14 days ago - [DE]CoreyOnline - Direct link

Greetings Tenno! We've released a small update meant to resolve progression blockers for iOS Tenno attempting the Whispers In The Walls Quest, as well as other in-app fixes.

While we are calling this a hotfix, it is actually a small CERT update. Depending on your Automatic App Update preferences, you may need to manually update the app. If you see "Unable to connect, please ensure you have the latest Warframe update installed" on the launcher, head to the App Store, search for Warframe and select "Update".

Reminder: Nightwave: Nora’s Mix Vol. 6 arrives on May 15th, at 2 p.m. ET!


  • You can now skip cinematics by tapping the screen to bring a “Skip Cinematic” option.


  • Fixed "Repeated Button Pressing" prompts not appearing where intended.
    • This addresses the issue of players being unable to progress in Quests such as Whispers In The Walls, The New War, as well as all other events where completing the prompt is required to proceed.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not close the “Quest Complete” screen after finishing Whispers In The Walls.
  • Fixed an issue where players attempting to install Warframe would be told their device had insufficient space, despite having the necessary storage.