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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Patience gives way to unleashed fury in Baruuk Prime Access! Instantly add the latest Prime Warframe, his signature Prime Weapons and exclusive Prime Accessories to your Arsenal for a limited time.

Baruuk Prime
Doomed are the fools who attack the peace and exhaust the restraint of this reluctant warrior.

Cobra & Crane Prime
Punish those who test your restraint. The first strike in a combo stuns enemies when Baruuk wields Cobra & Crane Prime.

Afuris Prime
Vanquish chaos with dual firepower.

Exclusive Baruuk Prime Glyphs

Baruuk Prime Accessories feature:
  • Asila Prime Syandana
  • Vaaditum Prime Ephemera
  • Baruuk Prime Mandala
  • 90 Day Resource Booster
  • 90 Day Affinity Booster
Starting December 14, add Baruuk Prime to your Arsenal instantly with Baruuk Prime Access! Or earn Relics in-game to craft Baruuk Prime, Cobra & Crane Prime and Afuris Prime in your Foundry.

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