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Thanks for the report Tenno, and apologies for the incovenience. Given the iPad Air 3rd generation's 3GB of RAM, compared to something like the Nintendo Switch 4GB, the Open World environments are likely to run 'out of memory' on that device. There should be a 'low memory warning' advising you that the Fortuna content is likely to crash on your device. Unfortunately, the crash fixes we talked about in 12.2.1 Patchnotes refer to different crashes on different apple devices. 

We continue to find ways to make the open worlds easier to play on earlier iPhone and iPad devices. 

If you are able to share your game logs shortly after getting kicked out of Fortuna, that would be helpful. Here is how to share your game logs with Digital Extremes

Retrieving logs on iOS

  • In-game, tap the settings icon in the top left corner of the screen
  • In the “Options”, tap the Envelope Icon to reach the “Account” Page
  • Select “Send Error Logs”
  • Download to your device by selecting “Save to Files”

Sending Digital Extremes Your Logs

  • Visit Warframe Support support.warframe.com
  • Log in using your Primary Warframe Account
  • Select “Submit a request” in the top right of the web page
  • Select “Logs and Metadata”
  • Use the Subject & Description to explain your issue with as much detail as possible
  • Under “Category” select Files/Logs requested in Forums
  • Drag your Logs onto the ‘Attachments’ field of the support ticket.
  • Hit “Submit”
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On 2024-06-28 at 5:52 PM, 13lueBomber said:

I completely understand the RAM and the “low memory” situation, but any large open world map/mission never, and I mean never crashed on my iPhone 12 Pro Max BEFORE the Jade Shadows update. I’ve read comments saying that Warframe usually crashes on all platforms after every big update. But, there you go. Hopefully this helps somewhat.

Thank you for clarifying! If you could share your error logs the next time you experience a crash, that would be extremely helpful. I have instructions in my previous message, but to simplify: go to Options > Account > Send Error Logs to download the files. If you can upload the txt zip to a Google Drive or iCloud type service, then Direct Message me the URL, that would be excellent. Thank you Tenno!