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0s fan will to do
2s let's check what's next
7s what have we got on the line
11s oh yeah I don't have a line
15s get comfy dreams
18s [Music]
43s Lottery flattery charge my back
47s I form myself a drink for I am your life
56s back to the lab you crazy kids
59s [Music]
81s rich
84s [Music]
101s ladies and gentlemen
104s listeners of all ages
107s I present to you
109s walking amongst us
111s The Once and Future badass
119s [Music]
127s baby
129s you know
132s [Applause]
137s believe babe
143s [Music]
150s Nora knows
153s life is a cornucopia friends
156s a Movable Feast an act of guns
165s take it when and where you fight do
171s follow dreams
175s into that sweet black tomorrow
177s [Music]
187s if there's one thing I've learned
189s dreamers it's this just when you think
193s you've had it all
196s done it all there's always more
201s good
202s time for Nora to say good night
213s [Music]
236s hello everybody and welcome to Prime
240s Time episode
242s 350. it's a nice number Ellen you are
246s just a galactic Queen thank you a couple
250s minutes ago Dean Zach and I figured out
252s that we can chroma key my hair so we
255s want to share that with you all
256s welcome to Prime Time 350. who knows
259s what other galaxies Helen will get into
261s tonight the world is Dean's oyster so
264s seriously who really knows it's a lot of
266s Dangerous Power that's that's the the
269s sentence I said when I walked in this
270s room was that's too much power for Dean
272s to have anyways welcome to the stream I
274s hope you're having a wonderful day a
275s wonderful week thank you so much for
277s joining us on this Thursday May 18th
282s what uh what zodiac sign are we
283s currently in right now Taurus Oh it's
285s Taurus season
287s great season Taurus well if you're a
290s Taurus I hope you're having a great day
292s is Mercury in retrograde not anymore
294s thank goodness yeah that was a crazy
296s time plus the eclipse and a full moon in
299s Scorpio whoa beside myself Hard Times
302s these days but you're here and we're so
303s glad you're here we're going to be
305s playing some more frame chatting it up
307s we got prizes the huge so we're gonna
310s jump right into housekeeping if you
312s didn't see we had a post in the forums
314s about that were on a tiny bit of a hop
316s Hiatus if you've you know been sticking
320s around since the v-ray Paradox has
322s launched you'll have seen that we have
323s done plenty of hot fixes since devere
326s Paradox came out and we got to the point
329s where we were running out of space for
330s hot fixing on our consoles so we have to
333s do a little bit of an interim cert build
335s so there isn't uh anything too too crazy
338s in there we were able to slip in a
340s couple code fixes which is great but
343s that will deploy hopefully next week and
345s we'll be able to get back into the
347s hotfix Rhythm that we've been in and
349s work towards our next update which we
351s did talk about on the dubstream which is
352s davieri 1.1 with the new Warframe with
356s ghost Deluxe all a bunch of delicious
359s things things and they'll have some you
362s know code fixes and changes in there as
364s well but just if you're wondering you
366s know you haven't haven't seen red text
368s in a couple days haven't seen haven't
370s seen us hot fixing it's not like we're
372s not looking at issues it's just that
374s we're currently in a assert situation
376s and once that deploys we'll be back to a
379s hot fixing at our regular Cadence you
382s know back to the back to the hopfix
384s Cadence that we shall do but just let
386s you know that's what's currently in the
388s situation and then we do have a bit of
390s an update on our iOS closed baby we sure
393s do it's time to say goodbye to the hair
394s because we're going to Assets Now Dean
396s if you will thank you thank you so our
400s iOS closed beta has a new update last
403s week's update introduced necromex and
406s rail Jack gameplay which we're excited
408s about and today we released yet another
411s small update this one improves the new
414s bullet jump shortcut for touch controls
416s and provides a fix for those tenno who
419s are getting stuck duck part way through
421s the initial download
424s so another important note we've sent out
427s roughly 2 000 new invites to join the
430s closed beta so if you've already sought
433s to sign up check your inboxes and if you
437s would like to sign up
438s and you have an iOS build friendly phone
441s then you might want to head on over to
443s warframe.com iOS to join us if you're in
446s twitch chat right now you can do
447s exclamation mark iOS and the link will
449s pop right up right there and chat
451s amazing got a phone be a phoneer hey do
455s phone things that's what I always say
458s motto uh next up in our housekeeping
461s agenda is obviously what's up and coming
464s this year is tennocon 2023 is happening
467s we know this August 26th London Ontario
470s come and join us it is a sold out event
473s but a couple exciting things that
476s launched today one being the digital
478s pack so if you cannot attend in person
481s and hang out we do have really awesome
483s tanocon themed digital goodies we showed
486s them off on the dev stream but we got a
488s really awesome signed animated X for 10.
491s uh we got obviously the glyph display we
494s got some plot in there we have the Lotus
496s Loop which is one of my absolute
498s favorite parts of this pack Lotus floof
501s unite so those are available and then of
504s course if you did buy a ticket to attend
506s ten o'conn you know you got your VIP you
508s got your full day got your legendary you
511s will get an email with the code to
512s redeem to get your digital pack so make
514s sure you check on those emails the ones
515s that you signed up with essentially for
518s your ticket to come in person
520s check your spam folder always a good
522s idea if you haven't seen it yet but
524s digital tickets are live and then of
525s course you know the bearer relay ticket
527s is a part of that so if you want uh
529s access to Barrow katira's inventory with
532s everything he has ever sold you'll be
534s able to access that with this digital
536s pack purchased uh and this digital pack
539s is going to be available even past
540s tanocon because Barrel Couture is going
543s to be here I believe until September 2nd
545s so a week after tennocon ends so you
548s still have some time to you know maybe
549s jump in get yourself some Barrel stuff
551s get yourself some Goods it will be
553s available to you but another very
555s exciting thing that we added in the uh
559s announcements today is we are giving
561s away one legendary ticket
564s we're so so excited to be able to do
567s another one and this one would be you
569s know a giveaway out in the wild uh shoot
573s your shot if you will and perhaps you
575s could join our other amazing legendary
577s ticket holder for this event if you do
580s exclamation point legendary it'll take
583s you to the actual site Dean if you want
585s to go to
588s my screen
589s there it is time 2023 legendary ticket
592s giveaway enter to win a once in a
594s lifetime opportunity uh there's
597s currently over 15 000 entries which I
600s love to see and this giveaway is going
602s to be running for until May 26 next week
605s and I'm also I also realized today that
608s this um this wonderful website also
611s giveaway that we're doing a Dev stream
613s on May 26th so if you didn't know we're
616s going to be doing a desk stream on May
617s 26th the official announcement will come
621s next week but we will have a Dev stream
623s and we will reveal who the winner is
625s going to be we'll also you know the
626s winner will get an email so if you can't
628s tune into the stream don't worry about
629s it but we'll be reviewing it there but
632s you have until May 26th which is next
634s Friday at 10 A.M Eastern Time to
637s participate in this giveaway if you want
639s a legendary ticket there are of course
641s rules and restrictions that do apply so
643s please please please make sure that you
644s read those make sure you're eligible for
646s it make sure you're available the day
648s before because you get to come to the
649s studio video have a little two words do
651s your little NPC voice oh I'm so excited
655s it's a really great time so I'm excited
657s to have two legendaries at 10 o'clock on
660s 2023 so exclamation point legendary will
662s take you to this site where you can
664s yourself uh if you haven't already enter
667s to win it once in a lifetime 10 o'clock
669s experience okay we'd love it we're back
671s I'm so excited another thing that we
672s announced today is our charity partner
675s sorry Dana go back to fanart if you
677s please
678s um past years and almost every year
680s tanocon has been a charity event all
682s about giving back and we're very excited
683s to be partnering with Canada learning
685s code as our charity for 2023 they
688s provide technological education to
690s people in Canada particularly women
692s girls people with disabilities
694s indigenous youth newcomers you want to
696s learn to code they can teach you and
698s they can help you so very exciting to be
700s helping them and working with them again
703s this year we have worked with them in
705s the past and they're just fantastic and
707s they do a lot especially for gaming
709s specifically they have kind of a
710s subgroup for gaming which is great you
713s know I look at our own code and I'm like
715s what that's a different language like
718s it's literally another language
719s literally anyways very exciting to be
722s working with CLC this year and
724s supporting them for telecon and speaking
727s of
728s Warframe tennocon tennocon is also going
730s to be a 10-year celebration
733s Dean this time we come to my screen oh
736s wow
737s if you're familiar with our anniversary
739s section of the Warframe website you'll
741s know that if you scroll on down here you
743s can check out what anniversary alerts
746s are live what anniversary alerts we're
749s live and what's on the way we're coming
751s up on the end of our Rhino deckskin and
753s Dex dakrow week so you can look forward
756s to
758s wisp decks blue companies this one's
762s full of so much goodness so
764s starting May 19th which is tomorrow
768s tomorrow
770s it's coming up so get ready for whisp
773s decks I'm really excited about it that's
775s my latest on that oh yeah and of course
778s a double resource weekend
781s so if you want resources you know where
783s to go we don't do these often but we
786s decided to do it for 10 years big
788s celebration daviri just came out
790s obviously you're gonna be you know
791s trying to gather those resources I am I
794s know you are and then kind of leading
797s into that is we are still looking at the
800s boosters not affecting Rune marrow
802s specifically we do have a fix four but
804s it is code so that will not be coming in
806s a hotfix and it is not in this interim
808s surf build but because we are aware of
811s this we are going to be doing a rune
813s marrow alert gift of the lotus alert
815s this weekend for some Rune marrow so if
817s you are in the need for Rune mayor maybe
819s you're crafting some Drifter melee for
821s your Warframe maybe you're doing
822s something karnans some new incarnate
825s weapons uh and you need I don't know
827s maybe 30 Rune marrow perhaps now is the
830s time to do a little do a little alert so
832s that'll be going live this weekend as
834s well just as a you know we're aware that
836s this booster won't apply to it apologies
839s have a little alert and then it will be
840s fixed in our next big cert build which
843s is going to be deviry 1.1 yes yay
847s so which drops am I right am I right we
852s look world on fire fire your Ember yeah
855s because twitch drops are fire I tried to
858s do that for your hair Megan but it was
860s me it just it just didn't key out so
862s it's dirty fires just kidding anyway
865s Dean sorry yeah all that work all that
868s worked for nothing sorry uh today's
870s Swiss drop is what we're calling
871s capturing duviri grab that I love that
874s name Taylor Taylor you've done it again
876s uh we have a plethora of capture scenes
880s duviri capture scenes that are available
882s from a krithus but you could perchance
885s win a couple tonight in your Twitch draw
888s so just by watching for 45 minutes so if
890s you hear from the beginning of the
891s stream to the very very end you can get
892s two of these capture scenes which one
895s will you get let us know but you could
897s get a couple and or one or one yesterday
899s you could have three I don't know that's
902s up to you and your lifestyle I don't
903s tell you how to live but also drops we
