about it there's like a a
2078s quarry nearby i w doc the location
2081s actually why wouldn't I doc the location
2082s the St Mary's Quarry you
2086s been uh I thought I would do that as a
2089s summer like oh man like you just get to
2091s be by the Quarry all day love it but uh
2094s no I never did I never did I always
2096s thought I had cool jobs though was like
2098s your favorite part-time job would you
2099s say that you did oh lifeguarding for
2101s sure yeah that was that takes a cake the
2103s comad is nice and Mee cresendo let's
2108s go go team love that very pleased I'm
2111s very pleased with that love that well
2113s that's great for our first run shall we
2115s do it again let's Booker do it chat
2118s favorite part-time job you ever
2120s worked oh man they watch okay I will say
2123s guys if you see lifeguards on the beach
2124s running cuz you have to run when you're
2125s a beach lifeguard wherever you go don't
2128s bayw watch it's just uh everyone's done
2130s it they've all heard it every time they
2132s run so so a good joke my uh favorite
2136s part-time job when I was way back when
2139s movie theater I was like the that's good
2142s free movies free popcorn like I had to
2145s like go up front and like introduce the
2147s movie and what they were seeing it was
2149s great times that's cool awesome wow
2151s that's sweet someone in chat said uh
2154s worked at the Legoland Discovery Center
2157s good one cool pizza maker so true Club
2161s Penguin made real library assistant
2163s that's cool a young Crow worked at a
2165s castle just Arbiter okay no big expand I
2169s want to know more that's so cool
2171s Renaissance Festival love that says
2174s worked at De I'll believe it for now
2176s that's so cool it's so cool we had you
2178s here that's awesome um I Giga in our
2182s Squad is saying that they worked at
2184s burgo King that was their only part-time
2185s job and they very much would not
2186s recommend it
2190s it teaches you things those kind of jobs
2192s I that's character growth for sure yeah
2194s oh yeah I only did restaurant industry
2196s for a year and that was enough for
2198s me no bueno what what was your favorite
2201s of your part-time
2203s job man maybe my first my first job was
2208s working at an escape room and I worked
2211s in an escape room for multiple years and
2213s I loved it because you had to put on a
2216s little bit of a show explaining the room
2218s giving them the rules um but Friday
2221s night I I thank Youk you you know Friday
2225s nights Saturday nights the uh we'll say
2227s like the the partyer crowds would come
2229s in people run in the town they go let's
2231s go let's go get drinks and then do an
2232s escape room not a good combination uh
2235s but they were always the best they loved
2237s Escape rooms they were always the best
2238s groups but it was such a good time I
2239s loved it very very fun I love it yeah
2242s listen partyers they get a bad
2243s reputation but but they're so happy you
2246s know another group motorcycle groups
2248s like ride motorcycles all together all
2250s cool the best kindest customers to ice
2254s cream scoopers okay and they gave great
2256s tips every time the motorcycles came
2258s rolling up when I was scooping ice cream
2260s that was my first ever job everyone was
2262s like Yay the motorcycles are here roll
2266s up all cool Lea whole deal we l them I
2270s mean when you're sitting on that bike
2271s all day in the
2272s summer ice cream Lifesaver you were
2276s providing them truly the of life that's
2279s it ice cream and it was it was a very
2283s happy relationship good summer Vibes
2285s let's see okay I'm I just simply cannot
2288s catch up to you two I'm trying so bullet
2291s jump bullet jump zoom
2294s in go someone's asking uh telemarketing
2299s I'm sorry SJ I didn't read the rest of
2301s your Alias that's I follow um r/
2304s telemarketing just because I'm
2306s fascinated by it and the threads that
2308s come up really yeah is it stories of
2310s just like it's like they're supporting
2312s each other out there and often you'll
2314s just get someone who's like I I finally
2316s left that job and people are just like
2318s congrats and anyway I'm just saying it
2320s seems really hard and you're amazing I
2322s uh I've never one first of all never
2325s ever been mean to anyone who is helping
2326s me on the phone no never do it don't do
2328s it guys like that but it can be brutal
2332s even when I get someone who's obviously
2333s trying to scam me I'll be part one time
2336s I said good luck and hung up
2339s Ellen cuz I'm like what are you what's
2341s your life that you're in this position
2342s you know I feel bad oh man maybe I
2345s shouldn't don't follow for scams or give
2347s them money but you know but you can talk
2349s to them but you can talk like I'll just
2350s ask how their days going
2353s te what is catrine's weapon if you're
2355s talking about me as Catrine that would
2357s be latron prime
2359s incarn nice which I love I love it
2362s almost too much that I feel guilty I use
2364s it all the time is it your favorite
2365s incarnate um well I I tically know that
2368s I loved it a lot over this past year so
2371s much it was my most used weapon oh good
2375s hyp which was kind of surprising cuz I
2377s thought I was personally good at
2378s swapping things like in between weapons
2380s and stuff but uh clearly not enough it
2383s did did take number one
2386s spot hypothetically hypothetically it's
2389s my most used weapon
2391s hypothetically oh
2394s boy
2395s sorry oh boy
2399s iconic it's iconic okay oh boy also I
2405s gig I don't know how to say their name
2408s but they they took all of the pain for
2411s us this time around oh they
2414s did that's so cool fake leader Catrine
2417s with Bor inar and shreds love it love it
2419s good advice good someone in chat is
2420s asking favorite frame for NRA cells uh o
2424s man uh Trinity Trinity Helen loves Trin
2428s and I love Catrine and right now we're
2430s in those roles
2432s currently mean would I recommend doing a
2434s full Squad of trinities not so much yeah
2436s you need something though but I think
2438s you could do a full Squad of cin I'll
2440s say that you probably could the nice
2442s thing about natur cells is that there's
2443s no time onm that so as long as you're
2446s killing even if it's slow you're going
2448s to be okay bring whatever you like I
2450s personally like catrine's survivability
2453s and Squad focused damage very cool
2458s Trinity is great for keeping you alive
2461s uh if you're planning to be the person
2462s who takes all of the key glyphs then you
2464s probably do want someone like a Revenant
2466s or a Catrine or a whisp right carry you
2470s through speed Nova see that just sounds
2473s fun love cooler for cells that'd be so
2477s cool
2479s yeah good choice taking up maybe maybe
2482s you agree with me on this taking up
2484s someone's frame recommendation and build
2486s recommendation to me is like going to
2488s their favorite restaurant and seeing
2489s what food makes them so happy you know
2492s cuz then you're just like this makes so
2493s much sense this says so much about you
2495s like why you love this type of food but
2497s it makes sense ask someone their
2499s favorite frame see them smile like that
2502s ask for their build let them feel seen
2505s we all see each
2506s other and if your favorite is grundle
2508s then let's
2510s party you're a cool
2515s person oh yeah okay okay I need to
2518s Titania has been it for me I love
2520s Titania love love love oh me too flying
2523s around Zoom can fly to all the different
2527s consoles in a Nell for sure yeah that's
2530s actually super good actually
2533s genius who's got that drone yeah is
2536s anyone on the Drone I can I can get on
2538s the Drone well dang they got so quick
2540s are we being carried a little bit I
2542s think we're being a little carried
2543s little bit I just want to say just
2544s generally speaking mad shout out to
2546s those who carry us while we're looking
2549s at twitch chat and talking about memes
2552s like I I'm grateful Head empty when uh
2557s when the lights turn on I got to say
2559s yeah yeah Pablo Prime is your favorite
2562s frame me too yeah love Pablo Prime
2565s grateful for Pablo Prime
2569s also go I love the song I now see the
2573s womb of the
2574s sky I love it too veruna in Solo netr
2579s cells with every ke keff okay dang
2582s actually so true you could definitely do
2584s that with your dang you know when you
2585s look at someone and there's so much
2587s cool damn
2589s it that's pretty cool that's talented
2591s actually yeah that's real
2594s talent What's that
2598s like okay I just built corvex and I'm
2600s having a blast who knew crushing
2602s everything between two walls was so
2603s satisfying bleach oh my God what's your
2606s name Bach bleach chining I agree man'
2609s and enjoy corvex glad you have them too
2612s corvex is also glad you have them he's
2615s so cool no doubt about it he's so
2618s cool mercy kill dang I just did 4.8
2622s million on that Mercy did you now ho
2625s moly I actually have no idea if that's
2626s good or not now you're
2628s cool that's what I'm saying got him woo
2631s I see
2632s colors car is so lit
2636s agreed
2638s okay do we have anyone on the necrite I
2640s can go but looks like we're all going
2643s let's just go on a little field trip go
2645s to field trip okay wait I'm going to let
2646s that happen cuz I want to go and I don't
2648s want to abandon anyone who might not be
2650s going you know what I mean like what if
2651s one of us gets down I will not stand for
2653s smart true I am Trinity I have one job
2658s armor stripping and healing two
2665s jobs might one gripe with corvex is that
2668s no matter what you do he looks like an
2669s Eastern block concrete
2671s Monument I've seen that Meme before yeah
2674s we've been really enjoying I love I love
2676s the concrete building it looks like our
2677s University I was about to say yeah if
2679s anyone knows uh University of Western
2681s Ontario shut out shut out it's actually
2683s called Western University now I don't
2684s know if you knew they did a Rebrand and
2686s they got roasted by the broader academic
2688s community at all the conferences cuz
2689s they thought well I think they thought
2692s it was cool and trendy I don't
2694s know but uwo wo not
2698s anymore W Western University and I will
2702s say made it very confusing for my
2703s masters when I was trying to use the
2705s school login to get academic papers
