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Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix is now live:

  • Fixed Plague Star Steel Path bounties not rewarding any Operational Supply Standing. Oops!
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10 minutes ago, IIGodFatherII said:

when will Wisp double skin bug be fixed?

Do you have more details on this? Linking to an existing bug report or screenshot?

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15 minutes ago, IDystopiaI said:

This sounds like the bug issue where AOE (maybe punch through too) can damage the legs of a Tusk Thumper without breaking the part covering the weak points first, making the thumper invulnerable. It's pretty common now with people just using the Arquebex because of how broken it is, and I'm unsure if being a client/host effects how easy it is to reproduce the bug. 

It's existed before plague star, just more people running missions on the Plains making the issue apparent to people that have never really dealt with Thumpers.


This should have been fixed with U34, but it is possible that it has reappeared. I was able to kill multiple Domas on the Plains following the Hotfix, so thankfully it is not widespread like I feared. 😌