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0s you went into stasis but not me
4s i searched the long path for redemption
6s for the kind of balance only the
8s conclave can create
11s now i return
12s only to find the tenno still hurted like
15s livestock horrors from beyond the outer
18s terminus are coming
19s you must accept the conflict
22s let it be your teacher and i its humble
25s guide
26s for true balance can only be found in
28s the face of the ultimate enemy
31s yourself
34s [Music]
67s [Music]
85s find the power within yourself
93s [Music]
104s [Music]
119s [Music]
125s [Music]
135s [Music]
150s [Music]
172s [Music]
196s [Music]
208s [Music]
216s [Music]
223s wake up tenno
230s it is time
253s [Music]
263s [Music]
273s [Music]
295s hey operator alarms have sounded oxygen
299s levels failing incoming enemy ships
301s it is time to get up have a pleasant day
303s operator
305s focus
306s find the power within yourself
315s [Music]
324s [Music]
336s [Music]
343s [Music]
355s it is time keto
357s [Music]
368s [Music]
386s hello everyone welcome back to primetime
390s episode three one three on what is it
392s hopefully a lovely thursday night for
394s everyone watching i'm megan everett and
396s joined by miss taylor king twice in a
399s row
401s and she's gonna be here next week so
403s you're getting all the taylor this month
404s with so much i don't know how that
406s happened i'm sorry but honestly you guys
408s have so much else going on that i don't
411s mind
412s that's okay and we're also joined by the
414s lovely spacey sarah hi in the cold pot
417s see what's going on and as per usual
420s super denio
422s it's me it's me
425s and it's you welcome chat
428s so for the next two hours we're gonna be
429s playing some warframe giving out some
430s prizes doing some fan art all of that
432s great stuff and hanging out with you uh
434s for the next two hours and speaking of
436s the next two hours let's talk about the
438s next month because it is the month of
440s june and as we know in one exactly one
444s month
446s actually one month to the time of now we
449s will have just finished
451s tenno live oh my god is that my heart
454s just stopped is that not wild to think
456s about i'm so sorry
458s uh in one month on july 16th i saw
461s someone in chat say i thought tennocon
463s was today you're one month early i
465s appreciate you i love the enthusiasm yes
468s i love it
470s but it is july 16th is tennocon 2022.
474s the day we'll have a schedule
476s up within this month to let you know
478s what exactly is going on so maybe i
480s won't say that just now um but yes just
482s mark your calendar july 16th um and then
485s speaking of the next month we are in
486s june obviously and this is going to be
488s the last month of prime times before we
491s kind of stop go dark for a bit i know we
494s had our last dev stream last month
496s and june 30th is going to be our last
498s prime time so we have a couple more left
501s and then we'll be kind of going silent
504s but then you'll see us on tennocon at 10
506s alive during the day all the panels very
509s excited
511s but just know that june 30th will be the
512s last prime time
514s and then speaking of tennocon it is
516s related tomorrow we actually are doing a
520s stress test of the relay if you were a
523s part of tennocon last year you know
524s there was a little bit of some problems
527s with the relay last year
529s for tennocon so obviously we're trying
531s to avoid all of that we've done many of
534s fixes
535s since then but we do want to do a bit of
537s a stress test of the relay and we know
540s that barrow coutier is coming tomorrow
541s on all platforms so we thought hey let's
544s utilize barracuda's arrival and do a
546s relay stress test so he's going to
548s arrive at the same time 9 a.m eastern
550s time whatever time that is for you
552s and he's actually going to be bringing a
554s primed chamber back in his offerings and
557s it will be with him the whole weekend
559s it's not just for this stress test
561s but basically what we're hoping is at
564s 9am eastern time or again whatever time
565s that is for you when barakatira arrives
568s y'all just come into the relay on all
571s platforms just
573s jam yourselves in there
575s many instances as we can
577s and we have
579s very small nothing crazy just some
582s shenanigans uh to play with you guys
586s to kind of stress the servers and
588s obviously see how they do with
591s what is hopefully a large amount of
593s players in the player base in these
594s relays as we're doing these things
596s behind the scenes what relay i know he's
598s coming to the roonda on pc i actually
602s was internally having a conversation
604s about this
605s hold hold hold keep holding keep holding
609s keep holding you're doing great hold it
610s right there breathe in out
613s deep breaths deep breaths um i can't
616s hold much longer um
619s so on pc he's coming to mercury larunda
623s playstation mercury larunda
625s xbox he'll be on the venus relay and
627s switch he'll be on the earth relay
630s clip that remember that those are the
632s relays mercury mercury venus earth um so
635s that's when barack here he's coming he's
636s you'll see it in the star chart it's
638s always there he's a little his little
640s travel will be there um but uh yeah
643s please if you can if you're available i
645s know it's a friday and you know people
647s work people have lives that's totally
648s fine but if you can if you're going to
650s come and see barra anyways tomorrow
652s if you can arrive promptly when he shows
655s up i think we're going to do the
656s shenanigans stress test within like the
658s first hour so we're going to wait for
660s people to file in
662s and then we'll start the
663s the shenanigans behind the scenes and
666s see
666s see how well those servers do fingers
669s crossed it'll be great um you know
671s hinting towards that we're going to be
672s doing something obviously relay related
675s for tennocon a pre-emptive heads up you
678s want to be a game oh it's too early to
680s talk about so good just like send if
682s your boss or your school is giving you
684s issues just send them the forum post and
685s be like megan gives me permission yes i
687s away for the next hour ide megan give
690s you permission
691s to
692s take a break from school go back to
694s school but like that hour like i need
695s you i need you i can i can rely you
697s anyways that's tomorrow there is a forum
699s post up if you need any more information
701s i already kind of said it all um but yes
703s stress test tomorrow while barracuda is
705s here on all platforms uh appreciate you
707s greatly prime chamber he will have for i
709s think it's
710s two thousand nine hundred and ninety
711s five ducats uh so you wanna discount the
715s five discounts wow um and then you know
718s of course tennocon digital pack if you
720s do purchase that you will get the
722s baroque tier ticket which means he will
724s uh be in a relay during tennocon a
726s couple weeks uh hillary everything he's
728s ever sold you can get prime chamber
730s again if you want to go that route you
731s know it will be there for you if you
733s purchase that ticket but he will be
734s bringing it this weekend to kind of
736s entice you to come and help with our
738s stress test because we appreciate it um
741s and then we'll just go into a little bit
742s of general housekeeping obviously
744s tennocon
745s summer games fest and we showed the uh
748s trailer essentially confirming that yes
750s tennocon 2022 as you might have
752s suspected is going to be your first live
755s real gameplay experience of the daviri
759s paradox very exciting it's gonna be
762s spicy
764s so i can't wait for you guys to
765s experience that with us live as we
767s typically do for tunnel live it's called
769s live for a reason we do these live demos
771s and show you in real time what's
773s happening uh so
775s just know the debary paradox is coming
777s up for that we have a really awesome
778s twitch drops obviously titania prime for
781s tenno live we have some twitch drops
783s during the day as well
785s and then the in-game reward for uh
787s nintendo live when you're in the
789s relay experience
792s the strangers hood very cool definitely
794s check out that video if you don't know
795s what i'm talking about and then the art
798s show and dojo showcase that is going to
800s be happening at tennocon the deadline is
802s tonight
804s if you wanted to get any of your art in
806s to have a chance to be showcased on that
808s segment you have until 11 59 pm eastern
811s time tonight
813s so the clock is ticking you've got six
815s hours you've got six hours i know you
816s can write an essays in less time than
818s that it's fine i've written fanfic in
820s less than that taylor well let's not
821s talk about that
823s uh so if you were thinking about that it
825s is today 11 59 eastern time uh and then
828s like i said the tennocon digital packs
830s are live some really awesome uh in-game
832s goodies as we typically do each year
834s barracuda ticket there's merch as well
836s with the really awesome you know spooky
838s face on it i actually saw i think it was
840s widescreen john he was like i can't buy
842s this it's actually scary and it reminds
844s me of something from my childhood and i
845s was like i'm so sorry i'm not mean to
847s dig up those emotions john i'm so sorry
849s you know what you got to get over it
851s john you just have to get over it sorry
854s wear the shirt get over it yeah just
856s keep looking at it you know what is it
859s exposure therapy just yell at it to go
861s away just yell into the mirror anyways
863s that is all available uh
865s warframe.com and check it out and then
867s in terms of in-game what's going on in
869s the in-game build we did launch echoes
871s of the zeraman last week i can't believe
872s that was last week i don't think about
874s it that i was not you weren't even here
876s i wasn't even in this country yeah um
878s echoes of the zeraman is live and we
880s have done a couple hot fixes since then
881s to address some issues um we are
884s as we typically do post or sorry
886s pre-tennocon we kind of go
889s essentially silent for a bit on the
890s hotfix front um because we are working
893s on a tennocon build uh take away
896s whatever you want from that sentence but
898s we are working on a tennocon build and
901s we do need some time to sort that
903s because there's some stuff in there i'm
905s only going to go that far with what i'm
906s going to say
907s so we do want to get some hotfixes out
910s meeting our internal deadline so that we
912s can do a cert and uh get a tennocon
914s build building
916s um but uh i think we're almost done
919s hotfixing we typically don't hop fix on
920s barrow day okay tomorrow so
923s that might be the last topics which was
924s today
925s we did fix things like the roll momentum
928s in dog days was like molasses so we did
930s fix that
931s and fix some things here and there so
933s definitely check out the notes if you
934s were looking for a fix
936s and let us know if there's other things
938s that need to be fixed because we can put
940s it in this telecon build uh let us know
943s of course
944s but those things are live obviously
945s everything that echoes of the xeremen
946s brought as well which is great quality
948s of life stuff
949s and then dog days dog days is live we
951s love it till june 29th 2pm eastern time
954s get your dog days get your pearls uh and
957s get yourself some really awesome fishy
958s ephemera i heard you guys called it like
960s fart bubbles or something
962s i did it oh no you didn't maybe that was
965s danny i think what i don't know
968s so i heard something honestly there was
970s so much going on on last thursday i
972s don't felt like i don't know she blocked
974s it i did it was multiple people blocked
976s out that day i guess what happened today
978s yeah i blacked out too i don't know jeff
980s keeley i shook his hand i think i don't
982s know yeah
983s anyways it's also still june which means
985s we're still celebrating friday yes yes
988s yes yes for those who are unaware uh we
991s do oh i guess you're not seeing our
992s gameplay right now but we have you know
994s commissioned some pride glyphs and
997s displays this year to help our tenno i
999s can show you whoa if i go here you can
1002s see kind of like our profile can i do
1004s glyph
1007s i'll just look up pride it'll show you
1008s right here there it is preview beautiful
1011s this is made by debbie sheen as you can
1012s see in the description uh these will be
1015s available in the market for one credit
1016s and then the display is a little more
1018s expensive because you can buy as many of
1020s those as you want but those will be here
1022s until the end of june at which point
1023s you'll be able to access them via a
1025s promo code for the rest of the year
1027s there's also a pride celebrations color
1030s palette featuring the progress pride
1032s flag colors
1033s great you can find it in the market i'm
1035s not i can't do that right now but it's
1037s there uh as well
1039s throughout the month of pride you can
1041s see in twitch chat some people are using
1043s our
1044s warframe pride emotes which is so cute
1047s charlie thank you for making those but
1049s we also have pride stream so tomorrow
1052s uh friday june 17th at 12 pm et uh on
1056s this channel and on
1058s the individual's channel we are
1060s sponsoring lady the lady to stream
1063s they're going to drop a mimika shaws in
1064s so if you
1069s yeah exactly do exactly that i can't
1072s even describe it any better than that
1073s megan distance i am a guitar
1075s i am you are mimicking the guitar it was
1078s perfect taylor appreciate it anyway uh
1081s if you want to go hang out uh
1083s enjoy the fun really it's just a means
1085s for us to highlight
1087s incredible you know lgbtqia plus
1090s individuals within the community and you
1092s know kind of broadcast that there are
1093s safe spaces for those who are looking
1095s for them so we love lady lottie we'll
1097s see you tomorrow at 12 p.m
1100s and yeah
1100s happy birthday happy pride indeed it
1102s continues always and forever um seeing a
1105s couple comments in twitch chat saying
1106s thanks for giving up on crossplay cross
1108s save we have not given up on crossplay
1110s crossings trust and believe when i say i
1112s see progress every single day
1114s and i will repeat what i always repeat
1116s you will not hear any
1118s groundbreaking news on this prime time
1121s but if there is a bigger stream coming
1123s up you might hear about the progress of
