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Please can we get this changed? If teammates complete the mission but you do not, you don't get rewards or completion and your time is wasted. Sometimes people just don't bother reviving you if you go down. It's a really awful feeling having your time wasted because of this.

Sure, one response is "Just don't go down" but it's still a departure from the team-based mission completion the rest of the game has - and not a good one. It also breeds more trolling, such as purposefully not reviving teammates.

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My gripe, while I haven't died yet as Wisp, is that I've had teammates die far enough away that I can't realistically get to them in time to save them (such as splitting up to fight the two Deacons) and that helpless feeling sucks.

I don't think that an Arbitration-style revival minigame would work for Archon Hunts, but maybe the bleedout timer needs to be more forgiving so that teammates who want to help can do so.

We're taking a look at the overall bleedout time duration in Archon Hunts (length of time that reduces every time you are downed), these may be tweaked in the future based off Community Feedback

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