2708s online cuz if you were looking up your
2710s school sometimes it was Western
2712s sometimes it was University of w how
2714s confusing why do they do this I'm going
2717s to write a strongly worded
2719s letter thanks thanks that's an alumni
2722s this guy you you should see the crits he
2724s can get you wouldn't believe has a 4.8
2726s million mercy kill H you should take my
2730s opinion really
2733s seriously oh
2736s man someone says CLM CLM Clen CL got to
2740s say I think one of my like proudest
2742s moments as someone as a part of Warframe
2744s Community watching the gosh what was it
2747s last year that twitch hosted it might
2749s have been the game awards the twitch
2751s chat being filled with cl loved it and
2755s and and this then twitch TW we did clam
2758s that's what it was that like I was like
2760s oh my gosh how cool is that it's the
2762s coolest it's the
2765s coolest CLM oh god I've started uh my
2768s bad a and CLM
2772s hurts
2774s gra does grata sound like oh whoops does
2777s grata sound like thank you to you in my
2780s head it's thank you I know it's not
2782s actually but that's how I always no it
2785s is it because it's close to graus maybe
2787s that that could be right actually is
2789s this the ca song it is yes love the song
2793s do you want a little more volume for
2794s this one pump it yeah yeah pump it
2797s up let's go round two complete we're
2800s kind of like just killing it right now I
2801s love our Squad not a sweat my
2805s [Music]
2808s for
2813s [Music]
2816s B
2818s be the chat is just CLM there is nothing
2821s else I'm sorry for top 10 comments in
2824s advance we're going to have top 10 Clen
2826s comments of the
2830s night where is Dante Unbound you're
2832s going to want to sit down for this next
2835s Wednesday what oh my gosh it's so soon
2838s it's
2841s happening uh my nana always measures
2843s things in sleeps so that would be 1 2 3
2846s 4 5 six more sleeps six more sleeps till
2850s sleep till Dante how many sleeps until
2853s the death stream at packs what one more
2856s sleep one more sleep you only have to
2857s sleep one more time or not sleep I tried
2859s to do one and realized it that becomes
2861s two and then tried to combine them well
2864s now it's 11 for our 11 year anniversary
2867s everything has its place again no way
2871s are we the luckiest we are not beating
2874s the dev luck allegations tonight no you
2876s are not
2878s well I say thre's a
2882s crap I could agree
2885s more let's do it again let's do it
2891s again
2894s cresendo
2898s [Music]
2900s remix rigged it's actually not I swear
2904s work actually our Squad work because we
2908s are not doing too much hey I am healing
2912s okay that is true I actually love
2914s support roles in games purely because
2916s you're always doing something you lose
2919s at least you healed because you're
2920s always like no one's upset to see the
2922s support come and help them you know if I
2925s am a fellow I'm purely talking about
2927s League of Legends now if I'm purely an
2929s Eggo Champion I might take your kill
2932s right like oh I could have gotten a
2933s Penta and you're like I was just trying
2935s to help yeah just
2937s I'm trying to help the team and they're
2939s like my stats I just get so stressed
2941s what is it called when your jungle comes
2943s up Top Lane and helps you a gank gank
2946s that's the word yeah I never complain
2947s about good gang shout out to junglers
2950s who by the way take all the blame all
2952s the time for all the losses and it's so
2955s unfair that's so true my husband jungles
2957s and I'm like I don't know how you have
2959s it in you I would cry every day listen
2960s my first match I think was like Zach
2964s jungle I was so I cry I was like oh my
2966s God I'm sorry I don't know what I'm
2968s doing I mean Zach is I I was not
2971s welcomed as a Zach jungle that's for
2974s sure I'm sure you played great and
2976s especially for your first League game
2977s that is hard definitely wasn't my first
2979s League game and I think you know I'll
2980s admit that but I was usually a bot Lane
2983s uh bot Lane no yeah bot Lane civer I
2986s think was my go-to I play league are you
2989s hacking I'm hacking I stole your hack
2991s well you were talking about bot Lan
2992s that's okay civer is also great although
2994s you know other other champ better right
2997s now w
3000s w should I get it or Le stream win I
3003s don't
3005s know never I will never I fear it's the
3008s only game that has actually made me cry
3010s for real like yeah yeah it gives you
3013s some character that's for sure
3015s yeah that and service jobs as we were
3018s saying yes that's so true but for now we
3021s play Warframe but for now Warf I am so
3024s hyped for deep aramedia I love difficult
3026s cont even if it's maybe not something
3030s content ladies and gentlemen it's
3031s difficult content I do like figuring out
3034s I think um when NR cells came out and I
3037s tried to like throw what I had at it and
3040s the game was like no and then like uh
3042s kicked my butt I liked going back and
3045s learning and I learned a lot and shout
3047s out to De Sam for actually carrying my
3049s builds cuz he's a wizard wizard
3054s wizard but I do love difficult
3057s this is how we learn you know we we
3060s Master a difficulty and then Pablo says
3062s no not today but what if we added
3065s another another add another dimension to
3068s how you think about your builds oh wow
3070s Pablo
3072s okay and that deep aredia certainly
3074s delivers oh yeah and don't even get me
3077s started on Elite aredia that thing
3079s scares me oh my go Zach oh Zach that's
3083s going to be a wild prime time yeah it's
3086s going to be a
3088s an anxiety producing prime time maybe
3089s it'll be a chance for us to accept
3093s loss sometimes it's not about winning in
3095s front of thousands of people it's about
3098s losing and being okay with that it's
3100s true but for now we'll get three Mele
3102s ACR sendos and the night will be good
3105s free a crowd fre a crowd fre a crowd
3108s though bam Pablo is the final boss of
3111s Warframe oh in a way this is true that
3114s is true in a way this is true but he'd
3115s have like all The Insider knowled he'd
3117s like know all of your attacks he could
3119s rework you right in front of your eyes
3121s and be oh my god wow it's dangerous it's
3124s true I would I'd look out for that
3128s one Pablo is the man in the
3132s wall how' they know that they
3135s know you do get a third you want to
3139s run oh that's such a good idea okay so
3143s if we do get three melee crus Sendo
3144s that's such a fun IDE an extra Platinum
3146s prize and because talking about it let's
3147s run our second Platinum prize of heck
3151s yeah and then the streamer luck becomes
3153s something everyone can
3157s enjoy do I hear gos Prime oo I think you
3161s do so good was just a about to Mercy and
3164s then lightning
3165s struck Zeus problems Zeus problems right
3171s do all right the winner of 10,000
3173s Platinum is Starboy mixus star boy MI
3177s s congratulations star boy you've won
3179s 1,000 Platinum please whisper the
3181s Warframe twitch channel that you're
3183s watching right now with your in-game
3185s username in the platform that you play
3187s Warf from on and we're going to send you
3188s 1,000 Platinum straight to your account
3190s as soon as we can don't spend it all in
3193s one place I tell you I mean does the
3195s market count as one place I guess it
3197s does oh that's a really good question
3200s yeah yeah I guess like the market does
3202s but like yeah don't spend it all on one
3206s rooma
3207s don't buy 200 domestic drums that's good
3210s advice yeah I think that's a fair thing
3212s to
3214s say oh we have uh fresh Pablo meme news
3218s oh go uh he just discovered the Oreo
3221s space Dune sorry space dunk uh Oreos
3225s dude let me tell you let me tell you uh
3229s Ru and Charlie In This Very Room gave me
3231s a a bag of those is it a bag a sleeve I
3234s don't know about these container a
3236s container these are new
3239s Oreos that are pink and blue icing and
3243s they have popping candy inside like
3247s laced like mixed in with the icing are
3251s your Oreos laced
3255s right they're mixed in with the icing
3257s and you have the Oreo and then like you
3259s can hear it the crackling on your tongue
3262s that's actually iconic it's pretty good
3264s it's pretty good so I will be I will be
3266s trying that probably try I will probably
3268s go home to can I get these at like any
3269s grocery store this y okay I know what
3271s I'm doing you guys also told me about
3274s the Pokémon like graham
3277s crackers there's Pokemon gram crackers
3279s REM these I'm
3281s thinking you guys gave me the tip that
3283s there were Pokémon like cookies little
3286s bags of cookies oh I think that was like
3288s a limited time the Pokemon
3291s Oreos they were great I bought them for
3294s a party that's such a good party snack
3297s thanks wow there's also a good party
3299s theme Pokemon catch them all that's so
3306s cool I'm not reading that
3311s com Zach needs or Oreo royalties because
3314s of the free advertising non-sponsored
3316s but they're really good he's non
3317s sponsored and but you know would Zach be
3319s open to a sponsorship you know who could
3322s say may or may not fall asleep while
3323s watching the stream it's late here have
3325s a great Slumber we promise we won't yell
3327s actually we might yell sorry we can we
3329s can take a we could put on the chill
3331s music playlist little Chill Vibes maybe
3333s we'll like talk a little softer we can
3336s start ASR
3337s ASR hey guys welcome to the
3342s streamr on my way to go get some
3347s Oreos we could have we could have a
3349s mukbang stream there's nothing stopping
3350s us mukang mukang yum yum
3355s yum
3357s which boyfriend would do the best um
3360s asmi oh my gosh it has to be Octavia
3364s right no Octavia is so loud satr has a
3366s lot of potential oh
3368s Banshee o interesting angle there R I
3372s like from and I also very much like the
3374s Catrine because of the the Chimes or
3378s like the the sparkle now we'll say in
3381s terms of straight up like not for themes
3383s and what we think they could do with
3384s those themes but just hey
3387s this sound design is really rad and
3389s soothing I would go for gar yeah such a
3394s good answer I think you could make a
3395s full Montage ASMR for sleep with that
3398s set
3399s absolutely that's such a great answer
