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2s [Music]
11s [Music]
18s thank you
24s welcome to Prime Time
27s 319. I hope Mercury retrograde is
30s treating you well how's it been for you
31s Marcus uh yeah the um the Mercury and
35s Gatorade has not been affecting me too
36s too much excellent it's pretty good
38s gotta watch out for that so gotta look
39s out just kidding gatorade's fine I don't
41s want anyone to think that's a real PSA
42s we're here to enjoy some Warframe we're
46s still rocking Veil breaker good things
47s are happening hello chat hey Chad
50s um so shall we start with some
52s housekeeping always let's do it it's a
54s good place to begin steinax is going to
57s be available in the in-game market
59s starting tomorrow which means that today
62s tonight is your last chance to log in to
67s get steinx for free so I highly
69s recommend you do that if you haven't
70s already
71s uh now I know that there are a few of
74s you who still haven't received steinx
76s despite having logged in for free
77s there's an issue for example with people
79s who logged in didn't receive Stein ax
81s when they got their inbox and then
82s deleted the inbox message so we have a
85s script running to solve that problem it
88s is going to continue running even after
90s the clock strikes midnight tonight and
93s steinx goes into the market and the
95s freestyle next time runs out so we'll
98s catch all those stragglers and on to
101s Marcus for the next bit of news yeah if
102s you've got a friend you got a loved one
103s that needs to log into Warframe tell
105s them to do so so they can get that Stein
107s extra free that's a real PSA and is
109s steinac Cinderella because he leaves at
111s midnight oh only to return in the market
115s that's beautiful we shall see yes just a
118s quick little update for archon hunts and
120s calls weekly missions so typically we
123s have the archon Hunts that reset on
124s Wednesdays and we have calls mission
125s that reset on Sundays alongside other
127s syndicates nightwave and night wave
130s other challenges so this upcoming week
132s we need to put a little bit of Polish
134s into calls next weekly Mission so this
136s upcoming Wednesday is When Calls weekly
138s Mission will reset so if you haven't
141s played his mission yet this week you
143s have until next Wednesday to complete
145s that mission and keep on Pace with
147s everyone else
148s beyond that after this upcoming
150s Wednesday
151s the following Sunday the archon hunt and
155s calls Mission will reset on Sunday
157s alongside all the other syndicates as
160s they will
161s far into the Future Okay so this
163s upcoming Wednesday
165s will be call and archon Hunt reset and
169s then the following Sunday is when they
171s will reset again and will reset into the
174s future so you've got like 10 days now
175s you got about a five day window and then
177s it'll be weeks on and on to the future
179s we have a full PSA on the Warframe
183s subreddit as well as on the forums check
184s it out there all the details are there
186s but yeah and then everything will reset
188s Sunday alongside paladinos where so if
190s you like to log in and exchange your
191s rhythms Riven slivers with Paladino now
194s you can do so on Sunday which is really
196s really nice so everybody loves a good
199s synchronization I hope everybody was
201s paying attention because we're going to
202s be testing you at the end of class yes
204s truly
206s if anyone needs this in calendar format
208s just
209s send me a message wherever you can reach
211s me and I'll just put up a little there's
212s a PSA there's a piece there's no visual
215s on the PSA some people are visual
217s learners
218s so forums.warfame.com we got your back
221s and speaking of PSAs Rebecca put a post
225s on the forums as well last Friday it was
228s a post that covered all the hot topics
231s about Veil breaker things we're looking
233s at qol changes coming to calls missions
236s for example now uh well not on the way
241s one of the ql changes we have planned is
243s that when you do a challenge and you
246s partially complete it it will have
248s cumulative progress which means that for
250s example you removed three out of five
254s veils in a mission the first time you
256s did it well next time you only have two
258s more veils to go because you removed
260s three the first time around so that's
262s one great ql item but there are a few I
265s highly recommend you check out Rebecca's
266s post she also talks about I was looking
269s at Community feedback regarding archon
271s hunts we're still considering making
272s some changes there's uh some
275s experimental testing going on for
277s changes related to damage attenuation
279s for example
280s set up a handy dandy link for us
283s exclamation mark Veil breaker in twitch
286s chat right now if you want to get a
288s direct link to Rebecca because post so
290s exclamation mark failbreaker you can go
291s see everything Rebecca said lots of good
293s Intel in there absolutely lots of good
294s Intel in there you know what else is
296s some good Intel today's switch drop so
298s for those of you that have already taken
299s down a few of the archons on public you
301s may have gotten an archon Shard and now
303s if you potentially fat fingered and put
305s your archon Shard on the wrong Warframe
307s you need to remove it you're going to
309s need your battle repository from the
311s helmet but to fill up your bowel
312s repository you're going to need some
314s resources so today we've got a bile grab
316s bag so you have a chance of getting
317s equal chances of getting thermal sludge
319s cryotic diluted thermia voigel orbs and
322s isos so you get those in varying
324s quantities and you can feed those to
325s helmuth keep his bowel repositories up
327s and then uh so you get a prime version
329s of a frame you really like want to move
330s over that archon Shard so you get a
332s tauford Shard and want to put that on
333s your favorite frame now you can do so
335s with lots and lots of bile because who
337s doesn't love getting bile randomly
339s Delicious from the internet if you if
342s you got a bile grab bag for Halloween
344s how would you feel great I would be so
348s upset but I'm not not helmet helmuth
350s would be very very it's like getting an
351s apple or a toothbrush yeah I mean I
354s loved getting an apple and a toothbrush
355s and I think helmuth would too
357s yeah because he would eat it you'd eat
359s some hole full amount of perspective
362s much like the comments that are going to
364s play during this live stream and by play
367s I mean be sent to us in twitch chatting
369s Discord and we have someone here ready
372s and you're watching we do
374s [Laughter]
375s [Applause]
387s yeah so for those who don't know there
390s is a a long Gap in between the two
393s cameras
395s longer than you might think wow
399s princess my arm is I think almost three
402s feet and I'd love to see some great
404s jokes about that gap between the cameras
406s as with Zach who is diligently watching
409s if you would like to join the Warframe
410s Discord
412s and diligently stood in between us
414s through the whole new segment nine
416s minutes yeah uh yep we prepared yep
420s um if you do exclamation mark Discord
421s you can join the play Warframe official
423s Discord Zach is hanging out there in the
425s prime time chat Channel that's right and
428s it's a good time I love it there when I
430s hang out always a great time we also get
431s a lot of our fan art and captura from
433s the fan art and capturer channels in the
435s war from Discord WE Post giveaways
436s there's contests lots of fun things
438s happening in the official play Warframe
440s Discord so if you have not joined
441s definitely jump on it because it is a
443s good good time indeed how do you feel
444s about Platinum birthday boy oh my God I
447s love Platinum can we get a thousand
449s plateronis showered upon someone
452s [Laughter]
459s what made it worse I made it worse Zach
462s made it back Zach can only make it
464s better hero You've Won 1000 Platinum I'm
467s also going to spell that out eight
470s a-h-i-r-i-o just in case you couldn't
472s read that at the bottom of the hero or
474s they're like it's a Ryo you peasant you
476s know potentially we shall see but a hero
478s you've won a thousand Platinum please
480s whisper the Warframe account on Twitch
482s with your in-game name and the platform
483s that you play on it will get you a
484s thousand Platinum enjoy spending that
487s spend it wisely
489s ah now for the wisdom to go far and away
493s as we discuss today's gameplay all that
496s logic it's out the window oh that's the
499s end of it we are going to do calls
501s weekly Mission but you know in addition
502s to in-game missions I want to have some
505s IRL challenges and chat I want you to
508s help us with them I'll let you know the
510s four I've come up with first okay
512s hold the mouse in your left hand while
514s you do your weekly mission
516s inverted controls yep where Kaleidoscope
520s glasses
522s and drink lemon juice every time call
526s says call these are the four that are
528s already on the docket I'm looking for
530s one or two more from twitch chat
534s to make this glorious yeah Danny is
537s going to show you what the Kaleidoscope
538s glasses look like while we await your
540s input
542s whoa spoiler alert
547s yeah get right right there right there
549s oh yeah all that actually works out
551s pretty good oh
552s that's what we're gonna see I don't
554s think it's gonna work no it's going to
556s be tough It's Gonna there's gonna be
557s some motion sickness
562s let's see lower the screen brightness is
565s called eyes whoa interesting this is
568s gonna be challenging or darn right Zen
570s Rapids okay no jumping
573s I really like that can you play I don't
576s know do you want to find out I have one
578s Helen what Dean turn the keyboard 180
582s degrees
587s yeah inverted keyboard inverted keyboard
589s I'm out of your control keyboard with
591s more steps I'm also adding
593s no jumping I
595s might get a bit I might possible let's
596s find out yeah it could be do you see any
598s other good ones Marcus I'm sorry I
600s missed the Alias of no jumping I got
601s excited
602s every time call hits you you spin oh
606s I could do that in the chair oh I'm
608s gonna leave that to you because would
609s that would you have enough dancing
611s training that that wouldn't be so hard
612s yeah oh yeah you just the trick folks is
615s to focus on one point and then right
617s hi okay yeah I'm gonna leave that one to
620s you hopefully so but I might get it
621s every time call is hit you spin
624s sure
626s okay
627s we have two Reds on this wheel I don't
629s know what to tell you but I think it'll
631s pop up uh use a recorder instead of a
633s mouse I have been dying at those clips
635s of that guy uh I think what was he
636s playing Warzone with the recorder
638s glorious
639s glorious immersion Pizza okay I don't
641s think that's a challenge well it just
643s sounds like what I'd like to do
645s amen yeah
647s no melee would be good oh you can't do
650s anything in that mission because there
651s are no guns no but you would only be
653s able to tactically use a few grenades so
656s could you sneak through wow the whole
658s mission enough to only trigger I like
660s that I think that's a good okay that's a
662s good challenge I'll just run
665s run all right that's what we have so
668s folks if you want to
670s Dean if you want to join me at
671s spinnerwheel.com
673s here we go let's find out who's going
675s first uh I will
680s uh well you you seem pretty confident
684s okay foreign
695s I feared folks we all saw how it looks
698s okay I have nothing if not
702s a compatible yeah you yeah you know what
706s I do admire your competitive nature I'm
708s sober officer wow okay here we go
712s it looks so dope
715s guys I don't even know how to it's funny
717s that it it makes your vision so poor
719s because it really does go with the whole
721s look thank you yeah I mean it matches
724s your hair I'm I'm gonna need assistance
726s Michael Bruce is worried about your eyes
727s getting all messed up you saw me swear
730s that if you start to feel motion sick or
732s um
734s or aren't feeling well I don't know that
736s you would take them off I promise thank
738s you for your concern well where's the
740s keyboard
741s okay so where is the keyboard okay
746s I can see a red dots
751s just keep going straight yeah you get
754s one hit every five minutes ready all
756s right oh I feel like we can willingly
759s left
771s yeah yeah I basically just see red I've
774s got to be honest with you it's a very
776s red Mission forward oh yeah keep going
779s oh look at that speed am I going forward
781s just keep going forward no left left
786s I'm in a wall why am I on a wall uh uh
789s yeah straight
790s yep yeah oh yeah
793s I see shares I can kind of see this hey
795s nice nice okay like I know the colors
800s so knowing the colors I'm trying to go
803s on that but when they have those like
804s markers oh nice this is
809s see this is good because you're in a
810s fixed location okay you're gonna fix it
812s that's fine
813s oh yeah yeah it lights up oh nice oh
815s nice okay cool nice nice the light up is
819s chat I encourage you all your lights
821s good
822s uh Amazing Grace fix uh colors for
825s operator energy so that's actually a fix
827s that we need a cert build for so that
829s will be coming on consoles with our next
830s shirt build uh we know the fix we have
832s the fix on Deck we just need to submit
834s to certification for our console so
836s that's been fixed on PC but hang tight
838s uh that fix will be coming out in the
840s near future
841s uh with our next build
845s okay wait am I in the right head for the
848s object uh the right camera yeah now you
851s are yeah go back up up yep yep back back
853s back down yeah yeah oh boom easy that
857s reticle is forgiving
858s oh my gosh okay still not on PC eggs you
861s know I'm gonna be honest with you
863s afraid of the Deacons
865s I'm afraid of the deacons without the
867s Elton John shades
869s I am just going to closer help or hinder
872s oh my coolanta okay
877s I just have to pretend there are no
878s deacons to go for it someone said Helen
880s can you take off those glasses don't
881s hide your eyes her eyes will come back
883s promptly after the mission
886s I'm just
888s we're operating from Pure memory yeah
890s this is good I'm very happy you okay now
893s it's a dead end okay
896s I think you're gonna go yeah you're just
897s coming out of the room and then to the
899s right Grand I remember
902s well there's no help of me Discerning
904s what the minimap says so well the good
906s thing is is that if you die you'll just
908s get reset back to a similar right
910s anywhere no you're just walking on the
912s window um okay do 180 yeah
916s thank you
917s okay yeah take a left Stop
920s yep Street yeah there you go thank you
923s you're just gonna have to accept you're
925s probably gonna die okay well honestly
927s make a Mad Dash just I'd say just give
929s her okay just give her the thing is I
931s think when you if when and if you die
933s you're doing pretty well this is kind of
937s surprising nice comment there Marcus
939s when you die well no I'm just like Helen
941s said she's afraid of the deacon so I'm
943s like a console over there right yeah
944s yeah uh yeah I think you're just by it
946s yeah do a 180.