1126s it or other things so maybe tune into
1129s that but you won't hear it on this
1131s stream no
1133s just saying but what you will hear is
1135s that night wave is ending soon we
1137s actually posted earlier today that the
1140s night wave noirs mix volume one which is
1142s currently live is going to be ending
1144s july 10th when the weekly refresh
1147s expires because it expires every sunday
1148s i believe at 7 pm eastern time whatever
1151s time zone that is for you um
1153s volume 1 will end there will not be a
1156s night wave for the duration of that week
1158s because obviously that saturday is 10
1159s o'clock
1161s maybe a 10 o'clock build
1164s and then nightway volume 2 is going to
1166s launch july 17th which is the sunday the
1169s day after tennocon um so you can expect
1171s a new uh noise mix volume two
1175s as per usual with volume one that's
1176s currently live make sure you spend those
1179s credits in the credit offerings if you
1180s have any leftover when it does expire
1183s you can sell them for simple credits if
1185s you want to go that route but then we
1187s will have that week off of night wave
1188s nora goes a bit saliente
1191s and then volume two will launch on july
1192s 17th so that's a heads up there is a
1194s forum post in the in-game news if you
1196s want to check out information we talk
1197s about there's four new acts coming that
1199s are related to the zereman uh we did
1201s take away one act and as well we kind of
1204s list out the rewards they are subject to
1206s change in case anything does happen but
1207s we are currently you know going to be
1209s adding some new stuff peppering in some
1210s old stuff it's all good times
1213s you doing the pepper taylor
1216s i saw it i saw the pepper
1218s and then today's twitch draw we are
1220s doing a echoes of the zeraman arcane's
1222s grab bag so with echoes of the zeraman
1225s uh launched five new arcanes we have
1227s eternal onslaught eternal logistics mult
1230s augmented mult reconstruct and cascadia
1233s flare so you have a chance to get one of
1235s those per drop and you can get two if
1237s you're watching this entire stream make
1239s sure you're linked up
1240s uh and you want to be linked up because
1243s shadowcon has twitch drops so make sure
1244s you're linked up and you're all working
1246s because
1247s we don't want what happened last year
1248s where me repeating it crashed our own
1250s game so let's not do that again shall we
1253s check are we doing another one of those
1254s during this year we are but we've
1257s we
1258s we're better this year oh we're just
1259s better okay
1261s we have better things in place this year
1262s than what happened last year anyway
1265s uh but we do have a featured
1266s international creator this week as well
1267s taylor yes uh mecor who is a german
1272s streamer they're actually new to the
1273s program we have a few people who are
1274s like slowly being added in so hopefully
1277s next week we'll do like an announcement
1278s of kind of some of the new faces in the
1280s program but they are
1282s they're new so they're a new creator
1283s definitely make sure to see them um and
1284s say hi if you speak german or if you
1286s want to learn german guten abende says
1288s sasky what does that mean good
1290s afternoon
1292s no
1293s i don't know
1295s um anyway stephanie can we get a
1297s translation over here please
1299s good evening oh you're right
1301s i thought it was like i don't know i
1303s don't know anything continue anyway uh
1305s they love playing with fellow tenno and
1307s helping people in their mission so if
1308s you're looking for a little bit of help
1310s even in your german or you know in-game
1312s check them out twitch.tv core so me and
1315s then like an apple core you know
1318s m-e-c-o-r-e june 17th 9 am et so early
1322s in the day but yeah early in the morning
1324s and of course like i mentioned sarah is
1325s here for top 10 comments during the
1327s stream sarah you got anything so far
1329s um not too much but i'm keeping an eye
1332s on you chat so
1334s i would like you to bring it as always
1336s and she was mentioning how she would
1337s kill for someone's pet in the discord
1339s which well that could get taken out of
1341s confidence oh my goodness sarah come to
1342s discord and i might kill for your pets
1345s oh my goodness not
1346s it's like a reverse john wick situation
1349s you know
1349s to prevent them from coming start
1351s throwing shade i'm not throwing [ __ ]
1356s uh
1357s sarah's here and of course the prime
1359s open comms discord channel is live for
1362s the duration of prime time so if you
1363s want to
1364s hop on over to scored exclamation point
1365s discord and twitch chat if you would
1367s like a link to the official warframe
1368s discord we have a whole bunch in there
1370s we have discussions per platform we have
1372s fan art capture we have open channels
1374s when there are streams like primetime
1376s and dev streams we'll have a tennocon
1378s big hype section sarah's going to lead
1380s it in there and it's going to be super
1383s fun so definitely if you are a discord
1386s darian
1387s discord
1398s join the discord and come and chat it's
1400s great fun and we love our discord and
1402s y'all are great in there
1403s okay i talked for 20 minutes
1407s sorry about it dean would you like to do
1408s a platinum prize i was about to call a
1410s party foul that it's been 20 minutes i
1412s just missed everyone okay i was in
1415s america i had to watch from a different
1418s time zone and i just i missed everyone
1420s yeah it didn't even really yeah i
1421s remember that you remember that well
1423s cause we were talking you're like oh
1424s yeah prime time because i was like we
1426s have to start the show yeah i was
1427s texting you you're like go to the
1429s chinese theater and i was like what
1432s a thousand hundred has gone to nasi leek
1435s nasi leek congratulations you've won a
1437s thousand platinum please whisper the
1438s warframe twitch channel you're watching
1440s right now with your in-game alias and
1442s the platform and play warfarm on we'll
1443s get you 1 000
1446s platinum 999 plus one
1449s is yours if you would like it all right
1452s we are in the relay we're in the laruna
1453s relay we've been in here we've been
1455s chilling skibbert's here j-pops here
1457s they have inner tubes on which i think
1459s is really just
1460s oh they're they're they're galloping
1462s together i have a galloping i was trying
1464s to do a handshake but this wisp has like
1466s positioned herself so it looks like
1467s weird cuddling it's really weird i'm not
1469s complaining she's real cute but look
1471s look at this hey girl
1473s i have a blasphemous uh here with my
1475s wife says sasha
1477s very cute hello wife
1480s this is the incorrect stuff no that's
1482s two credits you girl needs credits it's
1484s fine it's fine here with my wife what's
1486s up oh taylor thank you for the credit
1488s blessing
1489s appreciate you we have a very shiny
1492s very shiny i cannot see anything
1494s my screen is covered
1496s oh great soccer potash oh hello patash
1499s look at all these wisps oh this
1501s excalibur prime
1502s very nice i'd love to see it oh we got
1504s an umbra oh with the tennocon 2022 emo
1508s look at the flex of that leg
1510s you can flex on the internet oh look at
1512s this oh my god look at them all jamie's
1514s voice over hi hi jamie see you later uh
1517s oh my god i'm obsessed look at these 20
1519s 22's oh look at the flexibility look at
1522s the legs everyone's been doing yoga
1525s i mean i don't mean to look from behind
1526s but like look it's so nice
1529s look at that
1531s oh my god i'm obsessed it's so good oh
1534s blessings on the blessings by the way i
1535s appreciate those y'all agree thank you
1537s guys uh this is like the perfect lineup
1541s looking wow revenant hello puppy
1544s my fellow wukong prime can i get a
1546s handshake new nudie
1548s can i get a handshake look at y'all
1550s someone's gonna steal it you better go
1552s quick
1553s new new to yoho i'm ready for you
1556s do it please
1558s please
1560s i can't continue without a handshake oh
1561s i think mechanic drone's going to steal
1563s it oh he did
1566s well i appreciate it i appreciate any
1568s handshake y'all are great all right so
1570s today because we just recently obviously
1572s announced that night wave volume one is
1574s ending soon
1575s gonna blast through some night wave acts
1578s um and then as well we might jump into
1580s doggy days and get some pearlies while
1582s we're at it uh but as
1585s as we look at my passive night wave as i
1588s passively do
1590s i think we're going to do
1591s the isolation vault bounty mission on
1594s the cambium drift in
1596s deimos so if anyone would like to join
1599s taylor and i are already in a squad
1601s please message either myself or taylor
1603s in game on pc we are playing on pc
1606s please message me with your
1609s favorite
1611s day of the year and why
1615s and it better be july 16th 2022.
1619s just kidding give me whatever you want
1620s it could be your birthday it can be
1624s the day that you realized you
1628s had
1629s a tax return
1630s and you forgot about it and you were
1632s like wow what a great tax return i'm
1634s going to go buy myself something nice
1637s and like it's about identical digital
1638s pack
1639s yeah yeah maybe yeah who knows i don't
1641s know i love it how do we win stuff here
1644s you're already winning just by being
1645s here and logged in and watching
1647s uh sandy's of course is july 16th lol
1650s sandy
1651s sandy i feel like you're just catering
1654s towards me
1655s june 12th because that's my t
1658s anniversary i'll take it tamara asked
1661s that the classic april 25th is the
1663s perfect date not too warm who said that
1665s oh someone in chat
1669s perfect jacket leather love it so true
1672s um hi my favorite day of the year is may
1674s 6th it's my brother's birthday and it
1675s brings me such a joy to celebrate with
1677s him
1678s tosha says it's august 23rd it's my his
1681s wife and there's third a 16th year
1684s together jeez so cute i already have
1687s friends for that long
1690s i know damn dude pretty sure reb's my
1693s longest right
1695s no that's not true uh okay we got a full
1697s squad we got myself we got taylor we got
1699s tam risk also was also with the pride
1701s gliss
1703s fluff
1704s and how key re
1707s rank 30 dang okay we're gonna go to
1709s navigation and we're gonna go
1711s um
1712s let's go let's just go visit mom i feel
1715s like it's been
1716s a minute since i've seen mom i'm not
1718s gonna lie
1719s that's honestly true i miss i miss mom
1722s especially i don't actually i don't want
1724s to spoil anything for ten o'clock but
1725s it's okay
1726s you know
1728s some voice actor stuff some voice actors
1730s appreciation all that goodness i love
1731s seeing
1732s uh
1735s natalia said my favorite day is
1737s september 6th as it's the day when i
1739s started playing warframe
1742s i love a virgo
1744s month someone says their favorite days
1745s october 8th because it's their
1747s daughter's birthday i was just bonding
1749s with someone else and chat saying that
1750s october birthdays are the best that's
1753s like only three days is that a biased
1755s account yep okay
1757s very good although september is also
1758s acceptable
1760s do you remember
1762s twenty thursday that's my birthday i
1764s will never forget it because of that
1767s i appreciate that yeah like what i feel
1769s like it was made for me
1770s um okay we're gonna do an isolation
1773s vault do we want to go tier one tier two
1775s or tier three how
1777s ballin do you want to be
1779s we're going three baby let's do it we're
1781s going all the way to three
1782s we're gonna do it is there a dog days
1784s there is a dog days the days are dogs
1786s and it is live till june 29th dog days
1788s are here the [ __ ] has pearls oh sorry
1790s the [ __ ] has goods for your pearls uh so
1793s get your water soaker out and soak them
1795s up
1796s eot echoes of ceremony that's correct we
1799s love a what is it called
1802s not an anagram
1809s not analog uh
1812s dean what is it
1816s [Applause]
1819s we made it
1822s i don't like dog days sad farm you know
1823s what uh and that's totally fine it's uh
1826s it's not for everyone it's a fun little
1827s seasonal event that we put on um we were
1830s you know
1831s looking at some feedback and definitely
1833s you know we see
1834s the comments about especially if you've
1836s played it for the last i think we've
1837s done it for three or four years now
1839s maybe um you've probably you know you've
1841s done what it is and it hasn't really
1843s changed since then it's kind of the same
1845s obviously this year it's night time um
1847s but you know that's not like the biggest
1849s change in the entire world of course
1851s turning the lights off um understandably
1853s you know we
1854s add new rewards to it to you know spice
1857s it up a little bit but the gameplay is
1859s still the same i thought that was a bomb
1861s thing um so understandably if you've
1863s done it you know a couple times
1864s it's probably
1866s you know the flavor is gone um for new
1868s players it might be very enjoyable
1870s obviously if their first time playing
1871s dog days but all that to say
1874s um you know i think
1875s all those points are valid and if there
1877s are little things that we can do to kind
1879s of change it up maybe
1881s a little more gameplay mechanics uh
1884s better you know pearl acquisition
1886s because obviously there are the comments
1888s about um
1890s the grind per se of getting those new
1893s items but then having to play the mode
1895s that like i said they've played before
1897s and is the same um so i think there
1900s there is something to be taken away from
1901s there obviously and
1903s things that we
1904s kind of can brainstorm and try to get
1906s ahead of next time before we put out dog
1908s days if we do dog days again which again
1910s we probably will it's just a some fun
1912s summer event it does kind of fall close
1914s to tennocon so it gets a little risky
1916s when we do do uh dog days but we wanted
1919s to put it out obviously because like i
1921s said we do kind of go dark
1923s a month in advance of dog date or sorry
1925s of tennocon so it's nice to have
1927s something in game to kind of fart around
1929s in
1930s but if it's not enjoyable to you then
1933s you're not going to play it and that's
1934s totally valid so i think there are some
1936s things we can do we talked about it as a
1938s team and you know we'll take it back
