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Echoes of the Zariman: Hotfix 31.6.2

TennoCon 2022 is fast approaching (July 16th)! This is potentially one of the last Hotfixes we will be putting out before we put all our focus exclusively on the TennoCon build (wink wink nudge nudge). Our focus for these Hotfixes is to tend to feedback from Echoes of the Zariman before we change gears. 

Friendly reminder that we have a Relay Stress Test during Baro’s appearance this Friday in preparation for TennoCon - hope to see you there!


  • Updated the grip position on the Ferlarx’s Incarnon mode model.  
  • Reduced the Standing cost of the Zariman Test Tube Station from 40k to 4k. 
    • Seems we let an extra 0 slip through on this one! This was not intended, as 40k Standing is STEEP for some test tubes. So we have brought it down in line with the rest of Hombask’s decor offerings. For those you have purchased the Zariman Test Tube Station at its original 40k Standing price up until now, an inbox message will be sent to you with 18x Voidplume Crest for each Test Tube Station purchased. We will update you on when that script will be run. 
    • Update 4:08pm - The refund Script for the Zariman Test Tube Station has started running! We update here once it's completed. 
    • Update 6:00pm - The Script is still running! Hang tight if you haven't yet received the Inbox message.
    • Update 10:15am, June 16th - It appears the Script ran briefly last night and then paused, we likely be running it again shortly - hang tight!
  • Helminth Weapon Damage Invigorations will now no longer apply to Dog Days missions. 
    • Dog Days was always intended to have everyone on the same level to enjoy some summer fun! The ability to increase the Soaktron’s damage via Invigorations went against that principle, so it has been removed. 


  • Fixed big refreshing delays when opening the Nightwave Challenges screen. 


  • Fixed inviting players via chat that are not in your Friends, Recent Players, or Clan list resulting in a “Could not parse targetID” error and not delivering the invite. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1313598-error-on-invitation-to-squad-outbound-and-inbound-could-not-parse-targetid/
  • Fixed Arbitration Drones at times not dropping their invincibility, which would prevent the mission from being completed.  
  • Fixed kills made by non-player allies (Specters, Kuva Liches, etc.) not counting towards the ‘Awaken a Dormant Void Angel and Defeat It’ Zariman Bounty challenge.
  • Fixed the Felarx in its Incarnon mode being able to generate and maintain charge from its shots. Charge is only built up while out of Incarnon mode. 
  • Fixed Felarx’s reload FX not applying custom Energy colors. 
  • Fixed the rotating shield FX on enemies affected by Guardian Eximus not disappearing after being killed. 
  • Fixed a wonky chord and made balance tweaks to the Void’s Song Shawzin. 
  • Fixed the Ventkids’ Ranks 3,4, and 5 Sigils displaying the Vox Solaris Sigils instead when equipped. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1313639-ventkid-sigils-using-incorrectdifferent-sigil-appearance/
  • Fixed the ‘Catch X Fish Without Missing a Throw’ Riven challenge resetting on each throw, even when making contact with a fish.
  • Fixed “nan(ind)” showing up in the UI when channeling Harrow’s Thurible with the unlimited energy buff from Lohk Surges instead of the charge amount you’ve accumulated.
    • Harrow’s Thurible under the influence of the unlimited energy buff from Lohk Surges will now simply yield maximum efficiency.  
  • Fixed being able to cast Inaros’ Devour on allied crewmembers on the Railjack by using the Tactical Menu. Crewmembers are friends, not food. 
  • Fixed Sirocco’s bullet entry points not aligning with the crosshair in The New War quest. 
  • Fixed the Vericres appearing in the Profile page and Codex. 
  • Fixed Aeolak’s magazine getting stuck in hand if the reload animation gets interrupted. 
  • Fixed Eximus Credit Cache reward appearing like a mod when dropped. As reported here:     https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1314337-killing-eximus-drops-a-mod-symbol-but-no-actual-mod/
  • Fixed the Sabotage target points in the Kuva Fortress Assault mission missing their color to indicate where to shoot. 
  • Fixed the Sands of Inaros quest completion inbox message having incorrect formatting and content in it. 
  • Fixed the health bar UI missing on the consoles you are defending in the Deadlock Protocol quest. 
  • Fixed Alert UI pop-ups appearing in the Dormizone scene in the Angels of the Zariman quest. 
  • Fixed the Khora Urushu Skin legs looking sunken into her feet.
  • Fixed Khora Urushu Skin having weird looking heels created from stretched polys. 
  • Fixed stretched embers in the Verv Ephemera. 
  • Fixed the Verv Ephemera not scaling with Archwing. 
  • Fixed dissolve issues with the Crania Ephemera.
  • Fixed script error that would occur when aborting a mission while Stalker was in the middle of his spawn-in sequence. 
  • Fixed script error from Revenant’s Enthrall. 
  • Fixed script error from Nova’s Antimatter Drop. 
  • Fixed script error in Interception missions. 
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if an ally protected by Amesha's Watchful Swarm was killed/destroyed with some but not all drone charges left.
  • Fixed script error with Helminth’s Sprint Speed Invigoration buff. 
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3 minutes ago, Azamagon said:

Add Felarx's Incarnon form to that list...

EDIT: It's not even a subjective take, it's unanimously (and objectively) considered a downgrade to its normal form!

We have been looking at the feedback for this! Just might not make it in hotfix style, but we are well aware of its Incarnon form feeling lackluster in comparison. 

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19 hours ago, wirecard said:

Pls fix Magus Cloud completely breaking Vazarin Protective Dash by shrinking radius down to a dot.

It's not obvious that there is any problem?  Without Cloud, I have to pass within 2 meters of an ally to trigger the invulnerability,  while if I have Cloud then passing within 7/8 meters is enough to activate. Can you demonstrate please?

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19 hours ago, Prof_Blocks_007 said:

Any word on roll distance being extremely short in Dog Days? (Presumably it's a bug)

Yes! Known bug, we should have a fix coming in the next hotfix :)