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  • Voruna’s Shroud of Dynar now grants her the buff for 3 seconds upon leaving invisibility in every possible way instead of it relying on if you used melee and hit a target.
  • Reduced the amount of damage the Tomb Protector Effigy does in the Sands of Inaros Quest’s final boss fight.
    • The Specters Mutalist Cernos was causing very strong Toxin Status Effects that made it near impossible to survive against and complete the Quest.
  • Clem Specters and Kahl (spawned from the Skaut’s “Kahl Beacon” Air Support) now have a full 360-degree vision to improve their ability to target enemies more effectively.


  • Optimized Vor’s Prize Quest to fix some hitches.

Cross Platform Play Fixes:

  • Fixed sending an invite to a username used across different platforms not showing an account number suffix, making it confusing to know to whom you are sending an invite.


  • Fixed being able to cast Voruna’s Ulfrun’s Descent and deal damage to enemies from a zipline without leaping.
    • Now, casting and targeting with Ulfrun’s Descent will leap Voruna off the zipline towards the enemy.
  • Fixed weapons still being equipped on Voruna during Ulfrun’s Descent after casting Breach Surge (via Helminth).
  • Fixed Oberon’s Hallowed Reckoning Augment Mod not being affected by Range Mods for Clients.
  • Fixed Clem Specters getting stuck in an animation loop when he tried to reload and was no longer able to shoot.
  • Fixed becoming invisible and locked in as Operator after being grabbed by Ropalolyst during Last Gasp.
  • Fixed black squares flickering over the cutscenes in the final stage of The New War Quest.
  • Fixed player becoming their K-Drive and losing function after using Transference near a body of water.
  • Fixed the enemy icon on the Vessel in the Sands of Inaros Quest not being visible if the “Visual Effects Intensity” slider in the Accessibilities options is turned all the way down.
  • Fixed the VFX for the Lua Spy Rifts and puzzle pressure plates being invisible if the “Visual Effects Intensity” slider in the Accessibilities options is turned all the way down.
  • Fixed the energy barrier VFX not disappearing after hacking a console in the The Rise of Narmer stage of The New War Quest.
  • Fixed the Corpus Security Cameras tracking laser VFX being green instead of blue in the center.
  • Fixed the no ammo icon appearing above the heads of on-call crewmates briefly when they are spawned.
  • Fixed the Tusk Hellion Arson, Blitz, Shock, and Arctic Eximus units not using their abilities.
  • Fixed delayed sound FX when breaking a fan in the Grineer Galleon tileset.
  • Fixed several VFX issues with the Purified Bloom Ephemera:
    • Fixed the Ephemera not adopting the second emissive color channel.
    • Fixed the bottom right section of the Ephemera not taking on colors when previewed.
    • Fixed the energy trail VFX not using selected colors.
  • Fixed the Perrin Sequence “Tessellations Sigil” being misspelled.
  • Fixed script error with Nidus’ Larva.
  • Fixed script errors with Zephyr’s Tornado and Turbulence.
  • Fixed script error with Yareli’s Riptide.
  • Fixed script errors with Atlas’ Tectonics and Rumblers.
  • Fixed script error with Wukong’s Passive.
  • Fixed script error with Lavos’ Catalyze.
  • Fixed script error with Banshee’s Sonar.
  • Fixed script error with Limbo’s Banish.
  • Fixed script errors with Voruna’s Ulfrun’s Descent and Shroud of Dynar.
  • Fixed script error with Vauban’s Bastille.
  • Fixed script error with Mirage’s Eclipse.
  • Fixed script errors with Nekros’ Terrify and Shadows of the Dead.
  • Fixed script errors with Trinity’s Energy Vampire and Blessing.
  • Fixed script error with Equinox’s Rest & Rage.
  • Fixed script error with Nezha’s Fire Walker.
  • Fixed script error with Sevagoth’s Reap.
  • Fixed script error with Grendel’s Nourish.
  • Fixed script error with the Kavat Sense Danger Mod.
  • Fixed script error with chat UI.