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  • Updated the Onos and Ruvox Blueprint description to indicate that they also drop in the Armatus Disruption mission on Deimos.
  • Improved teleport volumes in the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset to prevent issues with players getting spawned in weird spots. 


  • Fixed Armatus Disruption not rewarding the highest amount of Vessel Capillaries per Necramech Demolishers destroyed in the normal/Steel Path ranges:
    • Normal: 2-4 Vessel Capillaries (only 2-3 were being rewarded before this fix). 
    • Steel Path: 5-7 Vessel Capillaries (only 5-6 were being rewarded before this fix).
  • Fixed the TennoCon 2024 Display (from the TennoCon 2024 Digital Pack) having the wrong dimensions, causing it to appear stretched. 
  • Fixed receiving the incorrect Standing amount (compared to what was advertised in the Bounty UI) from Steel Path Bounties in Albrecht’s Laboratories and the Zariman.
    • EDIT: We're aware that this issue is still occurring. We discovered that there is a bug with public matchmaking that causes Steel Path players to load into the normal version of the Bounty, so you end up receiving the "normal" amount of Standing instead of Steel Path. There seems to be a 50/50 chance that this occurs, so the best workaround at the moment is pre-made Squads, which we understand isn't always a realistic option. But rest assured we'll be tackling this early next week once the team has returned from the long weekend we have here in Canada. 
  • Fixed Clients playing Dante not dealing full damage from Final Verse’s Tragedy. 
  • Fixed cases where Mirage’s Eclipse damage buff was not applying to Melee Weapons.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones unintentionally being able to indefinitely fire Onos’ charge beam.
  • Fixed Loki’s “Damage Decoy” Augment Mod not applying Radiation Status Effect on enemies. 
  • Fixed using Loki's Switch Teleport ability on friendly AI resulting in other AI turning hostile against it. 
  • Fixed Nidus’ “Parasitic Vitality” Augment Mod not scaling with Ability Strength. 
  • Fixed squad kills not contributing towards the Host Chroma’s “Guardian Armor” Augment Mod, which meant it wasn’t restoring the Host’s Health and didn’t increase Vex Armor’s Duration as intended. 
  • Fixed Saryn’s Toxic Lash only applying one instance of Toxin Damage to weapons with Multishot instead of a second hit of Toxin Damage every damage instance as intended. 
  • Fixed a crash caused by Mirage casting Sleight of Hand within proximity of Yareli’s Merulina with the “Loyal Merulina” Augment Mod equipped. 
  • Fixed progress not tracking for the Onos and Ruvox’s Evolution IV challenge (Open X Conduits in Disruption on Armatus, Deimos), making it impossible to unlock. 
  • Fixes towards being unable to leave Submersible Archwing areas (throwing you back into the water instead of putting you on land) and often experiencing a loss of function after attempting. 
    • Note: It may take a couple of attempts before you are able to successfully exit water volumes after this fix. 
    • Also, if you are playing on a controller, approaching the exit with the analogue stick will allow you to exit the water after a couple attempts. However, using the context action to exit still causes the same issue to occur. 
    • We will continue to look into ways to fix these issues, but they may be code fixes which require a Cert update to deploy. 
  • Fixed non-Legendary Arcanes showing up in the Netracell screen.
    • These were removed from the Drop Tables in Dante Unbound to better balance the overall drop table. Read the full details in the official update patch notes!
  • Fixed certain Incarnon Secondaries missing the new special reticle introduced with Dante Unbound when in Incarnon form.
  • Fixed killed Rogue Bonewidows not contributing to the “Eliminate X Rogue Voidrigs” Cavia Bounty challenge. 
    • We will be updating the title and description of this challenge to reflect this change in a future Hotfix! 
  • Fixed Dante missing his own custom animations while dual wielding Glaive and Secondary Weapon. 
  • Fixed an issue with Onos’ projectiles which prevented them from being absorbed into Mag’s Magnetize bubble and causing them to literally bounce off of it into the stratosphere. 
  • Fixed extreme camera shake when using Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance ability. 
  • Fixed issue where Lohk Surges spawned in the same room could have the same buff. The buffs will now be more randomized!  
  • Fixed a rare crash when picking up a Decree Fragment right as you dismounted Merulina in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed a crash related to Qorvex’s Passive.
  • Fixed Styanax Tonatiuh Skin green color sometimes appearing when changing Helmets. 
  • Fixed seeing broken fur textures when viewing Kubrow Accessories in the in-game Market if your Kubrow is not equipped or is roaming the Orbiter.
  • Fixed the Lua Planter and Pitcher Planter Decorations missing textures when placed in the Orbiter and/or Drifter Camp. 
  • Fixed a teleport volume in the Albecht’s Laboratories tileset spawning players out of the map. 
  • Fixed the Tranq Rifle unintentionally killing Avichaea instead of tranquilizing them (RIP). 
  • Fixed ability tooltips in the Upgrade screen missing their descriptions (only showing stat information). 
    • Also fixed weird spacing occurring the the tooltip for locked abilities. 
  • Fixed the Grimoire missing its Unique Trait description. 
    • Now reads: “Alternate Fire releases a voltaic orb that travels slowly then explodes after 6 seconds, shocking an enemy every second within 6m. Shock will chain to 2 additional enemies within 6m."
  • Fixed Mod slots in the Upgrade screen showing as red instead of green for Mods with the Universal Polarity (ex: Dreamer’s Bond). 
  • Fixed the Fog of War Ephemera not playing nicely with GI Lighting. 
  • Fixed Vessel Capillaries being sorted to the bottom of the End of Missions results screen. It will now be sorted higher to the top. 
  • Fixed overlapping reward UI when killing the last Necramech Demolyst in Disruption.
  • Fixed seeing a PH text when attempting to trigger the Onos’ Incarnon form when on Merulina. 
  • Fixed seeing PH text in the Dojo and Relay Quick Access wheel.
  • Fixed several script errors related to Void Fissure Tears triggering. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Grendel’s Feast ability.  
  • Fixed a script error caused by Dante’s Passive and Final Verse’s “Tragedy”. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Nyx’s Psychic Bolts ability. 
  • Fixed a script error in the Duviri Void Mirror objective. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Rogue Voidrigs in Albrecht’s Laboratories. 
  • Fixed a script error occurring from a combination of the Manifold Bond and Electro Pulse Mods. 
  • Fixed a script error when trying to contribute to the Vault of a Clan in the same Alliance. 
  • Fixed some languages missing localized text in certain menus. 

For list of known issues for Dante Unbound, visit our dedicated thread: 


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