3402s wow we actually should release Warfare
3405s ASMR fun idea we could have some fun we
3408s do great with that how long are these
3410s streams well they're 2 hours long and we
3412s are 53 minutes into this so you got an
3415s hour and 7 minutes left to go
3417s so thanks for hanging out I hope you are
3419s enjoying our company yes
3423s um I mean that's a Prett bang ASMR so
3427s true fake
3429s leader grindle digest ASMR okay thank
3433s you for saying that cuz that was
3434s honestly what first came to my head and
3436s I almost said depends what you're into
3438s and then I thought no one wants to think
3440s about that let's talk about actually
3442s pleasant sounds for this person going to
3443s sleep
3444s thank but
3447s that's what floats your boat and gets
3448s you to
3449s sleep that's awesome it just make me
3451s hungry I'd be like I need food stomach
3458s stomach oh oh dear rap tab tab that is
3461s not the amri I me no I don't think any
3465s of us leapt into chains of harl and went
3468s soothing I'm going to fall asleep
3472s comfy oh it's so nice in my
3475s headset whatever boats your float and
3477s gets his sleep that's what we're saying
3478s also boats your
3480s float were your or Le that's
3485s great do you talking about food on prime
3487s time yeah gez day must end in a why cuz
3490s you can tell what time of day we do
3492s these streams like you can tell we
3495s worked on an update and then got
3496s together and we're like did you forget
3497s to eat dinner me too and then we started
3500s playing listen I was smart this time
3502s around and I ordered food very often but
3507s it's just so
3508s convenient Uber Eats yeah I think I'm
3511s going to get sushi after this I thought
3513s I thought about it that's what I've
3515s realized that' be so yummy what's your
3517s favorite Sushi my favorite Sushi oh man
3521s I know this sounds so cliche but a
3522s salmon sushi just a classic salmon top
3525s of some rice SL me some salmon so delish
3530s We Stand unagi
3532s unagi what is unagi unagi is barbecued
3537s eel really it's really when it's good
3541s it's great when it's bad it's kind of
3543s like Lake water wow that's the best
3545s description I've ever heard actually I
3547s don't want Lake
3550s water just tell me to get
3553s good I actually prefer sub paragi just
3556s cuz I like that Lake water flavor frzy
3558s of The Cottage
3560s Country I could have been a
3563s lifeguard it's yummy it's
3568s yummy unagi is the state of constant
3571s awareness all right
3576s oh the best sound in Warframe is the
3578s victory sound I'd have to agree with you
3580s is there is there a better sound getting
3583s that mission failed sound not the best
3585s sound oh yeah oh the hands we did it
3590s again here we go round three right
3592s surely this won't be a melee cresendo or
3595s a legendary arcane I I'll take an archon
3597s chard I can't lie I would much prefer an
3599s archon chard you'd prefer an Aron CH wow
3603s I'm that picky
3605s B I really hope it's a third bil Tempo
3608s got him I've realized I have not had a
3611s companion on this entire time oh because
3614s I was doing a captura and I took it off
3616s oh just goes to show how much we've been
3618s carried bummer rookie mistake it's quite
3622s all right it's quite all right be sure
3624s to throw it on throw it back on
3626s gou saw
3628s ASMR ah the soothing sounds
3631s of War I saw the comment fly by in chat
3634s corix ASMR true actually they got some
3638s great sounds cooler R has great sounds
3641s yeah stabby stab stab stabby stab stab
3645s stab best sound is uh valky in bracket
3648s Megan screaming yep I
3651s love
3654s okay I need a
3657s Tash ASMR tessan would have that perfect
3659s voice for an ASMR Channel what' we get
3662s melee fortification for a second there I
3665s really thought we got me like a shut
3668s exited so close also love the mug will
3672s you show stream your mug it's so
3675s cute it's a cat I love
3679s it that's okay you know we're bringing
3681s different energy to the stream and
3684s together we find I'm bringing a men
3687s really live like this energy to the
3688s stream
3689s today nothing wrong with it nothing
3691s wrong with
3692s it all right well I know we floated this
3695s idea before but I will ask you one more
3697s time okay you want to run some alchemy
3699s missions I'd love to run an Alchemy Miss
3702s amazing okay well Squad we're going to
3704s swap from natur cells to Alchemy if you
3706s don't want to do that leave now get out
3709s of but we're welcome you're very much
3712s welcome to stay uh if you want to play
3714s but we're going to run some alchemy
3715s we're going to get some tenno mods uh
3717s that is one thing I don't have but we
3719s need those mods feel like I got to get
3722s my uh got to get my stash up before
3724s Dante got to clean up the house before
3726s guests come over here oh I like that
3728s it's a lot of analogies tonight huh
3730s we're full of
3731s them ooh corvex really and green is that
3735s like radiation themed corx well he has
3738s just loaded in and he's being um a few
3740s have just loaded in so there's a bit of
3741s a I see there's a little bit of an
3743s overlap of a merge there's Zach trying
3745s to block my view Corb it's fine there's
3748s there's
3751s cor my bad my bad let me just
3756s walk no oh hey what up G oh oh oh oh
3762s switched up your warfame so good good St
3766s this fake leader wow you look so so good
3768s we're all gold we match we match wow all
3771s right I'm going to go start that mission
3773s Zack's on it looks like our Squad is he
3775s stay F Zack what sa from oh that's a
3778s that's a meme between the community to I
3779s don't know where it came from I'm doing
3782s our meme actually don't know where it
3784s came from though where did it come from
3787s oh hold
3788s on are you going to show Fast Zack to no
3790s no I have the I have the goggles still
3793s do you really cuz I can recreate what it
3794s looks like yeah yeah recreate the fast
3796s Zack meme please I will I will there's
3798s an emoji called Fast Zack in our chat is
3800s what I'm saying yeah
3802s fast I am on NDA thank you good whack
3805s SPC I need to practice what I preach and
3808s not share Intel various corporate emotes
3812s they should be in the in a bag no the
3814s bag is gone I might have taken him home
3817s pass they they are my
3819s identity
3821s they that's so cute wait I want to try
3823s the hearts basically the emote is me
3826s wearing oh these are these are not easy
3828s to put on what are we doing know all
3833s right so
3835s ready oh these are so tight on my head
3838s and I cannot see anything great this is
3841s so
3842s fun you got to play a mission someone in
3844s chat just remind me at have my companion
3846s wow it's hard to look at the screen with
3847s these on yeah equip a companion oh my
3850s gosh this is very hard to put on I can't
3852s these are actually for children
3855s ow oh no oh no just hold it up to your
3859s face there's a way there has I just need
3863s to like who is wearing these in the pool
3865s I can't see
3867s anything wow Ellen D it'll do
3871s fashion is that go that's fast Zack this
3875s is fast Zack I don't think these Hearts
3878s make me look
3882s fast I'm a
3885s turtle thank you okay I need to get my
3888s companion but I need to leave hold on
3890s you you can I can I can it wasn't
3892s working in the elevator yeah yeah but
3894s now I I have the options
3897s let's bring John kavat thank you
3901s rof sorry soone someone in chat said
3904s rubber band watermelon
3907s [Laughter]
3912s challenge where did we get those oh my
3915s God those uh oh gosh I think I bought
3918s them at the dollar store for a charity
3919s stream that we did last year yeah was
3922s that makes a lot of sense I can't
3923s imagine another scenario where you'd
3925s look at children's goggles and go we
3928s really need those for our for work we we
3930s have a lot of props here we do I think
3933s we were floating the idea of having like
3934s a prop closet in the room just because
3937s of all we've keep getting more and more
3938s with every uh
3941s stream yeah we need a bigger prop closet
3943s for sure for sure then part of it is
3945s like when we use them when are we ever
3947s going to use them like when are we ever
3948s going to use those goggles again we just
3950s did that's a good point Zach maybe we
3953s should make an effort to to use them
3955s more
3956s got to get the value out of that 125
3959s that I spend on them that's right it's
3961s good value Zach you look tired do I look
3964s tired oh my gosh thank you so much R
3968s we're really milking these
3969s props well now I can nelling Comfort if
3973s I just oh I got a tighten that
3977s oh don't don't die please thanks and now
3980s I can just lean back and relax and play
3983s some natur cells now that's a gamer and
3985s also slowly Lose My
3988s Breath oh my Adam's Apple just moved
3990s over
3994s it I'm
3999s free I remember Zach and I actually went
4002s uh neck pillow shopping together we did
4004s in the airport we did the airp gosh I
4006s forgot about that very special memory
4007s that it was I was very
4010s sick yeah and uh I don't think we got
4013s any you no we determined that they all
4017s sucked the
4018s airport about oh you know what though
4021s it's not true and this was for some like
4026s premium memory foam ones remember but
4028s they were like $40 oh yes and we were
4033s like I'm not that sick I don't know but
4035s I'm not that sick oh I found some fir
4038s ons I got fir one
4041s too this song Can Dante read you a
4045s bedtime story I hope so it might be a
4047s violent bedtime story
4050s but to build a
4053s future random prop every stream I think
4056s we make it happen we got to get the
4058s value out of that we can certainly make
4059s it happen we can do anything oh someone
4061s is really on top of that so I'm not
4062s going to bother helping with that I'm
4064s just going to kill
4066s stuff
4069s together ooh red crit City we made
4074s it we made it to red
4076s CI no
4081s way together Toxin and fire is it
4085s daytime for us over here it is
4086s approaching evening it's 700 p.m. I
4089s would even say we've arrived at evening
4091s we've arrived in evening city is evening
4093s at 8:00 p.m. or 7:00 p.m. there's um
4095s there's multiple Twilights they call it
4099s like uh I forget it's like sailor
4102s Twilight or like oh I'm into that
4104s something and the mul but I would say
4106s personally it's evening at 7:00 p.m.