949s oh God I can't I only did the consoles
952s in order
954s okay well uh go yeah keep going straight
958s it's a world of blue yeah okay yeah keep
961s going straight okay yeah you got it yeah
962s yeah console right in front of you
964s oh nice
966s first I'm okay
969s okay that's good it's good to orient
973s or we'll be here this is good because I
975s played the mission once so then I don't
978s have like the perfect like oh you gotta
980s go here there's so much red okay oh yeah
984s is that do I drop a little bit
987s nice okay and then down a little bit
991s down to the right right right right
992s right right right right right right
994s right right up a little bit up up up yep
997s nice oh man nice okay stuff
1002s okay and
1005s I'm pretty sure those are all the things
1006s that you know there's a small console I
1008s need I know what I have to do I know
1009s what I have to do okay Helen I think
1011s you've unlocked your future streaming
1013s career as a variety
1018s okay yeah I don't know I just saw
1020s something that reminded me of of nervous
1023s Jennings you're acting on pure animals I
1027s actually am oh you look like yeah yeah
1028s it's console
1034s I can't tell where are stairs where is
1036s the world where's everything okay wow oh
1039s boy holy smokes
1044s oh yeah okay wow oh my that was faster
1049s than me without the glasses
1052s I almost feel like we're gonna need you
1054s to like walk a little bit with these
1056s things on just so people have a truth
1057s these things are not like you can you
1060s really can't see in front of your own
1061s face do you feel like you're in a fish
1063s tank where's the
1065s someone's gonna have to guide yeah
1067s you're back you already oh yeah yeah got
1070s it yeah you got it the old point and
1071s click
1074s oh
1077s someone in Discord yeah this is like
1079s being veiled did you practice with the
1082s glasses on Zach was here as my witness I
1085s started walking you're walking right
1087s into a deacon through this okay and I
1089s just stop where you are for a sec
1092s okay now I can kind of make out
1095s oh God not anymore
1098s okay you're going to want to go left
1099s hard left hard left yeah oh yeah it does
1102s thank you
1107s okay
1110s you just passed the console thank you
1112s thank you Zach saw me trying and then I
1115s promptly gave up okay
1118s and uh I was like I just won't get it
1121s what are the odds
1123s here we are
1124s oh is there one more
1127s wow this is honestly this is that's
1129s impressive a little painful to watch
1130s because I know how hard it is to see out
1132s of those
1135s that's all nearby you're in like the
1137s downstairs platform right now yeah I
1139s just I'm scared that Deacon whatever we
1141s have to face our fears kids
1143s cross DNA said actually goaded I agree
1146s thank you oh no
1148s [Laughter]
1152s it's like playing a horror game except
1155s like worse it could go through that
1157s shiny bit yeah can't get me here oh is
1160s there a dog tag there's a guy here isn't
1161s there
1163s wait what am I doing there's no way I'm
1165s getting all the time you get a jean
1167s stamp
1168s oh yeah
1171s uh first time around didn't even collect
1173s a single
1174s uh Gene tag uh what is a gram bag uh we
1177s have a grab bag of uh things that you
1180s can feed your helmet for your bile
1182s repositories so if you're low on bile
1184s and you would like to uh perhaps take an
1188s archon Shard off of one of your
1189s warframes and put it on another this is
1192s a great time to top up your bile
1193s supplies
1194s yep all the
1197s um
1198s all the items in the grab bag are all
1200s things you can feed with the helmet for
1201s bile it's my best friend helmet
1203s oh they saw me didn't they a little bit
1205s but you're doing great I just heard a
1207s sound and I'm just gonna hide over here
1209s I think uh there's one right there but I
1211s think you're okay for a little bit oh
1212s boy Helen you're hard to miss with all
1214s that sparkle oh thanks Dean you're
1216s welcome the deacons think so too that's
1218s right wow oh okay wait I oh I don't know
1221s where I'm gonna be yeah well okay I can
1224s probably give you a a little I just I
1226s need to reorient sorry yeah I'd say that
1228s that's fair that's fair okay
1231s okay so brother
1232s okay where am I oh right in front of a
1234s console
1239s yeah I'm pretty sure you've got the one
1241s that you get I think I needed this one
1243s yeah yeah I have to go to the other
1245s console so that was left or right which
1246s way should I be going I'd go straight
1248s because that's going to put you back
1249s downstairs but I forget where the
1250s console for downstairs is well I've
1252s already activated the thingamajig yep
1254s you have
1255s um so I just need I think
1258s for someone who is asking wait is this
1260s last week last week's Mission you are
1261s correct this is last week's Mission
1263s however when we launch an update usually
1265s it doesn't go out perfectly and you need
1267s to hotfix after and there's lots of post
1269s update duties reading lots of feedback
1271s in the forums uh all those sorts of
1273s things like we had a hot fix you know
1275s late Thursday night we had a hot fix
1276s um Friday afternoon as well so there was
1279s lots of work to do Post Bill breaker
1281s I'll look at checking
1283s checking all the feedback So I myself
1286s did not have time to play this Mission I
1288s am I'm one behind for the archon hunt
1290s and I'm one behind for Carl's Edition so
1292s if you're feeling the fomo that you
1293s haven't played the played calls Mission
1295s yet do not worry because I'm behind the
1297s leaf myself however you kind of get that
1300s little sort of mini bonus shorter week
1303s awesome which would be nice
1306s no did I I don't know how it missed her
1309s that was insane I don't know I'm
1311s grateful
1313s I I think this is the one you started at
1320s pretty sure you're good on this front oh
1322s yeah okay except for that one
1325s uh well now but you start right there
1327s right you start right there
1332s it's gonna be so beautiful to see again
1333s like I'm gonna be really grateful until
1336s the next been makes you do it again oh
1338s no no nope this is a one and done yeah
1341s I'll say I don't think that there's any
1343s two cracks of this I also don't think
1345s that we should repeat this when I do it
1347s nope I mean what's the
1351s good thing I already completed the
1353s deathless challenge because yes
1356s that would be a tough one am I
1359s am I where is it
1362s ah I think you're good on this there
1365s should be did I get them both yeah you
1367s got two you got two on the screen I got
1369s them
1370s yeah you got the one that's down low in
1372s the pit and you got the one that's like
1374s up oh there's one more and I have no
1375s idea it might have been from the for I
1377s don't think you ever accessed the first
1378s console screen
1380s any update on crossplay Cross progress
1382s uh that would typically be something
1384s we'll answer on the dev stream so
1386s whenever we have the next devstream we
1387s will let you know it left and then the
1389s console should be down there oh god with
1390s the D kids again
1393s are they right yep
1398s here right right right right yep
1400s straight
1401s right
1403s oh nice evasion thank you strategy when
1407s you get it okay
1410s oh my gosh
1413s left
1417s yeah oh here's the console yeah
1419s yeah uh right right right right right
1421s right
1423s how does that guy there being like crazy
1428s where is this one it's impossible
1437s I've got to recalibrate
1439s we got it we got it right
1443s that one and then I think the thing pops
1445s up now
1447s there is definitely a thing that pops up
1449s there for sure is a thing that pops up
1451s you know what's crazy with classical
1452s glasses is it's like I don't need to
1453s raise the platform in front of you being
1455s attacked okay we have to go over there
1460s raise a platform I thought cheating not
1463s cheating how dare
1465s photo evidence
1468s breathing this is not easy
1473s I I want to end the mission in good
1476s enough time yeah
1480s I'm sure now you take all the time you'd
1483s like oh this is great
1485s um do you okay well actually this is
1487s good Helen because you have the mission
1488s Intel do you remember where you raised
1489s the platform from
1491s not with kaleidoscope buses fair enough
1495s fair enough also I don't know if
1496s anybody's getting you need another
1497s terminal to bring them yeah there's
1499s another terminal somewhere but okay they
1501s are making the call they're going to the
1502s there's another terminal and it's in
1504s front of the stairs
1506s is it right when you enter the mission
1509s oh yeah yeah I'll get that that's not it
1511s though
1512s um okay
1514s there I see it I see it in my head I'd
1517s done this but clearly it was the other
1518s one which is crazy because deacons oh my
1521s God oh my gosh
1523s nothing to see here sir
1526s just trying to get things done in due
1529s time while remain honest to the
1530s challenge nothing to see here Mr deacon
1534s no no no no wow this is really easy
1536s without it yeah oh oh I think was that
1538s the console right there it was oh nice
1540s but you just took care of it yes so yeah
1542s okay back to this
1555s classes may cause nausea confusion
1558s disorientation General and fear and fear
1563s the expensive one this is not easy oh
1565s this is good too okay nice that's time
1568s to go through I will remind you all what
1570s it's like to look for these glasses once
1572s I am done this mission
1575s yeah we're gonna sneak super well I can
1578s already feel it called no problem
1581s oh gosh
1584s we're hidden behind okay
1587s playing Audrey said you can do it Helen
1590s thank you
1592s I I live for
1595s kindness
1602s uh Chad is also recommending that you
1604s can uh use the stun grenades on the
1607s deacons the jailbreaking true if I can
1609s remember where my controls are we can do
1611s anything that's such a good point okay
1613s well you know what I actually didn't
1614s know that for the I I had never used
1615s that mechanic I have it either but I
1618s assumed it only worked on ideas the
1619s general populace
1621s oh
1622s Dudley said you got this Helen that's
1624s weird
1627s that's very nice though honestly so this
1629s was a lot of confidence to hear that I'm
1630s going for it I'm African deadly We Trust
1634s inside what can I do other than go for
1636s it you know like yeah
1640s oh my gosh the production control
1642s there's a deacon right around the corner
1644s but I think maybe oh I heard something I
1646s heard something did they see me they did
1648s not oh no they're oh yeah one guy's
1650s alerted but I think you can give him the
1652s run run
1653s okay
1654s right away
1657s go keep no call just keep it up you can
1660s do it
1661s just a little bit further buddy come on
1664s buddy do anything
1666s I said run call run not the best okay
1669s if I can throw it you're at a good
1671s you're at a good bit of progress though
1672s thank you yeah that means a lot
1678s how do I like chat
1681s oh I should do this again no problem
1685s you can do anything
1686s how am I gonna make out the symbols uh
1689s we exactly I can help you thank you
1691s thank you the second 18 for sure
1694s right Zach what I'm so sorry
1698s Zach will not be helping Zach will be
1700s deadweight during this mission
1701s this is such a bad day yeah hang on
1704s there for a sec okay
1710s Aaron godsword I don't know I actually
1712s know that actually makes a lot of sense
1714s I guess you're talking about
1715s what was it
1717s um
1718s it was funny
1721s cool
1724s give me your clam you know
1728s am I I think you're good I think you're
1730s good if you just yeah hit that guy
1736s okay I'm gonna wait I mean
1740s Crouch hide oh oh did you oh yeah yeah
1744s I don't know what's happening
1747s you might oh
1750s do it for the brothers do it for the
1753s brothers
1760s what can I say
1763s okay
1769s okay third time's the charm I will
1773s finish this with enough time for Marcus
1774s to have his go with the wheel you will
1776s for sure you're doing great this is
1777s already progressing
1779s way way faster than that time I tried to
1781s audibly get guide Danielle through a
1783s capture mission
1785s so that took 40 minutes amazing we
1789s didn't finish it it was
1791s well no vision it was like it was like
1793s we killed the capture Target and then
1794s the game was like destination a thousand
1796s meters
1798s Danny's like what I'm like nothing
1800s everything's great
1802s oh no wait I remember that I was
1804s watching it was funny it was funny oh
1806s yeah get get get out of here Mr mola you
1810s you get out of here not today yeah okay
1812s now I'm gonna watch her first Deacon
1815s colors uh do you know where your three
1817s is because you could also toss down oh I
1818s think am I good oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
1820s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah boo yeah
1823s hey thank you correct that's the stuff
1825s all right oh all right okay you're doing
1830s great okay to inject my sabotage I have
1832s no I'm just gonna go okay so uh go uh
1836s hit down do you want to do the symbols
1837s first or do you want to we have to do
1839s the symbols okay so so that one you just