906s have some fried eggs we sure do Myla and
910s Kenshin are delivering some Hamlet
913s friendly Decor if you want to check out
916s myla's English stream from 9am to 10 a.m
918s eastern time you're gonna get the
920s planter and then you can also go for the
922s Artisan barrel with Kenshin our
924s Portuguese dreamer their links are right
928s there wait right there check them out on
931s Friday it'll be a lot of fun you'd be in
934s game get your booster get your alerts
936s watch some Community streams get some
937s drops what a Friday it's gonna be I'm so
939s excited as well we do have the spring
941s 2023 Dojo contest that is ending
944s tomorrow May 19th is a big day uh the
948s contest is ending tomorrow so if you
949s wanted to participate in the spring 2023
951s Dojo contest please please please do you
954s have until 10 sorry 1 pm eastern time
956s tomorrow to participate and cut to my
958s screen again Dean oh look at that
962s oh yeah that's my clan I love it and the
966s winners of these contests are featured
968s here on the star chart so anyone and
971s everyone can jump into your dojo and
973s check out all of your sweet awesome
975s builds you can do exclamation point dojo
977s and twitch chat if you'd like a link to
978s participate in that get your clan going
980s it's a really exciting time uh to be a
983s part of it and we love love the show is
985s off on Prime Time and walk through them
987s and just be excited because I know I
989s don't have that skills and I wish I did
990s but it's really great to celebrate yours
992s so please participate if you want to
994s and then next week we're going to have a
996s little bit of a special Prime Time
997s charity stream and teen you can go back
999s to assets for this one I'd like to show
1001s you the main mission so next week that's
1005s May 25th we're aiming to raise five
1008s thousand dollars Canadian for a covenant
1011s house this is our third year fundraising
1014s for Covenant House as part of the main
1017s mission event it's a live streaming
1019s charity season in support of Youth aged
1022s 16 to 24 who are experiencing
1024s homelessness so we have some great
1026s incentives to encourage everyone to get
1030s us to that five thousand dollar goal
1031s including a double Affinity weekend
1034s we're just this year is just the year
1036s boost of boosted weekends folks a
1038s boosted year that's right and it'll be
1040s for all tenno if we hit that goal so
1043s great for everybody in the system you
1046s betcha if you would like to learn more
1049s about it read in detail get hyped for
1051s next week you can do exclamation mark
1053s main mission in chat right now and you
1056s can donate through team Warframe join
1059s the team be a team we're all team here
1061s folks we're a team on our main mission
1063s speaking about being on a team we have
1065s Zach here in the cold pod sex
1068s I'm back if you don't know Chad Zach has
1071s been on a whirlwind Tour on the stage he
1075s was in a production of the black John
1077s Elise
1083s are presented by Will Donnelly and he's
1085s back in the cold pot I'm so happy to
1087s have you back excited we were missed oh
1090s thanks guys everyone else suck no I'm
1092s just going I'm kidding I don't compare
1094s Zach I need you really don't compare to
1096s Zach uh he's gonna be watching chat and
1098s Discord for the top 10 comments during
1100s the stream we have the uh Prime Time
1102s chat Discord open and Poppin what's uh
1105s what's the scoop over in Discord Zach uh
1107s we're talking about time zones we're
1110s talking about drops talking about uh
1112s hair on fire oh it's a good time get on
1115s in here very nice very nice we love that
1118s and then we got some prizes shall we do
1119s our first cloud and prize of the night I
1121s think that's a great idea oh I love
1123s Platinum I'd like to Win It Make It Rain
1125s Dean there it is he pressing that button
1129s that's all I do that's not all you do I
1133s pressed multiple buttons yeah
1136s you just won a thousand Platinum
1138s congratulations message this channel
1140s that you're watching right now to let us
1141s know you're in gamalias and the platform
1143s you play Wi-Fi mod we need those two
1145s details so we can send a thousand
1146s Platinum directly to your Warframe
1148s account congrats right to your wallet
1152s but people wonder what exciting things
1155s we're going to do today we've got some
1157s things lined up it's pretty exciting
1159s um I'm excited for the Shaw's in portion
1161s of the day no wonder why yeah you bet
1163s it's kind of my hidden my hidden talent
1165s I'm excited we are going to be obviously
1167s jumping into the beer experience I am
1168s very close to getting my maximum horse
1170s intrinsic or sorry opportunity intrinsic
1173s I want that
1174s um Stranger In Black I want it I want it
1177s bad and I'm almost there and uh yeah so
1180s we're going to be doing just you know
1181s classic devere experience getting some
1183s Drifter intrinsics and then while this
1185s is all happening Helen has a secondary
1188s goal I sure do of doing every Shaw's in
1191s location every single one accessible to
1193s you I'm gonna get that courtly shawson
1194s one way or another I'm here for I'm
1197s going to be dancing behind you yes
1198s supporting that really like that'll
1200s improve my skills for sure I might do
1202s everyone perfectly with that gift I hope
1203s so we do need a couple people to join us
1205s see if you want to go over to our
1206s gameplay
1209s Helen and I are going to be playing The
1210s devere Experience what is it right now
1211s it is fear
1214s we're scared fearful but we're not
1216s scared because we're going to have two
1217s people join us if you would like to join
1219s us we're on PC it doesn't matter because
1221s crossplay is live uh whisper myself in
1223s game because I think I made the squad de
1225s Megan there's my oh my cursor is so big
1227s there it is hey Megan square bracket
1230s Megan yada yada that's my name whisper
1233s me in game uh with what what do we want
1236s what's there um I want to know what they
1238s think is an optimal cursor size like do
1242s you max out do you minimize I want to
1245s know everyone's strategy with their
1246s cursors if they can customize okay I'm
1248s gonna close all these and and I would
1250s like to know Megan while we wait for
1251s their messages did you like when we
1253s added the custom UI yes was your first
1256s thought how big can I get my cursor no I
1259s honestly didn't even know that was an
1260s option until I saw it and I went how big
1262s does it go and then I put it as big as
1265s it could be and then Pablo judge me and
1266s I said you can't add this you gave me
1269s the tools and then judge me for it you
1271s should have made the max more men you
1273s know what I mean absolutely
1277s can you imagine the whole screen is just
1280s one big cursor uh swing by says a size
1283s that fits I use default on my PC but on
1285s a bigger screen it would be bigger you
1287s know what I call that functional I call
1289s that facts that is reasonable that is
1291s just smart that was a smart answer just
1293s makes sense shoe lip said 100 yeah yeah
1297s just go keep it hey that's me that is
1300s you Grim default it's simple boring or
1303s Darna I volunteer to join medium Cruiser
1307s I would say I like that keep it safe
1309s grumpy pants I'm not afraid and you
1311s shouldn't be either cursor should be
1312s maxed out for sure I'm blind join me
1314s amazing join me grumpy pants I got my
1317s strong contacts in today I can see
1319s everything awesome all right so we got
1322s myself we got Helen and we got swing by
1325s rank 30 tenno on PC and then we got
1329s grumpy pants legendary rank one you are
1333s legendary we're set you're blind like me
1336s all right we're going to jump into the
1337s very experience on the fear spiral we're
1340s gonna take our time do some intrinsics
1343s and then uh Helen's gonna be doing her
1346s Shaw's in get ready to be serenaded chat
1348s it's gonna be good are you a virtuoso
1350s you are you see Megan in order to name
1354s the songs which I did
1357s stop it so if I wanted to get an
1359s accurate sense of what the song sounded
1361s like to give it an appropriate name I
1363s had to play it well so so roughly how
1366s many virtuosos have you done
1368s I mean on the dev build yeah all of them
1370s but I haven't yet brought that to Publix
1373s you are the very thank you I don't think
1375s it counts yet because it's not public
1377s you know what I mean I want it to count
1379s I feel you
1380s all right which I love how it always
1383s gives me Ash Prime my sweet baby
1386s oh I wonder who I have today don't tease
1389s me with a good time okay you can
1391s obviously tell I don't have hero Prime
1392s because I'm a I'm a pleb just kidding
1395s I'm not
1396s um but he's clearly not the colors he
1398s should be but we're gonna ignore that
1400s for now we're doing NYX it's been a long
1403s time since I've played as NYX this is
1404s exciting
1415s stiletto and we'll go
1418s let's do the tenant Tetra shall we
1422s all right
1423s who else we got
1425s oh I've been meaning to go through and
1427s make all of my weapons a neutral color
1430s is it but I remember that it is a little
1432s I'm like do I want to go for the
1433s dexterous when they're that boldly
1435s colored compared to my next I guess they
1436s both have
1437s gold well swing by is giving us a
1440s performance oh yeah already they're
1443s encouraging you
1446s they even have mods he has a default
1448s mods on so if we look at
1451s this it's going to give me
1453s um basically any Warframe that you don't
1455s own that the cave is supplying the void
1457s or supplying you with will have a what
1459s we are calling kind of like a loaner
1461s build uh is it the greatest build of all
1463s time no but it will get you it will do
1466s the job you can survive and if you want
1469s to play Hero Prime and be like what's
1470s this what's this guy all about this
1472s gives you the opportunity to so I would
1474s like to do that I would like to give
1475s hero Prime the moment are we ready my
1478s friend I was born ready love to see it
1480s oh my God I can hear the shots and play
1482s support as well oh they have it yeah oh
1487s my goodness they're flexes they are
1488s they're reflected you know I feel
1490s inspired
1492s are you off to your first Jaws in hell
1494s yeah actually it's a great idea where oh
1497s I know when we're near I'm going
1500s to catch you all in a minute
1504s catch you all in a minute see ya later
1507s see you later
1508s is going to be doing a little
1512s little side Dean can we get some chunks
1514s yeah before my cheese
1517s the uh the opening act that's right
1521s oh hello a little bit of a teeth I would
1523s just maybe ask if you guys turned your
1525s music off in Davie because it's constant
1527s in the background oh dear old music on
1529s these
1531s um just because there's always the opera
1532s singing I'm gonna listen to these
1534s adorable children recite beautiful poems
1537s while I
1539s do that yeah Mecca if you can change
1540s your settings too what would you like
1542s just to turn the music off because it
1544s flicks with the 10
1546s th oh and in that time
1550s someone's singing yeah it's the kids
1552s aren't they cute thank you
1553s okay I think I went the wrong way for
1555s the Shaw's end in another Barrel but I'm
1557s gonna find it
1559s this is what caves are for course
1561s correction
1564s I will say I've been playing tears of
1566s the Kingdom the horse just ain't the
1568s same I agree
1571s I agree I'm like why can't you throw
1573s Wings hello it's so funny I obviously
1575s got my horse back from breath of the
1577s wild and I'm like oh my God my horse and
1579s then I'm like oh my God my horse sucks
1582s I obviously just went for aesthetic and
1584s not good uh
1586s it's not a good build that horse
1589s oh she's cute
1590s she is cute yeah I got one and I always
1593s like to name them based on the games
1595s world and I got a blue one so I named it
1597s bloopy which felt like a silly name but
1599s I was like it's a character in Zelda
1601s it's so appropriate and thank you for
1603s the Shaws and call out I think this plan
1604s is good we can like start from the
1606s bottom with chamber of the muses and
1608s work our way up you know
1610s all right
1612s I know we just asked you turn the music
1614s on but I'm gonna need you to pause it
1615s please Dean um everyone prepare
1618s yourselves for spirits of manipura
1622s so excited for you thank you
1624s [Music]
1629s this one if I recall starts off really
1632s chill and then suddenly you're like
1635s this becomes much sounds like somebody