1941s back to the the jury and see what they
1944s say but i we hear you we see you
1947s and hopefully next time we can integrate
1949s a couple things to kind of spice it up a
1951s bit
1952s spice it up in a fun water
1955s park add some uh jalapeno juice to the
1962s supercell cruiser oh so not the non the
1964s non brand name
1966s you know
1967s not copyright absolutely not a nerf gun
1970s yeah
1971s i like it i like it
1972s that's the word
1975s maybe we'll change it where every single
1977s it's just garesh just all gorez would
1979s you like that chat yeah but you get like
1982s three times the pearls oh okay
1984s a garage instead of nightmare mode it's
1986s just garage mode
1988s yes all
1989s garages you know oh
1992s wouldn't i kind of want the fish
1993s ephemera for irelia bar the fishy
1995s ephemera is super cute and great but
1998s kind of like i said you know if we
1999s adding new rewards is
2002s obviously nice to have because it's
2003s something to work for but if you don't
2004s enjoy the game more game mode then
2007s you're just kind of going through a slog
2008s so
2009s understandable from you know perspective
2011s of someone who's played it for three
2013s years in a row but obviously there are
2015s people who are experiencing for the
2016s first time so gotta take into
2017s consideration both of those
2019s um but yeah we uh
2021s we want it to be a fun summer event we
2023s don't want it to be
2024s you know a grind that you
2026s hate
2027s so
2028s uh something to do i think and uh it's
2031s all about so
2032s we shall take it back
2035s speaking of your rally please worker
2036s reworker uh we don't have any plans
2038s currently for some reworks but obviously
2040s we see the the yoreli comments i see the
2043s frost comments i see the inaros comments
2045s i see the valkyr comments
2047s you know we see it uh now is now the
2049s time for a rework obviously we're
2051s working on tennocon and getting that out
2053s and obviously what we're gonna show but
2055s do know that you see the rework comments
2057s you know we've got
2058s feedback docs collected um for when the
2061s time is right to
2063s take a look a deeper dive uh into those
2065s warframes so appreciate it
2068s and uh
2069s we'll get we'll get there
2072s rework clem never he's perfect yeah that
2074s is a
2075s almost a section incarnated that man
2079s absolute professional
2080s i am
2082s just wait
2084s wait wait wait wait wait
2085s where is it
2086s who's got it i don't have it oh i don't
2087s have it oh does no one have it someone
2090s got oh okay we're good we're good
2092s you mean a naros yeah like i've i've
2093s seen the comments don't worry i've seen
2095s this grundle you know that
2097s we've seen it all
2099s just get rid of all the warframes and
2100s just
2101s do new ones just operator only operator
2104s only
2104s spoilers for tonight i'm kidding i'm
2106s getting you get it
2113s oh a little uh
2114s a little inception sew them together ew
2117s oh my god not the image in my mind i'm
2121s meant to be
2122s so sorry it's okay
2124s so sorry
2126s melee is so broken uh unclear what that
2129s means uh please escalate
2132s if it is broken i don't think it is
2133s because it she's working for me i can
2136s punch without any problem oh i can hack
2138s some slash baby
2140s but if it's something a little more
2141s serious please let us know
2144s i have a speedo named cobbler gobbler oh
2148s i don't like that word i don't think
2149s i've ever had cobbler what it's called
2152s it's because it's like it's fruit right
2153s like a berry it's like yeah usually a
2156s berry a berry it's
2163s i love an apple crumbler on a sundae oh
2165s yeah i think it's like apple crumble or
2168s apple crisp but there's like a specific
2170s kind yeah like it's like oh instead of
2172s something else i don't know what the
2174s hell is that
2175s are you talking about
2177s hey that wasn't even us that was chat it
2179s was amazing i brought up the cobbler
2181s gobbler i've been reading a book and
2183s literally all i've been doing is
2185s googling all of the food mentioned in it
2186s so is it real food yeah it's a like a
2190s story based in pakistan so it's like so
2192s interesting
2193s that's got it yeah it's a just food that
2195s like you're not familiar with uh-huh
2198s oh my god i'm so hungry it's at midnight
2200s why am i doing this to myself
2203s okay i ate a banana before the stream so
2205s i shouldn't be too angry but one can
2207s only hope and dream oh i'm so stupid
2210s because i gotta go in the ruins yeah i
2212s was gonna say get distracted i'm just
2214s killing a pair of legs that was running
2215s at me so it's pirate crust is inside the
2217s filling that doesn't make any sense but
2219s okay
2220s it's what someone says it's pie where
2222s crust is inside the filling but this
2225s i know
2227s no no that's a no for me it's a no for
2230s me i'll take an apple
2232s crisp or crumble any day yeah but a
2234s cobbler because i think like just make
2236s me think of shoes the one
2239s the one i think of is like a peach
2240s cobbler and that's not for me
2243s i don't like the consistency of a big
2244s peak
2245s [Music]
2246s it's not for this girl so for anybody
2248s who had 31 minutes into the stream you
2250s won the pool for the evening
2253s although i i mentioned apple core
2255s earlier and someone already called me
2256s out on it so i mean you're actually
2258s actively talking about eating now that's
2260s true that's true
2262s okay we'll stop we'll stop
2265s can we get an operator eating cereals
2266s see that wasn't me i didn't bring that
2268s up that was cheap
2279s but who knows you know
2281s maybe how does the drop work uh if you
2283s talking about the twitch product you
2284s just have to make sure you are linked
2286s you can go to i believe it's
2288s warframe.com what is it dean
2290s warframe.com
2292s i don't know if that address is up yet i
2294s think it is is it well if it is oh hold
2296s on i can i can search for conduct twitch
2299s link is that we talk about it
2303s yeah it's there warframe.com twitch
2305s warframe.com twitch oh and it redirects
2307s you to twitch.com yeah warframe.com
2309s twitch if you go to that you can link up
2311s your warfarm account and your twitch
2313s account and get ripped and that's it
2315s easy peasy
2316s lemon squeezy
2319s i lost a bet to be at least 40 minutes
2321s well you should have known better yeah
2324s don't aren't you embarrassed now
2327s how embarrassing egg on your face
2334s sorry about it you have no arms
2337s you know what
2338s who needs a minute that's a rough buddy
2340s who needs them anyways
2343s oh there's a bunch of things over here
2345s that i want
2346s how did that happen
2348s who could be doing this stuff
2364s oh
2369s will we get more necromancer i mean
2370s absolutely in the future there's never
2372s enough
2373s never enough necromance
2378s yes absolutely currently
2380s there's not one new right now but
2384s not
2385s not to say that they will not get this
2387s intellect okay sorry i really still need
2389s them they're so important oh what the
2392s where ah
2394s where is everyone oh there's another one
2396s oh my god oh my god prosperous
2400s oh
2400s what the prosperous vault
2404s you're going to remember the combo right
2406s because i cannot do it
2409s for the vaults oh have you not done it
2411s okay i'm not even there
2412s i was chasing after your scintillant
2416s oh you found it i did it all by myself
2418s taylor what a quick hug hulk
2421s let's go lord
2424s i'll save you
2428s all right
2430s when we have a void horse i don't know
2434s do we give off horse energy is that
2435s you're trying to say
2438s energy stream you know what sarah
2439s jessica parker is a beautiful woman so i
2441s will not be a taylor king
2444s no king
2446s no
2447s i literally watched the sarah jessica
2449s parker movie while i was in l.a what'd
2450s you watch uh
2452s eat pray love wait no no no no it's a
2455s it's an older one
2456s where's she rocky mcconaughey
2459s uh
2460s i don't know oh she he's a failure to
2463s launch
2467s no okay but i love sarah jessica parker
2470s so i was like i'm feeling it hell yeah
2471s i'm in l.a let's do it
2474s there are never enough roombas now
2476s that's a fact
2478s that is a fact
2486s [Music]
2493s now it works
2495s that's a lot of hearts energy
2502s oh grace
2503s my ignis wraith is
2505s doing
2507s quite the work
2513s sir ian mckellen
2514s what about him
2515s he's the best actor in the world sorry
2517s not sorry you don't even need to
2518s apologize for that that's a true
2520s statement
2522s also forgot he was a surgeon
2525s he was knighted
2527s was it him who used to be in a metal
2529s band there's like a few
2532s there's a few of them who
2535s whenever i like i think the lord of the
2537s rings actors basically who had insane
2540s insane
2541s uh
2542s paths
2544s of being in a band
2545s well one of them was like an actual spy
2547s in world war ii what okay i might be
2550s talking out of my ass
2552s i'm not gonna it's like one of those
2554s things where like you watch a movie with
2556s you watching lord of the rings with
2558s a man and they have
2560s so much lord of the rings trivia it's
2562s one of those just like knowledge sir
2564s sean connery played a spy in the 60s he
2566s did a metal christmas album and
2568s everything he was in the middle band and
2570s fought more where he did christopher lee
2571s i'm pretty sure christopher lee that's
2572s who i was thinking of yet was in a band
2575s in a metal band and also was in world
2577s war ii
2579s i know man saying something
2583s that's quite the life
2585s what is the drops it is a episode of the
2587s zeraman arcane grab bag so it's the five
2590s chance for one of the five and new art
2593s games that came out with the echoes of
2594s the germans last week
2597s damn jack really knows their crisperly
2598s knowledge i love this that's the episode
2601s it's one of those things it's the same
2602s with uh he broke his ankle
2607s well uh okay i'm not even gonna quote it
2608s anymore
2610s but uh like how you also have crazy
2612s facts about chris really
2614s sorry he christopher lee didn't break
2616s his ankle uh the the actor who vigo
2618s mortensen did while he was uh during one
2621s of the i think it was the dagger
2623s yeah i know that too yeah yeah
2627s didn't somebody break their foot by
2628s kicking a rock that would yeah i'm not
2630s quite sure anyway there's a lot i think
2632s one of my favorite things and this is
2634s like so stupid but there's a scene in
2636s the lord of the rings where it's like a
2638s big pan out shot and it's
2641s legolas gimli and
2643s uh
2645s [ __ ] beagle mork sorry i mean i swear
2646s if you go more inside sorry running
2648s along a mountain and it's like this big
2650s wide shot and if you watch legolas run
2652s he slips on a rock and it's just like
2654s the funniest to me when i caught it i
2657s was just like that is so funny because i
2659s kept it in but like you wouldn't notice
2661s unless you're just like me and staring
2662s at legoland of course of course um
2666s yeah i just i saw that and i just hide
2668s that and i see it every time i wait for
2669s it i'm like this is the scene where he's
2672s slips on that rock
2673s i love chat right now they're they're
2675s correcting we're not they're not
2676s correcting us but they're transforming
2678s us yeah they're like vigo kicked a
2680s helmet and broke his foot which fed into
2682s the cry of rage
2683s and then he also threw the dagger and
2685s then deflected it and you weren't
2687s supposed to like it wasn't supposed to
2688s go that close to him but it looked so
2690s cool and then there was also when they
2692s were going to
2693s oh gosh
2695s i'm really bad at remembering names of
2696s things so you'll have to forgive me
2699s but there was a certain segment that was
2700s only like five minutes in the movie and
2702s they had to go to this
2705s environmentally protected place in new
2707s zealand and they had to
2709s record
2710s where every single piece of like
2713s what's going on oh you're doing it
2715s you got the puzzle
2716s you go you go
2717s they had to record where every single
2719s plant was
2720s uh and then they
2722s had to replace every single
2724s thing that they moved to build the uh
2728s weapon stock anyway
2730s it was really cool and i
2733s clearly don't know it well enough
2734s because i can't remember it but it was
2735s also i haven't watched the uh
2738s director's cut in really long time i
2740s lift i put on because it's
2742s the extended version is so long
2745s you can watch fellowship of the ring and
2747s two towers in an entire workday
2749s and so i put it on for bogey so that i
2751s don't to keep coming out and changing
2753s the movie for him so he watches many
2755s times he will be watching the extended
2757s version of lord oh my gosh who's his
2759s favorite character
2760s i want to assume that
2764s it's probably samwise
2766s i feel like him and samwise get along
2769s samwise is very much a golden retriever
2770s of a man
2774s that's a great great comment
2776s and lord of the rings movies are running
2777s along the mountains it's the scene where
2780s i think they go oh my god are chasing
2782s after pippin and
2784s uh what's his nuts sorry what's his face
2788s they've been in uh i think they go see
2790s the horse people i why can't i remember
2792s the name i'm so sorry yeah
2795s yeah oh rohan yeah brohan that's it yeah
2798s i think it's like right before they they
2800s see them in the field they're like rohan
2802s and then they turn around they're like
2803s oh [ __ ] never mind they're coming after
2805s me
2806s froggy probably likes tree beard okay
2808s actually pascal it's so funny you say
2810s that because
2812s he will be dead asleep and when the
2814s trees start talking i think it's like
2815s that deep grumble that the trees have he
2818s actually wakes up and looks at the tv
2820s because the sound i think like hits his
2822s ears and he's like what the hell is that
2824s sassy pascal you are not wrong
2826s i like how smart you are i appreciate
2828s that one of the rings movies are so much
2830s better than the books oh buddy that's
2832s quite the take to have
2834s i mean
2836s they accomplish different things they do
2838s just leave it at that they do also i
2840s mean the extended version of lord of the
2843s rings i learned some stuff
2846s like they're like what is it i think
2848s it's the last one
2850s where what's her face who's the girl
2852s who's who loves um
2856s aragon hey when the blonde one yes
