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Hello all!

Welcome to an unseasonably warm November in London Ontario. Here’s an update on what we’re up to behind the scenes as an important way to help you plan your Warframe goals.

When is Nightwave Series 3: Glassmaker ending?
This is a big one - our last ‘October’ post detailed out the release of the finale, and now that it’s here, it’s time to talk wrapping things up.

First, since we are launching on Next-Gen, we don’t want players joining the Tenno fold and having a Glassmaker experience that’s only one month long or less.

For this reason, we are running Glassmaker until the end of 2020, and in January 2021 we will be swapping into Intermission #3 (which will bring back old items, and offer Duplicate protection for those who already have items)! At that time in January, we’ll have a post up about our plans for Nightwave based on 3 Series of experience (one of which endured a pandemic)! 

Deimos Arcana + Public Test Weekend Content: New Arcanes, New Bounties, and more. 
Deimos Arcana is well into development. Our next planned deployment is Update 29.5: Deimos Arcana! We will only be Hotfixing in an emergency. 

A summary of Deimos Arcana can be seen here:

Update Details.png

We are doing a Public Test Cluster this weekend. Want a sneak peek at the new Arcanes? Read on: 

We are releasing new Deimos Arcanes called Residuals and Theorems. These are meant to be synergized Arcanes for Infested Kitguns and Warframes to play off each other. Take a look: 

Residuals (Infested Kitgun Arcanes)

20% chance to grow cysts on the corpse for 12s that explode for 80 Heat Damage in 10m and applying Heat Damage type to Theorem Arcanes. 

20% chance to create a frigid mist for 12s, dealing 40 Cold Damage/s and applying Cold Damage to Theorem Arcanes.

20% chance to electrify the corpse for 12s, dealing 200 Electricity Damage to enemies within 10m and applying Electricity Damage to Theorem Arcanes.

20% chance to create a pool of toxic blood for 12s, dealing 40 Toxin Damage/s and applying Toxin Damage to Theorem Arcanes.

Theorems (Warframe Arcanes):
Standing in a zone created by a Residual Arcane increases damage of companions and summoned allies within 60m by 4%/s stacking up to 15x. Effect persists for 5s upon leaving the zone. 

Standing in a zone created by a Residual Arcane creates a globe that orbits the player every 2s. The globes will strike the nearest enemy within 5m dealing 100 damage and applying a Status Effect. Globes will persist for 8s upon leaving the zone. 

Standing in a zone created by a Residual Arcane increases weapon damage by 4%/s stacking up to 15x. Effect persists for 5s upon leaving the zone. 

Our support of Men’s Health continues this year, and the Moustache tradition is back! Check out our contest here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1234498-moframe-of-mind-2020-contest-is-live/

Next Devstream: Lavos Edition
For those wanting to learn more about our very own Alchemist with a serpentine twist, our next Devstream will be all about Lavos. Stay tuned for a date! 

TennoGen Round 19, Part 1 on Consoles:
TennoGen Round 19, Part 1 is coming with Deimos Arcana on Consoles! Some of our most popular TennoGen items ever await keen fashion experts on Console.

Say hi to new Creators!
We continue to grow the Creator Program with some new faces being added this week! Check out some amazing Creators at warframe.com/creators 

Are you on Discord, Tenno? We are ramping up our plans for a more active Discord community, so get in now and join our giveaways, event chats, and more: http://discord.gg/playwarframe

Tata for now! 

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