4110s okay okay I'm personally going with 7:00
4112s what would you say your time is I think
4113s 72 I think seven is a good evening ah
4117s pre evening yes I like that also PR was
4119s Fluffy something works but some people
4121s have quite late dinners so maybe their
4124s days go longer and we need fire and
4126s electric fire and electric oh yeah I
4130s love a good I've talked about this
4131s before I have lunch like night lunch
4134s because I'm always up pretty late and
4136s then around 11:00 or midnight I get
4138s hungry again and sometimes I like to
4140s give myself like a really nice meal it's
4142s just me and night time yep that's such
4145s is so cool thank you thank you I uh I've
4148s heard people say that you shouldn't have
4150s full meals before bed but um all that
4153s energy that's probably true maybe that's
4156s why I'm awake until 3 all that energy to
4158s help you sleep thank you yeah but then
4159s it's just gone to waste you could be
4162s doing any anything you're still burning
4164s calories while you're sleeping is that
4165s true
4166s I I'm Dreaming I have
4169s such active dreams I'm a big uh I'm a
4172s big like midnight serial or midnight
4175s Bagel big Lucky Charms Lucky Charms I
4178s don't have Lucky Charms right now so sad
4181s I'm sorry it's okay we have some here at
4183s digital extremes we do in fact have some
4185s Lucky Charms they're stocked I'm just
4187s laughing at insert carrot saying feel
4189s those
4191s dreams insert carrot a
4194s classic
4200s operator who would you have feature on
4203s your song Zach would you choose ortis as
4206s this Creator did or perhaps sigh you
4211s reading my mind sigh absolutely good
4214s voice good voice
4216s absolutely anyone
4218s [Laughter]
4220s else who would you bring onto a song um
4223s Nora for sure oh that's so good
4227s that one what do I need to pick up here
4230s we need fire
4234s fire I See Fire Inside
4238s the old
4240s me I'm having a hard time finding fire
4243s and electric lots of toxin on the floor
4245s but yeah we have leftovers floor is not
4247s lava or electricity in this case
4250s Warframe floor is not lava would be so
4253s easy you think I've seen Dojo that do it
4257s yeah really but you have so much floaty
4260s text have you ever run the obstacle
4262s course in ad Dojo I have uh like some in
4266s wait in the in our Dojo do we have one
4268s is that what you said well yeah we do
4270s but there's the custom one but there's
4272s also the original like before Warframe
4275s became wildly goodie I love it and I
4278s remember playing it so much in like 2014
4281s or something like that when I started
4282s playing that I like tried to get the
4284s record in the in the
4286s something like that I think I got pretty
4287s close but there were some cheesy ways to
4290s do I think we should run
4292s it that's such a idea I think after this
4295s Mission we should run to my dojo and run
4299s it such a good idea I'm pretty sure I've
4301s built it and if not then maybe the other
4304s Dojo that we have maybe maybe the ones
4305s we're going to that's okay I love that I
4308s certainly have an obstacle course from
4309s um an Easter contest we put on ages ago
4312s I did the example and it was um like an
4315s Easter egun but it was the dummies and
4318s an
4319s also love it oh I'm so excited now I am
4323s too Z should run it his fast Z I got to
4325s live up to my name actually now that you
4327s mention it I actually feel bad when I
4329s get to something slow because there goes
4331s my legacy you know F down the dream oh
4334s no I know it's hard reputations
4338s man losing them is like one of life's
4341s small
4343s deaths you got to sometimes be okay with
4345s that you know yeah we're learning we're
4349s growing uh I was the first person to run
4351s the obst course in my Dojo I was number
4352s one for limited time but I was number
4354s one that's how it counts well done well
4357s done well
4357s [Music]
4360s done we're almost there we're almost
4362s there nice you want to do you want to do
4365s three completed and then I like it and
4367s then run out I think that is a hash
4369s reasonable threes a crowd as they say
4371s threes a crowd I've heard that said
4372s before I
4373s think o
4376s yep hey do 60 ey murmur listen I already
4380s got my hands Lookout world there's necr
4384s I am the necr got necr too what up
4387s friend what up man now I just wish necr
4390s X could just like do the handshake what
4391s up we should add that emote we need to
4394s add so cool someone needs to talk to
4396s Elise make it happen cuz you know she's
4398s not busy there's nothing else going on
4401s days we don't have any other updates
4402s plann right nope I can't think of any no
4406s what are you doing next Wednesday
4409s though oh yeah wait we're doing one more
4412s my mistake yeah in an necr This Time
4415s Squad if you can hear us me and Helen
4417s are on killing Duty yeah we're killing
4420s so uh grab those
4422s elements oh and I'm getting some night
4424s wave progress oh true true Nora my song
4429s partner I'm so
4431s pleased it's 9:35 a.m. here where I I
4435s Giga I I keep on to saying I Giga so I'm
4438s just gonna let that be what I say
4441s um yeah our squadmate what time zone
4444s would that be I'm not even sure what
4447s time zone it's 9:35 a.m. anyone ttch
4449s time zone what time zone jeez that is
4451s like New Zealand maybe cuz it would be
4454s tomorrow
4455s absolutely could be Japan I could be
4457s wrong uh Japan's 13 hours right now Ka
4460s IGA IGA thank you for the way to
4463s pronounce your name I appreciate would
4464s be
4466s 900 a.m.
4468s Australia wow good day good day mate
4472s sorry bright early you know and I gosh
4476s if there are any other Australians in
4477s chat I'm going to need your opinion on
4478s this I think of Australia as really warm
4482s Southern Canada I feel a kingship with
4485s Australia that I can't explain there is
4488s documented proof of a very strong
4490s relationship between Canadians and
4492s Australians is that true I I believe so
4494s because I've had multiple people like
4496s family and friends go there as exchange
4498s or just live there and they say that
4500s it's like very welcoming they speak very
4503s highly and there's actually a very
4505s strong uh I think we have a similar
4506s sense of humor I think that's a big part
4508s of it there's a very strong uh Canadian
4510s exchange student in Australia exchange
4512s student at Western like they swapped all
4514s the time my friends did that yeah I
4515s almost did and then um fire the fires
4519s happen a bummer than the fire attack
4522s that's actually Brut but I almost went
4523s it would have been cool I would have
4524s gone to uh New South Wales University
4528s cool awesome well you'll have to go
4531s anyway I would so love to go it's one of
4534s those things that you can't do uh you
4536s can't do a week in Australia can you you
4539s could but with the jet lag and the
4541s travel time you got to be there for like
4543s a month can really enjoy it don't know
4545s the climate of Canada so no comment yeah
4547s fair enough Arizona for fake leader we
4550s love Arizona too Arizona neighbors to
4552s the South let's go um
4556s yeah yeah tldr we have snow here it's
4559s really warm there but kinship K it's not
4561s a quite uh good spring day here today
4564s it's snowing it's
4567s like6 that's true gross that's quite all
4570s right though gross all right I'm hopping
4571s out of my Mech that's enough I'm uh
4574s throwing elements don't know if you nice
4577s I need cold I found it from
4582s Oklahoma B leave your big bag of milks
4585s at home if you're visiting Canada that's
4587s right we've got begged milk in
4589s Ontario
4591s um minus 6 sounds perfect nah cold oh
4595s fire fire fire fire
4599s cold how do you feel about snow though I
4602s know people don't like it but I really I
4604s miss it when I don't get a good long
4605s winter I really do really I feel like it
4608s has its time I'm over it by January fair
4611s enough absolutely but I was sad when it
4614s wasn't a nice Christmas this year was it
4617s I like it's a especially good when you
4619s can stay inside you have to travel in
4621s the snow 20° summer yeah true Arizona is
4624s so hot Too Fake um oh gosh
4629s our I your name is fake leader yes and
4631s you're in our Squad they are saying that
4634s Arizona is going to be that hot the
4635s summer apparently and that would be in
4637s Fahrenheit I imagine
4640s because yeah I don't know what that is
4642s in
4642s CSUS converting you're converting y
4646s thank you from
4648s Argentina uh a cool
4651s 48.9 de cus
4656s 48.9 oh my gosh St of nightmares please
4659s stay cold you you know what though no
4661s you just have to wear really breathable
4663s material right 48 though our our warm
4667s Nation friends please tell tell us if we
4669s have this
4670s right breathable clothes indoors really
4673s in the shade all the time sun protection
4676s air conditioning air
4678s conditioning shade shade's
4682s important I'm burning oh no in that
4685s temperature nothing is comfortable fair
4687s so
4688s fair yeah man oh ice I found
4693s ice oh yeah we need one more yeah oh I
4696s have one too oh well teamwork this is
4699s The Power Team there's so many more here
4701s last one last one yeah I totally missed
4706s and that was FR of
4708s every okay we're good is that 1:14 a.m.