2859s she almost dies
2861s there's a whole scene where she almost
2862s dies and like aragon like wipes her
2865s forehead with a cloth and she comes back
2866s to life and i was like hello
2868s oh i thought you meant you actually like
2869s learned like i learned that she almost
2871s died oh because that's not in the movie
2873s that's not it no i got you i got you you
2874s understand it's extended yeah i thought
2876s you meant like you're like yeah i
2877s learned how to bandage a foot no no no
2880s i learned stories yeah
2883s so i remember watching it on new year's
2885s and i was like she dies i was like i
2888s thought she's married
2890s or whatever his name is which by the way
2891s is my husband i marry faramir in my
2894s dreams really 100 oh my god
2897s anyways shall we do a platinum prize yes
2902s i was so lost in this conversation
2905s i shouldn't have worn a sweater today
2908s turn that ac the closer that we get to
2910s uh to tennocon the more unhinged
2913s everything becomes because we have so
2915s few brain cells left that's so true
2918s thousand platinum is about to go to the
2919s lucky twitch viewer by the name of
2922s heena 2605
2925s 2605 congratulations you've won a
2927s thousand platinum please whisper the
2929s warframe twitch channel that you're
2930s watching right now with your in-game
2931s alias and platforming play warframe on
2933s we'll get you your thousand platinum
2935s hihina
2936s 2605 congratulations all right we've
2939s done the isolation bounty
2942s um i'm thinking we do three random
2944s assassination missions but chat can pick
2948s so chad who do you want to see us
2951s sas nate
2953s i'm gonna leave the squad and then we'll
2954s make a new
2956s okay if you would have just read the
2957s books you would have known that true
2959s facts um but i didn't so i watched the
2962s extended version of lord of the rings
2964s all the time and i learned that fact
2967s and then i also as i'm watching it
2968s remember that again she marries veramir
2970s and i'm mad about it
2972s because tobacco isn't a redhead then you
2974s can just like self-insert any fanfiction
2979s don't worry i have my own dreams
2981s all right if you would like to join for
2982s a random assassination mission
2985s uh please whisper myself or taylor in
2988s game with the best lord of the rings
2990s character oh we're gonna fight tonight
2993s taylor should write a fanfic for megan
2995s you up for it i wrote did i tell you i
2997s wrote a fanfic about cephalon fog
3000s and i sent it to the creative director
3002s and steve was like girl this is cool but
3004s like way too high scope for anything
3008s like i love the enthusiasm but like ah
3011s like holy cow yeah pump the brakes
3012s taylor so
3014s i'll i'll take a
3016s re request i guess very good
3019s uh quad abuses so what's tanacon about
3021s that's a great question so tennocon is
3023s basically the biggest day of the year
3025s for warframe uh we started it
3028s back in 2016 i think it's when i started
3031s so yeah yeah back in 2016 um it was a
3035s physical event it's always been a
3036s physical event until
3038s the covet hit
3040s but basically tennocon is the biggest
3041s day for a warframe we have essentially
3044s panels of you know sometimes there's an
3046s art panel there's a sound panel where we
3048s deep dive into
3049s kind of what
3051s recently has happened in warframe and we
3052s talk about lore and we talk about you
3054s know how we made that sound how we did
3056s that animation um and we do some live
3059s things we do an art show we celebrate
3062s amazing fan art cosplay all the stuff in
3064s the community which is amazing
3066s and at the end we always do a tenno live
3068s which is basically a very hyped up dev
3070s stream where we have basically the
3072s biggest reveal of the entire year
3075s of things that something that we're
3076s working towards
3078s as you know
3079s that we showed we are going to be
3080s showing your first gameplay reveal live
3083s gameplay reveal the deviare paradox we
3085s showed the trailer back in 2019 so it's
3087s been a hot minute we never stopped
3089s working on it um we've just obviously
3091s kind of
3092s reignited that flame and very paradox is
3095s going to be the tennocon tunnel live
3098s live gameplay so if you're into that
3100s you let the beacons of duveri
3103s and the bacons the beacons have gone the
3105s haunted horn of gondor oh i know god
3108s yeah okay sorry anyways um all right
3110s we're in game we're back in game thanks
3112s dean sorry about that
3113s um cassartis gandalf is best waifu if
3117s marcus is watching
3119s that was a comment for you it's hard to
3120s see you guys just marcus is just
3122s chilling at home and all of a sudden a
3123s random gandalf noise comes out and he's
3125s like what happened
3127s someone's talking about me
3130s in the same sentence
3132s you fools exactly
3134s uh
3135s interesting
3136s eomer because of carl urban
3139s no
3141s i'm sorry arzatar we can't have you in
3143s the group because taylor i guess
3144s disagrees with that radagast of the
3147s brown
3148s why does that sound familiar
3150s it's probably from lord of the rings
3154s i can google it i don't recognize it
3156s it's been a hot i should do my i should
3159s rewatch
3160s it isn't that from stranger things
3162s oh
3163s one of the five wizards oh
3167s i thought i thought i just watched that
3169s from something what's from the hobbit
3171s oh is it like a d can you be a rat again
3175s no he's from the hobbit i think oh that
3178s guy
3184s [Music]
3187s is in stranger things because winona
3189s ryder tries to say it and i think in
3191s episode one it's the password to get
3194s into will virus hideout
3196s fight me on it invite him fight me on it
3199s i i know what i'm talking about because
3200s i just re-watched the season first
3203s season anyways radicat radagast clearly
3205s worth it i am winona ryder it's the
3207s wizard on a sleigh that's being pulled
3209s by rabbits all right you get an invite
3210s sorry
3211s you're very distracted
3213s all right we're gonna do uh i saw till
3215s regor a lot so we're gonna go detail
3216s regor
3217s in
3218s neptune no uranus
3221s snap too
3223s you're
3224s oh it's the hyena pack uranus
3226s oh it's good that's mixed up
3227s uh we are going to
3231s uh
3233s uh
3238s oh i feel smart i knew that that was
3242s quite the uh cause she she's gonna go
3245s it's when will byers goes missing at the
3246s very beginning and it's a flashback and
3248s she's going into his hideout in the
3250s forest and he says password and she goes
3252s ratta ra read aghast and then he goes
3254s come in
3257s that's the best thing fact i also love
3259s winning a writer oh my god tiny little
3261s ship you have the tiny ship i do
3264s love to see it
3266s how many times can you get the drop if
3267s you watch the stream from the very
3269s beginning to the very end you can get
3271s two because they are a 45 minute full
3274s uh
3276s i believe
3291s a box over here somewhere well just
3293s makes me laugh because that was like one
3294s of our first like
3296s takes at like a funny tennocon video rev
3299s and i filmed that and i recently
3301s rewatched it
3303s and it i obviously cringed at it so i'm
3304s like megan you are
3307s you are a baby and you need to sit down
3310s child um
3312s but i mean it's funny now but
3314s it makes me laugh and it's good time so
3316s thank you for bringing that up
3317s appreciate that
3318s that's on how long it takes for them to
3320s see their names oh my god
3323s strangest thing
3326s i'm okay
3328s community token manager i love it oh
3330s that's good huh
3332s i'm gonna message hr and get that oh my
3334s god mega win is honestly
3336s such a good
3337s yeah name i'm going to call it that
3340s token and be like i got a character for
3342s you and it's me and it's name is
3344s and she just happens to marry fair
3346s america
3348s dies sorry
3349s uh and
3351s uh it's me
3352s i i am veramir's wife your best i am no
3356s man
3358s no who
3361s who
3362s she says i have no man taylor is the
3364s cutest oh and she's like
3366s when she kills yeah yeah that's his face
3368s yeah
3368s yeah yeah yeah sorry i thought i thought
3370s you were saying something it's okay i
3371s get that it's fine because they have
3373s just crazy they do have crazy names i am
3375s no man wait give me your best time to
3378s man i'm like what who's that
3381s who beat that
3383s all right come here till let me
3386s smooch you
3388s don't run
3389s away i'm gonna pull this ocean again
3392s what you're talking about oh
3394s [Music]
3396s god i love little harry
3399s potter
3400s i do love it
3402s darth vader
3403s till regor
3406s are you watching the new ob one
3409s no
3410s if it's on disney just assume that i
3412s don't cause i don't have disney plus
3414s i'm so sorry that's all right that's
3415s okay
3416s we don't need to talk about how
3417s beautiful you are mcgregor oh my god i
3419s just i keep up with the news of it
3421s because every time i just want to hear
3422s him speak in that beautiful scottish
3424s accent to me
3426s it's got it
3427s you're looking for oh
3429s yeah
3431s yeah the show's pretty good not bad
3433s it has some
3434s it has moments moments where i'm like
3438s tail where are you
3440s yeah i don't want to say anything yeah i
3441s don't say anything it's great
3443s best character is gollum i mean you're
3444s not wrong i think the best thing about
3446s gollum is seeing him in real life with a
3448s mocap and
3450s just realizing that he is a man in a
3452s mocap suit and
3454s what's his face um
3456s elijah wood like gets carried around by
3458s him
3459s it's just
3461s it's a look and i love it i love a mocap
3463s behind the scenes hmm
3465s i told her been invisible this whole
3467s time because i have not seen him once
3470s he shows up and then immediately gets
3471s described by our squad
3477s come out the door i'm just going to
3478s ignore this race on him someone's asking
3480s what warfare i'm using i'm using hero
3481s prime
3482s i'm not doing anything with them but
3486s that's what i'm
3487s using excuse me sir
3490s what prime no
3492s not in this house
3494s where are you buddy
3495s show up or using a little scaredy cat
3498s maybe we got a manicure
3500s somebody's asking if you guys could do a
3503s smeagle gollum voice nope not gonna do
3505s it
3508s that actually really hurt that was so
3511s good holy cow
3513s honestly after learning
3515s all of the clips that travis keeps i'm
3518s not doing anything embarrassing
3520s well if you won't i will stupid fat
3523s hypothesis oh wow
3525s there you go like you were crazy
3527s it's not embarrassing if you can do it
3532s that was so good mike and dean as well
3536s we could have a conversation with each
3537s other megan you could be the good one my
3538s throat could not handle that
3541s i'm a soft-spoken
3547s rolled right off
3549s all right we got it one got one tail
3550s down
3552s gollum our stitch okay true he does kind
3554s of sound like gollum
3556s ohana means family
3566s i love stitch he's the best
3570s it's a psycho sounds like yoda
3575s oh my god all right we need um we're
3578s gonna get our new squad for a new
3579s assassination thank you cassartis i love
3582s you uh and
3585s appreciate you and your knowledge of um
3588s wizards and lord of the rings i
3590s appreciate you greatly all right we're
3592s gonna do another squad i'll get taylor
3594s back in here that's not how i spell that
3596s and please whisper me or i can just keep
3599s looking at people's favorite lord of the
3601s rings characters i think i got a bunch
3604s uh
3605s that's not over the rings tx hyperx uh
3609s uh
3611s shy says hi
3613s interesting uh legolas
3615s okay is so steve though oh
3620s steve i think aaron like steve from
3621s minecraft or i think rsd
3625s steve sinclair warrior says gollum yes
3627s correct okay that is correct
3630s uh
3630s i'm surprised that no one has said
3632s saruman because he's my favorite also a
3634s great guy
3636s tom the badly bombadil
3639s bombadil who was that
3641s best character not in the books not in
3643s the movies though oh
3645s well then how am i supposed to know
3647s i've read the books
3650s i only know the movies boromir is bae
3652s boronir just
3654s gets a
3655s i mean he gets a redemption arc don't
3656s get me wrong but like
3658s poor sean bean
3659s [Laughter]
3661s dude's always not doing well in his
3663s roles he's really good at fake dying
3666s he's really good at it really good at it
3668s he has a niche and i'm here for it i'd
3670s love to see it
3671s uh whisper me in game with your favorite
3674s uh lord of the rings character
3676s and we will get you going we're going to
3677s do another assassination so chad who do
3679s you want to see we've done tilde gore
3681s who else would you like to see hmm
3684s die
3685s in warframe
3687s in warframe
3688s please let me know
3690s uh here we go there's the raptor you can
3692s do two for one the uh vore and let's
3696s grill oh that's a good one i think it
3697s only counts as one i know i know uh last
3700s lock says sam is best boy okay that's
3703s correct
3704s i ain't been dropping no eaves sir
3706s it's my one of my favorite no i said
3708s warframe line one of my favorite laura
3710s the rings line really i just i'm
3713s obsessed with it i ain't been dropping
3714s the weave sir
3716s i don't know why samurai sounds like
3717s that but
3718s he sure does
3720s uh all right chad who are we doing um
3722s goku
3723s i'm not a bay heck seeing a lot
3732s [Music]
3735s despite everything that happened to him
3736s that's true
3737s he's an earth boy i can't hear the name
3739s bilbo baggins without uh thinking of the
3742s uh
3743s leonard nimoy song the ballad of bibble
3745s baggins
3745s [Music]
3746s always gets stuck in my head
3748s don't know it oh you should totally
3750s listen to it it's called the ballad of
3752s bilbo baggins and leonard nimoy released
3755s an album way back in the 60s or probably
3758s in the 70s i don't remember when but
3760s uh yeah it's a it's a song it's a song
3763s i'll leave it at that we love a song
3765s oh yeah there's a video too that's right
3768s i love that scene in the new war when
3769s alex v says he hasn't been dropping no
3771s leaves
3772s [Music]
3773s i'm going to try and convince the
3774s writers to
3776s include a drop of no eve's
3778s comment in our next major quest
3781s hello whoa
3783s too close for comfort that was that was
3786s a lot
3788s that was a lot
3790s potatoes
3794s oh
3795s no
3796s we could do the whole scene megan come
3798s on i'm good
