about 1 month ago - [DE]Megan - Direct link

The Digital Promotions section of the TennoCon 2022 site had some typos when it was updated on June 30th. Those typos included the use of “Weekend” alongside “Week leading up to TennoCon” - which was clearly not correct! Additionally, the indication that a Resource Booster would coincide with the Affinity Booster was also an error. The intended plan for July 11-17 was just to run the 2x Affinity Booster in the hype of TennoCon.


While we unfortunately didn’t catch the typo before it went live, the team amended the copy and image once we realized the mistake. We had hoped to avoid user confusion by the time we amended it, but it's clear that wasn’t the case and understandably players are looking for clarification from DE.


BUT, what is the road to TennoCon without a few hurdles along the way! The entire DE team is working hard on bringing you all a fantastic event and we don’t want this to dampen the excitement of the community and those working diligently behind the scenes. TennoCon is about celebrating not only the work of DE, but also its Tenno, so in acknowledgment of the website error we’ll be running a Resource Booster weekend on all platforms from July 15th at 11a.m. ET - July 17th at 11a.m. ET in celebration of TennoCon 2022 together!


Mistakes happen, and while we can't promise they won't happen again in the future (such is life!), know that we are committed to improving our TennoCon and community messaging for the future to avoid confusion!