1841s passed the red guy you just passed you
1843s don't want to see anything because it's
1844s already exposed it out of that one is
1846s that the one a little bit higher up to
1848s the left left left left yeah down a
1851s little bit
1852s right right right right right yeah here
1856s left what yeah yeah stop okay okay hit
1862s okay now we'll move on that one's done
1864s okay okay so I think if you if you go up
1868s into the left
1870s yeah that guy
1872s okay and then now we're going to go
1874s follow that back down on the left here
1876s left yeah left a little bit more left a
1879s little bit more left up up
1881s right right
1883s yeah right there hit it hit it
1887s hit it
1889s okay stop okay okay nice okay one half's
1893s done
1896s and then you're going to uh down a
1899s little bit ready to go this guy uh click
1900s no click again go back to where you were
1902s okay okay you're doing great thank you
1905s okay down it's a little bit to the left
1909s a little bit up
1911s a little bit at the right
1913s yeah hit it
1916s Teamwork Makes the DreamWork Marcus yeah
1918s you know it's funny because that's the
1920s one that I never could find the symbol
1921s for oh oh wait oh that's where it is
1924s okay tinny okay you're gonna go up a
1928s little bit okay everything's fine uh go
1931s to the uh right right a little bit okay
1934s and now okay
1936s uh sorry I'm gonna have to get really in
1938s for this because it's a weird angle I
1940s like it
1941s hit it
1943s okay leave it okay okay now up then wait
1946s to get that one right yeah and to the
1948s right well you got that uh elevator so
1950s up and to the right right is it at the
1952s elevator right right right right yeah
1955s hit it okay I think you I think we have
1957s to go to the other camera uh we might
1959s have to but
1961s huh uh yeah Okay cool so now hit the
1965s back left
1966s huh this one hit it yeah it's done uh
1971s wait scroll back just so I can see it
1973s again
1974s you're doing great you're doing great
1976s I'm trying to be a good co-pilot let's
1979s go for that assist yeah okay uh okay so
1982s now we can Shuffle the main one so I
1983s would go back to one so go up to one of
1985s the main thing
1991s we did it well done that was X again
1994s never hit that elevator what's it for
1995s it's for revealing the code however you
1997s could be like me now you got the extra
1998s just Helen now we're cooking with oil
2001s yes
2004s oh man nothing to it I can get these
2007s enemies
2008s yes you can I can do anything
2012s I don't know I'm just shooting and
2014s running yeah that's my spirit
2017s that's the spirits
2019s uh yeah melee yeah this facilities okay
2023s the arachnoid will be interesting oh
2026s Zach Washington you do a great job
2028s earlier with me I have the utmost
2031s confidence thank you thank you Mark it's
2034s uh that positive energy that really
2036s makes a difference
2038s all right well I have to get to G okay
2040s we're fine
2043s leave me alone
2046s [Laughter]
2052s also uh I would run to the right call
2055s takes no fall damage which I found out
2056s oh that's cool because I jumped and I
2059s was like man if I die here I need to
2060s Center myself so
2062s thank you
2064s that's good I would just run towards the
2066s green icon like I think you can actually
2068s make a mad dab okay throw down I think
2070s there's a deacon well you're avoiding
2072s him really well thank you really
2074s I'm just gonna
2075s yeah I don't know hope it hits go give
2078s her give her give her give her French
2079s River
2081s yep straight
2085s Colin and daughtership will Sail
2088s we'll see whoa there's Deegan behind me
2090s not cool nice nice That's a good that's
2094s a very good place early sincerely I feel
2097s like everything I'm saying sounds
2098s sarcastic but I'm actually being I'm
2100s actually trying to be good I trust you
2102s that was a good that was a good
2103s placement I'm great yeah keep going okay
2105s why am I slow oh because oh you got the
2108s thing on I would just talk about off and
2109s give her okay that was good yeah oh I
2112s see a deacon ahead kind of uh no no
2113s you're good you're good straight
2114s straight okay
2116s sure no problem I might like no Health
2119s by the way uh you're almost dead but
2121s keep doing that jump thing okay yeah
2124s yeah okay now you've healed up a little
2126s bit
2127s I love that yeah keep going keep going
2133s is that a deacon oh yep just keep going
2136s straight okay you got a bunch you got a
2137s bunch of people right on you like you
2139s just killed a bunch of people right on
2140s you okay keep going straight jumping
2142s thank you blue girl
2144s xh2k how to sound sincere when in a mild
2146s directional panic I don't know why Helen
2148s and I have I feel like we've been in
2150s this situation like when driving or I
2151s don't know
2152s some other random life situation or been
2155s like yeah no no that's good that's
2156s really good oh you just crushed a ton of
2158s moas that was awesome you just literally
2160s cleared the path for your exit straight
2163s to the street I'm so grateful that was
2164s legit you're gonna watch that back and
2166s be like wow I just smoked like Marcus
2168s you're really giving me all the
2169s confidence I need well you got this you
2171s got this thank you does chat think so it
2174s means absolutely Dickerson said doing
2175s great doing totally great thank you
2177s Phoenix verse said nice laser all right
2179s here's the raccoon
2183s all right you got him you got him with
2184s that one I think honestly you might be
2186s uh tossed on your uh he's behind you I
2189s think if you toss down your blunt that
2190s kind of slows me down a little bit
2192s what's happening yeah he's like right in
2195s front of you if you if you if you um if
2198s you directional orbit strike you might
2199s get them
2201s you know it's got a forgiving radius so
2203s you got you've now got him twice
2206s yeah yeah blunt blunt hit your two okay
2210s that's good this is good this is good
2213s this is good you got them both you got
2216s them both times this is just the
2218s arachnid okay this is just the Rockmart
2219s fight it's just the arachnoid fight and
2222s then we're done and then we're out of
2223s here and then I can see why do you sound
2226s like gandal or um Dumbledore at the end
2228s of Harry Potter when Harry's like making
2230s him drink the liquid and you're like and
2231s then we're done he's like yeah just a
2233s little bit more that's me that's how I
2235s feel
2236s wait I have to keep you there well
2238s you're nailing this guy
2240s excellent stuff really
2242s really okay daughter knows okay the guy
2244s is stunned right now okay
2247s okay but no okay now he's back but I
2249s actually just keep dropping that thing
2250s okay he's weirdly been getting hit by it
2253s and then like a hit and then oh I don't
2256s know it's not a bad strategy okay
2258s um it doesn't sound good he's kind of
2259s getting close I'd just run away in a
2261s random Direction a little bit okay
2263s popping around that's called uh titanium
2267s glitch titanium Lily said super glitchy
2270s since last update
2272s nice you got him again you got him again
2273s and you've also got full health so
2275s you're any good you know what I'll also
2276s tell you when your torch recharges I
2278s guess that'd be a good bit of it I can
2279s kind of hear
2280s oh you know what props the sound team
2282s what a great little bit of auditory
2284s feedback it is meaning a lot to me right
2286s now oh
2288s it means the world to me that I can
2290s got him again okay you got him at half
2292s health
2293s and you're at full health that's
2295s beautiful
2298s directly head yeah yeah
2301s okay you got him you nailed them okay
2304s just a couple more a couple more Carl
2308s taking fire this honestly feels like a
2310s Dark Souls boss when you have like
2312s it's like it's like you're watching a
2314s button you're like just a couple more
2315s hits okay yeah he's on the ropes he's on
2316s the road okay I'm gonna run away for a
2318s moment yep
2319s that I think would be beneficial Yep
2321s this is good
2324s where is it right here oh he's right
2327s here
2330s you did it you did it
2336s wow yes Ellen yes
2341s wow up top up top and your rewards
2347s so beautiful wow
2352s man my blood is pumping I am juice
2355s wow that was a perfect name look at that
2358s one wow okay
2361s and the winner is
2364s wow tennis School five you've won a
2366s thousand Platinum spend it on something
2368s awesome for me if you would
2371s um congratulations please message the
2373s twitch Channel you're watching right now
2374s let us know you're in game Alias and
2376s what platform you play Warframe on my
2378s eyes and we will send you one thousand
2380s flowers yeah do you need like some can
2381s we can we get some like cucumbers or
2383s something for you like can you like this
2384s is what it is this is how this is what I
2387s was looking through can you you see me
2388s now now that look at how many no I can't
2391s actually look how many eyes I have look
2393s how many miles you were literally
2394s looking like as if it was like a
2395s spider's eye here Dean's going to come
2397s in for the uh it was crazy
2401s coming in with the assist
2403s Marcus we're going to
2407s try to follow what if he gets the
2408s glasses or is there no duper that's it
2411s that's actually a really good
2412s representation there were like three of
2414s me three calls yeah a billion deacons
2417s wow oh my God
2421s yeah I'm feeling a little Ellen just
2423s warm for 25 minutes 25 minutes honestly
2427s not too bad that you know what that that
2429s was thank you so much chatty see your
2430s ggs yeah that was a GG for sure that was
2433s a GG for sure you already find what
2435s you're doing billion deacons yeah let's
2436s find out find out I feel like there's an
2438s edge to how much you want us
2441s you want to see what you're doing Marcus
2442s let's see what you're doing oh
2448s no
2451s oh no no no that's fine as long as it
2453s doesn't end up like another pepper thing
2455s yeah no no I'll be okay I'll be okay
2457s I've gotta I've got it more uh do we
2459s have a shot glass or anything we have a
2460s cap and also a bottle do you wanna just
2462s drink from the bottle straight from the
2464s bottle uh let's do the cap okay so I'll
2467s fill up the cap for you each day but
2471s can you leave it on the desk just so I
2472s know what to build it yes here we go
2473s chat okay also um I have decorated my
2476s call in Megan's honor I love that
2479s Megan's birthday there's just a little
2482s bit I should give I should really give
2483s Carl more pink thank you Helen you're
2485s welcome I should really be giving call
2486s more pink but um
2488s that is in honor of Megan
2491s all right call let's do it buddy let's
2493s do it okay so this is every time Carl
2495s says does it start now because Carl just
2496s said call
2503s [Music]
2505s it you're gonna be so alkaline yeah
2509s because I'm always basic refilled chat I
2512s got this
2513s exactly like that little science joke
2515s yeah you catch that little crazy
2517s you like that Dean I think we all Dean
2520s liked it everyone liked that
2522s and then everyone left
2524s oh man
2527s oh and I got the Megan calling Mission
2530s yeah
2537s it's in the range
2541s it's not so bad
2545s I'll get back in the tube
2548s silly guy
2552s just at least you look great and you can
2555s see that you look great energy barriers
2557s call find a way to disable them he
2560s didn't say though that was the code
2562s that's right
2566s oh what is that
2569s Cup's huge I'm not gonna do it fully
2571s huge I'll just do a little okay why
2574s don't you grab a leader jug next time
2577s and find a way to disable all those laws
2582s call you Claire are you getting some
2584s happy birthday oh thank you chat
2586s I appreciate that
2588s it really isn't so bad it's just like
2590s you know when you eat
2593s all right it's literally like when you
2595s bite into a lemon
2596s sometimes it freak people out at dinner
2598s I will uh I'll people be like oh nice
2601s lemon slice something yeah you want to
2602s see me eat it and they're like no and
2604s I'll eat the whole thing
2607s that was called call Sweet good
2612s call stomach hurts
2614s as you made me promise I need you to
2617s promise me if you start to feel sick
2618s yeah yeah I know I feel good okay
2621s call Tommy ache
2624s call have too much yellow vegetables
2634s miracle berry no but I've always wanted
2637s to try one I have some at home I can
2639s bring one in oh mirrors too yeah so it's
2642s a it's a it's a dissolvable like pill
2644s essentially that you put in your on your
2646s tongue and It Coats your mouth with a
2649s some sort of enzyme that makes
2651s everything that's super sour tastes make
2653s it feel very tastes very very sweet it's
2656s a miracle yeah it's a miracle should
2658s have had one of those before this
2659s Challenge
2660s and it's weird because everything
2662s because yeah everything's bitter but you
2665s could literally eat a lemon and it would
2667s taste like an orange
2669s it's really interesting
2672s I'm gonna pick up stuff even though I
2674s have no ambition yeah bibli53 yes it's a
2677s wonderful thing God agrees that's
2679s another Dam
2682s oh you're not oh yeah yeah