3800s but should we i don't know why should we
3803s [Music]
3806s can i burn the bathtub is the question
3809s i don't know if i can i think the answer
3811s is no
3815s when will the livestream end never
3818s lives on forever not as long as they
3819s continue to quote the rings
3823s i get up close and personal
3825s you breathe in there is that what you're
3826s looking for
3827s give me your oxygen mask so
3831s i don't think i can get the right angle
3832s with my ignis wraith but i'm trying
3835s a little bit face the correct
3838s show me those
3840s keepers pearly wax
3842s call me those do you think he brushes
3844s his teeth i don't know and then he's got
3846s nice long arms for it and he's got
3848s beautiful blue lipsticks yeah i know you
3851s might be oral blue number two
3856s he might be into you know beauty body
3858s art or whatever that um
3861s thieves inspiration of course
3864s where'd you go buddy
3878s the stream went from space ninjas to a
3880s chaotic d d session oh that's true chad
3882s would you be mad if i told you i've
3884s never played dnd
3886s you had a chance i did have a chance
3887s i've had many a chances i'm
3890s i'm really just intimidated by how
3893s it's a lot very uh
3896s complex i guess but yet not but yet is
3899s it's very complex right like people say
3901s it's not and then
3903s i look at it and i'm like
3904s i don't know my issue is that like
3907s there's so many decisions you have to
3908s make early on when you don't understand
3910s anything and then
3912s if you set it up wrong then you can't
3914s change your character later
3916s i just like it's almost like there's too
3918s much creative that's really what it is
3920s right i'm just like i need rules yeah
3922s and the fact that there really are no
3924s rules i'm like ah
3926s the last time i tried to play d and d it
3928s took me and my friends 45 minutes to
3930s climb a wall oh hell yeah that's
3933s fun no because we kept intentionally
3935s screwing with the dm
3937s yeah and uh he got that was the last
3939s time we played dnd did he
3941s pk is that why
3943s what now total wait no
3945s total party guilt no
3946s we just decided to go different
3948s directions and do things that he did not
3951s plan for and it was sounds like it was
3952s resonated from a job we went in two
3954s different directions
3956s yeah we just we didn't see yada yada
3958s you know we just did in the line and oh
3959s my god the hook is dead
3962s get wrecked chicken man yeah that's
3964s right tea bags i thought i wasn't gonna
3966s say it out loud
3967s well i did
3969s get out of here
3973s yeah
3973s i don't know why but i always get
3975s flashbacks of i think one this
3979s boss
3980s run
3981s fight originally happened and there was
3982s a bug where this wouldn't open
3985s like the pipe wouldn't open and everyone
3987s no one could get out and i don't know
3988s why i remember that so vividly but
3991s obviously it was a bad bug and we fixed
3992s it but like
3993s i don't know why i just remember that
3995s happening and us being like oops
3997s a warfam community team dnd stream would
3999s be the best thing ever i agree well you
4001s guys did one and that's the one where i
4002s got too scared and chickened out
4005s yeah but that was just like a one shot
4007s but if we streamed it
4009s warfam themed that'd be fun
4011s i think i know like we talked about
4012s maybe doing one on like prime time 200
4014s or whatever yeah the other ones might be
4016s fun for like a charity incentive
4019s i just like
4020s i'm scared
4022s i'm quite scared we still have that
4023s ceiling cam set up we could totally do
4025s it
4026s just waiting for a dna
4028s of a dng session on saturday a friend
4029s spent 15 minutes examining a bird that's
4032s true examining a bird yeah oh god
4035s gotta check it out at all angles all
4037s right thank you to war eagle and
4039s elastlock for joining i'm going to
4040s disband and we're going to do one more
4042s squad and do one more
4045s assassination round and we'll get that
4047s night wave inviting taylor all right who
4049s do we got
4051s d
4052s t dananov she loved cause who doesn't
4055s like spiders i think she lob is such a
4058s good name for a spider
4059s i don't know what it is about it but
4061s top tier
4062s my sister got a spider and i was like
4064s did you name it she loved because that's
4065s really the only name you could get give
4067s to a spider hmm
4069s you name it man
4071s no it's gonna be spiderman
4073s or man the spider
4074s okay girl spider girl cephalon is there
4077s i think i dm the wrong person but the
4078s best character in the world rings is
4080s obviously the mouse of sour on
4084s okay what that mouth do though
4086s okay
4087s what to do though oh my
4100s there's a term for it but just the way
4102s that like the mouth feel of sheila
4105s that's a weird sentence
4107s the way it comes out of my mouth i like
4108s it okay the way that it's
4110s rolls off your toes the phonetics of it
4112s is that the word i don't know yeah
4114s anyways
4116s the spider
4119s harry potter eragog
4122s is it yeah or is it aragorn no
4125s are you sure yeah aragorn is from lord
4127s of the rings
4129s we're just talking it's okay are you
4130s sure it's aragog i am yeah oh god i know
4133s that because one of my favorite
4134s youtubers bought a giant aragog
4138s plushie off the tarantula isn't it just
4140s a normal ass spot yeah but it's
4142s big
4144s okay it's really big it like fits like
4147s it takes up an entire bed that's great
4149s all right very good
4151s uh okay we are going to
4153s do we need uh another assassination
4155s mission where do you want to go dan or
4157s taylor your pick
4158s i want to fight the raptor take us there
4162s [ __ ] where is it
4163s uh
4164s is it europa
4167s let's see
4169s llama
4170s yeah hell yeah oh we're missing someone
4173s oh oh
4175s we're missing tea danov sad i got kicked
4178s from the team okay hold on hold on okay
4180s okay i got you
4182s i made a forum for you guys to help you
4184s on goss prime hey thanks crimson
4187s i love your enthusiasm
4190s is bug again please tell me more
4192s i'm trying to get maya
4195s anaru up
4196s i'm almost fully done matarai and then
4198s i'm moving on to inarou
4201s inaho
4203s igor the butler spider
4205s i don't know what that is my drop is
4206s stuck in 98
4208s uh it's probably not stuck you can
4209s refresh the stream you won't lose any
4210s progress if you want to try that
4213s hey everyone hope you're doing well
4214s limbo thank you hope you're doing well
4216s yourself
4218s i'm loving all these like tabletop rpg
4220s suggestions for a warframe game it's
4221s gonna be fun i'm into it i started
4223s playing a game and uh
4226s this team that i was in i don't know
4228s they spent like 20 minutes trying to
4230s throw a gnome across a pit full of
4231s spikes so that we could open a chest it
4233s was great i like it
4235s see like i love that yeah
4239s like i love just how random stuff is
4242s but i just i need linear rules yeah i
4245s need to be like i need somebody to be
4246s like i think like no that's true
4248s starting your character with structure
4250s makes sense and then once you get used
4251s to it then you can do random [ __ ] but
4253s yeah i just know if i were to make a
4255s character it would be
4258s a rogue it would i don't know what that
4260s means
4261s it would be
4262s it would be like a what is the term
4264s chaotic good or like
4266s of course of course it's a harder hobo
4268s you kill everyone right exactly yeah
4270s yeah yeah like i just have a murderous
4272s streak but i also love
4275s puppies you know what i mean like of
4276s course yeah give and take the give and
4278s take
4279s a row thief did the gnome die he did not
4281s he survived and he opened the chest and
4283s then we got a whole bunch of coins it
4284s was great
4287s i love it
4288s dark souls warframe i mean
4292s yeah
4293s i like it i'm into it
4295s mega is a warlock basically playing
4297s todoroki okay that'd be fun okay we'll
4300s let you in the library yeah you could
4301s have firebolt and then you could have
4303s um
4305s i actually i'm playing a cleric so i
4307s have no idea what any of the wizards
4308s it's a cleric you just kill people it's
4310s a healer
4312s she's a hero she's a huge
4315s oh
4316s [Laughter]
4318s dropped it i did it i did it
4320s did it go oh it went in okay almost
4322s exploded
4323s don't explode we need you
4326s oh come here bad boy she's hiding
4331s i'm going to burn you
4334s my turn
4337s oh yes oh yes
4339s we have noticed the name change yeah
4349s medic after every encounter oh
4352s i'm uh playing
4354s part cleric part articiper so that i can
4357s [ __ ] know that
4359s art are too super i don't know if that's
4361s pronouncing it right but basically like
4363s it's like
4364s i don't even know i just found out that
4366s i can make myself like a battle
4368s companion and um
4369s the person that i'm playing with really
4371s likes
4372s uh domestic drones and warframe and so
4374s i'm making it so that i have a domestic
4376s drone oh
4378s and i named i'm gonna name it after them
4379s because they love it that's i feel like
4381s d like the fact that you're like
4382s incorporating warframe parts into it
4385s yeah this makes me think of like it's
4386s like kingdom hearts oh there's just so
4388s many different yeah
4390s you got winnie the pooh and
4392s sephirah also from frozen and sephiroth
4395s and just teaming up and clown
4398s yeah like that shouldn't be allowed
4400s pretty sure you can get super
4403s foreign all i know is that it let me use
4405s fireballs because i'm very little level
4407s but
4408s yeah
4409s it's very fun too much too much for me
4411s oh we gotta know when we're optics
4414s all right i think we did it oops what's
4415s this oh
4417s the raptor is threatening me oh oh sorry
4420s not the wrapper docker stalker shut up
4423s stalker someone said they added exalted
4425s blade into their campaigns for their
4427s players that's so funny i love that
4429s cause like yeah certain vms will let you
4431s make like spells especially once you're
4434s higher level anyway
4435s i'm not going to talk about it because
4436s i've watched way too much critical role
4438s but
4439s a little bit not sorry i'm here it's
4441s okay
4442s uh okay i think we'll
4444s take a minute maybe we'll
4446s go into some fan art we'll move on a
4449s little bit but
4451s before we move into all that let's do
4452s another planet friday yes shall we
4455s shall we shall we go
4457s sure appreciate it i hit the same button
4459s i love a save button
4461s always control s you know
4463s uh 1000 hobbits
4464s [Laughter]
4467s has gone to
4469s wow the damn 2020 wild damn 2020. are
4472s you two years old congratulations you've
4474s won a thousand hobbitses thousand
4476s platinum please whisper the warframe
4478s twitch channel you're watching right now
4479s with your in-game alias in the platform
4481s you play warframe on and we'll get you
4482s your 1 000 platinum
4485s while the damn 2020. congratulations
4488s amazing all right before we jump into
4490s fan art and capture and dojos and all
4492s that great stuff we gotta take a second
4494s to acknowledge a banger from the fellow
4497s bard
4498s is your bard well it's a joke it's dandy
4501s anyway from buffoon who is uh
4503s very well known for their incredible
4507s shazam
4508s covers they if you look at their youtube
4510s channel they literally make so many
4511s callers or different songs are they
4513s running up the hill yet i hope so
4515s buffoon
4516s they do request they have a forum do
4518s they yeah so you can go on inside right
4520s now keep talking they do like name the
4522s song contest every month so if you're
4524s interested and you know listen to a
4525s snippet and then see if you can get it
4527s right anyway they also make their own
4529s original music including this awesome
4531s shazam song that people listen to right
4534s now it's a banger enjoy
4536s hell yeah
4546s [Music]
4552s [Music]
4580s sorry i'm just trying to find the
4580s foreign post anyways clips that end too
4582s early
4584s that's it clips videos that end too
4586s early oh yes that's a there's a full
4588s song we're not gonna play at all though
4589s because you guys gotta go check out his
4591s youtube channel listen to it it's too
4592s much of a banger we gotta we gotta save
4594s it i'm going to the forum post right now
4595s and i'm gonna ask for running up that
4597s hill
4598s uh
4599s all right
4601s oh my god he's got so much music
4603s so many over 400 uh
4607s pages on the forums
4609s crazy
4610s incredible anyways i'm just typing
4612s running up that hill um okay anyways
4615s we're gonna do some fan art and captura
4618s before we go into some dojos and
4621s continue on with rj
4623s let's start off with fan art are you
4626s ready taylor yes i am i'd love to hear
4628s it okay i am situated
4631s here we go first up i had to do it it
4633s had to be done
4635s uh this is by mushkin they've taken some
4638s warframes and turned them in the cats
4641s and given them
4642s very
4643s cat centric names
4645s so we have
4646s meowis aka labos i love that they kept
4649s the snakes in there as tails i would
4652s feel like a cat would be afraid of
4653s snakes but i like the single eye the one
4656s eye i love it creepy excalibur
4658s the face on that is
4661s perfect how the eyes are so far apart
4664s yeah i'm absolutely here for it i'm
4665s surprised they didn't do a scalp
4667s excalibur
4668s you know
4670s v2 we need a v2 can we get an excalibur
4672s in the chat
4673s and then they did catless which
4677s god he's is such big butt cheeks you got
4680s cakes a cat's got cakes you know
4682s mando's squats cat squats i don't even
4685s know
4686s there's something lifts and then we got
4688s cevicott who
4690s just
4691s like a little rat he looks like he
4693s honestly does yeah it's like a rat
4694s trying to be a cat mm-hmm he's
4696s cosplaying i love it and then they did
4699s katuda which is
4701s who just looks so cute like that that
4703s just looks so it's so accurate the
4705s length of those cat claws so i cannot
4707s tell you
4709s and we got revit cat
4711s this is a happy little face and he has
4713s like a giant hat on i love it the hat is
4715s so good and if you're wondering if i'm
4717s going to show the last one if you
4719s already know yes i am going to show
4721s girls
4725s i just like i look at this and i'm like
4727s he has so many like
4729s roles it's meant to be like one of those
4731s hairless cats do you think i think so
4733s it's got it makes sense the little rolls