4712s in South Africa or
4714s p.m. uh I
4717s don't maybe a.m. you 24-hour time cuz I
4720s think 24hour time is cool and way more
4723s efficient do you really 24hour uh let's
4730s [Laughter]
4734s go it's freezing in the East freezing in
4736s the East right now yeah yeah yeah I
4738s think we're going through the same thing
4741s the hail man the the clear skies
4742s followed by hail followed by Spring
4744s followed by hail it's been wild yeah
4747s pretty at least in Arizona it's dry heat
4749s I have heard this the dry versus wet
4752s heat living
4754s conditions air condition what's this
4756s Insanity you speak of yeah I actually
4757s did not know this until last year that
4759s it's not quite common more so in Europe
4762s they don't that's true yes they don't do
4764s air conditioning remember the UK having
4766s a very hard time yeah this past summer I
4768s don't think they have ever had
4770s temperatures and surely there's no
4771s reason why but yeah I can't
4775s imagine
4777s madness
4779s madness all right we're going to extract
4781s and do parkour yeah let's do it let's do
4782s it you want to parkour at the end or now
4786s oh it's very fair very fair question I I
4788s like the way you're being responsible
4790s yeah we should probably do it at the end
4791s do it at the end it'll be the big finale
4794s place your bet now on who's getting the
4796s better
4797s tag my money's on Fast
4799s sa well it's in the
4803s name you know when people talk about
4806s what time they'd like to live
4808s in oh yeah okay um sometimes I think to
4811s myself I'd like to have been born in
4814s 1959 cuz then you could see like the
4815s punk wave and David Bowie and like all
4817s these iconic moments it would just be
4818s cool but then I remember no air
4822s conditioning and that truly is the
4823s reason I wouldn't choose that time
4827s y you know that Meme about uh destroying
4830s a 14th century Victorian like this yeah
4835s like Red Bull would kill a 14th century
4837s Victorian child yeah it be that's Helen
4840s in like the 19 the
4842s 1950s it is it is oh man all right nice
4847s and did we get another oh no we were
4849s just
4850s playing twice did Bob very real also
4852s very real I've seen The Runaways okay
4855s yeah let us
4857s do we we are doing our next segment
4859s right yeah we got a video to show
4861s everyone we have a very very very cool
4864s video I just want to make sure I say the
4866s name properly this is from the lovely
4867s Creator uh Shinobi Fufu they made an
4871s original song I love this and they made
4873s it as an anime opening for the grineer
4877s forces on the plains so watch this
4881s amazing amazing video roll the
4884s clip
4897s [Music]
4905s [Music]
4922s [Applause]
4923s [Music]
4936s [Applause]
4937s [Music]
4943s amazing I love it I love love it I love
4945s it I love it I think the grineer forces
4947s on the planes should have that played on
4949s the speakers outside of the ships that
4951s come in just blasting so loud imagine B
4954s heex like we're we're rocking out today
4957s they need their own intro but thank you
4959s so much Shinobi Fufu for that amazing
4961s original song If you want to check out
4962s the rest of the song and the rest of
4964s that video head on to their YouTube
4965s channel check it out we'll have links in
4967s our YouTube VOD description but it is
4968s just schobi Fufu on YouTube thanks so
4971s much I love it great fine Zack so good
4974s love it love it all right well it's time
4976s for some fan art and
4978s capure look at
4983s that say it in Spanish say let's go in
4985s Spanish Vos hey Vos Vos let's go all
4989s right we're going to start whoa look at
4991s those DRS uh we have a very cool first
4994s little fan out here this I believe is
4996s supposed to say Lavos but they took out
4997s the V so it's l by uh Anna low rest and
5001s it's this adorable little pixel art
5003s animation it's so
5006s cute what song do they think you're
5008s listening to you know what came to mind
5009s is Oompa Loompa DP right away right away
5013s I'm with you then alternatively k k
5017s bring me K it's perfect gosh that's
5020s freaking hilarious I love that uh thank
5021s you so much Anna lores this is so cool
5024s um we have a Elli piece of fan art from
5028s Scana
5029s tin this so cute
5033s oh go I Love This Love This art style so
5038s gorgeous so so cute it's really cute
5040s what more can be said that's what I'm
5042s saying it's so
5044s tiny she's small she's so tiny uh
5047s beautiful beautiful piece of fan art uh
5050s definitely didn't pick this because of
5051s my bias towards my most used frame but
5053s we have a zephyr flu from dter Creations
5056s I Knew Too that Zephyr was going to be
5059s who you were talking about
5060s hypothetically hypothetically speaking
5062s hypothetically Zephyr looks great here
5065s that's not a hypothetical love they're
5067s so cute squish squish I always like
5070s imagine that they have little uh squeaky
5072s toys inside and they're like they're
5074s meant for kubos and cavette sque that's
5076s a great thought imagine as Zephyr
5078s handing a zephyr floof to your kubra to
5080s chew on though there's something there's
5083s something dark about it I it'd be
5085s probably weird seeing yourself as a
5087s floof you'd be like I want to see myself
5089s as a floof you want a Helen floof yes
5093s please that's
5095s what a call the call has been made an
5097s answer must follow oh thank you yeah I
5100s really love this series though real talk
5103s so so much uh our next piece of fan art
5105s is from Poma cthulu and they say this is
5109s just a little experiment with
5111s style you don't say and quite an
5113s experiment it is this is such a gorgeous
5115s piece of fan art our boy looking mighty
5119s fine wow look at that what a smart way
5122s to throw your handle in there that is
5124s the top that's so so cool I love the
5127s gphs I love everything in the background
5130s I do too love this got to love Dante fan
5132s art before the update comes out it
5134s really is so guys when we show something
5137s on stream and then you start instantly
5139s creating so much fan art you better
5141s believe the digital extreme chats light
5143s up with links to what you're creating it
5146s motivates us for those last weeks
5148s getting the updates out thank you we
5149s love stuff like this love love it so
5152s much um this next one I don't think I've
5155s ever seen a piece of index fan art but
5158s we have no and Ved Zol by cheru ax and
5163s they have this amazing index fan art of
5167s their two favorite characters from the
5168s index that's so so cool The Zo
5172s Brothers r on the brothers I love it
5175s grait absolutely oh man I love it so
5179s mean so ready to fight so cool I like
5181s the glint in the eye through the through
5183s the Corpus helmet I'm scared actually
5186s looking at now uh love this thank you so
5188s much for making it give the index some
5190s love I love it so much yeah man uh we
5192s have this beautiful little 11-year
5194s anniversary piece from paint dks also
5196s known as Dar art who we mentioned
5198s earlier and it's a cake it's C that's so
5202s cute 11 is perfect for birthday candles
5205s it is oh my gosh the perfect birthday
5208s candle 11 and that Cake's delicious I
5210s want to eat the cake actually and the
5212s planets on the outside is so cool cutie
5216s it's like a Kirby ready cake or
5218s something love it love it uh Kirby level
5221s our next piece of fan art um this is
5224s from canyan facade and they said I had
5226s to do an alrick to go with Lloyd what a
5228s fashion
5230s icon he looks so good sick oh no he's
5236s hot you do have to do an ALG to go with
5238s Lloyd what can I say they're roommates
5240s that fashion it's so cool maybe this is
5242s bringing back long coats with Flare cuz
5246s I love while we're at it can we bring
5248s back cloaks please cloaks like yeah why
5251s did cloaks ever leave they're so
5253s powerful maybe they're getting caught on
5255s stuff I can see that
5256s in if you walked into the room though
5259s with a cloak this is just power it power
5262s the portrait The Chosen pose the coat
5265s it's power it's so such a good look an
5267s amazing amazing style too love this
5269s piece of Fan Art thank you Canan facade
5272s um we have a Warframe Excalibur piece by
5275s painted re Rivier I believe is how you
5278s say it and it looks so so cool I love
5282s the style very uh graffiti tag I would
5285s say on the walls uh I was already
5287s impressed but they attached a second
5289s image to the Twitter post they made this
5291s in paint stop
5293s [Laughter]
5294s it which is a whole other level of
5298s impressive some people are just cooler
5300s than we are that's what I said you walk
5303s you see something cool than you you're
5304s like
5305s oh dang
5307s wow it says activate
5312s Windows listen you know can't blame him
5314s I can't blame him that's so that's how I
5316s know you built your own PC and I respect
5319s it I respect it even activate Windows
5322s 10 that's so funny but yeah this is uh
5325s extremely talented
5327s well well done and activate your windows
5330s or no I don't care
5333s um we have a piece of real life uh fan
5336s art this is from Diana SMI who you may
5339s know they're working on an ivara cosplay
5341s I believe and they got to show off the
5343s shoes that they made saw this I got so
5346s excited Instagram so so cool uh they
5349s look amazing those are really bad and
5351s what a genius idea of how to do Warframe
5354s feet M just wear shoes they're so comfy
5357s and would you wear these in real life
5359s yes yes absolutely yeah got the ivara
5361s nines walking through the street
5365s what are those someone said you can't
5367s say that I mean amazing job and now I'm
5370s just excited to see the rest Smith I
5372s hope you got an exclamation mark cosplay
5374s again this year oh I bet you they are I
5377s bet you they are we hope to see you
5378s there so so cool um this next piece of
5381s hner is from pavuk love that name and
5384s they have a quote with this love should
5386s be a sanctuary not a