2685s you're doing great excellent Carl's
2687s doing great Carl is doing great and I
2690s like the colors you've chosen yeah with
2693s your Corpus look
2695s Helen does this Mission look different
2697s yeah
2699s how does it feel seeing it in its true
2701s form it feels like this is the easiest
2703s thing I've ever behold like looked at in
2706s my life
2707s not gonna lie this is a lot easier than
2709s what you had to do but
2716s [Music]
2718s just the two of us please can they get
2721s it we try
2722s it's just me and call just me and call
2725s making it because we try
2728s is there a panel back this way
2735s uh sure we'll we'll just gonna reroute
2738s oh just it feels nice you know
2743s I don't think
2746s it's pretty dangerous
2748s and I trust Chipper's opinion it's like
2751s when you go public skating as a kid and
2753s your parent does up your helmet and
2754s you're like
2755s true sometimes I write when I take my
2758s dogs for a walk that I'm doing that like
2760s that the colors actually
2762s too tight but you do the test
2766s you know what I'm talking about I'll get
2768s lit buddy can I kill you oh I can just
2770s avoid you
2771s [Music]
2772s chat we love that tip that's the best
2774s tip
2776s don't do your dog's collars too tight or
2778s oh the stunning of the deacons that's
2781s huge it changes do I need to go back
2783s yeah I need to go back then why did I
2784s never think we love it we love when we
2786s put our minds together
2788s bro
2790s calls one stealthy guy he is
2799s I think it's that first one again
2804s I think it's the first one
2806s oh I keep drinking for my cut but it's
2808s actually so loud
2809s and I'm worried about the mic so I'm
2811s just gonna
2815s I got that one
2817s which one am I missing
2820s is there one up top
2824s Ellen actually you know you're the
2825s expert at this Mission yeah you're
2826s wondering where to go next yeah you got
2829s the one from I got the one initially I
2831s got the one in the back yeah yeah head
2832s back to that other console
2834s I think you just revealed what you
2835s needed so head back
2838s no other way
2839s this way yeah I appreciate it oh
2843s you have to reveal something and then
2845s sneaker sneaker you got it call got it
2849s oh and well we have happy birthdays for
2851s beat you Megan too
2853s and you know who else had a birthday
2855s today
2858s left him a very kind-hearted birthday
2862s wish happy birthday I enjoyed thoroughly
2870s oh hi Clinton Deacon I'm so sorry
2875s wondering how to Flame drunk well if you
2877s click the alert
2880s when it comes up you can claim you can
2882s also go to your profile and switch and
2883s there will be a cute little section with
2885s all your drops that you can find
2886s materials and next time you log into
2888s Warframe you'll get an inbox message
2889s with your draft also a chat coupon uh if
2892s call starts talking again because I
2894s don't think it's a good point it's been
2896s pretty call Freak so far to say like it
2899s was right from the beginning
2902s teardrop oh
2906s it's not a goby fun part scientific
2909s production controls
2912s okay and here's what we're having a
2914s little snap over there
2916s that sounds good someone
2921s sorry baby it wasn't me this time Dean
2924s had his chips last time I ate some of
2926s them
2927s it's good we should nourish ourselves
2931s oh this guy's off what are you doing
2933s buddy abandoning your post okay now
2935s here's a real question can we get all
2937s these symbols
2942s during reboots
2944s instructions hurry I'll be amazed
2948s I'll do a shot of lemon juice
2954s is that his name uh you're right
2959s okay I'm all about now you just need a
2962s bunch of sugar water man those really
2963s don't
2964s those don't add up well
2970s oh
2978s I think they do
2982s I think they do cycle
2986s you got those two
2990s hey
2992s show me the panel
2996s oh my tummy is a grumbling what is a bio
3000s bag well what's in the Bible yeah it's
3004s gonna be the garbage
3006s after we're done tonight Dean you got
3008s the finger on that a mute trigger
3012s I feel good
3018s you have a thousand products 20 diluted
3020s 30 yeah
3022s let's go over here 600 isosceles
3027s read oh come on
3032s suspense thanks
3047s excellent
3048s ready
3050s I don't know yeah who's counting here
3052s when I told Marcus guys you gotta count
3055s your drinks it's just a good life five
3056s times tops
3064s goodbye
3065s that was a that was a hearty poor Helen
3068s no
3086s can I just avoid you guys
3089s go and I also get ready
3097s there was no subtitles but he said it
3099s yeah
3100s I have to be honest again Marcus when I
3102s estimated how many times that's two now
3104s did you lowball it wait that's a double
3107s double how many times he just says that
3109s was two
3110s I I feel like that could have counted as
3112s two yeah that was a double that was a
3115s double shot
3117s I have got to save the man's stuff
3120s I'm doing okay we can only be so
3121s alkaline it's like when you um you know
3124s when you're blown up balloons in the
3125s corners of your neck feel like they're
3127s gonna explode yes
3134s oh see Helen you see that Charlie just
3137s that was basically what you did so sorry
3139s I didn't no it's okay you'll watch
3141s you'll re-watch the clip
3142s I will I'll re-watch it for you Marcus
3144s um I was pouring some lemon juice
3150s you better not talk in the third person
3151s again
3153s [Laughter]
3162s for Travis's videos
3164s [Laughter]
3168s oh no Deacon get out of here
3176s hero dear
3180s it smells so lemony okay
3184s it yeah does it let me
3190s um it tastes like if you had a lemon
3192s Skittle Blended I think this guy's stuck
3194s oh that actually hurts your noses
3200s I feel a little very pungent it stings
3202s the nostrils
3204s I really like what were the odds so so
3208s sorry did we did we come up with a rule
3210s does it have to be a subtitle or not
3211s because he just said it again he just
3213s said call Target if Dean Paul says call
3216s me freebies Marcus let him kill the
3218s Spiderman
3225s Dean keeping us honest oh yeah he did it
3228s though
3229s it's your weak machine it is a weak
3231s machine it's not a call wait you said
3233s one more time it's the last one
3236s good work good work now I feel like
3238s Dumbledore at the end of Harry Potter
3246s our next segment you know what I'll take
3249s that that was quick that was a quick and
3251s painless that was pretty good on the
3254s whole it could have been worse it could
3256s have been worse it's true we could have
3258s done hot peppers instead of lemon juice
3262s I wouldn't that would have been worship
3263s I wouldn't agree to that because then I
3264s wouldn't have really been able to see
3265s either
3266s no like that yeah that mission with the
3268s hot peppers as had did carry me the
3270s whole time I was I was inert to the
3272s world wow that takes us perfectly to
3274s seven o'clock it sure does shall we
3276s check out uh quadly stops
3279s yeah let's do that clip of the week all
3281s right quality stop has provided for the
3285s community at large a video about the
3287s archon mods and how to get them we're
3289s gonna check out a little preview for it
3291s and uh hope that you'll check the full
3294s thing out because quantity stop it's a
3295s great video
3296s take it away Dean welcome to a video
3298s that will very quickly explain what the
3301s new Arcon mods do there is currently
3303s five of them in the game all of them are
3305s the same as the best mods we can get in
3308s the game now already like run mods and
3310s even some normal mods but they do come
3313s with an additional positive effect but
3315s also a massive mod capacity reduction of
3318s 16 slots when maxed you will be able to
3321s get arkhan mods from the cows Garrison
3323s after you complete the veil breaker
3325s Quest each archon mod costs 90 stock
3328s which is currency you get by playing
3330s Carl's missions
3335s Oh Marcus needed a little water don't
3337s worry I didn't need a lot of water
3341s thank you and actually I was checking
3343s that out and we appreciate it get your
3347s archon mods learn how to get them good
3349s stuff quality goes over a few use cases
3351s in that video too which is nice it's uh
3353s fun for people who have a deep
3355s repository of Warframe information to be
3358s like hey you see this mod it worked
3359s really well on that thing
3361s a lot of frost fans enjoying these
3363s archon mods like me exactly exactly just
3366s like you Helen so our next segment yes
3369s is fine art we have to stop saying fan
3372s art when did that originate I think
3374s Megan yeah it's an art oh
3377s we disappeared
3378s time for an intro yeah
3392s all right here we are with some lovely
3394s fan art that is a preview of another
3396s piece of fantasy I can't wait to see it
3397s later on it's gonna if you're an ember
3399s fan boy oh boy we got a piece of fan art
3401s for you starting off though this is from
3404s Evil Arts this is their Neja Imperium
3406s beautiful piece which is lovely we love
3409s the lotus flower on the background uh
3411s the mandala design in the background
3412s it's uh it's all really really feels
3414s like an Oregon heiress
3417s oh like a like a like a poster and like
3420s a 14 year old orkin's room yes sort of
3422s thing more Grand because they're the
3424s only like don't put those things up in
3425s your room it's like you can't tell me
3426s what to do dad you're always at court
3429s um yeah I love I love national purin uh
3433s even you know ninja Prime's awesome but
3435s uh National period still always takes
3437s the cake for me so thank you for doing
3438s it justice justice evil Art thank you
3441s evil Arts thank you moving on uh
3443s spoilers for the new word Quest oh this
3445s is pretty pretty spiffy this is from
3448s Redmond art and this is their version of
3451s the handshake moment is how I'll leave
3453s it everyone knows when this is this is
3456s gorgeous but uh they captured that
3458s menacing look really really well and I'm
3460s guessing this is also probably their
3461s operator or
3463s um this one like that there's a there's
3465s the tag Danny Umbra in the top is that
3467s have anything to do with you Danny
3469s by chance interesting um
3475s yeah that uh the void tendrils on the
3477s hand too really really cool
3480s really really cool yeah I love this ones
3481s this is so captures it the eyes the eyes
3485s as well a lot of emotion In Those Eyes
3487s true as they say speaking of posters
3489s young Oregon teenagers would have up in
3491s their room
3494s it's honestly eerily similar to the
3496s first one too I would have this poster
3498s up in my room uh or in like a gym or
3500s somewhere you want to lift it's
3502s aspirational it's very aspirational like
3504s you got a big lunaro match coming up
3505s you're like in the gym when you lift you
3507s said yeah I love it it's the perfect
3509s location super cool it's a great shot
3512s great shot of old daddy tashion that was
3514s lovely and this is by Toki t-o-k-y thank
3518s you Toki for this
3519s keshin looks delightful aspiration all
3522s right now we got a bit of a PSA from uh
3525s Guardian gummies uh they've got a nice
3528s little it almost looks like a like a
3529s like a Yu-Gi-Oh yeah it's like a card or
3532s like a magic gathering like a trading
3533s card
3534s it's all about taking a break when
3535s you're playing Warframe and getting a
3537s refreshment so if you are I guess it's
3539s 10-0 and RNG so I I feel like it's very
3543s tired of RNG then you get something I
3545s know orange 10 orange 10 orange
3549s energy I thought it was like 10 orange
3551s kind of like uh
3553s what was that tang tang back in the day
3556s which almost sounds like like lemon
3557s juice no it was like was it like lemon
3560s juice chat what was Tang like all I
3563s remember is they have a lot of they had
3564s a lot of monkeys in their marketing oh I
3567s respect it someone said like a munchkins
3569s card interesting oh yeah it's like a
3571s playing card awesome well I do so much
3573s of the Gathering why do the Solaris all
3575s all work out together because they lift
3576s together I like that that's a good one
3578s your name passed me by orange Tang yes
3580s okay Tang is like orange juice got you
3582s so it's like a little down time is long
3583s enough for big loot this is good and I
3586s almost have the same cup as uh as Mirage
3589s in the photo too so that's nice it's a
3590s nice memory that's good working that
3592s crossword together and the piece that
3594s you uh saw earlier from Luke draws their
3598s Ember
3599s very low gorgeous love that gradient
3601s love the flame coming off
3603s of that soft uh kind of more animated
3606s style it's really nice really really
3608s nice I really like it it's like chibi
3610s energy yeah yeah not quite cheapy but
3612s like it not there's a Venn diagram or
3614s chibi in this intercept yeah somewhere
3617s looking good looking hot love that hand
3619s because also hands are not easy to do
3621s I'm not a drawer but I've heard hands
3623s are difficult
3624s um you heard correctly and that hand is
3627s very nicely done very nicely done moving
3629s on for a bit of ireli love this is from
3631s Dusty Stars we got you rally riding
3634s mirror uh riding yeah I'm running
3635s marileena
3636s beautiful taking a little ride through