4736s yes very good mushkin thank you you are
4739s a joy and i always appreciate your art
4741s and stuff like this makes me laugh so
4743s thank you for
4744s inventing chromosi
4747s do the hairless
4748s is this it so far sorry have they done
4750s all of them or is it just these ones
4751s they've actually like i think today they
4753s did another round um i didn't grab it i
4756s only grabbed this one oh they're so good
4758s they are continuing to do more so
4761s follow them for sure and get some more
4763s chromosies in your life
4765s all right
4766s next up
4768s we have from hawker the gary
4773s let me tell you
4774s what's that just the whiplash of yeah we
4777s really juxtaposed it's moving on uh this
4779s is do very hype and it's got me hyped
4782s because that looks absolutely terrifying
4784s i'm scared of my own game and this is my
4786s nightmare but i love it and i'm just so
4789s excited for y'all to see what the davier
4792s paradox is all about oh my god
4794s this just makes me want us to have more
4797s operator here you know like i want like
4798s a hand cool ponytail with the long bangs
4800s like that i just want i just want all
4802s the hairstyles give it to me
4805s uh next up we have from this is from
4811s hold on
4812s this is from
4814s jimmy l jimmy ai jubilee i'm not sure if
4816s there's no r and it's their geyer
4819s and not only is this amazing i love the
4821s alternate helmet but they also have the
4823s i believe that's the konkara ephemera
4825s and i just want you to know that makes
4827s me very happy that you've included the
4829s concare ephemera on that who is my sweet
4831s baby um but it's so great she's so
4833s twinkly it's giving me kind of sailor
4835s moon vibes like the moon in the
4836s background and all the like crystals so
4838s i don't know if that was intentional
4840s this definitely could be like a tarot
4841s card you know what i mean yes like she
4843s is the moon like i don't know if that's
4845s i don't know what any of them are i
4846s don't know cups all i know is a hanging
4848s man and i'm pretty sure he's bad either
4849s way upside down or down or upside or
4851s whatever um but anyway i'm obsessed with
4854s this she looks like a queen a princess
4857s especially she's even got like the
4858s little crystal in her hand
4860s oh
4860s perfect it's just gorgeous
4863s next up
4864s we have
4866s this is from plantichu plantai
4870s and this is titled grasp of the void
4873s i just want to walk by and give it a
4875s hand give it a high five
4877s when i see this i wonder like
4879s are they reaching for something are they
4882s just trying to get out like what are
4884s they what are they trying to escape
4885s that's true like are they escaping are
4887s they just like was there something they
4889s were reaching for they dropped a quarter
4891s on them they dropped a quarter i don't
4893s know
4893s i don't know i wish i knew there's so
4895s many questions did you see that one
4897s video of
4898s these girls trying really really hard to
4900s get something through
4901s the like a sewer grate and they pulled
4903s it out and it was like a lego minifig
4905s and they're
4907s not it's one of my favorite videos of
4909s all time anyway i'll send it to you but
4911s this is what it makes me think of like
4913s trying to get it they were so dramatic i
4914s was like oh did they lose their phone
4915s did they lose like an engagement ring
4917s and it pulled out and it's like a
4918s freaking face lego many minifig and they
4920s were just so happy to have it back and i
4923s was like you go everyone's through that
4924s video of the girl who's watching a video
4926s of someone putting shapes
4929s into the square the square
4931s circle square
4933s she gets so annoyed um no tennocon is
4935s not today it is a month from today
4937s you're one month early appreciate your
4938s enthusiasm um just like me i always get
4941s june and july mixed up it's really the
4943s same month yeah um but hopefully
4945s thankfully it's not because i'm not
4947s ready um july 16th is ten o'clock so one
4950s month it's a saturday
4952s be there love to see you or be square
4955s and uh and the square hole
4957s [Laughter]
4966s uh next up
4967s we have from a system riff oh my this is
4971s their drifter and they have the ephemera
4973s with the hands
4975s and it's raining oh there's so many i
4977s know exactly what steam this is if you
4980s it makes me think of a scheme from a
4981s certain quest you know when they're
4983s first kind of revealed oh yeah
4988s a little bit right and you got like the
4990s fog and like maybe that's the ship in
4991s the background um i wonder if
4994s because you can replay it
4995s with that ephemera oh no because you
4998s can't uh
5002s to find out replay it without ephemeral
5003s tell me if it works
5005s anyways this is incredible the rain the
5007s emotion the ephemera i love it i'm
5009s obsessed i love everything about it oh
5012s it's so good next up we have from
5015s lunatica
5016s holmes this is titled don't be afraid
5020s he's just a little guy how could you be
5021s afraid he's just a little guy that's
5023s kind of the issue is he's like so scary
5026s in
5026s the the cinematics then you show up and
5028s you just like cool it's just like this
5030s dangly little chicken that's just like
5032s follow me looks like a guy who's 16
5034s years old and grew one foot in two
5036s months you know yeah era's just a kid
5038s who hit puberty way too fast and he's
5040s angsty and he's like i don't know what
5041s to do with all this ink so i'm going to
5043s try and end the world
5045s but my sister abandoned me oh it just
5047s just sucks
5050s screw you dad i almost swore really
5052s badly
5054s like i said yeah
5056s uh yeah aaron's just an angsty kid whose
5058s sister abandoned him and he's
5061s he couldn't go to the um
5064s uh
5065s emo concert oh of course my beautiful
5068s romance got kids yeah my girlfriend got
5071s cancelled they disbanded
5073s my sister's fault anyways oh he's got a
5075s backstory that's for sure
5077s uh next up we have another very hype
5081s this is from wong wong and they said
5083s they did a little quote that said
5084s unfortunately for you however you are
5086s warframeless
5088s so they said damn i can hear this from
5089s that stranger's hood i need and you will
5092s get so good you tune into channel live
5095s and you are part of the experience that
5098s might happen at 10 alive wink wink nudge
5100s nudge be there 5 p.m eastern times be
5105s there or a b square hole
5107s or b
5108s a triangle in a square hole yep
5111s next up we have from swirldude 101
5115s and they said um
5116s great to see the community so happy also
5118s dog days is my favorite event it's the
5119s first one i saw when i started playing
5121s this game like a year ago oh i just
5124s love the little sunglasses
5126s on her she just like got a little hat
5128s and she's like i'm ready for the beef
5129s with my inner tube and then most likely
5131s garesh just coming out of the 100 the
5134s corner just soaking her so i love the
5136s good sun health you know you wearing a
5138s hat
5139s i'm sure they got some sunscreen on most
5141s definitely oh
5142s it's covered up she's ready to go and
5144s she got a little soaked
5146s uh next up this is from altered silicone
5149s oh my god and they said dream of who we
5152s were and who we have become
5154s very paradox
5156s and at first
5158s when i first saw this i thought this was
5160s like meant to be funny like they're like
5161s oh who are you like oh who are you just
5163s stressed but i think
5164s i don't know if she i think she's scared
5166s i don't know i i
5167s didn't think it's different but
5170s then she on that horse she got the sword
5172s she's got that long hair i know i'm just
5175s admiring that that's so beautiful can we
5177s get hair down to our ankles please jeff
5178s thank you
5180s uh anyways this is incredible and again
5183s tenno live you're going to find out more
5184s about dubia repair dogs
5186s and last but never least we have from
5189s tess katsu and they said warframe got
5193s the best space moms in the soul system
5195s so we got mom we got
5197s mother we got cephalon suda we got yanta
5200s i love yanta unicorn just like so happy
5203s we got lotus and then that's their
5205s operator and then of course nora knight
5207s just chillin like she do and i just i
5209s love it i think yanta is my favorite
5212s in this entire picture she's so cute
5213s she's just like you finally found me and
5215s i can be a part of your story thank you
5217s very much i like the little kabat in the
5219s corner a little kabab peeking around the
5221s couch i know this artist especially
5223s draws a lot of ballast art so if you
5225s really like ballast and then uh
5227s it's very cute
5231s your person and that is all the fan art
5233s that i have for today
5236s taylor i'm ready for capture oh boy i
5238s was born ready hell yeah well i mean we
5240s were talking about sailor moon earlier
5242s tell me most
5245s this is a part of this series
5248s by
5248s uh
5250s yo
5254s their name is not in a language i can
5256s read but it's
5258s on twitter they also posted it on
5260s discord but there's like a whole series
5261s of images i only picked one because
5264s it almost felt unfair because i wanted
5265s to pick all of them but it's so good it
5268s is the octavious skin scary how well
5271s that works yeah how
5273s everything is in place the hair like and
5275s the deluxe skin i think is the body so
5278s she's nice and shiny
5280s and then i don't know if they actually
5282s like edited this or if they did some of
5284s those cool like no oh
5286s could be yeah because it's only like
5288s circles right so i'm not quite sure but
5290s it could easily be beautifully done
5292s so good and right to our hearts it's
5293s like you know us i know right oh
5296s the two sailor moon fans right here
5299s uh and the number two this is also part
5301s of an edited series but i just love this
5302s photo so much so they took like a
5304s captura and then they like edited the
5306s capture it looks like one of the things
5308s we'd make for like a contest
5310s right yeah each day this reminded me
5312s also of kingdom hearts because
5314s the polaroids are very important as part
5316s of this roxas's storyline anyway this is
5320s by
5321s coralie but crosstalk on twitter as well
5324s and they had a bunch of you know if you
5325s like volt in revenant they had a bunch
5327s of images of them hanging out at sk as
5329s well as part of the twitter post but
5332s beautiful
5333s stunning love it
5335s and then uh
5337s number three we have vote running he's
5339s running he's running for ten o'clock
5341s where you go oh he's running for two
5342s yeah this is from oh
5344s i tried to make a note of how to
5346s pronounce this but i forgot
5348s i could sing yeah i kissing yet they
5350s were in our squad last week on prime
5352s time
5353s and i didn't realize that they posted
5355s stuff on capture
5356s on twitter so uh i thought it was super
5358s cool after i picked the capture at first
5360s and i was like oh i know that name
5362s so amazing job on that i love it and
5365s then
5366s we have a few more edits because i am
5368s obsessed with these oh my goodness look
5372s at that blood moon this birth of the
5374s wild oh my god
5376s it's dripping on his head it's whipping
5378s it's a little bloody this is from
5380s indominus ultima on twitter this is
5382s spooky this is so good they posted the
5385s artist who inspired this and i was
5387s looking through their art station i was
5388s like i want this person to draw art for
5390s warframe oh so okay anyway gorgeous
5394s stunning good fantastic job
5397s and then from
5398s another edit
5400s oh
5401s my
5402s god from np161 on twitter as well so
5406s like
5407s well why is it so good so good that's
5410s illegal
5412s it should not be allowed
5418s yeah so this is from
5420s mp161 on twitter uh just animorphs from
5426s this is one from kara
5430s beautiful beautiful so many cats today
5432s on stream but yes anyone can find the
5435s anamorph that rev and i did for prime
5438s time back in the day do you remember
5439s that did you turn into a starfish or
5441s something one of us turned into a star
5442s yeah yeah oh i don't remember who but
5446s i think it was cute that was so good i'm
5448s sure travis will find it travis has it
5450s already exactly he's got it in a folder
5452s he's got the tweet lined up already
5454s uh and then this is from papa to tenno
5457s papatano papa
5459s this is uh using the
5461s the tennocon 2022 armor set uh and i
5465s think they like tried to use the colors
5467s of the the sigil and stuff as well they
5469s tried to like evoke that so beautiful
5472s jobs also a warframe creator we love it
5474s i love the waterfall so right sticking
5477s to the rivers and lakes that they're
5478s used to don't go climbing waterfalls go
5480s climbing chasing waterfalls
5483s i'm thinking drive climbing up that hill
5485s running up that road you know climbing
5487s up climbing up the waterfall
5492s and then this is from kaylee emerald oh
5494s my fishing the fish yes so it looks like
5498s she's looking at the fish
5499s it's like almost like she's under water
5501s and they're like you know she's like
5503s scuba diving or something
5504s with a giant ass sword
5507s or spear gun actually
5509s yeah i'm here for it of course you got
5511s to protect yourself there could be
5514s piranhas
5515s especially because she's got like the
5517s shark fin ephemera as well i forget
5519s it's beautiful great job i just love the
5521s fish and that she's looking at them i
5523s know so good
5525s so clever
5527s and then this is from mr pizza on
5528s discord oh my queen i know especially
5531s with all the protea hype last week
5533s because someone was at summer game fest
5535s i don't remember
5536s but
5538s i don't know anyway just beautiful i
5541s love the action shot and like
5544s it just makes me feel off kilter because
5546s she's like sideways yeah just got her
5547s signature veloc
5550s so dynamic in her you know signature
5552s capture scene
5554s beautiful beautiful
5555s and then this one
5557s is so cute because they like made it
5559s seem like uh let me make sure i credit
5562s this person properly this is uh
5565s gray x y u um a thousand and eight one
5568s five five one on discord and they were
5570s like what's up dad like if you're
5572s watching like an anime and like it's
5575s like a slice of life thing like the kid
5577s comes home from high school and it's
5578s like oh my god sticks around the corner