1636s else is playing behind you too it's a
1639s possibility oh well I am by an opera
1641s singer so there's that
1643s no somebody else is waiting
1646s encouragement from just a million things
1649s at once here I'm trying to watch your
1650s performance don't read this man there we
1653s go I'm fine oh
1656s was there one you didn't get I I too got
1659s a little distracted I was thinking about
1661s the man in captivity and the rescue and
1664s the final note I ruined
1668s is it worth doing again you could do it
1670s I'm gonna do it again yeah yeah yeah
1673s yeah because that hurt the soul
1676s um
1676s oh yeah tumbling Frost amazing okay
1681s excuse me
1682s [Music]
1704s beautiful
1706s [Music]
1711s oh oh my what happened I got tripped out
1716s of picking up the last note ladies and
1717s gentlemen we completed it and we're just
1719s gonna hold on we're moving on
1721s we can't stay at one shot isn't too long
1724s we have 12 to visit that is booing you
1728s now I know what it's like to be lucinia
1730s am I right I'm feeling much sorrow Oh
1733s there's one right here where oh oh yeah
1735s you found the one in another Barrel yes
1736s that was my next Target all right I got
1738s you
1739s I don't feel great about that we'll come
1741s back and do Redemption when I've uh
1743s recovered from screwing up that last
1745s note it's like having what do they call
1747s them in golf wait you're not even
1748s supposed to talk about them know the yes
1755s yeah I don't want to scare any golfers
1758s in chat but okay it's when you like just
1760s suddenly you're
1763s you can't swing you're over with fail
1767s with failure yeah
1769s I'm ready to dance behind you
1771s is it I think it is insert carrot it is
1773s I'm tripping out now I'm insecure about
1775s my lack of knowledge of golf but I can
1777s play a mighty fine Shaws in as you will
1779s soon see
1780s [Music]
1794s oh my gosh my friend beside us playing
1796s is really tripping me out
1799s I see naked dancing though it makes me
1801s feel better I'm here for you I'm your
1802s cheerleader
1806s [Music]
1811s oh
1819s good choice all right it's time to catch
1821s up on decrees thank you guys we're two
1823s down
1824s I think that's all in this region as
1826s well I just love the idea of getting
1827s extremely powerful from playing music
1830s a lot of it is thrilling hit that last
1833s note you're like I feel so powerful
1835s I'm transcending
1839s ah fabulous I love it because in real
1841s life that is not
1843s me my music ability does not foreign
1847s it ain't that good
1850s onward oh are we doing the Enigma jar
1853s room I see it
1855s way pointed I think they must have done
1858s the puzzle hello guys go
1862s me art
1864s bam
1867s a Darkness well my next one we're gonna
1870s go to Lonesome which I have to say is my
1873s favorite spot in Dewberry what is it now
1877s it is
1882s also Nora Knight
1884s also chat I just got the idum
1889s oh yeah is your favorite yeah his
1892s favorite one I was gonna say chat what
1894s is your uh what's your go-to favorite
1896s Drifter melee I like to eat in you do
1899s you do however we're gonna say it it was
1901s either that one it was between that one
1902s or the um I think it's a two-handed
1904s katana one nice oh yeah
1910s you're doing in science Siam oh you all
1913s like the heavy hammer no that's a sand
1915s post isn't it yeah yeah yeah yeah what
1919s is this I am the polar
1921s because that's my favorite I might have
1923s liked it I'm so sorry
1926s there we go wow good little fight here
1929s grumpy pants and iron
1932s paying a little visit to the bar
1935s same boat's gang all right we got a slam
1937s post okay all right slamboo
1940s here we go rule of sings is our next one
1943s this is a graveyard I've literally never
1945s seen really Titan's rest
1949s oh no my friend is also playing
1952s it increases the difficulty it's like
1954s hearing your voice echo or something
1959s [Music]
1964s we're okay we can do it
1968s just requires Focus
1970s [Music]
1980s wow incredible that's a good one too
1983s next time I'm gonna wait until my friend
1986s has completed his performance with him
1988s before competing for the spotlight over
1991s here we fleet-footed
1994s we ready to go that's when I say goodbye
1997s to my horse see you honestly I'm like I
2000s love you but
2001s I don't quite need you right now I was
2002s playing uh last night with our community
2005s QA folks and I was not only Fleet footed
2008s but I was also bolt so I was oh my boy
2010s there's a Speedster you were
2014s let's see
2018s there's one at loads of Outlook
2020s that's for sure
2021s someone in China
2024s oh yeah you know I'm talking to my agent
2029s we'll see we'll see what we can work out
2031s for for deals you know
2036s let's see
2040s that
2042s yeah
2043s what kind of a build you're going for
2045s are you doing critical damage status
2047s chance all of it
2049s all of it perfect all of it oops once
2052s you're gonna have to crease it's like it
2054s doesn't even matter
2056s this is all of it
2058s I do prioritize which ones I take first
2060s oh yeah like vicious barf say less good
2063s one goodness
2065s oh a couple friends here we will be
2068s adding some more decrees it's exciting
2072s degrees uh rev kind of joked about doing
2075s like
2076s um
2077s what's the ruined as long as I have a
2080s plus or a minus in them you know what
2081s I'm saying oh like like curves one could
2084s say curse I think the word that we call
2086s them but that's what I'm thinking either
2089s or corrupted that's the word thank you
2092s you've been a corrupted decree a little
2093s bit
2095s playing around with that who knows uh
2099s uh it's up here
2102s let's go here but do crews are just
2105s exciting because there's just an endless
2107s possibilities of things we could do
2110s it's true and we're just gonna keep
2111s adding change the whole experience oh
2114s shall I oh I don't want
2117s to call it a super Fury citizens are so
2119s scared okay folks nothing to worry about
2123s allow me to soothe you with a song Oh a
2127s new song I haven't played this one yet
2128s on public Sky Ever Changing
2133s oh no I didn't wait for my friend oh no
2138s [Music]
2142s [Laughter]
2144s [Music]
2151s okay okay
2156s [Music]
2164s I'm sorry that's good keep me on my toes
2169s whoa a lot going on perfect you can turn
2172s off
2173s uh Ally shazins in your settings Dean
2177s you're the hero I need right now yeah
2179s let's do that real quick
2184s let's see I'm just feeding them all it
2186s means
2194s for me
2195s It's gotta like seem a little bit lower
2199s oh this is a oh a wonderful pond a feast
2203s oh I should jinx myself
2205s that is a plentiful Pond though
2208s come on get him out that was a ripoff
2214s oh I can do it I can do it oh there he
2217s is what the hell where'd he go nice
2222s saved it give me that fish
2227s all right oh still more decrees look at
2230s this team go they see me rolling
2236s I thought you were saying that because
2238s you were re-rolling I realized I
2240s probably should have said did that one
2242s like you know what we're right by the
2243s Agora and I know how bombastin loves my
2246s music you don't use the dash I do use
2249s the dash when there needs to be dashed
2251s but I did not need to dash because there
2253s was a plethora of fish around me and
2254s then I
2264s just double check before you play
2275s let's see let's see that's Ally we're
2279s good what's the right that's main Accord
2280s right oh that's myself Shaw's and not
2282s Ally Shaw's in uh-oh I don't know that
2284s could have been Chad I adore you I
2287s appreciate you every day
2289s thank you
2291s how many gamers does it take to uh
2293s adjust the volume controls am I right
2296s am I right
2298s all right Shaw's in somewhere on the
2300s side here
2302s every day
2304s am I mistaken there's definitely one
2307s here oh there it is
2308s nice the answer all of them
2311s all the gamers no all the gamers
2314s [Music]
2316s oh she's virtuous
2320s [Music]
2334s yes
2341s it's okay another one down to the list
2343s of ones to replay if we have the time
2346s and in front of bombastin embarrassing
2352s oh my goodness you guys are taking care
2353s of business while I'm doing this I
2355s should come join a fight or two don't
2357s worry about us
2360s we're just protecting our musician Ah
2363s that's good that's good
2365s when do we get the Bongo update we
2366s honestly should put the kaiko Taiko
2369s drums and Shaws I did like that they
2371s were in the undercroft or the um when it
2375s gets the things get wild and there's
2376s bullets fine
2379s you're like
2381s it's not happening we checked the barn
2385s at all costs that's our main quest
2387s that's right
2390s all right I'm happy with my build Helen
2392s is the group's Bard buffing Megan while
2394s she's out shredding
2397s isn't that just octane yeah 100
2401s oh this one now I have a fun little fact
2404s for you folks the location we're about
2407s to visit was called poets perch until we
2410s realized we had to cut some names
2411s because it was crowding up the map so
2414s join me at The Poets perch to play the
2417s Sean's in very nice
2421s I mean you can call it poets perch it's
2424s just not labeled on the map it's not
2426s it's like a secret little secret Insider
2429s info that's right so we're here to
2431s deliver
2433s a little ride are we going to give the
2435s devere animals as companions at some
2437s point oh my gosh
2442s I'd say so
2444s Carlton have his own unique shots and
2446s made of veils
2449s very heavy metal
2451s gold here we go
2453s oh and just after I've turned off my
2455s Ally volume I finally remember to watch
2457s my friend play Oh I truly did great no
2461s doubt about it
2464s no doubt about it
2466s Lauren Echoes oh who's doing a hutch
2469s wait for me
2473s whoa
2476s [Music]
2482s thank you
2490s well
2492s lost my mind for a second part of me
2494s lost my mind
2496s transported
2498s [Music]
2505s last note really another great one isn't
2509s Lauren Echoes the creator of daviri
2511s nightlife
2512s who well I'm trying to figure out this
2514s joke
2516s Lauren Echoes I don't know Zach gets it
2520s he's laughing very soon I don't know the
2523s creator of Saturday night lives Lauren
2524s Michaels oh
2526s yeah Dean
2528s totally it was a stretch we got a shovel
2531s we got
2533s we got a shovel we got a man being hit
2537s by a flying on
2539s dodgeball
2542s shovel dodgeball magnet yeah what'd you
2546s say or shoot horseshoe that's good too
2548s we'll see verb sorry uh what is it
2551s shovel dodgeball
2554s shovel
2557s getting wrecked
2563s thing
2565s or even the things
2567s I've never done this one before I don't
2569s think I've ever played this Sean's in
2570s either I'm trying to remember it's
2572s location hey Channel
2574s okay good I'm coming up
2577s [Music]
2586s Unstoppable okay Papa
2591s let's see
2592s um let's just max this boy ouch
2595s [Music]
2598s okay okay
2601s the shovel Drifter before duviri's
2604s events and verb
2606s and bird who is shooting me with an
2609s arrow
2610s you how could they ready to die
2614s you tell him Megan idiot absolutely
2620s idiot
2622s where oh where I'm too strong now
2625s fleet-footed and I'm strong AF mm-hmm
2628s Fancy free there you go
2631s I can just find myself
2634s the the Shaw's in near the king's Palace
2637s I did it
2639s I did that
2641s a new one Watchers and our oh
2646s way to steal this shows well they do
2649s have the courtly shots
2651s they are them have you done this one
2653s this one where are you on the I oh I'm
2655s at Fair Shores done Fair Shores Hamlet I
2659s don't know if we have oh I have done
2660s that one okay very good
2662s here we go
2665s [Music]
2670s the way baby I got scared I'm scared
2674s the music is scary
2679s [Music]
2696s a little tricky I got scared I got
2699s scared I'm panicked
2701s all right
2704s oh I'm belle please grumpy we should
2706s shake hands
2708s friendship
2714s it's what friends do
2716s there we go
2720s let's see handshake grumpy
2730s that's the real question
2732s very awkward
2735s darn they're different looks so cool too
2739s I'm intimidated by how cool grumpy looks
2742s oh they did a gesture that I think means
2744s I don't have it equipped well in that
2746s case I'll give you a wave and we'll
2748s we'll call it a day
2750s you rock grumpy
2752s all right oh
2757s hello Mommy
2760s it's giving Shrek it's giving Shrek to
2763s going to the parents Castle
2766s rare decree don't mind if I do
2770s very nice hey you should we run our next
2772s Platinum props yeah 100 maybe
2776s we'll sell the Platinum prize
2779s this cost me a coin
2786s so she's a placeholder I don't think
2789s there's one and the winner is power hell
2791s 32.