3639s the valleys that's like a very hero girl
3641s pose that's so cute just flying through
3644s nothing don't worry about me just uh
3646s gliding Through The Valleys I love her
3647s yeah yeah your rally is awesome he
3649s really is awesome and thank you for that
3651s Dusty Stars excellent excellent
3653s excellent all right this is from Silent
3656s hero this is the operator in flux
3660s I'm pretty sure this is the if you die
3663s this is the uh a screen you get in uh
3667s the second dream or the where within
3668s maybe the world then maybe the war
3670s within yeah it's really really cool
3671s really really cool or perhaps your Pro
3673s Gamer did die during the war within
3675s you're not like me but you wouldn't die
3677s uh this is very
3679s um emblematic of the screen you get
3680s which is really really cool I wish we
3682s almost could visit that screen elsewhere
3683s in game because it's very ethereal yeah
3685s we're thinking about a reuse because
3687s that's so cool yeah maybe we'll use this
3690s maybe yeah it's just that good silent
3693s here that's it yeah this is awesome this
3695s is really awesome very nice all right
3698s next up we have you know her you love
3700s her frosting over Prime and this is
3702s their artwork of Garuda Prime
3706s there has been like a Garuda Renaissance
3708s I feel like ever since her reworking her
3709s Prime and we have been treated to a lot
3712s of Guru to capture and a lot of guruda
3714s Art and this art does not disappoint not
3716s at all inside all those great color
3717s scheme choice so resplendent so Regal
3721s um
3722s gory appropriate very gory yeah yeah
3724s that uh those claws have seen some
3726s crewmen it reminds me of the uh I think
3729s the first internal piece of gruda
3730s concept art we saw was like her scaring
3733s a crew man do you feel like anytime we
3735s see Garuda
3736s um I always think that she's taking out
3737s the Corpus you're right yeah yeah I
3739s forgot about that thanks for bringing
3741s that memory back yeah there you go there
3742s you go because I remember Drew always
3743s Drew pincook I always liked the crewman
3745s he was like what's happening to that
3747s crew man like bad things Drew bad bad
3749s things but yeah that grew to peace is
3751s awesome Frosty excellent excellent all
3753s right next up this is from ardennai and
3756s this is their kubrow piece
3758s so what more could you want this is just
3761s lovely you got the helmet's charger
3763s playing with the kubrow they're having
3765s fun looks like Excalibur just went down
3767s Sally Astron and he's just being a hero
3770s here he's like oh yeah he's got his
3772s little his little excal smile he's
3774s having a good time everybody's having a
3776s good time that's so cute makes my heart
3779s feel nice lots of good feelings here
3781s this is really nice although I never
3783s realized how much the Austrian Garb does
3785s kind of look a little mummified when I
3787s cosplayed it I really felt that it
3789s really wrapped up yeah I really I truly
3791s wrapped up my friend Lexi shout out to
3793s Lexi just got collection that morning
3794s wrapped me up and that's how I asked
3796s around wow the more you know yeah
3799s hmm I wonder if there's there's got to
3801s be some lower justification for it too
3803s I feel like yeah if you have lots of
3805s individual scraps and you can make a
3806s whole outfit out of that that's a pretty
3808s good use because they're a little
3810s Scavenging right yeah they're a little
3812s scavengey
3814s you got some scavenger you know when
3815s you're a little scavengy it's easiest
3817s just to wrap yeah it's always easy to
3819s wrap that's what those scavengers say
3820s looks great I love it I love the feeling
3824s in this thank you for that heart and I
3825s and next up from Joe Portland
3829s lots of a heroic feeling with the lift
3833s in this one but yeah this is just what
3835s Nick's doing NYX things NYX Prime just
3838s knows how to get in those grineer mines
3840s and take what she wants Nick's attitude
3845s so good in this I also love that she's
3847s just probably commanding this guy to
3849s like walk around like she's like you
3850s know what I'm done walking for a little
3851s bit if you could just yeah just kind of
3854s go in that direction Mr Knox sir thank
3856s you oh it's so it's cute but it captures
3859s the it is here this yeah because you can
3862s see her being like I'm bored Knox
3865s she's like all right I'm done with you
3867s people are saying it might be a Bioshock
3875s it's a very big daddy that is a great
3878s point
3879s it's like a little sister and Big Daddy
3880s from Bioshock nice knife jeans so good
3882s yep
3884s that's really really sweet yeah very
3886s cool NYX Prime very cool NYX Prime that
3887s was Joe Portland thank you for that Joe
3889s and next up we have from vlabi another
3891s fan favorite the valkyr carnivx
3895s so good and this is really really great
3897s I love the soft tones and the uh I don't
3901s I'm not well versed in the art styles
3903s but I feel like there is a
3905s nice art palette Happening Here
3908s I like you know like it's like smooth
3910s and no I know what you mean it feels
3912s more Blended acrylic right yeah not a
3915s watercolor it's acrylic digital or ink
3917s yeah I mean I think it's digital that
3919s feels acrylic
3920s um yep and I like it that's the thing
3922s what I couldn't figure out earlier is
3924s what's that in the background oh is it
3925s oh I think it's a it's a post explosion
3928s oh you know what it's a grineer mask
3931s with flames coming out the eye holes
3932s that's pretty cool that is very metal
3935s that's pretty doom and goodbye Brothers
3937s thank you for this valkyria carnivx any
3940s Guru to Prime and valkyr carnivx you
3942s want to send our way I will I will eat
3945s that up every day so I love it I love it
3947s very nice next up from the true
3949s protector
3952s we have their this is classic
3955s it is an Excalibur doing some
3957s conservation on Deimos Beautiful Boy
3960s Scouts patch yeah yeah it's the uh if
3963s you collect all the uh ballast Critters
3965s or sorry if you collect all the idol on
3966s Critters all the cetus all the places
3970s we got all the
3973s samaris Critters
3975s um if you collect all those you get a
3977s little a little patching game which is
3978s really nice and then they have two for
3979s the ballast they've got ballast one and
3981s ballast two
3982s then actually you got there in the end I
3983s always do
3984s I always do so yeah we love this and uh
3986s I'm a big conservation guy uh myself and
3989s I try to wear my conservation patches
3990s whenever I can I gotta slap them back on
3992s protea beautiful um so this is lovely
3993s this really speaks to me I really like
3995s this it's very very nice excellent stuff
3997s the true protector uh next up from the
4000s fionicsian uh this is a milestone cache
4004s the really cool thing with the Milestone
4006s cache is all those designs are really
4007s great so when you are picking I feel
4008s like it is a very difficult Choice when
4010s you're picking through Milestone caches
4011s so they got this design really really
4014s nicely uh and uh who doesn't love an
4017s intimidating operator as well pose in
4019s front of Lua I love it yeah it's simple
4021s it's powerful someone I wouldn't want to
4023s mess with nope and those Milestone
4025s caches when they hit it's like feels
4027s like a little Warframe birthday you know
4028s what I mean you're like what am I gonna
4029s do yeah it's really good it's super
4031s exciting and I love that we get to see
4033s the sigil here it's really really great
4035s too it's really well represented very
4036s nice uh unigor this is their bashamo and
4041s this is a a Dax
4043s uh I don't know if we've ever shared the
4046s the lore name for uh Bob mistine
4049s probably said it in 10 alive but we have
4051s a Dax soldier in the background likely
4053s from duvery and they're a bashamo
4055s operator uh in the picture as well
4057s perhaps it's a different version of the
4059s operator which who I will not name for
4061s spoiler purposes
4062s but uh I like that is that ombre do you
4065s call it ombre hair yeah when it's
4066s different colors booming nailed yeah I
4069s guess those hair again I know hair uh
4071s when your friend turns her hair dark
4072s pink you learn a lot of things about it
4073s you learn a lot of things about here in
4075s fact you gotta bleach it to blonde
4076s before you actually change it to a
4077s different color this guy knows the more
4079s you know I wonder if this Dax bleached
4081s to blonde for the Ombre this Dax
4083s definitely did if it's the hurricane
4084s could be anything they skipped physics
4086s and bleached their hair because their
4088s parents are too busy at court yeah they
4090s feel like rebelling also uh I gotta say
4093s too the signature in the bottom left
4094s corner really really cool from unigor
4096s you see that font and then like bottom
4099s line yeah that is that is really Nifty
4100s it's very very Nifty I dig that a lot
4102s once again it's all in the eyes the
4104s severity I love it it's really cool I'm
4106s using the colors from the piece as well
4108s too uh as well too all right next up
4111s we've got uh Leo doodling rounding us
4113s out and this is our favorite daughter a
4116s little naborous preview
4119s uh this is really really cool I'm not
4121s gonna lie the first time I saw a
4122s daughter in her nabbers Garb it uh
4124s spooked the Daylights out of me and
4126s continues to do so in a good way in a
4129s good way in a good way Everyone likes
4131s the Daylights getting spooked out of
4133s them in a good way so this really
4135s captured that Spirit really really well
4136s and the blood and the dried blood and uh
4140s time for spooky season we're seeing this
4143s gorgeous piece it's kind of one of those
4144s things where like I want to look away
4145s but I can't oh daughter captivates us
4149s all also those thingies I'm gonna trim
4151s those like I'm sure they got another
4154s but like good God cutting up
4159s into her cheek yeah she's bleeding
4162s because she's like don't do that
4164s probably a little scary they're losing
4167s sanitized surely you know how much dirts
4169s on that planet I'm sure I'm sure
4171s daughter does those thingies are not
4173s clean she deals with like fish bits all
4176s day
4177s that's gonna be an infection I'm not
4179s here to question grandma is gonna be
4181s like oh you silly thing
4182s looks great to me well good for her but
4186s that's a picture you can smell
4190s anyway fan art lovely beautiful fan art
4193s lovely Banner Leo doodling love the
4195s piece love the piece because we love
4196s daughter and who doesn't love love
4197s seeing more of blue girl right blue girl
4199s blue girl great blue girl the best
4202s capture time
4204s let's do it
4207s for this beautiful voxelaris paste first
4209s this one is by rickens we all know in
4213s lubricants
4214s that's so good outstanding now get out
4217s there and void some luck and warranties
4218s I love the Box hilarious Quest so much
4221s like to me
4222s it might be my favorite uh up there with
4224s heart of Deimos both those introductory
4227s faction quests to me are like s-tier
4230s um and I loved I loved this cinematic
4233s pose it looks like a movie poster it's
4235s so good it's so good rickens you've done
4238s it again and the ricken's love has only
4240s just begun because I have one more to
4241s show you from right now hit me with it
4242s hit me with it
4245s yeah that's the stuff that's the stuff
4249s tonight
4252s boy I saw this on the subreddit I was
4254s like oh mundia what an edit I am such a
4259s protea Gladius fan uh I don't think I've
4262s stopped using protea or stopped using
4265s her Deluxe since the update come out
4267s so I am uh We've kept trying like this
4270s let's see why right this is amazing it's
4273s so good it's so good
4276s um yeah we now have some operator Love
4279s by coraliva Cresta
4283s wow a little heterochrony action yeah I
4287s I mean I think this has been edited
4289s further of course but it's detailed it
4291s sucks me in mm-hmm really cool so in
4295s those pictures that if you could show
4296s yourself in 2004 and be like this is
4298s what games are going to look like you
4299s know it's like you may think you may
4302s think this is The Cutting Edge of tech
4304s just you uh just you wait and see just
4306s you wait and see oh someone said it kind
4308s of looks like a Shepherd for Mass Effect
4309s cool it is giving a little Shepard for
4311s sure oh I love it for sure love it uh we
4314s aren't done with operators just yet
4316s folks
4318s to show you
4321s Moody very moody
4324s really cool I love this like
4327s I don't know it feels like motion life
4331s more than just a stagnant operator
4333s this is going to be a stretch if anybody
4335s follows Billy idolish on Instagram this
4337s is like very much a set of Billy eilish
4339s photos beautiful I don't think that's a
4340s stretch at all I think that's it
4342s I think that's it yeah these are very
4344s very cool these are very very fun
4347s and now oh did you uh did you figure out
4350s what it says in the text on the bottom
4351s does anyone know what that text says
4353s yeah if I don't know what the text says
4354s I'll be honest then again you could
