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Hi Tenno,

Artistic fans will often ask us if it's okay to create and sell merchandise based on Warframe. The short answer is generally yes, but there are a handful of specific exceptions. To ensure that artists can have a great experience creating and selling their Warframe inspired art with as little friction as possible, we've created some guidelines. 

The full policy can be found here: http://wrfr.me/fanmerch

The Fan Merchandise Policy touches on specific scenarios and art forms, with examples that revolve around common creations such as 3D prints, t-shirts, stickers, pins & prints, digital commissions and more. In the vast majority of cases, you do not need Digital Extremes' express permission to create and sell your own work.

Some things that would be considered objectionable (as outlined in the policy) would include mass production of your items, using art pulled directly from the game, or using Digital Extremes' staff / developers in for-sale art without their express, prior consent. 

We hope these guidelines will be helpful in clarifying for artists interested in exploring the world of Warframe through their art! This policy will be made available in additional languages in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for a fully localized version of the policy!