2793s power Hall 32 messes the platform you're
2795s watching this very moment let us know
2797s your in-game Alias and what platform you
2798s play Warframe on so that we can send you
2801s 1 000 Platinum congratulations
2803s congrats power we've arrived Hotel not
2806s just help no powerful even
2809s 12.
2810s all right bombastin's malice there we go
2813s straws in time
2815s this is my favorite spot oh we've got
2817s danger nearby you like to perform eh
2820s Donnelly
2821s okay
2824s I like the stage
2826s [Laughter]
2829s have our astute tenno who enjoy
2833s collecting lure fragments notice what
2836s inspired the song names twitch chat how
2839s do you anybody anybody
2843s hmm
2844s anyone know what the day the Earth bled
2847s was all about oh God goodness gracious
2849s not the bleeding
2855s sure is damn Zach you know it yeah I do
2858s someone else must be good at Shaw's in
2860s Liz
2863s around the landscape
2866s [Music]
2880s wow I feel like we need a community
2882s contest to write lyrics for the Shahs
2884s and songs lyrics wow
2888s yep Lawrence D has been collecting their
2891s fragments
2892s men oh they got it they got it they got
2894s it that's right we have
2897s um
2898s a hobbit home Hobbit Hill oh we have a
2903s dodgeball and we have uh DNA
2907s like oh yeah like the BTS song of course
2910s of course but it looks kind of like the
2912s DE logo if I'm if I'm saying I'm just
2915s saying
2917s but you know your butt to butt yep
2922s dodgeball
2933s uh DNA
2936s dodgeball
2939s what was this one did it
2943s Frodo I think the shawson's there
2947s okay
2949s love when you just walk with Fleet
2951s footage
2955s it is um
2958s okay Zach I'm gonna get you to watch
2960s chat for the answer to this one I want
2961s to know if anyone knows what this song
2963s means oh this one's not as special
2967s days I mean it's you know it's pretty
2970s pretty Duty wow
2973s man
2975s I'm gonna get it right or wrong
2979s are they out of order
2981s [Music]
2984s wow why do I know these I don't know but
2987s I'm impressed wow I'm enjoying it maybe
2989s it's out of order
2992s oh my god did you get it
2995s no but it was very bright
2998s well I did get it I'm a liar
3000s nice there we are grumpy pants by
3004s absolute pal with the courtly Shaw's in
3007s I'm so happy to have your encouragement
3008s all the way
3014s in a hot minute have you not no
3018s who is that stupid wrap yeah come on
3023s got plastically wapless I'm so fast
3030s what the hell happened to you
3036s what would be a major one though
3043s I got you
3046s you're playing
3048s kind of day can I get a tam yeah
3052s Tim yeah
3056s giddy up
3061s another shot says March this is good too
3065s good too
3067s [Music]
3103s yeah Grumpy's lamenting that we always
3105s seem to play at the very same time but I
3107s kind of like that we're in sync yeah
3109s oh
3115s do it
3117s do the jump
3119s show us what you got oh sorry sorry
3123s I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry
3126s I'm sorry I'm sorry oh God they're
3127s running oh gosh oh sorry
3131s sorry
3134s I'm sorry well
3137s safe at home now I'm sorry
3141s anyways next Frozen
3144s anyway so I got these I think I only
3146s have two legs oh my goodness so I think
3149s I think and then I can Replay that one I
3155s what did you just say sorry again to the
3158s channel
3161s someone says no wonder why the dams are
3163s plotting or something what are they
3165s plotting what was this whip of the
3167s finger okay could happen to anyone
3170s sweaty hands they're just pointing my
3173s gun
3174s oh no I can't help it
3178s y'all wouldn't Jump The Gap okay it was
3181s it was encouragement right right right I
3183s wasn't meant to shoot you in the actual
3185s ass
3187s oh burdened planes
3192s [Music]
3199s [Laughter]
3202s [Music]
3217s can you imagine if Fleet footage
3219s affected your Sean's implants
3221s [Laughter]
3226s fingers are going wild three decrees in
3229s that one song that's what that's the
3230s power of a Bard for you
3233s drunk
3235s Steve you're on the ball with this I'm
3238s very much enjoying it very impressive
3241s let's do
3243s I'm awake
3251s oh my God
3253s okay I think I'm on to my last one I
3256s really do I think the courtly shawnson's
3258s in my future is it now
3263s oh do I spy Combs oh wait a moment oh we
3267s meet again
3268s let's go mother wait I don't think our
3270s Harbor is here because it's a sad day
3273s that's right actually
3275s that one's not there in this uh in this
3276s map hurts just a little
3278s dude hurts a lot of well what the hell I
3280s lost already no go there well yes no go
3284s there
3285s now go idiot oh nice oh
3292s I don't actually know what I'm doing to
3293s be quite honest you're doing better than
3294s I do on average oh hold on yes nice
3298s I can see it in your future oh they just
3302s messed up
3303s how wait maybe not yet but you can close
3306s them off where on the right this one
3309s yeah and then but then I could never go
3311s there but that's fine
3313s but then I'll never get to you
3315s [Music]
3318s unless he does that oh unless he does
3320s that because oh my goodness
3325s Megan you were trouncing Miss malboy
3327s right now
3329s could be a comeback he's gonna go there
3331s no I'm on team Megan all the way I
3333s believe
3337s what I'm getting attacked what the heck
3340s is this rabbit doing
3342s making bad choices being an idiot album
3347s that is an interesting move
3351s oh you only need what two points so you
3354s can't go there because he'll go
3356s [Music]
3361s maybe I'll just go yeah
3364s whoa whoa whoa whoa
3367s this is okay wow can you not go I've
3370s never seen it before not go to the
3371s bottom corner there no to the left
3374s no like I went over to the right
3377s can you not go there no because then he
3378s go there and take me
3380s oh I see yeah
3383s yeah
3384s um I just figured you would have already
3385s surrounded him at that point because
3389s if I go here if you go if you go in the
3391s Middle where the t-junction is between
3392s two and three no no if you go in the
3394s middle between the two and the three and
3396s then do that move
3398s and he he can't put a piece there right
3400s so if you go in between the one we have
3403s basically to the left and then up to
3406s up in the middle there one down in that
3408s empty to the right in the air right
3409s there if you went there and then he has
3411s to move somewhere and if you put one in
3413s that corner
3414s either one of those yeah either one of
3416s those two down there in the middle
3419s right then he either has to put one
3421s there and you get it or and then can you
3425s not go to the bottom corner yeah
3429s wow
3432s Dean playing 4D Comey
3436s that was like okay someone's seen the
3438s Queen's Gambit like that's right stupid
3440s it was all on the ceiling I was watching
3442s it happen we have a good system up here
3445s thanks all right I'm ready to make up
3448s for my mistakes
3450s in the first song
3452s I'm warmed up now
3454s okay I've shaken that tension and
3459s I'm ready to blow your mind oh damn not
3462s the mind-blowing oh yeah
3470s thank you thank you
3472s oh hi grumpy
3475s thanks grumpy
3479s hey I'm playing here
3481s [Laughter]
3485s [Music]
3491s all better everyone feels better it's a
3495s happy day all right shall we do the
3497s actual let's do it what we're here to do
3499s oh wait I got a fish one second
3503s please no no I understand
3508s well this should be
3510s speedy
3513s oh yes yes oh
3515s it is a plentiful Pond these days I'd
3518s say so fever spiral is where the fishies
3521s I am eating well kind of fear get in my
3524s mouth
3525s your mouth get in my mouth
3531s thank you chat for your kind words it
3533s means a lot
3535s Courtney Shaw's and all the way and of
3537s course thank you grumpy for showing me
3538s what's possible
3541s your peace
3544s get in my freaking mouth
3547s oh no no sometimes
3552s we go again
3554s no fishing will be left
3560s I do feel bad honey
3566s bad when I carry you you can't put you
3569s can't just go up hurdles you know what
3571s always confuse me about this whole like
3573s ma Pawn thing look how deep it is when
3575s you're the mom but you can walk
3578s deep
3583s it always just kind of
3585s confused me well this is a place of
3587s Dreams
3589s it's uh you know back Rooms Rules I
3592s guess yeah it's like bigger on the
3594s inside yeah
3596s exactly
3600s did I get it yeah oh sick I'm amazing
3603s well done
3606s meanwhile we have completed the first
3608s mission oh sorry we're gonna roll
3610s my bad I'm coming oh no please
3613s don't worry about us we have like a
3615s billion degrees we're too powerful we
3618s are so strong I am very far away from
3621s the underground but I'm on my way I'm
3623s sorry it'll be the drums
3626s yeah I love that one
3630s I'll kill him good song Choice Dean once
3634s again
3636s we've got ourselves Rhino Death Watch
3639s folks I repeat we have a rider Death
3641s Watch yes
3646s I'm gonna guess it's gonna be survived
3650s I'm gonna guess void flag
3654s Dean what do you got
3656s um
3657s all right
3659s see who's right
3661s oh
3662s hey is this it is the drums and Gene was
3665s right
3666s so smart you're so smart you're playing
3668s 4D because I need to buy a lottery
3671s ticket
3675s oh my God I'm so famous
3677s oh my God
3679s oh I can't be slowed down
3682s we'll go I will chain you up
3688s at your decree of love I will change it
3692s oh yeah
3693s Cora vibes
3697s also true
3702s dear sweet hero
3704s wow
3707s we got the drums
3710s I'll play the drums folks
3712s boom
3718s it's got him that's you
3721s huh oh
3723s when is the cross progression come out I
3727s don't have a date for you uh I don't
3729s have any information for you other than
3730s we're still working on it and when we
3732s have our information shirts well we will
3735s quickly at this time nothing to share
3744s uh today makes 100 days
3749s yep why is that not fun Zach it's not a
3753s fun fact that is a terrifying thing to
3755s see you square
3757s yeah 100 days is kind of crazy
3759s well there you go Dean you have 100 days
3761s to prepare the live stream software well
3763s I'm just gonna hit some buttons and yeah
3765s hopefully it works that's how you do it
3767s right yeah that's all it takes right
3768s pound my head on the keyboard
3773s it's usually yeah
3777s easy peasy well it's actually kind of
3778s funny because people I don't know if
3780s people have noticed but like usually
3781s when we do a tennocon that shows design
3784s becomes the new stream design for the
3787s rest of the year so
3789s there is a little bit of excitement for
3792s me where it's like oh I get to finally
3793s redesign everything
3794s but that's a lot to redesign we'll see
3797s we will
3799s see if we like it enough you know yeah I
3802s like the colors
3806s it's like golden hour
3808s well 10 years yeah that's a golden hour
3814s oh my God I got a big ass Castle
3817s I hope you're coming
3821s digital packs are available legendary
3823s ticket giveaway live I'm so excited
3825s about that join our fellow legendary
3828s ticket holder yeah you're gonna get to
3830s pop into the sound booth what is the
3832s characters
3834s you got a glyph design your very own
3837s glyph
3838s okay tour the studio chat with the devs
3841s In This Very Room if you so wish you can
3844s you can literally be right here sit on
3846s them couches you can
3849s can be an extreme room
3852s you probably won't win but never hurts
3854s to enter you know
3856s you never know you could be like Dean
3859s and be having a very lucky day that's
3861s right getting everyone whoa right almost
3863s died I have to save you
3866s help me I'll help you
3868s with the power of music
3879s oh yeah
3882s nearly there folks so fast I can't even
3884s train anyone my trains are two more
3886s waves chains of Harrow
3890s oh white got my horse out
3893s and
3895s try your horse out I didn't even realize
3897s that was a possibility oh I'm I'm
3899s horsing around
3901s wow
3902s welcome to the underground there you go
3905s oh my God everything's possible and do
3907s the area
3908s you thought that pond was a pond no it's
3911s a lake
3915s whoa I was gonna go for a ride yeah
3922s go
3925s sis oh we need the Comey championships
3928s and the 50-page guidebook on the
3930s strategies baby Biff by lakewear heads
3932s up Dean what's the status on that on
3934s which call me strategies yeah the the
3936s Comey strategy book and Championship oh
3938s wow my professor Bergman that's right
3944s give the people what they desire
3947s I'd read it
3948s I would too
3949s it's my only chance against the Rattler
3952s we'll make it you showed that rabbit
3953s with his boss Dean had the 4D play at
3955s the end right I held my own yeah you had
3958s a good start a good start you start your
3961s piece listening being the speaking to