4356s probably make anything up and I'd be
4358s like is that so that's true we'll have
4360s to we trust you chat let us know what
4362s that says someone's a Ninja Gaiden mixed
4364s with Tekken oh yeah big time beautiful
4368s our next piece is by Dez you know and
4372s love
4377s so cool I think it's Korean I don't
4380s think it was anyway that's great yeah
4382s this is so good
4384s yeah you forget how neat the
4386s architecture actually is in Warframe
4389s because you're busy jumping through
4390s missions it's hard to stop and you know
4392s take everything in because I think I do
4393s this I do that because the deacons or
4396s you know wearing Kaleidoscope glasses
4398s could do it as well I can tell you what
4400s that text said actually oh wow this is
4403s Google translate so it says uh quietly
4405s quietly silent like a floating stage or
4409s stage I'm assuming that's really nice
4411s beautiful I'm very happy you hunted down
4413s that translation dude Google Lens to the
4416s rescue hey thank you Google Lens that
4419s adds a whole nother layer to that it's
4420s wonderful
4421s well let's check out another operator
4424s shall we but various demon
4427s oh that's so cool so cool aiming down
4431s the site so is that rubico Prime yeah I
4434s think so take him down I I really admire
4436s their fashion frame and it feels like
4441s this person uses Frost which I
4443s appreciate yeah why yeah it doesn't
4445s really do yeah right it's like press
4447s Prime yeah cross Prime I think it's an
4449s operator the bluey colors as well yeah
4451s yeah I really like it very cool yeah I
4454s love that that one eye aiming down the
4456s sights look out the real Winter Soldier
4461s I think I don't know why I think unigor
4463s already came up today unicorn did come
4465s up today well unicorn is here again yeah
4468s oh wow
4471s wow hot diggity dog that has to have
4473s been edited oh yeah that was definitely
4474s yeah
4477s that's straight from the engine no this
4480s is beautiful yeah it's a reflection
4483s there's one more too I would
4486s oh wow okay now I would say that's
4489s firmly almost in fan art territory
4490s that's true that's super cool we're
4493s walking the line with Universe giving me
4495s like Tron CG cartoon that's cool yeah oh
4499s and it's I just realized it's Earth that
4500s they're holding it is it kind of looks
4504s like the front of a graphics card box
4507s yeah
4511s this guy's building
4515s 3D effects card 3D that is awesome that
4520s is really really cool our next one is
4522s from cold scarf gold scarves
4525s making sure it was on track this is
4527s called scar wow another landscape I was
4530s feeling the Landscapes of family
4531s operators this week that room in the
4533s serum is so good mm-hmm
4535s because also nice that we got to see it
4537s in the new work West and they get to
4539s revisit it proper on board the Zimmerman
4541s I mean usually for me it's like during a
4543s drink like a void Cascade so I'm not
4545s really taking the scenery as much but I
4547s love all I I like how they got the light
4549s in there because it feels like such a a
4550s cozy little cozy little hiding yeah
4552s there's warmth within the cold would you
4555s stay there if it was an Airbnb I would
4557s yep
4560s gotta be adventurous if you're airbnbs
4562s folks I'd stay in this Airman no
4563s question why not
4565s what was kind of wanted to stay in a
4567s haunted house but I feel like I only say
4568s that until I actually do you know yeah
4571s those are all of our image captures I
4574s went a little out and about and found a
4576s video capture us oh yes it's gonna take
4579s us there yes
4580s um cozy Airbnb available for 200 decades
4583s a night oh it's a really cheap deal I
4584s wonder why maybe
4586s exactly it's a little it's a little loud
4589s in the evening but before sorry before
4592s you get into that yeah we do have
4595s a late entry from the Discord oh yeah
4599s I don't like that it was from Tate I
4603s hope I pronounced this right tamiru okay
4605s and uh it was a very quick fan art of
4608s Marcus oh my God super concerned well
4611s Helen did WOW permission that was nice
4614s honestly Helen you couldn't see me that
4616s was pure the arachnoid fight that was
4618s wow
4626s that's really good Helen you know what
4628s my favorite detail about this picture is
4630s what the microphone yeah the microphone
4635s man you even got like you're like
4636s determined yet like slightly disgruntled
4638s face and they captured us yeah it really
4641s that yeah that's the feeling for sure
4643s thank you so good what was that Dean uh
4646s Tate muru thank you that is awesome
4649s that's so great what a treat oh my gosh
4652s thank you
4654s there you go okay wow wow thank you I am
4659s going to take us now to some Tick Tock
4662s capture that I Came Upon while browsing
4665s Tick Tock our first one is by the toxic
4668s senpai
4670s we have to mute it for copyright reasons
4673s but I highly recommend you check out the
4674s sound I swear it's a bob
4676s and people seem to like that wisp uh
4678s deck skin
4680s do you it's nice it's a good skin it's
4684s good skin
4687s good stuff
4689s and I'm with you
4692s first but don't worry we have another
4694s why do I feel like purple flirt also
4697s came out because they come up often I
4699s did not show one of their fan art but we
4703s showcased this is awesome because uh
4705s often because and I found you on Tick
4707s Tock and I got excited so here we are
4709s here we are
4711s ah see because that I that middle Ash
4715s one is definitely one we've shown on
4717s prime time yeah right that one as well
4719s that Nova so good what a perfect these
4721s are so good I love the um was it a
4724s parallax effect when it when the
4726s background blurs yeah these are pretty
4728s spiffy yeah they are red yep yep I have
4731s yep yep
4734s each one that comes up I'm like yeah
4735s I've shown that like yep yep we've shown
4737s that one yeah we showed that one that's
4738s great so cool yeah so there you are
4740s purple flip thank you for those so sick
4742s that's let me capture for the evening
4743s very cool wow that was awesome it was
4746s awesome it was very good should we check
4748s out a dojo let's do it yeah I think we
4750s should check it out okay let me uh
4752s quickly get some Megan colors on
4754s okay Anna
4756s we also have a video first so we'll
4758s watch the video
4759s [Music]
4764s all right we're gonna start things off
4766s with a video
4767s our first Dojo is by PlayStation ghost
4770s can't gloss I'll learn to speak give me
4772s a moment
4773s PlayStation ghost clan artistic license
4776s uh we know dizzy we know and love dizzy
4778s we know probably Discord chat right now
4780s yeah Disney and Disney is lead architect
4782s here so let's check it out
4785s oh
4786s Ronnie said to me
4789s downstairs stairs wait there's the
4792s second floor whoa whoa
4796s he said she could never do better than
4798s dizzy with the video creation so she
4800s just put together like a two-minute
4801s shortened version of their own
4804s submission yeah why redo something when
4805s it's already been done when it's perfect
4807s very well it's perfect
4809s oh I love that oh yeah
4812s no big deal just
4814s a Waba art piece yeah
4819s that synthwave look oh yeah we just saw
4821s that that's purple we just saw that
4823s purple flirt mode Cliff yeah I didn't
4825s plan that guys very cool because it's
4827s just nice my tummy is starting to hurt
4829s for me I'm so sorry it's okay I'm just
4832s like if you see me making weird faces my
4834s stomach's like
4836s I just thought you were overwhelmed by
4838s the beautiful I'll drink some I'll drink
4840s some smoothie oh I am overwhelmed by the
4842s beauty of this I just wanted to update
4843s everyone because I had a couple people
4844s be like Marcus you good I'm like I'm
4846s doing great oh there's the hungry
4848s hamster oh we have some cyberpunk energy
4852s I'll eat a little bit of rice so we've
4853s checked out the arcade
4856s volcano cave the purple Fort glyph As We
4859s Know
4860s City and we're coming upon a Mortal
4863s Kombat Arena oh yeah
4866s first or oh crab I got ahead of myself
4868s check out the Oro crab whoa
4871s I should be a boss right like
4874s the Orchid would do that is there a face
4876s in there oh yeah that's something
4878s as a big beast that's a big boy now
4881s we're coming upon the immortal combat
4883s that's a good Recreation I want to use
4885s the Narmer disc for the background yeah
4887s oh damn damn very stupid very very
4890s spiffy I've been impressed by what
4891s people
4893s oh that's so cool the Norma disc has
4895s proven to be useful for many things I'm
4898s really excited about what Dojo
4899s decorators have done with it it's very
4902s cool oh my gosh
4906s I think we have time to check out at
4908s least one PC oh my goodness yeah we're
4910s uh we're flying for time we're flying
4912s we're flying we are doing great okay I'm
4915s gonna do my best attempt at some Megan
4917s fashion frame I love that I don't know
4918s what Pablo fashion frame looks like
4920s though Pablo is a man of culture so I
4922s would assume that it's nice
4924s although I'll let Reb be the final
4927s word on that front Okay we're going to a
4928s ghost clan
4930s so no oh you're right I should wait I'm
4932s being rude I'm kidding I was joking as
4934s if it was scary because it's a ghost oh
4936s okay that was a lame joke okay and then
4938s I need blue
4939s I'm going in
4941s I will catch up to you
4943s I I respect the hustle for Megan colors
4946s you keep that up so not it oh that's
4948s pretty close yeah one of them is nice
4951s that's pretty good
4952s that's good excellent unequipped
4955s oh
4958s what a good oh so I have to share this
4960s because people need to know
4962s a biblically accurate Angel no what one
4966s of my favorite things I'm coming with
4968s me sorry what did you have to share
4970s not that important of this Angel no the
4973s angel is more hey personal
4976s which uh which planet are we in uh Rick
4979s we're in the gas
4982s this is we're like going into the Gates
4984s of Heaven this is so cool whoa whoa
4987s this is so cool
4989s appropriately Eerie seraphim you nailed
4992s the seraphim and so impressed already
4993s let's go to
4995s neotropolis it's been recommended to me
4997s should we go to the subway balcony or
4999s apartment Subway okay I will meet you
5002s there
5003s oh baby I'll meet you in the subway
5006s oh this is great
5009s Subway we'll go don't step on the track
5011s Subway coming uh-oh
5014s all right look one way we watch everyone
5016s for a safe travel all right guys keep
5018s your eyes peeled for a rat eating a
5020s piece of pizza
5021s Big Brother
5024s keep your eyes peeled for a piece of
5025s that New York rant yeah those rats
5028s they're built different in New York
5032s you got those big rats they'll get your
5033s toe if they don't find some za
5037s we watch everyone for a safe travel
5040s s thanks
5041s yeah it's good I think that between the
5043s seraphim and the big brother oh this is
5046s the sweet place oh yeah ramen bar I just
5049s want to Dean what are you saying
5052s I'm just gonna time ramen bar this is so
5055s cool it's amazing oh and the bowls are
5058s steaming unfinished that way want some
5061s katsu Ramen please thank you
5064s police line do not cross someone close
5066s unfinished let's go check it out you
5069s can't cross the police line no no robot
5071s what are you doing wait are they no guys
5072s guys you were selling you're gonna get
5074s in trouble they're watching you're
5075s selling a crime scene he's dancing look
5079s what he's doing literally dancing on
5080s their grave wow
5082s getting upset about that this is like an
5085s active case clearly the body is
5088s whatever
5089s what's done is done in the words of Lady
5090s Macbeth
5091s on to the next room and PPD
5096s new
5097s Paris Police Department
5099s do not cross the line I won't I will
5101s respect the rules after that that
5102s decline climb sign clearly stated all
5106s right where are we off to
5108s we're going to Cthulhu awakens oh yeah
5112s I love oh when world of Worlds is done
5115s I'm gonna be very excited to check that
5117s out the oldest and strongest emotion of
5119s mankind is fear the oldest and strongest
5122s kind of fear is the unknown HP Lovecraft
5124s I agree for Cthulhu
5128s I got chills I got chills that is hello
5132s there quite the entrance oh
5134s that's scary can I get someone fell down
5137s there oh it was you oh yeah I almost did
5139s careful because I think if I do fall
5141s down I don't know if I can get back oh
5143s you can fast travel I guess but always
5145s have the Fast Travel there's still even
5147s though there's no fall damage and even
5148s though I could recover I still don't
5149s want to fall into the pit you know
5150s reasonable and I don't wanna
5153s oh and the the
5155s tentacles mystery flesh pit National
5158s Park yeah hello that's the mystery flesh
5160s pit National sounds
5162s okay I gotta check this out okay it's
5165s cranked okay
5168s oh
5171s yes
5174s I had to go to the room I have no mouth
5176s in my screen because that was the most
5178s terrifying that's a terrifying oh wait
5180s it's hard
5183s [Laughter]
5194s what a name mystery flushed at National
5196s Park
5198s it was so gross wow
5203s wow oh thank you