5580s right that's totally
5582s yeah it's so good
5584s like yeah i love it
5586s it's so perfect and i love the use of
5589s the dormazone oh my god it's so cute
5592s and then finally
5594s last but not least this is from
5598s avaron on discord as well and it's just
5601s fortuna and i believe this is nova it
5604s looks like noah yeah those dies
5610s anyway i just thought it's super cool
5613s dude how do you feel about standing in
5614s front of neon signs i like it
5617s why because silhouettes are hot right
5619s now
5621s there you go
5624s black and white out the door silhouettes
5626s urine yeah i love it learning something
5628s new today there you go just just wait a
5630s few weeks and you'll see why oh oh
5633s i didn't even mean to because i'm trying
5635s to
5635s just wait we got some cool stuff for
5637s tennocon
5639s i'm talking branding yo
5641s we love a donut what yeah that's true
5643s circles that's right i love circles
5644s everything's circles
5648s are you done yay
5650s fanart kept your wonderful wonderful all
5652s right we are going to shall we go to a
5654s jojo
5655s yes jojo
5661s let us see where do i want to go
5665s um
5667s let's go to i'm going to base this off
5670s of their
5671s emblems oh they're all pretty good
5674s let's go to 12 olympians the mountain
5677s tier featured dojo oh don't look at my
5680s belt i just i just ranked 30 them i was
5682s trying to form up well you guys weren't
5683s looking
5684s but it didn't work it's fine it's
5686s [ __ ] i like it donuts everything is
5688s bagels no
5690s all right we're in 12 olympians oh hi
5692s taylor
5693s you're so spooky oh my god
5696s this is where you belong as a harold
5698s prime this is your this is like that
5700s scene from hercules where he finds out
5702s that zeus is his father
5705s shows up or this is like hades where his
5707s dad is just ginormous
5709s papa
5711s dang is that excel or prime no the
5714s vulvon no no i think it's like it's got
5717s some excalibur vibes
5720s it has a does he have a beard
5722s is it hero
5724s no
5725s it might just be their own
5727s creation it's kind of a beard energy
5729s oh yeah he's got like some mustache you
5731s know yeah
5732s maybe it's meant to be zeus maybe it is
5734s zeus but damn how's it going he's got a
5736s big house
5738s dude has real estate
5740s all right how do we get out of here oh
5742s my god i don't even see a transporter
5744s all right we're going to try i think
5746s that might be the king's statue oh here
5747s we go
5749s oh
5752s yeah
5753s i love it i don't know who it is disney
5756s disney i'm going to do it
5758s what someone's doing oh my god it is
5760s disney
5763s oh my god i am getting myself
5767s what are those called dole whips i'm
5768s getting dolls oh yeah
5771s the one time i went there i had beignets
5773s at the oh
5775s what was it the the princess and the
5776s frog area they were the best things i've
5778s ever eaten coming here it's a mickey
5780s mouse this is mickey
5782s are there any hidden oh my god what the
5784s hell is that
5785s it's terrifying
5787s i think that's meant to be like alice in
5788s wonderland oh maybe oh my god is it
5791s keeps going
5793s oh my god who's this guy
5796s it's walt
5802s that's a big scary boy i don't know
5804s where i'm going
5806s i ended up somewhere and i might just
5807s keep walking
5808s going on a tour of my own
5811s i'm
5812s taylor there was a hidden mickey just go
5813s back
5814s where it was on the face of the the
5816s castle
5818s right
5819s up
5821s there okay you went too far
5823s no no no that's right go straight go to
5825s that pillar on your left there left yeah
5827s and go up
5828s up
5829s and then right there in front of you
5834s i'm pretty sure american on the phone on
5836s the green thing is that not oh it looks
5837s like i thought it was a it's kind of
5839s it's
5841s i thought i was in mickey mouse for sure
5843s you're on the lookout i like it i've
5845s entered a room with a very scary oh it's
5848s got like the little fireworks i'm sorry
5850s i'm still at this castle because i don't
5851s know angel is that their hand
5853s is it a digimon
5855s i feel like and if cory very much looks
5857s like a digimon okay angelmon angel woman
5861s oh these are the mickeys okay now i'm on
5863s top oh and this is meant to be minnie
5864s mouse oh cause it's got like the little
5866s bell oh i was i thought that was a mouth
5870s yeah that makes sense
5871s that makes all the sense
5873s is this a digimon shot tell me
5875s oh i'm in the clouds oh wow
5877s this angel mom
5879s angel mom
5880s is that you oh can i just keep going
5883s does it help i think this is the end oh
5884s no i can go this way
5886s oh oh i like the lighting in this
5888s hallway
5890s okay oh oh we got a small oh this is
5892s scary oh my god
5895s i'm being zapped i'm shot out of a
5896s cannon oh
5898s all right small olympian i said i like
5900s waterfalls and i have been given many
5902s waterfalls
5904s are these shoes
5906s and these tv shoes
5908s i've entered
5910s skeletal remains
5912s oh this is actually my nightmare i don't
5915s like it
5916s i am frank i keep looking at these
5918s little icons now dean and they i just
5920s think they're mickey mouse every time oh
5921s my god oh my god i'm going to be sick
5925s what is this room it's like a hall of
5927s mirrors oh my god i love it and i hate
5930s it at the same time it hurts
5932s oh jesus
5934s okay now we're in a sword
5944s hello
5946s okay we're sci-fi now it's very cool
5948s someone dating
5950s someone dating
5954s [Music]
5956s never forget that no that's an iconic
5958s moment oh okay we made it
5960s this is
5961s so this is the thing
5964s i'm not even going to try because
5966s that looks like a nightmare
5970s those doors don't go anywhere wow i went
5972s through hello
5974s i feel like i went through every emotion
5976s walking through these hallways
5977s all of them have a theme
5979s god oh my gosh this is so celestial i
5982s went to the dating one and it's like
5984s full of clouds and lights yeah someone
5985s were the angels like touch my hand okay
5988s okay i'm trying to grab i think i can go
5990s i can go different way go this way hold
5992s me there we go okay open space oh oh
5995s jesus
5996s oh boy we have a dragon and
5999s he's is that mushu
6002s it looks like an angry mushroom
6004s floating islands
6006s i love a floating night with a waterfall
6007s nonetheless
6009s i love that
6010s let's go the other one i think there's
6011s another open space on this side
6014s that is
6015s oh like this inside
6018s oh oh
6019s [ __ ]
6021s sorry
6021s it's a bird it's a phoenix
6024s wow
6024s [Music]
6026s am i supposed to look at the bird taylor
6029s holy [ __ ]
6032s that's a bird oh my god
6035s oh i love like the long
6037s feathery candles i don't know where i am
6040s really oh
6042s all right oh my god i'm going to die
6043s okay
6045s look i found help
6048s you found who i i feel like i'm going to
6050s die if i step around it's going to like
6053s stop
6055s okay we're good oh god i have to go
6056s through this again
6060s what kind of vibe i get going
6062s oh dragon you got the dragon holy [ __ ]
6065s oh i haven't seen that one holy [ __ ]
6067s that one's cool
6068s there's something it's got electricity
6070s and everything some lightning am i going
6072s backwards
6073s oh i went backwards oh
6076s save me now let's go with that room
6079s again
6080s it's okay we can
6082s we'll power through come on wukong
6086s it's spooky
6087s i did it i made it we're through not
6089s dragon this is kieran okay okay i trust
6091s you that i don't know i'm so sorry the
6094s trees are upside down i like that
6096s oh sometimes
6098s you know
6099s i feel bad for not recognizing things
6101s it's okay there's so many dragons you
6103s know that's true so many have you ever
6105s watched um actually
6108s love actually um actually no
6110s it's uh by the people who used to do
6113s college humor they started a new
6115s production company called dropout but
6117s they do like nerdy game shows and so
6120s they'll have like
6121s famous people on it so they'll have like
6123s matthew mercer or whatever but then
6124s they'll
6125s make you like identify a whole list of
6127s like 15 different dragons and you're
6129s like i did not realize this many dragons
6131s existed you know anyway great show love
6134s it 12 olympians your dojo is angry did
6136s you go to mortar well mortar
6139s door i went to this room with a giant
6141s thing and it's very very impressive i'm
6143s just running
6145s i feel like i'm actually going towards
6146s you
6147s although that's cool i teleported i
6149s don't know oh you teleported okay i'm
6150s just running my little feetsies up oh a
6152s garden anyway if you wanted to swing
6157s you're telling me
6158s you can see that
6160s there's like room for two people it's
6161s like a little left i don't know i got a
6163s pretty big butt
6164s this inner tube can only
6167s handle one that's true maybe if you had
6168s like your clothes
6170s pirate push me
6173s she's trying
6180s they're saying i simply cannot walk in
6182s the mortar chat look at me wait wait
6184s let's do this again are you ready
6186s i'm not even gonna wait i don't wanna no
6188s i don't wanna sprint stop stop stop can
6190s i
6191s no i don't want to
6193s probably hold down right click
6197s dean knows what he's doing i'm walking
6198s in the mordor are you good god
6201s look at this sean bean is screaming in
6203s his sleep tolkien was a freaking liar
6206s chat you can simply walk in the morning
6209s yeah what a fool he was anyway
6212s this is beautiful oh oh shoot
6215s oh i thought i was gonna die it's okay
6218s like clearly i'm not gollum yeah clearly
6220s you're not gone and you don't have a
6222s piece of someone's finger in your mouth
6225s unfortunately unfortunately it's not the
6227s life you live what doesn't that go great
6228s go back what's in there oh fire
6245s mike myers lord of the rings what's a
6247s hobbit
6250s oh no i've opened the door yeah
6254s i can open that door i'm here for it
6256s yeah pirate is still trying to if i
6258s can't carry the ring i'll carry you mr
6260s frodo there's nothing sadder than an
6262s aging hobbit carrying a ring into mordor
6265s wow
6266s i'm done yeah crackle's laughing he's
6268s happy that's great oh my god
6273s oh all right we're going to do a little
6275s console dojo tour
6277s we have a lovely video this is the xbox
6280s storm clan of corruption inc dean take
6284s it away
6285s all right we're starting off with an ark
6286s survival evolved is ven diesel there
6289s though because that's the only art i
6291s need in my life oh that's so cool
6294s more dragons is it a dragon i think
6296s they're dinosaurs oh oh that's right
6298s yeah although
6299s is there a dragon dinosaur i'm sure
6301s there is i'm sure there could be
6304s uh
6305s oh next up we have forest retreat for
6308s slat forest retreat wow
6311s this is very star wars i know i was
6313s thinking a little bit of endor you know
6315s a little bit of uh
6317s who is it um luke skywalker and yoda
6319s learning to jump and stuff
6321s he could be a backpack while you're in
6323s there yeah seagulls
6326s dragons keep oh this is a dragon oh hell
6328s yeah we got a the ladies and gentlemen
6330s oh he's a little bit looks like a little
6332s salamander like his little mouse yeah
6334s yeah oh oh he's got nasty feet though
6338s this is titled fatalis memento
6341s looks like oh oh there's some tubes
6343s right there that's like a snake like a
6345s big creepy
6347s fire snake oh is it a pit oh there's a
6349s pit there's always a pit
6353s that is spooky
6355s this is space express oh is there a
6358s train oh oh it even has a track oh my
6361s gosh i'm gonna go on that train it's
6362s like westworld choo-choo i love it it's
6364s like westworld don't get on that train
6366s though
6367s you don't want to be on that train wow
6368s where's it going
6370s that's so cute
6371s and then this last one coming up is the
6374s cavern is that a dragon
6377s a water dragon haku a water spirit
6381s i love him oh my god he's so cute
6383s and the little like water spouts very
6385s cute what a lovely little guy
6387s and then it's the xbox storm clan
6390s corruption inc currently on the featured
6392s dojo star chart and xbox if you want to
6394s check it out all right pirate i
6395s appreciate the fact that you're still
6396s trying to push me on the swing
6399s you are just
6400s so lovely
6402s uh i wish the swing moved but it sally
6404s doesn't all right we are going to
6406s disband from the dojo we have a little
6408s bit of time we could do
6410s we could squeeze in i need one more
6412s pinion
6414s one pinion that's all i need kill some
6416s angels let's kill some angels real quick
6420s and then we will do top 10 comments
6422s brought to you by de spacey sarah
6425s that's you over there all right i'm just
6428s going to take people at random
6430s carnage just sent me an e
6434s uh
6435s p pu said grand is life carried the
6438s entire series 10 out of 10 who was grand
6448s the flaming pig they used to knock the
6450s door down
6452s the wolf's head oh god i'm sorry always
6455s thought it was a pig but it's a wolf all
6457s right you got it i actually like i never
6460s realized that they're chanting that the
6463s name of that
6464s until like yeah until i
6467s watched it and obviously i watched the
6468s subtitles yeah old lady and i was like
6470s what the hell are they saying
6472s oh it all makes sense now
6474s uh crazy j says gollum both of them okay
6479s i like how you i'm just going to invite
6481s everyone reaper tech aragon son of
6483s arathorn heir to the throne of gondor
6485s one does not simply have a favorite
6486s character that's interesting i'm
6488s inviting everyone first come first serve
6491s shale the rock says sam gollum and gimli
6493s you got three favorites okay the real
6495s friends with spell golem correctly i'm
6497s just saying oh damn i'm so savage
6500s sin 14 uh
6502s they didn't give me anything
6504s they didn't give me
6506s uh hi history i'm from south africa my
6509s favorite lulligan's character is thrayne
6511s okay who's that hold on
6513s serene otr i like the creepy king oh
6516s it's another hobbit
6517s oh sorry not a hobbit um
6520s he's very cool i love it
6521s and they're offline okay very good
6524s sin 14 was galloping taylor earlier in
6527s the dodo too bad she didn't notice
6529s i'm so sorry they wanted to dance with
6531s each other
6533s whiffers
6534s just says clem
6536s sam is best boy oh we got a squad here
6538s we go all right we got week and reaper
6541s tech 1994.