3963s you careful
3968s all right come down
3971s hello
3976s it is a bug but it is a bug that I am
3979s here for very nice all right decree and
3984s be me oh we're gonna do this
3989s what song is currently playing I mean
3991s that was dubiri uh that was Sanctuary
3993s Onslaught oh yeah hurricanes that one
3995s gets me hyped Sanctuary gets me hyped
3999s open
4000s Sesame assemble the shrine
4004s hold on I'm coming this should be quick
4006s work after all of our decrees
4009s Comey with matchmaking would be really
4010s fun
4013s come here oh yeah wait that's such a
4015s good idea actually
4016s but then you get mad at other people
4018s it could be like a little Flex thing
4020s where it's just you play it and you can
4022s just match make without it it was true
4024s like an Orbiter yeah or like in the
4027s Warframe PVP folks yeah like Comey
4030s boards in the dojos would be kind of
4031s neat dude
4036s oh my God it blasted him yeah I saw him
4039s disappear into the sky there yeah he
4043s died
4044s a valiant death
4047s all right what do I want
4054s any little movement speed after I'm
4056s intimidated by how fast Megan is now
4058s what can I say sleep
4061s let's hurt some Tans maybe someone else
4062s should do it because I killed one
4064s I'm sorry I didn't kill it I intimidated
4066s it too much
4068s I don't know if that would defense of
4070s the holes in court it's not as strong
4072s it's ever you're on you're on trial for
4074s the attempted murder well I intimidated
4076s them a little too much
4078s intimidation sir if Tams are said to
4080s bring good luck when they're happy if
4082s you make one unhappy do you have bad
4084s luck oh don't put that on me
4086s oh I danced just you know bracelet are
4088s one of those Tams named Tim
4090s downtown
4092s could be the one you shot
4096s oh my gosh
4104s over here this is great going down one
4106s more
4108s in hopes there was a puzzle but there
4110s was no oh yeah what did uh what capture
4112s a scene did everyone get from their
4113s garage great questions or when I get out
4116s of here
4117s another tan friend let's go looks like
4120s Tim
4121s here we go
4124s oh what's this oh come on come on pal
4126s I'll help you
4128s okay
4134s there's a lot happening
4137s oh no
4140s you're crazy
4143s even faster you almost have Fleet footed
4146s maxed out
4147s I that's magic I hope so and you go come
4151s on I will mute you Zack
4154s he's trying to open something
4157s I just heard like crinkling I was like
4159s what is that noise
4160s you're like so gently opening the Oreo
4163s thing I thought I was being sneaky no
4165s that microphone picks up no okay
4167s [Laughter]
4168s um
4174s okay I'm not gonna lie I just thought I
4176s could start cooking when I saw
4177s myself oh because of Zelda yeah yeah I
4179s feel like I can cook
4182s what we need is Kate's and Zelda
4185s and a delicious Hylian shroom dish in
4190s dubiri fans I think everything
4195s classic Nintendo I don't remember but in
4198s breath of the wild did link hum the
4200s Zelda songs while he was cooking as well
4202s or was that an adult
4204s because in tears he he comes with
4206s different various themes it was super
4208s I'd be skipping because I got
4211s not a princess to find and Save
4214s all right I'm good Dino
4216s oh I didn't you've been on muted the
4218s whole time let's go yeah listen to me
4220s eat my Oreos
4223s and we got the double stoked all right
4226s enter the underground oh sorry let's go
4229s we're making good quick work of this I
4232s am pleased
4233s okay now it's gonna be boyfriend yeah I
4237s really feel like we're gonna get void
4238s blood okay I'm sticking with boy blood
4240s it's I feel it in my bones
4244s fishing right there
4246s oh yeah I thought very small did you
4248s bring enough for chat ask chat yeah the
4250s Oreos share with the class Zach
4254s just
4260s excavation incoming yeah no no no it's
4263s it's gonna be survival
4266s Dean I hope you're right if you're if
4268s you're right where you get it OMG
4270s seriously go get a lottery ticket right
4272s now
4277s I'm Blown Away Dean oh that's stupid
4280s that's really dumb that should never
4283s happen
4284s I should never be this right this many
4287s times in a row
4288s the chroma key gave you too much in the
4292s universe just as Megan said when she
4293s walked in
4295s all right here we go
4297s Bruno marrow oh
4301s Bam Bam
4306s look at those German girls
4313s drum time
4317s by the way link Begins the game with
4319s lotus hand on tears origin wow you're
4321s right
4323s can we collab a pretty influential over
4326s here not like that game's been in
4329s production for a million years
4331s oh my God change the game
4335s [Laughter]
4338s we got a we got a leaker
4341s I just want to be what is it five five
4344s degrees of separation from me about six
4346s degrees Yeah
4348s I've met him twice
4350s I'm even closer that's right actually
4352s that's true I I have pictures to prove
4354s it I believe okay I remember you posted
4356s those it was more than a little jealous
4358s yeah with my right orange pants yeah
4361s the first time I met him I was 16 it was
4363s my very first E3 and I wore bright
4365s orange pants wow you know what I bet
4368s Miyamoto loved it it was it was a look
4370s and I already remembered how do I
4372s remember oh yeah I had bleach blonde
4374s tipped hair yeah it was a choice I think
4378s the only one you can pull off I'm gonna
4380s post it on Discord I don't care give me
4382s a second yeah post it Dean that's a flex
4384s you should share with the world I would
4385s Flex well on the second time I met him I
4387s had long hair
4399s you're very nice I remember driving by
4400s when I was in Japan we drove by the old
4402s Ninja like Supreme Nintendo yeah and I
4406s was just like Miyamoto walked on me
4410s I could feel the magic yeah
4421s no it is it is you will be you you don't
4424s even know
4425s here you go I can't picture with bleach
4427s blonde hair but I don't see it but it's
4430s in there it's under the yeah oh yeah
4437s I died
4438s I was 16 16. Dean it's beautiful and
4443s then the second time I was uh 20
4447s something oh and I have long hair you
4450s look that's my gosh
4453s I love it I love everything about it
4456s I can't even see it yeah oh no
4461s don't give Travelers okay he posted a
4465s picture of him right clicking and save
4466s it in the Jazz
4468s add it to the drive
4472s that's funny
4474s well if that isn't an advertisement for
4476s the Discord yeah
4482s what is it exclamation mark Discord in
4484s chat check it out
4489s I was thinking Spike from Buffy is that
4493s it Dean yeah what was your inspo was
4495s your bleaching I I honestly don't
4497s remember but it was basically from 15 to
4500s 17 I would bleach blonde my hair
4502s entirely and then I would let it grow
4504s out and then once it grew out I had free
4506s frosted tips
4509s bro and like do the whole deal and then
4511s that phase ended
4513s and then the long hair phase came in for
4516s some insane reason I don't know why
4517s nobody told me not to do it
4519s we all had the creative expression I had
4523s a um what do you call it a mullet
4525s accidental mullet for a long time these
4528s things happen
4529s accidental I wanted oh wait I rep was
4531s this recent right no no no what
4534s is a yeah you did the Shag and that
4536s was different cool yeah that was a
4537s mistake
4538s all right
4540s it's good for one day oh I see because
4543s of the maintenance and you have to style
4545s it to me and then when you sleep in it
4546s it just goes straight it goes to look
4549s like a blusher I feel that those
4550s hairstyles yeah it didn't work for me
4553s um no when I was younger I wanted like
4556s some nice little whoa I wanted some nice
4558s layers and uh what do they call it Super
4561s Cuts yeah oh yeah they did they did me
4564s dirty and they gave me a mullet I will
4566s say I've never my hair's never agreed
4568s with layers I feel that okay
4570s oh we're getting Megan mullet pictures
4572s please now and chat oh boy this car's a
4576s place to be
4577s [Laughter]
4582s will you
4584s leader of the Donnelly boys really
4587s showing us surviving Donnelly Savage
4590s Vernon Barnes and
4593s oh no I'll save you oh no no no no thank
4598s you
4599s I'm alive
4600s warm
4604s oh we're ready worm time
4607s he's getting another dress oh
4610s owie
4612s awesome I feel like I feel the most sad
4614s for simple I'm not sure why because
4616s she's already scared and then she has to
4618s turn into a drink right
4620s now
4622s I hate when I'm sad and have to turn
4624s into a dream
4627s you're like oh man oh man
4632s I guess I'll just fly out of this portal
4634s play around
4636s wow swing by is Swinging On by oh my God
4640s this is there dragons a long ways away
4643s it's me or I've not received my drop
4645s well if you click the top right on your
4649s Twitch profile you should see your drop
4651s progress and if it's at 100 give her a
4653s click
4654s I dare you give her a click sad dragon
4657s is better than a bad one oh put that on
4661s that is now we're thinking we'll get it
4667s a worm name
4668s simple is my friend I love her even if
4671s she wasn't
4675s oh my God
4679s here we go I'll press one I keep
4684s pressing one
4685s oh geez don't mind I'm on my way
4690s I'm going I never noticed like the
4692s boosters
4695s yeah I didn't throw my orbits
4698s I didn't do it again sometimes oh nice I
4702s bet it's Swing by Swing by was
4704s Unstoppable someone else got
4705s fleet-footed I tell you I'll just hang
4707s out down here while you guys
4714s chest
4718s I'm like whoa hey
4721s yo
4722s what are you opening a chance I'm saying
4725s that good get some degrees there's
4727s nothing else going on right now
4730s we all good
4733s all right and another decree just in
4735s time for the big thing that's what I was
4737s here for nobody skipped this no no way
4740s don't you oh
4742s I am a disappointed well you know it's a
4745s one and two chance that you're gonna ban
4747s well Dean you're lucky
4749s [Laughter]
4757s oh
4760s there I go again making sound effects
4762s for my
4763s attacks for some reason
4772s why was the sad Dragon crying I forgot
4778s what
4779s the safe word is pineapple pineapple
4782s good choice
4787s if you know avocado is a fruit
4789s oh you know that's one of those I always
4791s forget as a fruit but I know like if
4792s someone asked me I'd say yes but it
4794s doesn't feel in my heart like it's a
4795s fruit I agree yeah really my
4798s nutritionist asked me if I was eating
4800s fruit and I said no wait oh okay I said
4804s don't you eat avocados yes and she goes
4807s that's a fruit and I said shut up oh my
4810s gosh she gotcha I've been eating fruits
4812s I'm so healthy oh my God are you not
4815s supposed to eat fruits no I am okay okay
4818s it's my lack of fruits oh that's a
4820s problem that was the problem that's good
4823s you know what I my husband was loving
4826s athletic greens we are all gross and he
4829s was Kudos yeah I think I can't do it and
4833s he was like yeah well the vitamins in
4834s vegetables and I went oh yeah the
4836s vitamins in vegetables
4839s to talk about how you can access he
4841s instantly laughed and realized what he
4843s sounded like so all good
4844s not the AG bringing out the worst the
4847s ag1 just one delicious scoop of ag1
4849s contains a the vitamins and minerals you
4850s need in a day I don't need to drink
4852s grass for
4854s 30 seconds I will say I was Ill one time
4856s and athletic greens came through because
4858s like I couldn't eat really or like
4861s having a vitamin I I can't believe I'm
4863s running into ag1 ad on the stream right
4864s now
4866s Helen ten can we go to hell in 10 if you
4869s go to athletes.com
4872s laughs
4873s there's usually an owl puzzle around
4875s here
4878s I don't have very many pathos clamps so
4883s she's rich as hell
4885s I'm sorry did anyone get the
4888s amphitheater scene anyone
4890s um
4894s Travis says wait you gotta touch and
4896s drink grass now yeah it's getting hard
4900s out there life's hard all this grass
4904s did you find that chest
4906s which chest you said that there was a
4908s chest no there's and didn't find him
4911s there's usually owls around here
4918s turning it soon we're gonna get food
4922s that's free promotion free AG coming up
4924s from my coin I can't believe it
4928s Dylan's gonna be so happy I can't
4930s believe you've done this
4935s [Laughter]
4941s my life sorry
4945s nope it's cool it is definitely not for
4947s all
4948s but you know the vitamins in vegetables
4950s are actually accessed I don't know if
4953s you know about the vitamins in I don't
4954s know if you and your nutritionists know
4956s that vitamin vegetables
4958s I'll pitch AG one to her look at me guys
4960s what is going on
4963s [Laughter]