5207s thank you for that
5209s I take partial blame for that one no
5212s that mystery needed to be solved
5217s let's grab it all
5220s opening I see
5222s different from the previous room there's
5225s a really good infested horror theme
5229s penetrating this whole dojo it's all
5231s very yes I like this like we're in
5234s spooky season yeah I love this
5237s I'm impressed as I said you start with a
5239s seraphin
5241s a strong start yeah
5250s I don't know but I don't think it is oh
5253s this is that part in the movie where
5254s they look where they don't see the
5256s creature and it's like there's tons of
5257s the creatures in the room what I can't
5258s see them they're on these kids then they
5259s look up
5261s nightmares
5266s uh okay this place gives me the creeps
5273s Washington Wormhole yep sure
5275s whoa wow that goes to Washington oh look
5279s at Washington State or Capital uh I say
5283s States I think there's more I can't read
5285s it from far away infection is my the
5287s music of Washington will end I feel like
5289s this is a movie reference challenge
5292s that's uh the Washington Monument
5295s whoa again we have this like scary
5298s apocalypse
5301s is it a movie reference teleport to the
5304s back rooms please yeah
5309s I think there is I think there is oh
5312s Stardust VT says that the mystery
5314s National Park cave and trails pit is
5317s based on a YouTube series oh and a lot
5319s of these are based off right there in
5322s the back rooms I'm terrified
5324s oh is it actually just Pure Storage
5326s backrooms no you don't know oh Marcus
5328s isn't on Tick Tock guys that's not his
5330s fault no I'm not on tickets
5333s about this it's really good Marcus isn't
5335s on YouTube guys it's not his fault and
5338s he saw a ghost
5339s no there was somebody in the distance
5341s running no I didn't see anything no it
5344s was just Danny this is so it oh wait
5348s it's that thing on Tick Tock where
5349s people share the back rooms and YouTube
5352s rightly pointed out I like bathrooms
5356s I think they're kind of fun I'm going I
5359s feel like there's like back in the back
5361s I feel like there's custodians in chat
5362s and they're like you guys
5369s this is so good
5372s is there invisible
5374s okay no thank you one up here should I
5376s go
5377s okay chat Center left right that's a lot
5380s of people that just came out of that hey
5384s chat which way are we going oh first
5386s thing I see I'm going
5388s right right the Kappa something says
5391s right that's where we're going
5394s oh there's nowhere there's nowhere left
5397s for me no no you go straight
5398s in the right you go up oh wait oh maybe
5401s that one we're going Center again see I
5403s picked the right one first oh oh there's
5405s a lower Direction these backwards
5408s this is like mini golf I think it's the
5411s one okay actually I'm gonna try and go
5413s to another room one of them does go a
5415s little bit okay let me jump let me jump
5416s down yeah yeah I'm following you Marcus
5418s we have the right idea
5419s wait did you jump back in yeah oh okay
5422s well here did you want to get up
5424s I got this I've got a mini map through
5426s the back room so can't hold me back well
5429s they even have the like watching person
5430s that's so it
5432s very cool
5434s um it's the stuff all right so I have an
5435s idea yes
5437s um Marcus to celebrate your birthday
5440s okay how would you say if you did a call
5444s Mission with the Kaleidoscope glasses we
5446s do a 2600 plot giveaway
5449s uh
5451s uh do are we sure we're gonna have
5453s enough time for me to finish it yes
5456s do something oh yeah I could do I could
5458s do something just wearing the glasses
5460s okay I can do that yeah yeah did you
5462s want to visit one more dojo and then we
5464s can pop into that I mean well in the
5466s interest of time okay I'm interested
5468s about time
5470s well in the interest of time why don't
5472s we jump to your mission and uh how many
5474s platinum prizes have we done today this
5475s will be our third third so this one's a
5478s big one ah 2600 because I'm 26. I get it
5480s I like it okay I'm gonna do this solo
5483s and I'm gonna do it as valkyr but I'm
5484s just going to make sure I can't die
5485s first
5488s your glasses my
5490s my nope
5491s [Laughter]
5494s I have not played valkyr Prime in a long
5497s time
5498s but I'm pretty sure I have the
5499s Spider-Man build and you have the the
5501s Megan colors of good luck yeah it's so
5504s Virgo stretch range
5508s [Music]
5509s okay they just want to make him Barb I
5512s don't know who said that right so should
5513s I do the the giveaway now or upon
5515s success upon success okay and oh maybe
5518s you chat what weapon do I take
5521s no it's up to you chat
5525s back rooms Escape I did I escaped the
5527s background uh there's more plaque I mean
5529s Brahma still uh I do have the estilla
5531s perfect
5533s brilliant
5535s looking good I also have not used the
5537s estilla in many moons let's check out
5539s and see not a whole lot works for me
5543s all right y'all you know what I am going
5544s to take a melee just
5549s just let's just let's get our jet get
5552s out of jail now Marcus for music of
5553s choice do you wanna do you want to Hype
5555s chill or instrumental
5557s Let's Go instrumental instrumental
5559s instrumental is gonna
5561s all right
5565s okay oh uh which capture
5568s which capture
5570s um
5570s Mission which capture
5572s so you feel like it's Earth it's too
5574s easy void void void capture would be
5577s pretty good because there's a lot of
5578s there's a lot of hijinks happening in
5580s the boy that's it there you go I like
5582s the sound of that capture
5584s yes yes thank you Danielle that was my
5587s original intention
5589s being the poor soul who gets the person
5591s wearing Kaleidoscope yeah
5594s yeah man are you even staff
5596s it's not like anyone said that to me
5598s before
5602s can't you play your game Marcus you got
5604s a real uh was it
5606s no it's um oh good lord I said Ozzy
5609s Osbourne I really don't want to make you
5612s sick I'm concerned
5613s uh I'm forgetting the names
5617s I don't remember you'll want to go okay
5621s other way I would go back
5625s oh God it's uh the Sin City the the
5628s glasses that glow black and white that
5630s it's in the city it's a good movie go
5634s left the glowing glass left thank you
5636s freaking Frodo Baggins
5638s the other left no straight go straight
5643s go left Elijah Wood yeah Elijah
5647s not through here nope
5648s you got this um
5650s oh I went up instead of going down do I
5652s have my Epitaph out uh
5657s oh goodness gracious
5661s um okay you're gonna need to go left
5664s I can see the map
5666s that's good okay just want to make sure
5670s you're feeling all right I'm doing great
5672s have you like aligned to like a specific
5674s window in the glass yeah I feel like I'm
5676s honestly doing yeah I feel like oh man I
5678s was almost doing a lazy eye
5681s these glasses are a hit these are fun oh
5684s I see you yeah you're doing great
5687s nice
5690s where you running
5692s where are you at go left go straight I
5695s feel like one of those go right right
5696s right there it is the blue he's straight
5699s ahead which one yes you're nailing it
5700s okay melee
5702s oh oh
5705s operator ah fancy
5709s yes
5711s get back over here you could just
5714s where is it go right right yeah go
5717s straight
5718s is he down he's downstairs no we just
5721s keep going though keep going you're
5722s gonna cut him off
5724s left left left yes yeah okay straight
5727s shot ah
5730s left
5732s right
5734s straight straight
5739s down there he is that's him
5741s Oh wrong one turn right
5744s back on him
5748s go straight down here
5752s still straight the left
5754s go straight
5755s that's him
5759s am I getting him yeah they get him yeah
5762s hey good gravy you just won so much
5766s plaque for twitch chat right now okay go
5768s straight all right I'm gonna run it
5770s along this extraction you can run it
5772s can't fail at this point so
5775s all right here we go okay uh I guess you
5778s could fail this can anyone find me to
5779s the exit please uh Zach you got this
5782s yeah I got it all right why did I see
5784s that snow guard Masters
5787s 2600 Platinum that's a lot of platinum
5790s whisper the twitch channel
5792s from the platform that you plan and
5794s we'll send you that Platinum right away
5798s I really want to stun Zach that was
5801s beautiful
5802s and Marcus just go straight I'm
5804s coordinating with the appetite for
5805s people seeing this I'm actually really
5807s impressed oh good when I split full
5809s recovery
5813s that call Mission would not have been
5815s easy they get good stuff
5818s who is this
5820s we lived it together okay that was
5823s awesome I needed that Relic did you need
5824s that Relic right yeah wow it's meant to
5827s be
5828s wow thank you chat uh did you get some
5831s good comments today I did I got lots of
5833s good comments first of all have you
5836s recovered from your glasses cause dang
5837s that's great that's a I applaud you
5840s Helen I don't know how to tell you I
5842s don't know how you took down that rack
5843s high five we both did that we survived
5846s the kaleidoscope
5847s oh I'm still in the dojo my goodness
5849s gracious
5850s um that hurt
5857s I'm very much out of breath I even made
5859s that coming to you too I'm like can you
5861s guys hear how hard she's breathing I
5862s don't know what it is your body starts
5864s to think something's very wrong I also
5866s at right after I got the capture Target
5867s I was like yeah I just need one of you
5868s guys to direct me and then no one did
5872s it's like we gotta get out of here I
5875s gotta get out of here yeah well I think
5878s it's time to find out what twitch chat
5879s thought let's let's let's see everything
5882s else
5883s those things are not harmful
5891s we're going to hop right in from the
5893s Discord let's hear exactly what you got
5896s McComb valid excuse oh wait I need to
5899s click reveal valid excuse on this Airmen
5902s avoid hole swallowed my homework true I
5904s wonder how many students students use
5906s that one I would maybe first on my list
5908s yep that could be true yeah it was for
5911s research it was a research progress got
5913s too close yeah close papers oh man
5917s brutal uh Mabus hurts from twitch chat
5921s this is to Marcus nice co-piloting Goose
5924s nice little Topic in reference glad I
5927s made it through that last mission though
5929s those glasses thank you my boosters
5933s snail space over on Twitch this is
5936s Garuda art reactions Gore Goose gorgeous
5940s gorgeous
5942s what's that word
5945s no that's a good reaction this is
5947s perfect I think Garuda would love gruda
5950s would love that from sakota
5953s from twitch Chat blue girl is best girl
5956s no question you're here gotta agree here
5958s here we all love even in her naborous
5962s outfit yes blue girl is best girl yes
5964s yes
5967s a little scary you came in I just saw a
5970s little yeah I know I'm good I'm I'm
5972s fighting some demons but we're good okay
5975s you saw my phone yeah what's behind the
5979s eyes you tracked that you tracked that
5980s correctly yeah
5982s we're good it's getting that bile grab
5984s bag ready yeah
5986s from RC Fox over in twitch chat now
5988s Marcus gets to sabotage without the
5990s benefit of skirt
5992s I'm never gonna have scurvy till I die
5994s yeah that was your like life I could go
5997s for a transatlantic swim
6000s I'm so topped up on vitamin C it's not
6002s even funny so alkaline like
6006s from scurvy's a big problem though you
6009s got to watch out for scurvy is it
6010s nowadays it is really oh no I did we did
6014s we did joke about my um my housemate was
6017s uh was bodybuilding in University and
6020s had it worked out that he could just
6021s exist on a diet of ground turkey eggs
6023s spinach and sweet potato oh my God we
6026s were like what health issues is going to
6027s come up because he ate that for six
6028s months straight that's all he had yeah
6030s that's all he ate so we're like is he
6032s gonna get scurvy like is this he didn't
6035s but I guess it's a legitimate there must
6038s be vitamin C in sweet potatoes or
6039s something like that probably sweet
6040s potatoes but for sure we thought that uh
6042s we thought he might get scared
6056s I don't want even more powerful
6059s Kaleidoscope glasses it's like when you
6060s go on one of those twisty spinny rides
6062s at amusement park you're like that looks
6063s like a blast and you come off and you're
6064s like never again
6065s oh it's so good I'm so glad I paid so
6068s much money to be here what we got was
6069s life experience
6071s Prime life experience very much private
6074s life experience for as long as as long
6075s as Chad had a good time we had a good
6077s time that's it all right it was fun yeah
6080s for the people the none of the people
6082s the people for the people the blue girl
6084s from
6086s sorry uh this is the worst GPS I've ever
6090s seen that Mr Marcus
6092s I thought I did pretty good left left
6096s left
6097s we're right last great task okay back
6100s where you were
6102s I tried no I think we got through the
6105s mission Helen you put the team on your
6107s back your call would be proud thank you
6109s so thank you so much I'll be like pink