5390s Battleground oh yeah facts facts so so
5394s cool look who's creeping in the back
5397s there got the veil putting the veil on
5402s B it's pretty cool I love the framing of
5405s this love the art
5407s style really well done well done uh
5411s moving on to another quoted piece of fan
5414s art this is from pyro Raptor and they
5416s say someone's out there slaying dragons
5418s and they're doing it in Style by Nora
5422s Knight and wow wow wow how cool got the
5426s Natok Got The Drifter you're a Drifter
5429s love new war so cool this is rad what a
5432s great perspective yeah I mean you
5434s wouldn't want to be on the other end of
5435s it no no certainly not I think this is
5438s just how I imagined myself when I got
5441s the narok in the new war because you're
5442s just using that little
5444s sirco sound another good one and you get
5447s it you're like oh now we're talking I
5450s love this so this and it's inspired some
5452s beautiful art love it so much uh and our
5457s last piece of fan art today is from denu
5460s art and they made a breathtaking
5465s kaora like okay oh my gosh looking you
5470s want a dose of this right now it's KDA
5473s that's oh my God absolutely giving KDA I
5477s love this graffiti art style the colors
5480s and they also did this as a commission
5482s as well so someone knew what they wanted
5483s they made like this is just gorgeous
5486s chef's kiss I want it I want it as a
5489s skin I ain't going to lie
5491s oo so so good ain't no need to lie about
5494s that love it and that's all the amazing
5496s fan art we have today thank you
5499s everyone all right what do we got for
5501s capture Helen I have well first let me
5506s pull up the alios before I show you cuz
5507s it's only right to credit our artist
5509s Clover frame has created this gar Prime
5512s piece oh so cool it's like I'm I'm
5516s making a character selection I'm in the
5518s menu
5519s screen style I love that maybe a little
5522s trading card oh Trading Card collect
5525s them all love this very into it that's
5528s very cool we all know how I can hear
5531s this picture the glass ASMR and now six
5535s gatsu lucifuge which I feel like was
5537s like a Lucifer reference but I miss
5540s anyway it's rad what it's feels like the
5544s void you know what I don't see a lot of
5547s the AL
5550s helmet I don't see a lot of this alt
5552s helmet around and this looks so good it
5556s today we do beautiful you know Zach I do
5558s think we should do the rest of the
5560s stream and
5563s sish
5565s Beamer and the next one is by Eve
5569s captura here is well well well how
5572s lovely it's been too long since we've
5574s had fresh meat hello veruna oh that's
5577s what they said scary that is the caption
5579s with it that's scary I know I was like
5581s like am I the fresh
5582s meat yeah sorry oh bummer and you're not
5586s going to get away from floating wolf
5589s heads I don't think worst ways to go I
5591s accept it do you think there are worse
5592s ways to go I mean I'm kind of honored at
5594s this point I like that I respect that
5597s yeah respectfully I'm honored that's
5599s that's really really cool yeah really
5601s great captura I feel spooked but also
5605s you know goodness that way looking
5609s someone and hey veruna still kicking it
5613s in this next one oh here is T Phantom's
5617s wrath now while you admire what the to
5621s Phantom has started this hashtag Dante
5623s countdown capture situation that people
5624s are doing I think it's so fun um they're
5628s there's a different theme for every day
5630s it's got like inktober Vibes oh that's
5632s so cool and lots of you know sins
5635s they're feeling Dante M good name name
5638s theming good work good work you're
5639s picking things up so this one's wrath
5641s and I've pulled a few other capturas
5644s that are participating in hash Dante
5647s countdown this is by black shark and
5650s they're representing
5653s greed whoa very cool that is greed look
5657s at that opul glove is so greedy mhm man
5661s that's cool cuz you know it it looks
5663s parvos
5664s how do you get the glove
5667s on I feel like they have to have just
5669s done some clever like it looks so
5672s natural I'm I'm going to guess yes R
5675s please guess um a green screen sort of
5678s with the with the Deco being on it so
5680s true or they are fantastic at Photoshop
5683s and able to pull the that is so cool so
5687s true wow uh I saw someone asking the
5689s right question dra Elli was your name
5691s don't worry we'll get to lust don't
5693s worry
5695s um this however greed unreal editing
5698s skills for sure somewhere along the way
5700s and they
5701s represented love it now we have Vice Moy
5705s Cinders Dante countdown limbo there
5709s limbo and it's not limbo though it's Meg
5712s in limbo whoa that is such a cool way to
5714s represent limbo yeah wow that mag looks
5718s so good so cool wow wow wow wow do you
5722s think they're like flying really fast
5723s over the surface right now they're like
5725s stuck in Lim oh you oh interesting cuz
5727s it's that Cape is Flowing someone just
5730s happened to grab a pick on the way by oh
5732s my that looks cool you've been watching
5734s spelunking I was picturing like you know
5737s zero gravity space scenario Flo W see
5741s this is why I love captura in art it
5744s makes you think makes you think multiple
5746s stories to one picture this is really
5748s well done synapse Grim is who we're
5751s going to turn to for lust lust huh
5755s whoa no what you expect it is it I
5756s thought it was such that's so cool yeah
5759s appreciation although I will say
5762s beautiful lady you know have to agree
5764s fine sculpture work yep but
5769s um contemplative you know I'm very into
5772s it it's just a beautiful piece frankly I
5774s love the framing the rendering well done
5777s so good really cool thinking Prime you
5779s bet s cyer you bet and now we're going
5783s to move on but boy do I look forward to
5785s seeing more of the Dante countdown
5786s themes these are so fun but we are going
5789s to turn to Madame banshee's seag goth
5791s Vogue cover Vogue cover oh my gosh he
5797s fits he fits he fits there you rock that
5800s cover this is Vogue like oh man that's
5803s style so cool I love uh magazines
5807s graphic design capturas they tickle that
5810s point I just love it so much and this is
5812s really well done I can
5814s so very cool look at him light Mike has
5818s done this piece called Divine oh it's
5821s our favorite Signa wow yeah look at that
5823s that's so
5825s cool man I'm feeling Divine am I being
5828s blessed am I being Divine you're being
5831s hashtag blessed by Catrine right now
5832s blessed Gandalf the White Catrine is
5834s Hash
5835s bless it's R man well done Freddy caps
5840s and Via silv collabed on this one now
5842s I'll be honest I don't know who who did
5844s what I just know that they had an
5846s adorable Twitter conversation that made
5848s a reference to animation and also to how
5851s old this capture is but I'm very into it
5853s it's called chasing
5857s butterflies that's amazing I am very
5860s into
5863s this oh my gosh that's the hesar right
5868s it's so big I'll never see it the same
5870s way in a good way that
5871s is the legs they're running it's kind of
5876s the capture that keeps on giving like
5877s the longer you look at it so so funny
5880s it's great I love it let's so well done
5883s and finally you know we have to pay our
5886s ties to rickens when we're in the
5888s capture section it's only right here is
5891s in the hands of the
5892s indifference oh my
5896s gosh what oh wow wait how is this how is
5901s this possible I I think that all the
5903s time
5905s actually rikens streams how they do this
5908s they make time lapses of how they do
5910s this captura um is it rikens and I've
5912s been saying it wrong for years actually
5914s don't know rikens rickens I say rickens
5917s Ruth Charlie I personally would say
5920s rikens that's two for rikens Rue rikens
5924s oh 31 I'm sorry rikens oh oh my gosh but
5930s you know what if rickens responds to
5931s this with it actually is rickens I'm
5933s gonna look really cool yeah
5935s this R and thank you for this capture as
5939s always so good so good that is all the
5941s capture I have today amazing claps all
5944s around thank you everyone everyone Al
5947s righty before we hop into Dojo let's run
5951s another Platinum prize like how you said
5953s Dojo oh dojo we could also run a
5955s platinum prize Platinum
5959s prize off the mic I thought that here
5963s thankfully I'm
5964s moved Zach's microphone slightly the
5967s winner of 1,000 Platinum is Tony Tony
5972s ct24 youve won 1,000 planet roonies
5975s please W for the Warframe twitch channel
5977s that you're watching right now with your
5978s ingame username and the platform that
5980s you play war on we're going to send you
5982s 1,000 Platinum your
5987s way you ready for dojos got let's do
5989s some
5992s dojo
5996s oh my
5997s gosh I think we're going for the
6000s Guinness World Record of most Segways in
6002s a prime time stream possible I think we
6004s could win it Zach yeah I think we're up
6005s to like 20 so far we can do anything all
6008s right what do we got H first we have a
6010s PlayStation storm clan we do we do we do
6013s and uh we got a little video put
6015s together by the one the only Irani thank
6017s you put down this video roll that clip
6021s wow so here we are we're in the vault of
6024s antimatter Sun oh my go the PlayStation
6028s storm Clan sun and we are in the vault
6031s this is so cool a map oh that's useful
6034s man that's useful in a dojo whoa that's
6036s so cool this might be the
6039s museum look at that they're all the
6043s resources they're categorized where you
6045s can get them or was that the Vault I
6048s don't we have another map oh Museum
6050s let's turn to the map to find out Museum
6053s all right all right we we're lost but
6054s we're here we're at the Museum are
6057s museums free to entry or you got to pay
6059s guess it depends on the clan huh maybe
6061s this is a free one wow this is gorgeous
6064s oo what do you got there what species do