4965s that's too much coffee because after I
4968s shoot I go really fast
4970s oh
4977s this game is too powerful okay sir
4979s that's giving me a headache anyways
4980s that's all right
4983s man what a great
4986s squads of dudes how about some news
4990s we did it all we need some food oh I got
4992s one more degree oh yeah a little fish
4994s between the eyes baby
4996s how many decrees do you have what do you
4999s like to know actually we are
5001s our next topic
5005s but I don't know right now I could do
5007s the math
5008s three six seven eight nine
5013s oh 10 11 12 13. 14
5018s . just keeps going it's a lot that's a
5021s lot it's a lot to do math who would miss
5022s it well swing by is stuck
5025s all right so we'll do subtractions let's
5028s do another Platinum price
5030s third one
5032s three
5034s goodness gracious time flew I was too
5036s hard to be honest it is hard
5042s 1 000 Platinum has gone to
5067s [Music]
5069s do you think you have enough um no I do
5072s yeah
5074s not to end end but I got I think I can
5076s go to level nine that's satisfying
5079s I'll do it I'd do it 10 out of 10 I do
5083s it decrees equal current okay that's a
5085s lot
5087s um
5090s how would you how do you pronounce that
5092s Arc Arbor oh Oh I thought it was Arch
5095s okay this goes back to me asking uh is
5100s it Archangel or Archangel
5103s well it's fair it's fair I mean Arch
5106s Angel
5108s whatever you want it to be hey thank you
5111s to swing by and grumpy pants for being
5114s Exquisite Squad members in our devere
5117s experience blessings to you I'm going to
5119s really quickly go to my dormant
5123s do the same Adore Me
5126s Archibald angel or Archibald Archibald
5130s Angels
5132s Arch Enemy see the sea Arch Enemy
5135s English is wild
5137s it's not the true insane language so
5140s that is Got A History A lot of changes
5143s oh my God all right
5146s let's get rank up my opportunity
5149s she wants Australia big success
5153s all right one left
5157s stranger ER stranger you don't like me
5163s Kermit the Frog
5165s anyway
5167s thank you
5169s shall we do some oh actually before we
5172s do that oh I almost triggered the intro
5175s it was close
5177s well don't do it
5181s sorry uh before we jump into a fan art
5184s and all that we do have a wonderful
5185s Creator clip so like I mentioned we are
5188s going to be doing a rune Merrell alert
5190s and if you know Romero is one of the
5192s resources you need for some of the new
5194s incarnates and if you're interested in
5197s checking out some of the new incarnate
5198s Genesis weapons maybe perhaps The Lex
5201s Prime if you are a Lex Prime connoisseur
5204s a user and you need a little bit of
5206s knowledge on what maybe the Incarnate in
5209s Lux Prime is all about wonderful
5211s headshot has a wonderful video about the
5213s Incarnate Lex Prime play a team what's
5216s up everyone and welcome to another
5217s warframe video in this one we're going
5219s to be taking a look at the second
5221s incarnate weapon I selected this week
5223s and that is for the legs Lex Prime is an
5226s old school weapon introduced around nine
5228s years ago which is actually kind of wild
5230s to think about it's basically a
5233s semi-automatic hand Cannon slow firing a
5235s lot of recoil and it became somewhat of
5237s a fan favorite it had a soft spot in a
5240s lot of people's hearts for a fair time
5242s the problem is the game kind of left it
5245s behind a bit in terms of power
5246s especially in that quest for more
5248s difficult content polex just fell out a
5251s favor because it just couldn't compete
5253s so it was a prime candidate for an
5256s incarnate upgrade so what does it do
5259s well the Incarnate mode massively
5260s increases its base damage turning the
5262s base damage into all Impact and
5264s radiation instead of a mix of the IPS
5266s types it Buffs its correct chance its
5268s crit damage and Buffs its status
5271s oh and did I mention it basically turns
5273s the legs into the weird baby of the
5275s plasma and the catchmove yeah as you can
5277s see in the footage is firing out this
5279s AOE energy projectile hits anything in
5281s its path with infinite enemy punch
5283s through
5285s we love to see it aptly named headshot
5288s am I right am I right meant to be meant
5291s to be thank you headshot great video the
5293s video is of course Linked In the YouTube
5295s description for this Primetime or you
5297s can just go straight to Youtube do
5298s search a headshot it's only a three h3d
5302s sh-0t we love lead speak if you want to
5305s check out more of their really awesome
5306s videos they've been focusing a lot on
5308s the Incarnate weapons which is really
5309s cool so if you're interested in any of
5310s the other ones uh there's some really
5312s good headshot videos out there all right
5315s fan art fan art time there you go Dean
5321s uh fun fact gooseblame is in the studio
5323s today
5324s yes he made these uh lovely Transitions
5328s and I brought him into the stream studio
5330s and he's like like looking at like the
5332s perspective of like because he does like
5334s the couch one so it's like wow this is
5335s what it looks like you did a great job
5338s capturing it perfect so anyway that's
5340s sick fan art time fan art time dereka
5343s starting us off with the queen of
5344s Dewberry oh
5347s one incredible combo we've got marvelous
5350s and then this
5352s I named that skin
5354s but I forget its name that she's wearing
5358s a Maga amaga there it is and the
5360s washable paragram very cool I love I
5363s want her those I mean it's her body but
5365s I want those tights giving marbles
5368s giving Regal so sweet to sell a tenno
5371s cotton oh not to overwhelm the merge
5373s team
5374s I saw
5376s saw a tweet comment I think was by
5378s dysfusional I don't actually I don't
5380s want to call you I just Fusion if it
5381s wasn't you anyways it was someone saying
5383s that uh they're like man they were
5386s talking about the line at tanocon for
5387s Merch being longer than like a line for
5390s Taylor Swift
5392s Sam you're not wrong not wrong we are
5395s trying to alleviate that this year with
5397s a long line and maybe like a a line in a
5400s pickup spot anyway we're great plans
5402s we're trying we only have the same
5403s amount of space every single year so
5405s we're trying I mean I got through the
5407s t-swift line in 45 minutes
5412s it's got his Lottery card he's got his
5415s Taylor Swift anyways continue no problem
5418s minor bro that's right space queen of
5420s the tenno that's what this captures and
5422s we love it
5423s our next one is by Sanderson who
5426s captured the man in the wall oh my God
5431s who deliciously scary I'm gonna say I am
5435s a self-promoted Sanderson number one fan
5438s okay and I love that they also love the
5441s man on the wall and Albert contrada
5443s so
5445s I'm just going to say sanderson's gonna
5447s have a good year this year oh my okay
5450s and we'll leave it at that moving on to
5453s duster Creations varuna
5456s look at her I thought she was giving me
5458s a thumbs up for a second she's like
5460s that's right
5462s oh
5464s my God looking good she's on Fuego with
5468s the uh what that's that was funny I
5471s liked it what when you said she's on
5473s playground
5474s that's the vocab she is beautiful I
5478s don't know if that's her uh tale of
5480s femur or she's just on fire but she
5482s looked great in either case she's
5483s rocking it and it's a as always ghost
5486s tour's got a great art style
5488s they do the floofs and then they come
5490s out with this hot piece do anything come
5494s on
5495s Teriyaki 03 43 did this adorable
5499s speaking of foods
5504s got everyone on there got the whole
5506s collection we should do
5510s flu of
5511s those characters oh it's kind of like
5514s okay do you know that series of those um
5516s I got one for my friend who was in
5518s health science they're they're like
5520s cells but you can reverse them into
5523s being an infected cell but they're both
5524s cute oh is it like the octopus where
5526s it's like happy and then mask same idea
5528s yeah we do that but with oralworms
5532s oh
5534s I love it ship it totally do it Julia
5537s are you listening Julia she's our merch
5540s we're not just yelling random names love
5542s it on to where electro oh they're stocky
5547s I'm so close
5549s stranger the comment on this one is I
5552s love the design of the official cave
5554s it's a very unique take on the animal
5556s anyway here's mine love it I like their
5560s cave
5561s and stalker does too he's got quite the
5564s ma on that horse
5565s big old mouth yeah edgy horse for one
5568s edgy boy he is edgelord he is the OG
5572s edgler
5574s okay I have two blueprint
5577s um comics for us this evening they're
5579s slightly related they both have acolyte
5580s themes here's our first one
5584s where the hell did he go hey Gramps
5586s where did stalker go he just left right
5588s now to go get milk earlier and there's
5592s Tashan dragging him into the spiral it
5596s says hey uh right about now everyone's
5597s got Rank 10 opportunity so you're gonna
5599s need to get to work
5602s they need you don't mess with tession I
5607s love the Simplicity of hanhao in this I
5609s don't know
5611s and then like hey Gramps
5614s the fact that like the the acolytes are
5617s like cousins or whatever is pretty good
5620s pretty good and one more from the
5622s accolades hey what can they do when
5624s stalkers away
5625s are you ready always ready yeah surfing
5629s with your rally oh you're really so good
5631s that's my wave I love them yeah I steal
5635s my wave seriously it's just hydrated
5639s oh yeah hydrates like I got your back
5641s actually
5642s and now we're on to another gorgeous
5646s piece by veras
5648s this was their commission for zato zed
5651s zed they're no that's a cool chair
5654s design
5655s [Music]
5657s it reminds me of dubiri it's giving do
5660s very Elegance
5662s appropriately floaty I really like it
5664s she's perfect her Little Goat legs love
5666s it oh stunning Nova veras you are
5670s exceptional
5672s okay and now it's bigger exceptional I
5675s can't believe I didn't know this was a
5676s thing and I thank the Warframe Community
5678s for teaching me about it do you know
5679s mermaid yeah I did not know about
5682s mermaid mermaid and I was wondering
5683s where I was seeing so much mermaid
5686s Warframe art so if Taylor had some last
5689s week it's like what is this well it's
5691s mermaid folks and a baby our fan art is
5694s delivered so let's see our first mermaid
5697s from Dan Degas here's Gauss oh that'd be
5703s the fastest mermaid you've done ever
5705s seen I like how even Gauss is like I'm a
5708s what I get the little question mark I'm
5710s confused where did my Speedy legs go
5713s super cute mermaid muruga someone said
5719s great name okay our next one is from Tau
5723s Phantom you gotta do your Ellie oh the
5726s perfect Mermaid so cute is she on her
5729s Maryland as well I think yeah marolina
5731s seems to be
5735s is her tail
5737s oh no not quite I see how you can see
5740s that yeah yeah yeah oops super cute
5743s she's so cheapy and then tamiru has like
5746s led the mermaid challenge but I chose
5749s her valkyr for you to show off yeah
5754s really cool Val velmer no that's not oh
5758s yeah
5759s here Mercury is kind of cool Mercury
5763s Elmer is not cute
5765s I am Velma sorry for named Velma your
5769s name's great I feel like a deep sea
5771s mermaid
5775s yeah she's giving shark siren oh and um
5779s another from tamiru that I had to
5781s include
5782s Mervat oh this one's my favorite this is
5786s like their like tamaru's classic caveat
5788s that is featured in like all of their
5790s memes and it's so good it's so funny a
5794s little pause that brought me a lot of
5796s joy
5797s okay
5799s mm-hmm
5801s this one from end car I think they said
5804s something with this like I thought
5806s mermaids were supposed to have beautiful
5807s singing voices oh oh bra you looking
5811s good
5815s that's The Little Mermaid pose it is
5818s yeah the classic Disney we had who did
5820s that one that was so long ago with the
5823s grineer yeah I wonder if I still have
5826s that gift go find a Dean I want a
5828s mermaid it wasn't yui Kami was it it was
5831s in that era
5833s uh
5836s what is it to take its legs away
5840s [Laughter]
5844s happy kazoo
5846s oh you can go to my screen if you want
5848s yeah oh this one
5850s happy mermaid
5853s this is old school this is awesome this
5857s is years ago it's uh
5860s 2015. wow May 13th 2015. Tumblr baby
5864s still alive still part of your world
5866s classic we printed this out and put it
5869s on the wall yeah that's probably why I
5871s know it it's so good I think they also
5873s turned it into a gift I did the gift did
5875s you do that I'm trying to find
5878s it it's good it's a classic may 2015.
