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Hi Tenno!

With the introduction of Cross Platform Save, Console players who linked with a PC Account would by default now see that PC Account’s Forum profile. We recognize this is not an ideal experience for everyone, and have developed a way for you to change between Forum profiles whenever you like. This feature has been live for a little while, but was still being bug fixed and made clearer for players before this announcement. I am happy to say, this is the Announcement that this feature is ready to be used! 

Please note that the previous accounts will retain their full profile settings, customizations, post history, etc. - they were not deleted, merely inaccessible.

Here is how it works:

  1. Go to Account Management (https://www.warframe.com/user)
    • Login to your account, if you are not already logged in.


  1. Under ‘Forum Account Selection’, Select the account you would like to be represented by on the Forums, then select ‘Confirm’. There will be a confirmation message to inform you this worked.


  1. Go to the Warframe Forums (https://forums.warframe.com) and log out. You must be logged out of the Forums for the switch to take place.
    • The Forums and the Website are separate, so even if you log out of the Website, you may still be logged into the forums. The best way to ensure you are logged out of the forums is to load https://forums.warframe.com and ensure that you are not logged in there. If you are, log out and reload https://forums.warframe.com
  2. Sign into your account again.

That’s it, you have switched to your other account! You should see the Platform Name and Profile Icon for the other profile you switched to. You can follow these instructions to switch between platforms at any time.

Please Note: As part of the bug fixing phase, there was a bug where a ‘Complete your Profile’ page would appear after switching profiles. While we believe we have squashed this bug, if it does appear for you, please switch back to the previous platform and try again! At most it should take a few switches to sort itself out. Any account created by using the ‘Complete your Profile’ page will not work. Finally, if you do receive this bug, reach out to us and let us know!