6068s we have today uhoh Nur narur species
6072s sentience pictures this so cool oh that
6076s would have taken a while wow okay
6080s incredible was a great shot Ronnie good
6082s job the cinematography cinematography
6085s today oh wow this is so cool look at all
6089s these pictures love that great taste and
6091s art okay have we moved on we have to the
6095s infinite thought I didn't mean that bad
6097s this is called infinite thought I have
6100s an actual clock back there whoa is it
6103s working do it work did we add that
6105s function I'm having thoughts they're
6107s infinite o spiral spiral Spiral oh I
6111s recognize that face wait hey okay look
6115s love the way you're using duber
6117s decorations this Auditorium may not be
6119s more decorations com 27th I don't know I
6121s don't know we're in a lecture hall right
6122s now that's so cool and there's the dojo
6126s that amazing thank
6128s you you can go visit right now go run
6132s run don't walk go to anti matter sun on
6134s Playstation right now thanks for the
6136s dojo tour that's cool all right and now
6139s I am going to a mountain clan on PC
6144s this is lava
6146s lizard what a great name how did they
6148s score that name that's actually so coolz
6151s we're going to the Lazard liver liver on
6157s PC looking forward to this H listen the
6161s first room rier commends is called tea
6162s party and I say say no more I'm there I
6167s say I actually don't know what year that
6169s happened but who Okay instantly how
6172s Moving Castle anyone right same feeling
6175s wa right is this is just the starting
6178s room it is it is and look how many times
6180s they've won oh the flex look at that
6184s that's cool that's really cool all right
6188s tea party let's go oo we're here sho's
6193s off respectful we have oh teapot teapot
6196s that's a GI am I am I in the tea no I'm
6199s in the snacks oh my gosh look at all
6202s that tea and way to use the smoke effect
6206s gen as the steam that's so fun oh
6209s another's another I can I could see
6211s we're going to encounter a lot of birds
6213s I can feel that
6215s already oh hello do you shake
6219s hands cuz we
6222s match
6224s oh G love that great to meet you let's
6229s continue the oh oh is this is that a
6233s slug
6235s I mean it's a beast of some kind I think
6237s it's a turtle it's a turtle turtle it's
6239s a turtle and I kind of feel like it's
6241s bringing tea it is bring I think the
6244s turtle brings the tea makes sense oo or
6248s is this is this inscense is this is this
6251s a hooking hooking hookah smoking
6253s caterpillar from Alison Wonderland
6256s situation the turtles got to relax
6258s somehow you that's awesome loving it
6262s okay next we're going to go
6264s see a room that's just called mail we
6267s going to go get the mail mail as in as
6270s in mail oh mail is this how they deliver
6273s mail please no way L lore accurate mail
6278s delivery low Drop okay so we
6282s have
6284s what wait we're in the mail part in
6286s theil we are the mail you're on the way
6289s and a giant moth my favorite insect is
6291s carrying us come on that's so cool okay
6295s the way you have used the runes like the
6298s Vos gphs to create oh my God yeah so
6303s smart every time we add a new Dojo
6306s decoration I'm like what are they going
6307s to do
6309s be wow there the insects grabbing the
6312s male there's some in the ocean oh no
6315s it's a fish no they're eating the male
6317s that fell in the ocean I think he's
6319s trying to give it back but I mean this
6321s is Art open to interpretation open to
6322s interpretation
6323s the mail ship that's so
6326s cool I really love it
6329s w why are do we not deliver mail by
6332s flying creatures anymore well I don't
6334s know if you've heard the sad story of
6335s pigeons but I'm just going to leave that
6337s to your Google spiral all right I
6340s apologies to the pigeons guess what my
6341s favorite bird is Pigeon yeah really
6344s they're so cute they're so cute I think
6346s that if they were less common people
6347s would really really love them and they'd
6349s be considered so beautiful you know what
6350s I mean it's almost poetic in a way you
6352s know yeah really tells you something
6354s that the state of the world du Veri
6357s flight is where we're going now flight
6359s lots of see again bird themes oh and oh
6363s my gosh dragon dragon dragon we dragons
6366s have made it in the dojo Miss Derica is
6370s a fellow pigeon lover in chat thank you
6373s oh look this of
6375s course and they're flying
6378s it that is a cool way to make a person
6382s oh my gosh this is so so cool wow okay
6385s hi someone's already here they're just
6387s enjoying it like
6388s welcome I can see that you are very
6391s mindful being more boats more flying
6393s boats wait there's an under level no way
6396s so this is what it's like to be in a duy
6398s ship that's so
6400s cool ah wow yo look there's one all the
6404s way down there
6406s too oh my goodness this is cool and they
6410s have the masks and then the class
6413s the classic [ __ ] the classic oh yeah
6418s wait look at the tiny guy it's the
6423s dummy so your Drifter can fight that
6426s expecting
6430s that hey he's getting around that's
6433s great where is sail Jack someone Jack
6438s sail Jack that is perfect someone come
6442s on
6443s I want to be a pirate I guess we already
6445s are space
6446s pirates we are space pirates oh they're
6449s fighting the dragon so the dragon is
6450s attacking evil dragon dragon's not nice
6453s bommer bommer of a dragon this is not
6456s the AA worm you want in your deiri
6459s that's really cool you don't really want
6461s any Ora wor in y DUI but it's a matter
6463s of
6465s perspective can you go through
6467s here not very good defenses you just
6470s walked right through that's true but
6472s maybe if I were a dragon it wouldn't let
6473s me oh okay I see I see you were you can
6476s make it through some dojos are just
6478s built different yeah you can say that
6480s again every every week with prime time
6482s I'm reminded that I have no Dojo skills
6484s in the slightest this is so impressive
6487s yeah this is really cool and honestly I
6488s don't know how I'm going to get back
6489s over all those ships with the
6490s transporter so we're going to do my
6491s favorite trick fast travel to the Vault
6495s no to yeah VA usually it's in a pretty
6499s primary location see if you oh and
6501s you're back look at that yeah y ladies
6504s and gentlemen the vaults are where to go
6506s you knew it typically they don't Ste me
6509s wrong I mean but now that people know
6510s that that's my trick they might start
6513s moving their walls into really crazy
6515s places to mess with me please don't okay
6519s snail there it is it's a snail oh my
6523s gosh is this like an
6525s industrial
6528s snail I don't know what I'm seeing so
6531s cool it's oh it's like a little face do
6534s you ever when you were kids you ever
6536s look at cars and go like that's a happy
6537s car you see the face in the car yeah
6540s this is a devious snail a devious snail
6543s wow that is super cool oh we can climb
6546s this to see better we can see
6548s it ooho there's goo snail goo snail goo
6553s wait what's up there ride the snail who
6556s little
6557s coaches wonder where it's going let's
6559s look at the snails point of
6561s VI nice WI
6566s than wow snail command snail command Hi
6570s everybody guys I kind of feel like we're
6572s the Power Rangers I don't know I can see
6574s it happening hi
6575s GLE I'm very pleased very pleased with
6578s the Power Rangers here I mean that was
6579s Fab this is a Fab Dojo amazing snaps
6583s thank you thank you lava lizards this is
6584s their first time on the star chart
6585s apparently welcome congratulations
6588s pretty sick that is amazing well I think
6591s we have our own dojo things to attend to
6594s I think it's time to see fast it's time
6596s so if you want to send me an invite
6598s let's head to your
6599s dojo time to make a record time I hope I
6603s actually do have what I think whatever I
6605s like the OG obstacle course yeah cuz you
6607s know it's going to take a while to it'll
6609s be really dis we'll do top 10 we'll do a
6611s gos Prime access and then we're going to
6613s do a raid our love over to a or Creator
6616s have we done three poton prizes we have
6619s we
6619s have that's good news I'm ready
6623s I'm ready hungry ninja let's go I have
6626s to say yes I mean I could just force you
6630s I appreciate you letting me yeah yeah
6632s letting me make that choice yeah you
6634s snail Jack AR going to do this
6637s race just got my urine view email thank
6640s the
6641s Lord thank God for
6646s that amazing I promised I bet you they
6649s did send them out it just was slow so
6650s relieved anyways we're here uh I'm just
6653s thinking to myself if we're trying to
6655s get to where would I have put it where
6656s would I put it youel to it go to the
6658s Loki sauna SAA I mean
6661s gladly okay I think that it might be off
6665s of here no this is for fighting this is
6668s not no you can always tell on the map
6671s where it is yeah it's right in front of
6672s us oh oh yes but that might be oh it's
6677s the one you made it's the one I made are
6679s there hold on OG ones there are OG ones
6682s there's got to be an OG one somewhere
6683s maybe I put it
6685s downstairs let's go look
6689s downstairs oh R you got a request for a
6692s poll team Helen or team Zach let us vote
6695s let us vote so F I mean you got to give
6697s people who what they
6699s want I took the elevator sorry that's
6701s you know what it's totally fine I get it
6703s I have to search my own dojo
6704s for for a room I made many moons ago
6707s okay this
6710s is no
6714s this way takes us to yeah
6717s that is
6719s nothing step one find the outs we're
6723s going to find it where's the
6727s teleport here we go got my
6730s fairies got my trading
6734s Bay I think it's off the trading Bay if
6737s it's anywhere around here yeah art room
6740s trading Bay
6742s okay
6743s nope this navigation this is not where I
6746s you know it's going to be very