5880s this is May 2015. May 15 2015.
5886s and we'll polish things off with one
5888s more mermaid legend while Dean hunts
5891s might want to switch to Fan Art screen
5892s real quick oh you're good do your thing
5895s this is from plickett plickett oh my God
5899s a little different
5901s whoa I know I've been playing a lot of
5903s Zelda but this is giving me like the
5906s um the pool in the zeros domain it's
5909s giving that and it's giving the I can't
5910s think of the name like I'm thinking old
5912s school Zelda with the boys
5918s are the um oh my God what are their
5921s names hybrids giving cake what are their
5923s names Chad the the
5927s Crystal Stars come on chat din thank you
5932s thank you dragons no the they're
5938s I've been playing so many tears I can't
5940s have terminology from the other games
5941s they know they know nehru didn't they're
5943s like the powers
5947s the things yes no like the goddesses yes
5950s thank you Jesus
5953s we got there we got there oh yeah well
5957s that's all fair that we have happy
5960s mermaid oh my God sheesh
5971s so I'm just grabbing it quickly one
5973s second here all right all right but am I
5976s wrong like it's giving this anyways it
5978s is it's the tripos goddesses it is it's
5980s the goddesses anyway it is
5987s I've been playing a lot of Tears okay
5989s all I know are Gloom depths
5994s it's tears and a lot of Tears a lot of
5997s frustrations
5999s oh hold on hold on oh I can already tell
6003s this is gonna be a treat folks Dean is
6005s adding it
6006s and it is oh he's zooming in here
6010s oh I lost my twitch girl hold on all
6013s right because we made this long ago
6016s oh
6023s yeah
6025s because that's like the the style yeah
6028s I love it rested the little wiggle and
6032s everything just kills me original art
6034s happy kazoo from 2015 still bringing
6037s laughs happy mermaid happy mermaid I'd
6040s love to see it there it is all right
6042s shall we do some captura I think we
6044s should we shall we're sure our time
6047s first up
6049s keep going I'll have it back there one
6051s second here it's waiting for you Dean
6053s all right we should be good first up
6054s from
6056s penno this is titled the threshold
6058s you're not getting through there that is
6060s a doorway that you shall not be entering
6063s because we got vobon looking like a
6065s steam train and we got a necromack
6068s that's gonna punch you in the face so
6071s yeah I mean or just step on you they're
6073s giant or just step on you look out your
6076s choice that is sick I like it they match
6079s DeBerry and everything love it like it
6082s ship it next up we have from purple
6085s flurp they did a little uh cetus titled
6090s Surah and I love what they do with like
6093s the focus and like the blur in the
6094s background like it just looks so clean
6096s and the way they go over the Border oh I
6099s love border breaking I love it I love it
6101s I love it I love it I love I love it but
6103s I just love how like the style they do
6105s this it really makes you look at like
6107s all the details of like Baruch and like
6109s even like the outfits like they look so
6111s good and they're nice friend right my
6114s ostron it's not what it used to be but I
6117s do believe so believe Sarah's friend we
6120s are all friends here next up we have
6123s from Ferris D this is titled return to
6127s Shadow we love a bad boy well sorry it's
6129s it's time to return shuttle Return To Us
6132s return to home oh
6136s Stranger In Black oh my God
6139s that's so cool oh my God now you know
6141s why I want to get stranger and black
6142s real bad do I ever this better inspired
6144s me to really go for it yeah that's so
6146s cool but like a dark and his hands on
6149s her back I don't know if you know oh I
6151s didn't make it we love an edit
6154s um but like a chat don't say that word
6158s uh a dark Mirage
6161s is just as hot it's hot it's hot this is
6165s hot it's hot it's simply hot guys it's
6167s hot okay
6169s next up we have from shamera and this is
6173s their uh operator OC if you will and
6176s their name is operator 7g Valera sinrix
6180s I love when people name their offerings
6182s I love it I just call my Raven from the
6184s boy I know I have like no like I I can I
6188s can dress mine up but like he ain't got
6190s no name
6195s I should pick a name for one yeah and
6197s this one it's it's fun because the purse
6199s personality of their operator is coming
6202s through yeah the capture exactly don't
6204s know how he did that but you did it like
6206s I could make this exact operator but it
6208s wouldn't be the same because it's not
6210s valaras and Rick's that's it right there
6212s you know what I'm saying love it name
6214s your Drifters anyways moving on we have
6217s from lucette 05. that looks cool they
6220s did a lovely little missila oh I love
6222s her she would be she's like a photograph
6224s like a film photo giving film yeah I
6227s like the the white highlight on this she
6230s would be really good cosplay
6232s you already got the pink hair Helen
6236s okay
6243s I love it she's waving she's toxically
6245s we love it methilla a queen
6248s next step we have from volzian who's
6252s been killing it in the capture game
6255s lately uh just a incredible classic
6258s Clean protea collegia Skin and it's just
6262s it's so good the qua like I don't even
6265s think my game looks that good half the
6267s time yeah on my shitty computer but like
6270s damn energy around her oh she's into
6273s very good that's skit like that is
6277s a multimedia asset if I ever saw a
6280s Commodore very good that that's selling
6282s the skin to me
6284s I'm not asking Andreas on the way you
6287s got a top-tier PC my friend uh next to a
6290s guide monitor is that as wide as
6292s Rebecca's monitor uh next up we have
6294s from emba sub and the sub we have a very
6300s dark Harrow piece this is sweet I mean
6303s we said stalker was Edge Lord he is this
6306s is also very edgy horse Mega edgy and
6310s he's got the bat ephemera too to prove
6312s it with all the bats around it's like
6314s the four horsemen or something giving
6316s apocalypse so cool love it because cave
6320s is meant for it truly he looks like a
6322s baddie uh next up I found much joy in
6326s this piece this is by Vani and they did
6330s a play on the classic Among Us
6333s uh what do you call it art or what
6335s everyone calls skirt home screen
6337s whatever uh using Meg and I just meant
6341s for them
6344s did you see that recently they came out
6347s with a mode they removed it now but you
6349s could be a horse
6353s and uh there was a there's a game where
6356s you can be like the sheriff or something
6358s or I don't know there was a version of
6359s it and when you like died your horse
6361s would be on its back with its legs like
6363s all tied up and you'd be like wiggling
6364s it's so funny great game anyways this is
6368s fantastic art vanity uh I love a good uh
6371s Among Us reference great game uh next up
6374s we have from kachara this is tiled iron
6378s bird again just really showcasing what
6381s is a very very complex outfit yeah four
6385s frames they're too complex I love this
6387s game it's one of the best skins it's a
6389s really good song I remember when we were
6391s developing this skin I was like have we
6393s gone too far this is truly anime like
6396s awesome we're going to another level
6398s here with this and it's my Gundam dreams
6400s with that experience like just the like
6402s the puffer vest Vibe like and you put it
6405s on your operator and I'm just like come
6406s on landing craft looking like yes the
6408s landing craft is top tier oh isn't a
6411s dang fine color set and background to
6414s show it off love it very popping off and
6417s last but not least for fan art today the
6420s always wonderful six gatsu with the Wisp
6424s how do I pronounce it insomnia insomnia
6426s thank you insomnia skin I am obsessed
6430s the way they caught the movement of all
6432s her little that's so cool dangly bits
6435s incredible and also breaking the Border
6438s oh yeah gets me every time instantly
6440s extra cool instantly cool points yeah so
6443s good but again just like looks great
6446s just the clock like there's nothing
6448s there's not a lot going on but it's just
6450s so like centered on the skin that I'm
6452s just like transfixed by it yeah I mean
6454s that's good multimedia right Dean
6458s oh it's nice it is incredible and that
6461s is also a fan art capture
6463s yeah so Zach how do we want to tee this
6466s up I uh we have a late submission
6471s okay I'm ready uh this is mojube in the
6474s Discord they made a platinum prize
6478s decree that we were talking about
6479s earlier oh
6485s drop the money bomb
6489s s this is what like next update right oh
6491s of course yeah well it's like I love it
6493s can you imagine they we add that and you
6496s just get one Platinum
6498s to your account oh so good thank you
6501s this is uh mojuber in the Discord this
6504s is incredible discordant should we run a
6507s platinum prize
6511s chosen I mean I'd pick that degree
6514s fully-footed in flat fries maybe all
6517s right to faves thousand Platinum is
6518s going to
6520s Sav Rock underscore North America
6522s savrock underscore n a congratulations
6524s you've won a thousand Platinum drop the
6526s money bomb you can please who is for our
6529s twitch Channel with your in-game Alias
6531s platform play warframon and we'll get
6532s you your 1000 Platinum money bomb Sav
6535s Rock underscore and a congratulations
6539s great art all right speaking of great
6541s all right we have a little Dojo tour to
6544s be a part of
6545s wow
6552s that was some good timing yeah you knew
6554s where I was going
6555s uh we're gonna do a lovely little tour
6557s of a dojo on the Xbox this is the ghost
6561s clan sunless Saturn six wolves
6565s I got out of the
6567s well if you know unitewave you know you
6569s know you know there's there's a jail and
6571s they out incoming yeah that's a nylon I
6575s don't want a face there's someone
6576s driving that tractor that's so fun oh
6577s what are they building we'll never know
6579s maybe in our lawn baby Tower maybe trade
6582s Vault here
6584s I love the the iron bars
6588s you cannot have these things
6591s we have rules for trading in this Dojo
6593s cannot have
6595s a little underground okay the extra
6598s valuable items here artifact Chambers oh
6603s oh and here we have the Galleon job what
6607s is that are they firing that into a oh
6610s they're fixing it they're building it is
6612s hard at work I like to think those are
6614s our kuva Lich friends and not well okay
6616s that looks like maybe that's an army
6618s that's yep the grineer have invaded this
6620s Dojo I understand now okay they're
6623s making something oh my God experimental
6625s hanger you know what it's like stranger
6627s things oh it's giving very soon yeah
6629s yeah yeah yeah it reminds me of right
6631s now look out
6633s 11 coming through
6636s they got the sentient technology
6638s this is an Astron encampment oh
6642s oh look at the meat slabs cozy yum oh no
6646s dinner dinner and dinner I do remember
6650s Dojo decorators were excited about
