8 days ago - [DE]Zach - Direct link
Hello again!

Wanted to provide additional information on reset cadence for Kahl’s ‘Break Narmer’ missions and Archon Hunts. Because we moved the next Kahl mission to Wednesday, September 28th - ‘Break Narmer’ missions will need to return to a normal cadence after the fact.

After Kahl’s next mission on September 28th, we will be setting Kahl’s ‘Break Narmer’ missions - as well as Archon Hunts - to reset every Sunday at 00:00 GMT (Nightwave reset) starting on October 2nd.

For clarity, resets will occur as such:
-The next ‘Break Narmer’ mission will run from September 28th to October 2nd.
-The next Archon Hunt will run from September 28th to October 2nd.
-October 2nd will then bring the following ‘Break Narmer’ and Archon Hunt missions, resetting on Sundays.

Thanks all and we’ll see you on Wednesday!