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The New War: Hotfix 31.0.10



  • Reskinned the Captura Settings UI screen to provide an updated look!

    • A continuation of the ongoing UI Reskin efforts noted in Updated 30.9.0



  • Fixed a Dx12 crash when switching between Fullscreen and Windowed.

  • Fixed a Dx12 crash that could occur in The War Within Quest if Enhanced Rendering was enabled.

  • Fixed multiple spots where the Drone could get stuck during its escort in the post-New War Plains of Eidolon. 

    • Please let us know if the Drone continues to get stuck post-Hotfix. Screenshots are much appreciated! 

  • Fixed a Companion weapon not applying all equipped Upgrades if they are valid for the weapon's current configuration but the weapon has a capacity upgrade and the Companion does not.

  • Fixed Corpus Outpost tilesets with snow having black snow falling in their outdoor segments.

  • Fixed incorrectly sized ‘X’ button callout in the Dojo Room Options screen.

  • Fixed camera not panning out when attempting to view different Orbiter Appearances. 

  • Fixed a script error after purchasing the Orbiter Captura Scene and then attempting to use it.

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10 minutes ago, wizardeiges said:

Will yarelis aquablades ever be able to hit ragdolled enemies? this has been a problem since day 1 with her.
vauban vacuum grenades,zephyr airburst,ground slammed enemies that are ragdolled,ragdolled enemies in general cannot be damaged by aquablades.

We're looking into it

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11 hours ago, binsanek said:

when you go to fix the the Orb Vallis Solaris Mem Fragments in the head of ballas? because is imposible scan. 

We're investigating this!

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31 minutes ago, Venor said:

I just noticed that the emote wheel does not work in Captura. Everything in the gear wheel works, but the switch to the emote wheel is not possible.

We've noted this for a fix! Looks like controller functions properly as a workaround but we'll get that fixed up.