6652s Astron dinnerware like that's what
6655s excited them about getting those
6657s decorations
6658s in our discussions
6660s vent kids skate park oh my God
6665s and it puts in parentheses thanks to
6667s grandmother so grandmother sponsored a
6671s dojo skate park of course
6673s oh my God that's so cool
6676s wow
6677s [Music]
6680s Saturn 6
6682s should we check out a PC please let's
6684s check out a PC do a quick PC Clan round
6686s for a little fewer if we show
6689s I think which one are we gonna do
6692s nazarik
6693s Nazar Nazareth storm Clan I'm going in
6698s we're going in we're going to try it out
6701s I have a couple room recommendations for
6704s now so Rick take care on my second
6706s monitor take me on a tour
6709s I'm ready to go yeah Gauss prime or
6712s Gauss Deluxe ghost Deluxe is coming in
6714s the next uh major update all is well if
6718s you are a part of the design Council on
6720s our official forums you can actually
6722s name ghost Deluxe I love it and the
6726s exceltra deluxe so check out if you're a
6728s design Council check out that thread on
6731s the forums and you couldn't have a
6732s chance to name them very cool moving on
6734s pretty excited about that oh we have a
6735s wisp joining us all right all right so
6738s oh I see a transporter on the mini map
6740s beautiful
6742s damn put those away actually this is
6745s okay before I teleport out of here I've
6746s got to see what's in this stunning
6748s building
6750s we can just go full screen Helen and
6752s chicken yeah happy to uh take the veins
6758s this is cool oh they have their trophy
6762s Flex don't forget see other rooms cute
6764s you got it you bet I will see other
6766s rooms oh my God what did you just do
6770s injured Megan was trying to get
6772s comfortable folks and um
6775s Kick the table a little bit
6777s okay
6782s all right well maybe another room
6784s you feel better wow look at those things
6787s okay this is very organized so I've been
6791s told we should check out the memory of
6793s Tashan which Zach is already drawn to oh
6796s no oh
6803s this is so sweet
6808s now it's really strong over here yeah
6811s seriously
6814s this is cool let's not touching though
6816s we can we can dream oh and there's a
6820s crush my dreams I'd like to think that
6821s the vicious Barb decree is a reference
6824s to stranger things as well oh
6828s [Laughter]
6831s God this is a very cool yeah
6835s this is great I am moving very floating
6839s islands which is very appropriate for a
6842s fashion location
6845s okay now apparently there's a castle
6847s okay what is Hector the kilo frame
6851s I'm very curious number nine
6856s ah I'm very curious
6861s I'm glad I was curious yeah oh my god oh
6864s this was recommended even Dean you have
6867s a good eye for cool rooms
6869s is his hand the transporter what's in
6871s his hand there is let's check that out
6874s oh oh
6876s you got treasure holding that money
6879s honey
6880s yeah oh that's sweet
6882s oh look at that gun okay
6887s well I appreciate you Hector you're
6889s really incredible like Grendel's cousin
6891s looking good
6894s okay let's see if I can't find this
6895s castle that's a haul
6897s I think it's a castle
6901s oh oh we checked this out we checked out
6904s this beauty
6906s let's see over here
6910s oh I guess just in general this is start
6913s root okay so this is a whole fruit whole
6916s experience
6917s you see Rita wrote wrote I think it
6920s depends I say root
6924s now I'm sucking guessing everything okay
6926s let's say route it's the same as like
6927s decal and decal oh I love right I say
6931s decal on purpose because I think it
6932s sounds better than decal yeah I agree
6935s look at my decal in my car British
6937s versus American English Brutus the
6940s Salazar is saying you know story of a
6942s Canadian's life right there we're
6943s trapped in the middle we always are
6946s okay this is sick
6948s reminds one of Legend of Zelda oh
6956s yes excuse me
6959s and you're the one who made me go down
6961s there
6962s yeah no it wasn't get something cool I
6966s accidentally I haven't been very far yet
6968s don't worry about it
6973s what's going on
6976s here we go this is far and someone named
6978s Grim from Redmond to the void I know you
6980s Grimm Grim that's what they say when
6983s they run
6984s [Laughter]
6986s can you imagine where's his brother
6989s though hi Graham Reaper oh cause of The
6991s Brothers Grimm thank you although that's
6993s funny I think that was good that was
6996s quick
6998s minutes
7005s [Music]
7010s it's dominoes dominoes the mortuary oh
7015s what
7019s what combat is a fun mystery to end on I
7023s dare say
7024s well thank you to the gorgeous Clan
7027s sunless Saturn six wolves we loved every
7030s minute that was cool that was no that's
7032s the Xbox Clan this is something
7034s different
7034s thank you announcer
7037s thank you PC storm Clan Nazareth
7041s six wolves two dojos we saw this evening
7043s yeah you think you could go to the Xbox
7044s because all right
7047s top 10.
7050s oh yeah brought to you by Will Donnelly
7053s can you please do it yeah
7058s I'm doing that all right let's start us
7059s off strong with Falon Wizards and in
7061s hell I'd say oh no hold on hold on what
7063s did I say did Helen say prime time or
7065s Crime Time
7075s just intimidated them strongly you
7078s didn't do anything wrong sure yeah
7080s crimes here okay
7085s well crimes can we get away with it's
7087s usually tax fraud just kidding we've
7090s never done tests never never I can't
7093s prove anything crane got nothing
7098s yeah and on that sideway moving on to
7100s number nine from Fireball RKO 48 last
7104s second fish that was officially a good
7106s job
7108s thank you
7111s moving on to number eight from new boy
7114s 1990 when Helen gets the courtly shots
7116s and she can start a band a Helen in the
7118s frame oh hello sign me up would be your
7122s three other Warframe Grendel on drums
7125s yep
7127s um Gauss on electric guitar lead
7131s um obviously I'm playing rhythm guitar
7133s and singing and now I need Bass
7138s who would get along with Gwendolyn goes
7140s because we don't want any fights in the
7141s band you're really your rally on baby
7144s slapping that water base
7146s that's our band folks
7149s super snubbed she's the she's the Rival
7153s band no seriously I she can't be in a
7155s band she needs to be a solo artist it's
7157s Octavia in the cavettes she is a whole
7159s band like Josie and the Pussycats but
7165s Josie's for hats
7168s what have I done
7170s my favorite movies of all time me too oh
7173s it's so good oh no Rosario DARS my
7177s accent came out sorry Rosario the
7180s Donnelly effect yeah well get out of
7183s here
7184s wow number seven uh toe Phantom says
7188s hair on fire sounds like a skill where
7190s Ember does a L'Oreal hair flick
7192s yep I like it it's on fire
7195s instead of world on fire hair on fire
7198s uh number six we've got Cardinal MDM if
7201s you can dodge a mother-in camera skin
7205s that's a dodgeball aren't they making
7207s another dodgeball are they really no way
7209s yeah they are they are you're right
7211s there
7213s I'm pretty sure we'll learn that
7214s information the same time I learned that
7216s they're doing another Shrek movie they
7218s they are well I told you that after uh
7219s Puss in Boots that they were they kind
7221s of hinted at the news
7222s I'm so pleased yeah
7229s [Music]
7235s oh you guys could go
7247s [Applause]
7250s [Laughter]
7268s yeah what more do you want with one girl
7271s oh my God oh my God at number four uh
7274s crooksius underscore Prime Megan the
7277s fisherman hell in the bar Dean the
7278s tactician the three pillars
7281s and sax just in the corner I'm there
7283s yeah I'm the person that like watches
7285s people carry stuff being like yup looks
7287s good yeah a little laughs
7291s great job let's take five Take Five
7296s at number three elixis uh says imagine
7299s that interaction IRL you forgot to equip
7301s your handshake someone greets you with
7302s the handle stretch and you just stare at
7304s them dancing
7306s hands up there
7310s okay that's like me in every social
7313s situation I just like dance my way it's
7315s been really cool guys
7323s number two at Phoenix sorry if I said
7326s that wrong accidental mullet band name
7328s question
7329s marks
7331s that one's for free that's a freebie
7334s real quick damn it real quick and coming
7338s in strong and number one molten Icarus
7340s Among Us
7343s oh
7354s [Music]
7369s that is so funny I'm just gonna do a
7372s quick little thing Wing things are too
7374s powerful
7384s right here
7389s you're gonna give us any Irish after all
7392s that training
7394s can you say Among Us in Irish oh Among
7397s Us oh my god oh Among Us oh there's
7400s always that can you give us a line from
7402s the play just any line
7406s what do you say about your brothers yeah
7408s say something about your brothers clear
7409s off that's a lot of you oh there it is
7417s they found the wing ding uh all right
7419s let's give away a hildren a prime access
7422s before we depart on out of here because
7425s we are going to be raiding none other
7427s than Warframe Creator Life water oh yeah
7430s I don't want to see no grippers
7432s it was you who wrote that I
7435s I'm sorry Life water you're great but
7438s you'll be showing your grippers for free
7440s on these these here internet parts
7442s that's dangerous you live in dangerously
7445s uh Tema underscore you have won halogen
7448s Prime access Tema I think that's two
7450s more
7451s kills your Prime access please whisper
7453s the Warframe to which channel you watch
7454s right now in game Alias platform play
7455s war from one and we'll get you your
7457s halogen Prime access teema underscore
7459s underscore and maybe next week on the uh
7462s leaked Dev stream on May 26th you'll
7465s learn about the next prime Warframe oh
7467s my gosh what could it be I don't know
7470s anyways uh we're gonna read Life water
7472s tonight and again hopefully he's not
7475s showing any gripper what is on your
7476s hands it looks so gnarly
7479s it's because of the red because you have
7481s red because I slightly well pink nails
7484s what do you want I guess so uh uh we're
7487s gonna read Life water and he's great and
7489s he better not should be showing his feet
7490s he is showing you
7495s he's watching great to see you at the
7498s vote for these past two hours playing
7500s some more frame doing some DeBerry doing
7502s some shots and all that great stuff
7503s Helen thank you for being here a
7505s pleasure as always Zach welcome back
7507s well thank you it was my pleasure Dean
7509s go buy lottery tickets I am going to uh
7511s somebody yeah I said before you close
7512s the Discord I need seven numbers between
7514s two and 49. oh I'll run those numbers
7516s all right get to that Discord Discord
7518s give them seven numbers all right thank
7520s you
7524s sorry I'm sorry I control a lot but
7527s that's I got nothing about that uh have
7529s a wonderful night we'll see you next
7531s week for more streams including the dev
7533s stream that got leaked so anyways have a
7535s wonderful night bye bye
7545s [Music]
7563s foreign