6747s embarrassing if um yeah we can find it
6752s imagine so embarrassing thought I had
6754s like every
6757s R uh yeah my names aren't very helpful
6760s are they hey maybe it's by Robo whale
6763s wait I see it you do so so I got to run
6767s I think I see to the rail
6769s Jack close to the rail Jack fast travel
6773s at so yeah yeah yeah I think we're
6776s getting
6777s there
6779s O Let's see is this it oh wait we might
6782s actually be going to a room I never
6783s finished embarrassingly no it's not it
6785s it's my floating homes which I did
6787s finish thank goodness you didn't stumble
6788s upon the one I didn't finish does Prime
6789s Time Clan have it I think they do okay I
6792s think Prime Time Clan Prime let's try
6793s let's try that stay with us CH more time
6795s to
6796s vote dang it they voted in everything we
6798s have to find
6800s it his name is fastap oh my gosh it's so
6805s close Okay Helen I invite you 5050 no
6810s way it's actually wild yeah waa that was
6813s special that was really special how cool
6816s is this we got to watch it be exactly
6818s 5050 okay we're going to try someone
6821s said Team Helen sorry Zach I forgive you
6823s it's okay no judgement just follow your
6825s gut you know like who's going to win
6827s what does it tell
6829s you all right let's see Team Rebecca
6832s we're all team Rebecca if uh oh my gosh
6834s it's right here no
6836s way it's right there oh no it's
6839s custom as if we all replaced it no wait
6842s no I see it I see it I see it I see it
6844s you see it okay so it's right here okay
6846s but I don't know where to fast travel
6847s that's closer to it that's okay I can
6849s just kind of
6852s look I'm just following your path
6854s honestly okay I guide
6858s the like this
6861s way sh you're yeah I'm running I'm
6864s running fast
6866s travel
6868s wait I made it okay well well well well
6874s oh it's good to be back it's good to be
6877s back where is the time no times well
6881s we're going to change that way no way
6885s overall
6886s best I don't know about
6889s that take it away team Helen W but it's
6895s 50/50 hold on no no by two boats way wow
6900s all right Helen the favored to win wild
6903s it only fuels me
6905s more if that one person had voted
6907s differently we would have had a perfect
6909s time don't worry about it we got this
6911s all right Helen percentage wise it's 50
6913s you know what I'm going to say I'm going
6915s to say the crowd favorite goes first I'm
6918s going to say the person who did this
6919s most recently goes
6921s first and and reminds me of what it
6923s looks like cuz I totally but I just want
6926s to see it going blind all right 3 2
6930s 1 okay mhm okay if I remember correctly
6935s you can just run jump over these oh my
6938s God I'm going to I'm going to Biff it
6939s I'm going to save myself you're doing
6940s really well okay yeah we wall jump WE
6942s wall jump we have to go around got it
6944s bullet jump this roll forward fly roll
6948s now this is really bad you basically run
6951s jump roll skip y oh my gosh oh run run
6956s jump I'm all who are wearing 28 72 I'm
6961s going to be honest with you ladies and
6963s gentlemen I think the 52% should have
6965s gone somewhere else or the two votes
6966s should have got somewhere
6968s else I haven't done this in
6972s probably seven years okay but we don't
6975s make excuses we just do go go go go go
6979s okay Dash roll
6986s oh my gosh go go go go and then I have
6988s to whoa whoo nice old bar a page on my
6993s book
6994s okay I believe wish I could Mele wait
6997s can
6998s I big jum
7003s here oh my gosh can I just like go float
7007s oh yeah but it's a little
7011s slow a go go go go
7016s go thank you so much uh for those who
7019s didn't vote for me eat it I'm better
7022s than he earned this guys he earned this
7025s just let him gloat okay down too floaty
7029s status retained that was fun your name
7032s is f Zack that was really fun I'm the
7035s max for staffen of sorry for letting you
7037s down y'all no that was fun together we
7040s learned that we both can do it in under
7041s a minute and honestly that's true super
7044s that's so true all right I cannot
7046s believe how fast you were fck
7052s thanks all right let's do some top 10
7061s comments Rule Girls Dr don't do that
7064s don't take us back to painful element
7068s memories all right Charlie take us into
7070s the world of top 10 comments I'm taking
7072s you into the world of CLM and
7077s asmi oh no first off we are celebrating
7081s the 11y year CLM
7085s anniversary say even though I have to
7088s admit I don't know if CLM was there
7090s since the very beginning it's probably
7092s like a 10 year CL this is very close so
7095s 10 years 10 years of CLM so happy I'm
7098s here
7099s yes next up we have a l question from De
7104s skolar saying Lord question in Du do
7107s they put the milk in the bags here's a
7110s thing um I don't even think they eaten
7113s Deber you guys oh but the Tams are for
7116s good luck oh yeah oh we thought about
7119s this you don't raise your Tams for food
7123s you raise them for good luck okay it is
7127s written when they put their milk in bags
7131s depends on what mood it is
7133s is like honestly guys we can see through
7136s the Tams they do you think they're
7138s producing milk with their bones oh Tam
7140s milk but but definitely during anger
7142s it's it's buckets right buckets of milk
7145s buckets of milk Milla is a bag milk kind
7147s of girl um Bine is like a like here's
7151s the other thing I'm going to point out
7153s it couldn't be plastic because it would
7154s definitely have to be like I guess a
7156s porcelain bag it would be a cloth bag of
7160s milk in a porcelain jug
7163s which is no longer a bag so I'm saying
7165s it no you first no thank you for that
7170s wonderful discussion no problem here to
7172s help on behal of the narrative
7174s team next up we have bioh hybrid and
7177s they're excited for the update saying I
7180s got Ina Prime just for the reward oh
7183s heck yeah that oh baby you're ahead of
7185s the game you're going to be eating good
7187s you and Megan laughing at everyone you
7189s doesn't have an NS Prime yet on the day
7191s releas
7196s it's fine I can take it next up saying
7199s they excited for L
7203s Corners well no one wants to get hurt I
7205s mean there's one way to do it right like
7207s that's
7211s right and beer 420 says did someone say
7215s Clen
7216s nope who's who's saying cl
7221s cl
7223s and then next from CH TriCity we have
7226s Lloyd rambling about void stuff and
7228s doing experiments would be great it
7231s actually would be that'd be perfect I
7234s would listen to him so much he's kind of
7236s Ang to you know it's kind of he's kind
7239s of angry I mean like Fair Reis it no no
7241s he's kind of Angi I think you said he's
7243s angry yeah but maybe you like Angi
7247s ASMR I think we all know boyfriend
7251s ASMR
7253s oh we have videos to show you Zach don't
7255s worry can't wait no I Fe anytime Ru and
7258s Charlie recommend something ladies and
7259s gentlemen I want you to know it's going
7261s to be fire it's going to be pure fire
7264s we're all going to enjoy those Oreos I
7266s just know it and this video will be
7267s great too or ASMR
7271s man oh my God I just had to think
7273s there's like an ASMR was someone is
7275s pretending to smack you with a Frank pad
7278s and it's was fun of like Lord smacking
7281s you with the hammer
7283s [Laughter]
7288s yeah yeah P
7290s [Laughter]
7291s [Music]
7293s of oh my God okay next up we have sell
7297s space a colorful knife sharpening
7300s an man sweet so cool that's
7304s sweet thanes one it Shar back you go
7311s ow
7313s that is 100% like the boyfriend ASMR
7316s like that's that's what it is what don't
7319s worry what cooler is Major boyfriend
7322s ASMR material is what they're saying
7323s yeah well let's roll with it yeah oh man
7327s ex from Lion 972 Lavos bubbling
7332s sounds be a good one kind makes you
7335s think of the Slime ASMR a little bit
7337s slime ASMR I I slime ASMR sometimes I'll
7340s be honest yeah
7343s and I would participate in Lavos
7345s bubbling as or listen to I don't know
7347s what participate sounds like scary
7351s chemistry well I have to check uh did
7354s they say something
7356s twice oh they did I didn't even notice
7359s oh I've done that thousand times snow
7362s space saying the men in the wall would
7363s be killer at
7366s asmi kind of scary be
7369s like
7371s oh it just turn just turned up
7375s to I'm here for it though and then
7379s finally toxic silver says
7383s CL com
7385s amazing should be CLM thank you Charlie
7387s those top 10 comments
7390s amazing well the time has come for what
7394s Zachary well I was just going to ask you
7396s oh well I was thinking we could maybe
7399s raid Kim rahime why don't we do a
7401s giveaway first
7404s oh the that's a good
7411s idea I think we've run out of our uh
7414s telepathy powers for the end of the
7416s we're going to run access uh R tart 321
7420s R tart 321 you have won a gos Prime
7423s access holy moly please whisper the
7425s twitch channel that you're watching
7426s right now with your in-game username and
7428s the platform you play Warframe on we're
7429s going to send you gos Prim access right
7432s here congratulations what do you want to
7434s do now I'm like I think it' be really
7436s cool if we raided Kira Rime what a great
7439s idea let's raid Warframe Creator
7442s karime so excited to send over the love
7444s to them make sure you guys say hi for us
7446s thanks so much for joining us today what
7448s an absolute blast a blast hey what's
7450s everyone going to do after the stream
7452s Oreos I'm going to try to come in to get
7454s sushi as well
7457s sushi sushi and Sushi sounds great all
7460s right well if you're having sushi
7461s tonight enjoy as as well I've been Zach
7463s beside me has
7465s been
7467s hen we said Charlie hey and wee and
7471s we've all been on your Prime Time crew
7472s tonight thanks so much for watching tune
7474s in to the de stream tomorrow it's ATX
7476s we're so excited de stream tomorrow see
7478s you awesome 3 p p.m.
7490s Easter