6543s happy birthday
6545s all right we're going
6547s to slay a ninja
6550s yo
6553s do you want to do
6556s i don't know it doesn't matter i guess
6557s everyone i just need one opinion so okay
6560s one dead angel is all i need i don't
6562s think the armageddon ones drop pinions
6564s pretty sure they drop quills oh no
6566s you're right but it's okay we can find
6567s another one back it up you can search
6571s and rescue i don't know why i keep doing
6573s this like
6574s i already have glasses on what's wrong
6575s with me what would be i don't know what
6576s would be the better average
6577s extermination yeah okay hold on hold on
6580s hold on
6595s holding your breath
6601s sorry you don't need to hold you're good
6602s you're fine okay you're fine
6605s uh all right we're gonna do
6607s exterminate yeah very good all right
6609s we're hunting for for a bit we lost oh
6612s [ __ ] we lost people oh okay okay i'll
6615s get him back we'll get him back
6616s um
6618s reaper and uh
6620s we protect all right invite and
6622s peel
6627s okay we're coming hold on invite here we
6628s go
6630s let's
6631s do it through it shall we
6634s i'm just gonna ignis wraith everything
6639s burn it all down as
6641s the one of my favorite league of legends
6643s songs says
6647s all right oh burning burning during
6649s burning maybe peak hasn't done zeromen
6651s that's why
6653s who oh oh
6655s maybe
6657s i'm not in yourself
6659s but i am in your squad
6661s but i'm not in the game hold on
6663s where is
6677s do you believe in magic i do
6679s do you believe anything called love i
6681s don't
6684s all right we're going to get taylor back
6687s hey lord it's my new name
6690s because i see you chilling
6692s maybe because artist wants to come on it
6693s come on down
6696s maybe
6697s maybe so anyways how about you rolly
6699s prime how about that
6701s should we buy the opinion from yanta i
6702s already did i already bought my opinion
6704s for the day
6706s and i need a just done one more i need
6709s one more opinion
6711s um
6712s hello
6714s take my limbo
6715s okay
6716s i'll take wukong i will take limbo
6719s one dollar bob
6721s do you even mod your ignis because those
6722s vernier are still raw uh i think i
6725s actually just formed it maybe
6728s i've been doing some
6730s everyone's attached to their own opinion
6731s i also
6732s hear the word opinion when i say
6734s i need opinion
6736s i need an opinion i need your opinions
6738s chap
6739s share your thoughts let me gauss umbra i
6741s don't know what that means would this be
6742s your second opinion this would be my
6744s fifth opinion
6746s wow you're really uh covered really
6748s thinking i got a lot of opinions lots of
6750s thoughts but not enough opinions
6753s you know okay yeah
6755s i mean
6756s the classic limbo
6759s explode everything
6760s i love to see it lots of confusion it's
6762s fine
6763s this is a professional stream chat we
6765s know what we're doing it's all good
6767s it's always the best explode crates
6770s that's true i do love that
6772s i wish i could tell my clone to go
6775s great great
6777s hmm just go break them crates
6782s have you played any
6784s skyrim fallout etc games or no like in
6787s my life yeah uh i used to i remember
6792s way back in the day i played morrowind
6795s uh i don't know if that's
6796s what you're talking about but i don't
6798s that's skyrim isn't it yeah it's older
6800s school no it just makes me feel this
6801s girl yeah it just makes me think of like
6804s having the companions and like literally
6806s only using them to hold all the junk
6808s that you find
6809s and like just being like hey man we
6811s never talk but can you please hold these
6813s 12 plates that i need for ceramics i
6815s really need these
6817s yeah this is really important and i know
6819s that like you already have like
6822s a hundred pounds on your back but i need
6824s to i need you to hold more than how is
6825s my twin doing
6827s hello
6828s are you taking a break
6831s i heard you about wanting to misuse your
6834s their labor and they're going on strike
6836s because i'll show you yeah
6838s i'm not moving from this spot
6842s oh rude
6847s is their opinion over here
6849s [Laughter]
6853s they're probably like why was that
6855s invite
6856s we're just trying to find opinion
6858s help us out
6863s make you pass an accolade
6866s didn't i pick it up
6870s should i go back
6872s i just really want oh i found it i get
6874s it he's screaming at me we found it it's
6876s a it's not where is malaka i don't want
6879s it
6880s oh
6881s there's one of the puzzle rooms
6883s i believe
6885s it might be opinion
6886s we must we need help
6889s uh
6903s keep thinking like someone in our squad
6905s is following me but it's just my my twin
6909s i'm like wow
6911s i'm real close
6911s [Music]
6913s y'all are real close all right ghost
6914s child take me
6916s take me somewhere
6917s if you take me 275 meters to get that
6920s boy boom down we are no longer
6922s [Laughter]
6924s there is nothing downstairs it's fine
6926s take me to the pinion
6929s they're taking the they're taking the
6930s hobbits to heisenguard
6934s these are the memories of the hobbies
6936s that's the one song we know dean
6939s not the other ones that you're talking
6940s about oh there's another one
6943s it's charles a vayne
6945s charles a track star you're so vain you
6947s thought this wood plume was about to you
6949s know
6949s don't hold you oh what is it what is it
6951s what is it i'm coming along
6957s it's a vein
6959s yeah we can only get opinions from
6961s england yep yep
6963s so we gotta look for the owns a song
6967s maybe i didn't
6968s maybe i did
6971s maybe i didn't
6972s i'm gonna keep on running
6975s up that hill
6976s down that road
6981s thank you all right to find an angel one
6984s must explore their options
6988s we're following the tempo and that led
6991s me absolutely nowhere
6994s very good
6995s what's the exploration
6998s or is there an angel in this room no but
7001s there's a star
7004s you're always a star maker you're a star
7006s whenever you're in the room god
7008s my head just got so much bigger
7012s trying to find angels like i don't have
7014s too much
7015s problem finding the angel
7017s i say that now as i am attempting to
7019s find the intro but
7022s i don't know they they look pretty out
7024s of place
7026s in terms of the environment around them
7027s i just need to properly look at my
7029s minion oh there's gonna be one in here
7031s for sure yeah it's right here
7034s that's an angel
7037s that's my cavalier impression
7040s that was a dormant angel and now it's
7042s not dormant anymore
7045s you woke it up
7048s you guys are like cookie monster what no
7050s i don't
7053s i'm not cookie monster
7055s [Laughter]
7067s i've actually been
7068s re-watching seinfeld as like uh what's
7071s your favorite seinfeld episode
7073s i mean hot soup is a classic
7076s i like the marble rye
7078s i am
7079s classic
7080s oh i'm playing limbo what am i doing i
7082s keep trying to find him like he's uh oh
7084s we got him before the orbs we're too
7086s good we're built different
7087s um
7088s oh was it going to say
7090s so because i've been re-watching it i'm
7092s obviously attuned to like
7095s you know first season
7096s episodes like that's kind of like the
7098s precious in my mind
7099s and we just watched the one of
7101s about the pony
7104s and like
7105s the baseball game and just
7108s it's just so funny
7110s just so good i always liked the one
7112s where they went to get a discount air
7114s conditioner and got stuck in the or lost
7116s in the parking garage all day oh my god
7118s yes this is the best
7121s and the a mannequin that looks like
7122s elaine is also a classic
7125s yeah the show is just brilliant i
7126s remember
7127s seeing something about like
7129s if you ever re-watch seinfeld
7133s do it
7134s well this is an adult thing but like oh
7136s i don't have energy um
7138s make a drinking game out of it every
7140s time they like
7141s try to stop themselves from laughing
7142s because like the whole time jerry is
7144s just trying not to laugh at like his own
7146s jokes
7147s and like elaine in them so it's just
7148s like
7149s you drink every time they like
7151s go to laugh it's it's a lot
7154s you'd have a fun night when is the
7156s stream ending in five minutes
7158s approximate
7161s and
7162s we got opinion baby
7165s we got one oh my nose all right we gotta
7167s kill i got two more enemies
7169s let me get out of here keep thinking
7171s these guys are xmas and then they're not
7173s and they get really mad
7178s be a quick night if you played that game
7180s yeah going to bed real quick that's for
7182s sure that's what i mean it's an adult
7183s game but
7185s it's fun because seinfeld is just such a
7187s feel-good
7188s show to watch
7191s it's a show where absolutely nothing
7193s happens and it's the best at the same
7195s time everything right
7197s yeah and i just love creamer and he's
7200s just
7202s i have a newfound appreciation for
7204s george
7205s why is it newfound well because i used
7207s to hate him at first i really struggle
7209s with like characters who are
7211s purposefully
7213s self-deprecating yeah no not even
7215s self-deprecating but like you can't root
7217s for them but he's just so
7219s i don't know
7220s something about him that i uh
7222s very much appreciate i i too recently
7224s did a re-watch of sign club this year
7226s yeah and then afterwards i had never
7228s watched curb your enthusiasm oh really
7230s so i went through and watched everything
7232s up the current
7233s dang you went on a screen i went on i
7235s went on a larry david spree for sure
7237s yeah really
7239s i you know i curb is hit and miss
7242s yeah
7243s i was expecting a lot more like because
7245s george costanza is loosely based off of
7247s larry david right
7248s oh really
7250s so i was expecting more of that kind of
7252s humor and yeah it was
7253s no soup for you
7255s hot soup that's right that's all i know
7257s you know what sarah it counts
7259s who are we waiting for taylor yeah
7261s taylor
7262s yeah yeah bailey you got five seconds
7274s yeah
7276s me
7277s crazy would you ever live in your
7278s bathtub
7279s and uh
7281s what was that episode where he never
7283s wanted to get out of the bath and he
7284s like was eating his food and
7287s i forgot i'd give off
7288s he was basically
7290s you're telling me i give off bathtub
7292s energy
7293s dang
7294s i was asking back to l.a
7298s i'm out of here
7299s i mean i've
7301s i slept in my bathtub if that's what
7302s you're asking that's fair that's fair
7304s very good i 100 picture you going over
7306s to rep's house
7307s in the same way that kramer does just
7309s opening up the door like right can i i
7311s don't even knock now i just opened it
7313s [Applause]
7318s he was cooking food in the shower thank
7319s you that's it
7321s it's been a minute chat all right i'm
7322s raking up oh i need some more lanthorne
7326s yeah okay anyways
7328s sarah are you ready for top 10
7329s conversation
7331s are you supposed to do that yeah yeah
7333s quick every time same joke oh i love it
7336s i'm here for it um yeah yeah i am okay
7339s okay i started off with one of the
7341s cute ones by natalica
7345s they said i think my favorite date is
7347s september 6th so it's the day when i
7349s started playing warframe
7354s i'd have to look back in my account to
7356s figure out like the day but
7358s i like that they know the day that's
7360s cool so cute very cute
7362s um
7363s cardinal
7365s adamantium food talk on a taylor stream
7368s typical i mean i feel like
7371s i feel like any of our prime times yeah
7374s food gets brought up yeah you could say
7376s a food talking taylor is a big one
7379s we're all just hungry i think especially
7381s since we've made the move to two hours
7384s it's just dinner time i didn't have
7385s dinner so i had like a tiny bag of salt
7388s and vinegar chips yeah because all
7390s everything in the mall is now closed
7392s it's true it's a whole thing guys thanks
7394s covered this
7396s the snark night rises fantastic next
7399s warframe cereal would have to be darvo's
7403s we had a shirt that was cool
7405s yeah and it was a fan made design we did
7408s like a contest and their design made it
7410s and i don't know if it's still on the
7412s merch store or not it was a long time
7414s it's a vintage warfighter i have one
7417s i'll wear it next week yeah i'll bring
7418s it in next week there you go good for
7419s you yeah that's a great shirt
7422s over on discord cipher xe said the top
7426s 10 will be the top 10 pet pics because
7429s pretty much our discord chat is mostly
7432s people sharing pet pics so next week
7435s if you want to come share your pets we
7436s should do that because you could just
7437s load it into the fan art tool can we can
7440s i do it right now we should totally do
7442s that i'm gonna i'll look through right
7443s now okay okay well you might be in like
7446s luck like hello okay we're good do it um
7449s we're getting there
7451s we've been a week okay
7453s snicker snack we said
7456s everyone's entitled to their own opinion
7459s it's
7460s [Music]
7462s true okay um
7466s pooh jay on discord said we're gonna
7469s have to confiscate the fog fanfic for
7472s fog reasons so there's definitely a fan
7475s base out there
7478s not fair like only
7480s community members can do it i haven't
7482s even seen it i've seen it i haven't seen
7484s it you can totally i'll send it to you
7486s guys but uh it's gonna be my weekend
7487s read
7490s it was a real pitch it evolved from
7492s fan fiction to something and is it fan
7495s fiction if you work for the game it was
7496s more just like i had a story and i was
7498s like oh this is fun i mean i think it is
7499s if it's not
7501s like canon just rejected ideas at that
7503s point that's right
7505s cutting room
7507s what handles my ego better oh my god
7508s this cat is so cute i'm so sorry okay
7510s okay keep going keep going keep going
7512s thick beagles said they are eagerly
7515s waiting for a golem show oh my god maybe
7518s next time my throat would be absolutely
7519s destroyed if i tried to do that
7522s insert carrot asked when will they
7525s notice that dean messed with their names
7528s taking bets it didn't take you that long
7529s it took you eight minutes
7531s oh well like after you changed it yeah
7533s that was pretty good
7535s usually i go the whole stream and i'm
7536s not noticing
7538s it's hard for me to read okay
7540s i do think we read this one but it was
7542s too good
7543s at warframe i don't know what you're
7545s talking about as soon as i think when
7547s taylor read that out loud in my head i
7549s was like sarah would like i just had to
7551s include it anyway i would like that
7554s got to get those
7555s puns in and finally
7558s da
7559s 45 does
7562s said uh get some chroma sees in your
7565s life i said that
7566s oh no
7569s you did it
7570s you know and yeah that's our top ten
7572s thank you sarah thank you for attending
7579s all right let's do a garuda prime access
7585s attendant top 10.
7588s she just got it
7589s did you not understand your own joke sir
7592s no i didn't think i i i did i did
7594s i made that joke you did uh garuda prime
7597s max has gone to aberthane everything
7601s i know you and b i feel like you want
7603s you want a lot before all right just we
7604s play with you a lot everything
7606s congratulations uh you've won garuda
7608s prime access please whisper the warframe
7610s twitch channel you're playing right now
7611s with you're in
7613s england
7614s and the platform you play
7615s with you're watching right now not
7617s playing right now you're not playing
7618s twitch you could be uh please business
7620s with your in-game alias and platform
7622s play work from on and we'll get you your
7624s garuda prime access ever
7627s thing can we quickly look at that phone
7629s yeah i'm ready
7630s i did i i can't credit these to anyone
7633s so i don't know but and i just picked
7634s what i could this was only like
7636s this is only like a few that i could
7638s find this dog is so cute oh my god it
7640s fits in a box i know there's
7643s more at home
7645s [Music]
7659s immediately after yeah
7662s oh
7663s sweet
7665s girl
7668s oh
7669s my god it looks like my
7673s looks like my dog and then uh
7676s we have thank you little guinea pigs i
7678s know this written writtens i knew it
7681s right away like those are right i don't
7682s think it was
7684s it might have been i didn't check i
7685s didn't check like i said prince is that
7687s you yeah but close your goodies and then
7689s just the last one that i grabbed is this
7690s oh
7691s so cute
7694s thank you for sharing your pet photos we
7695s might have to make this a thing for
7697s babies
7698s of the night we'll teach you we'll teach
7700s the producers how to do it and we'll
7702s sneak perfectly
7704s yep
7705s pet time yeah all right
7707s it is time that we wrap up this stream
7710s we are going to be sending all the love
7712s over to who taylor jamie voiceover we're
7716s gonna hang up jamie that's the theme
7718s song now it's james string
7722s yeah it's game time we're sending all of
7724s the love over to jamie voiceover they
7726s are so fun to play with i've actually
7728s played even games outside of work we
7731s were playing um
7733s overcooked
7734s oh my god
7735s oh it is that game is frustrating
7738s jamie's such like a calming presence i
7740s feel like they would be a good person to
7741s play that with and they were and but it
7743s was just like i could feel myself
7745s getting heated and i was like it's not
7746s you jamie i'm just like i can't handle
7750s cooking stress
7752s that is stressful
7753s it's like if you ever want to know if
7755s your relationship with someone will last
7756s you go on a road trip together or you
7758s play overcooked because if you cannot
7760s get through that you cannot get through
7762s anything my relationship was tested with
7764s playing red dead redemption when i
7765s accidentally shot a man who wanted to
7768s buy my bear pelt and then he tried to
7769s kill me and the game ended for me
7771s because i was so mad
7773s i know i don't play it anymore it's a
7774s great game not for me anyways thank you
7776s so much for tuning in and watching and
7778s hanging out chat you've been incredible
7780s uh we will see you next week for another
7783s prime time again june is our last month
7784s of prime time june 30th being the last
7787s prime time uh before we go a little bit
7789s dark and then tennocon will be here july
7792s 16th saturday uh make sure you tune in
7796s it's going to be really fun i'm very
7797s excited for we're going to show and just
7798s the whole day in general uh so we'll see
7801s you then we'll see you next week for
7802s prime time um and remember we have some
7804s sponsored streams tomorrow but of course
7806s you're gonna hang out with jamie
7807s voiceover um who we're saying is just
7810s super fun and incredible so send them
7811s the love taylor
7813s thanks for being here i'm so glad you're
7815s back thank you
7817s sarah thank you for being here thank you
7819s dean thank you for being here thank you
7821s dean thank you
7823s and thank you
7824s have a wonderful night and we'll see you
7826s later stay safe be kind
7828s [Music]
7831s no
7832s they're spooky
7850s you