6111s haired girl do well
6113s despite very poor eyesight oh no see
6117s good pink hair girl has eyesight like
6120s grineer with clone degradation
6122s oh my girl needs eye check
6125s because we've already chosen the top 10
6126s comments
6127s that's number one I think
6130s well from ragna over in Discord has
6133s anyone said come alive
6135s yes man you must have scoped that and
6138s been like oh yeah
6140s I know right where you're going
6143s Ragnar always got the good one I
6146s actually does have some bangers all the
6147s time I always think of Ragnar Lothbrok
6150s when I see your names like all good
6151s feelings yeah yeah over in the Discord
6154s from Angel Beat going through hell and
6156s high water
6163s and this one's Demarcus from rosin Omega
6166s Cal love lemon but lemonade
6175s oh that's awesome
6180s hate Carl it's true
6182s well uh shall we run core Prime access
6185s do you want to take it away birthday boy
6186s why don't you introduce me yeah yeah
6188s sure sure the Mistress of pain and
6190s destruction but we love her all the same
6191s someone is going home with a top tier
6194s strangle Dome core Prime axis coming at
6196s you right now who is it going to be is
6198s the gentleman The Scholar
6209s four wheels or Realms
6213s plural Realms as opposed to Realms I
6217s mean it's not like any it's not like any
6219s Multiverse franchise talks about
6221s multiple Realms Realms however totally
6224s all the time real Realms I got you
6227s Marcus You've Won core Prime access
6229s strangled volunteer please whisper the
6232s twitch page with your in-game Alias and
6233s platform you play on and our very own
6235s Zach and Cohen I will it's gonna send
6236s you your core Prime access
6237s congratulations I have five s's
6241s five s's Realms
6244s so generous of you birthday boy you know
6246s what I think it's high time you do
6248s something generous for you
6268s no way
6270s no way no what what is this
6276s oh my God oh my gosh oh my God
6281s this is too good oh there is a picture
6283s of Megan and I look at that it's wow
6287s happy birthday bring it in happy
6289s birthday oh my gosh I'm so tall
6293s thanks guys this is so special thank you
6296s I didn't even notice the balloon
6300s it's hilarious Dean even bought my
6302s foreign
6304s you guys know I love Reese's can can
6307s people see the the cake they did oh my
6310s God don't worry we'll take care of
6312s business okay just get in there
6315s before wow okay
6321s oh man okay yeah let me think let me get
6323s into Megan's headspace okay corn bogey
6328s um all represented naturally Namaste
6331s Namaste here
6333s anime
6338s one of Megan's favorite Netflix series
6340s just got renewed for season two today
6342s and Dudley and I talked about it
6344s okay I've got my wish okay
6349s hey and only one lit candle yeah which
6353s is good I'm very glad the real challenge
6354s now is can you cut the cake of course
6356s the candle situation right now the cake
6359s is
6360s so wait what I broke oh my God yeah this
6363s is a thick twitch Chad is giving you
6365s happy birthdays and classes thank you
6366s twitch Chad okay are you cool if I
6368s deconstruct the Box because that's gonna
6369s make this please
6372s I guess it's gonna be in my freezer for
6375s the next two weeks man I don't even need
6377s to get dinner after the stream anymore
6379s okay for dinner this is awesome lemon
6382s juice you like I have to cut my own face
6383s I feel like that's Bad Manners to uh
6386s yeah don't cut Megan's face oh this
6388s handle may snap that's okay it feels
6390s pretty dope boy I got it for like five
6391s dollars this thing is is this oh is this
6395s the Excalibur origin story holy schmokes
6400s holy it's all good like this is a
6403s strength how are you doing at 26. how
6406s strong yeah how
6409s holy crikes I'm not shaking
6413s oh geez it's gonna go through the table
6415s it's a thick crust
6418s holy don't make if I had to do this oh
6422s there we go there's some leverage that's
6423s beautiful that's good here I'll get your
6425s uh your plate ready sir oh thank you get
6428s these plates all right who wants a Big
6430s Slice pasta because I think we're only
6431s cutting complete it's a napkin Zach do
6434s you want a big oh you know what that's
6435s the trick it's just uh
6439s there's a lot of there's a lot of
6440s tension
6442s in this cake wow okay we've got one
6445s incision done
6447s holy crap okay
6449s nice making the second incision it's all
6452s okay if you see this knife like bending
6454s in half too
6455s that was
6457s good okay if I make the top yeah okay
6459s here we go twitch tag gets it yeah
6461s twitch hard cake
6464s is that a marble cake it's um a peanut
6467s butter and chocolate I never thought I'd
6469s be cutting into a cake party yeah
6473s we'll just take like a hundred dollars
6476s do you know how many times have gone to
6478s like marble slab and DQ and been like
6479s that's too much
6481s not nothing's too much for you and
6483s Meghan Marcus oh that's very kind of you
6485s Helen all right that's the first piece
6488s on purpose wow
6493s plastic forks okay now I only have to do
6497s oh God
6498s even because it's crazy
6502s oh come on
6503s Zach's papers Cheers Cheers Cheers
6511s that's so good amazing
6514s together
6525s Taylor and I work together
6529s this is
6533s Marcus Mark it's time for you to have a
6535s test
6536s the Breather again before the stream is
6538s out yeah
6542s I don't know if you can see the hack job
6544s I did on the inside of that there is no
6546s perpendicular cut it is like it is like
6549s this thing is it was not a clean kill
6553s look at that cut it's like yeah
6555s Precision it's like in it's like that's
6559s hilarious it's beautiful it's just
6560s Marcus's eyes
6563s all right can I do this the other thing
6566s I know it's very good plastic forks have
6567s been so hungry in the past that I've
6569s chopped off the bits it's got a good
6571s curve to it
6593s all right if I was Megan with this cake
6596s what would I do
6599s take more polite bites that's what I
6601s feel like
6602s that's okay
6605s um
6605s really good actually Megan you're
6608s getting half this cake I'm gonna drop it
6609s off at your house
6610s it's not a bad idea yeah D it's no joke
6613s it's not yeah it's not for it's not for
6615s a lack of effort this thing is
6618s oh my God this thing is Herculean this
6620s is nice all right this is the workout I
6623s think Marcus was standing up so yeah I
6625s had to like you got to put your back
6626s into it it almost feels like chopping
6630s wood like I wish we had some sort of
6631s hatchet
6632s oh that'd be could be useful yeah right
6634s through the table oh well done and I
6637s feel like I feel like this also works
6639s out well too because I feel like in the
6640s past I've always joked about that we
6642s need we need uh that we need snacks for
6645s prime time
6648s okay hold that up to to the camera
6651s because what is this
6654s oh yeah
6658s wow wow that looks like a wolf like you
6662s know quiet coyote nailed it oh I'd give
6664s you a high five yeah thank you thank you
6667s well happy birthday happy birthday
6669s Marcus
6670s and Megan and Megan I hope Megan's
6673s watching I hope so too I'm gonna send
6674s her a picture of the cake right now
6675s let's take it so good if you'd like
6677s Marcus I mean I think we could Mad Dash
6679s through a dojo before our raid yeah
6681s let's do that
6682s and if anyone wants to like ever this
6685s cake for me I would love a slice over by
6688s the PC Dean thank you all right all
6691s right delicious delish
6693s yum yum
6698s Dean I'll come over I'll keep you
6700s company you look great over there you
6703s look great
6704s he'll come back right after oh man I
6708s always talk about wanting snacks with
6709s Prime Time
6710s birthday wishes happy birthday birthdays
6715s all right
6716s just enough time to Mad Dash through one
6718s more I say while you enjoy your slice of
6720s cake yeah I get him yeah
6722s I suppose it's not easy it's so hard
6726s it's so tough oh my gosh
6729s ah okay executive decision we're going
6732s to Forever Summer let's do it uh the
6735s amount of Madness through Forever Summer
6737s oh nothing says happy birthday like a
6740s grand entrance to a dojo absolutely
6742s so good more cake
6744s this is awesome
6746s here we go
6748s wow
6749s oh a guardian oh I love it
6755s this is beautiful forever you can find a
6758s transporter I like how it says Forever
6760s Summer but then this feels very
6762s like summer
6764s in Summer's over
6766s yeah somewhere over I suppose oh thank
6768s you Dean yeah today's the first day of
6770s Audrey hope everybody likes Autumn yeah
6773s my slice compared
6778s that's good you can feel the pressure
6781s it's like that's me at lunch tomorrow
6784s let's go in the fridge delicious does it
6786s help your stomach feel better Marcus all
6788s right Dodge
6789s I'm so glad I also feel like a
6792s six-year-old child my tummy hook but
6794s then the cake made it better
6796s yeah yeah
6799s that's good Megan's face is still intact
6801s okay this is a sick battle whoa
6804s transporter we need that sword to cut
6807s the cake
6808s we do need that sword to Cut the Cake oh
6810s yeah
6812s I think it's only ready to share with
6813s everyone at this time that I dyed my
6815s hair pink because of black is kind of
6817s Gundam Seed is this a Gundam Seed you
6820s got your Gundam it's fighting a monster
6822s got him seen my books where did you go
6824s to Helen oh I mean a huge Square too
6827s huge Square too I like it you never know
6829s what you're gonna get if you're going
6830s everywhere
6831s oh my goodness oh sweet
6834s I will have to find out who this
6835s lackiest client person is my eyes
6837s clearly if you wanted to emulate them
6839s then they must be doing something right
6840s like saving the Galaxy that's it no big
6845s nothing to it
6847s very cool well
6849s honestly we could really use that laser
6851s cutter
6852s yeah we could we could absolutely have
6854s used that for that cake tonight
6856s yeah you're right as I you know what
6858s good that you got a k-cutter though
6859s and uh
6861s I love that I love that Taylor asked him
6863s right well if I could be a trust me
6865s Christmas
6867s we we've worked together for a long time
6869s so that is a this infested room does not
6872s feel like summer either I completely
6874s agree okay where are we off to next that
6877s was huge score two I'm at huge Square
6879s six you score six
6882s it doesn't feel like summer but it feels
6883s like a fantasy oh no my my poor sweet
6886s boy
6887s Sentinel it's a little in the way but
6890s you can still make out this gorgeous
6891s spray holy crap
6893s all right I'm going to one more room we
6895s have three minutes before we have to
6896s raid oh there's a rider on top of this
6899s bird
6900s top of this winged Beast okay I'm going
6902s to get a good man to join my favorite
6905s number is 13 we're going there
6908s it's really good
6910s it's tasty cake
6912s this is so cool
6915s oh heck yes
6919s all right I'm gonna go to
6921s this is gorgeous seven myself beautiful
6923s beautiful Choice oh yeah
6926s I'm sorry I feel it reminds me of um
6929s serpent mirror
6931s mmm and I love that
6933s oh look at all these all these armor
6935s discs are like oscillating lava
6939s just gorgeous this is wicked I love it I
6941s love having it thoroughly enjoyed it oh
6942s wear Gophers back hey we're gopher well
6945s you know
6947s I did too very nice ah you know after
6951s all that set up and all those balloons
6953s it just wouldn't feel right not to end
6954s the stream over in that spot let's
6956s migrate there and announce our beautiful
6959s raid for where the party is continuing
6960s where are we migrating the after party
6961s you might say
6962s oh we can head back to the end to the
6965s old spot the spot the streaming couches
6969s all these streaming coaches are very
6970s specific at all was I no I was like in
6972s the dojo
6974s let's go enjoy our balloons I think we
6976s had to get one more dojo in when you
6979s have five minutes to go
6981s to quite like it
6986s gorgeous from the bites that I've
6989s chopped off pretty good
6992s alrighty
6994s join us birthday boy all right would you
6996s like to I wrote it down so we'd make
6998s sure we remember correct I'd like to
7000s announce who we're rating yes we are
7001s rating pirick's Serenity they are a new
7004s Warframe Creator they love ducks and you
7007s will love them you're gonna have an
7008s absolute blast with pure serenity
7010s have a great time have a great night
7012s thank you all for joining us tonight on
7014s prime time um this has been a ton of fun
7015s uh thank you Dean thank you Danielle
7018s thank you for the cake thank you
7019s everyone you looked at me and said Thank
7022s You Dean and then looked at Dean but I
7025s still said the right names okay all
7027s right you did thank you Megan for being
7028s born thank you Pablo for having me
7031s that feels generic enough but I will
7033s thank you chat uh for being here tonight
7035s this is Zach thank you for being on top
7037s 10. thank you and without further Ado we
7039s will send the stream off to Pure
7040s Serenity everyone have a great week
7041s we'll see you very soon bye
7047s all right

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