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Hello Tenno,

The team has reached another milestone in the development of Cross Platform Play with the latest Updates/Hotfixes. The time has come for our first public Cross Play test between Xbox and PC users. This post aims to inform you about what you can expect from this test and be the dedicated place where you can provide us with your feedback or issues about your experiences, which is very important to us.

Cross Platform Play Initial Public Test

While this test is active, PC and Xbox players may see a new option appearing in their settings called “Cross Platform Play.”

You can toggle the “Cross Platform Play” setting, allowing Tenno from both platforms to join each other’s squads and complete missions together. There will be a few limitations on some features during this test:

  • No Dojo support
  • No Conclave support
  • No Friend support
  • Trading is restricted

Based on the results of this test, we will be able to take those findings and continue to refine our feature development for all platforms. Please note that we will update this thread when the test closes and that the length of the test will be dependent on a variety of factors such as server stability.

Why Xbox and PC?

This is just the first step in the journey that is Cross Platform Play. Xbox and PC are similar from an infrastructure perspective, so we are ensuring that any kinks are removed first and then continue on with PlayStation and the Nintendo Switch at another time.

Will there be future tests?

We will update you about any future testing, the dates, and the eligible platforms for those tests.

When does Cross Platform Play officially launch?

We will announce an official launch date once the feature is ready. Thank you for your patience.

What about Cross Save?

Cross Platform Play will be our first direction in getting all Tenno to play together, and we will announce details around Cross Save in a future announcement.

What feedback is most beneficial to Warframe for this test?

For players who participate in the test, we would love to hear from you, and there are a couple of things you can do that would be greatly appreciated. When submitting your feedback, please:

  • Include the platform you are playing on
  • Add screenshots/videos of any issues encountered during the test
  • For PC, send your EE.log, which can be found by clicking on the “Get Logs” option under the Diagnostics section of the Settings in the launcher
    • Please attach EE.Log in a Support Ticket with the title “CROSS PLATFORM PLAY BUG”
  • For PC, detail what happened before any crash occurred when submitting a ticket using Warframe’s crash report tool (it will generate a WAR number)

We are excited to have this test live so that we can continue to connect Tenno across all platforms. With your help, we can iron out major issues and make Cross Platform Play a smoother experience for everyone!

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6 months ago - [DE]Dudley - Direct link

We have disabled the Cross Platform Play test so we can investigate/fix the crashes. This is exactly what this public test aimed to do, and we appreciate seeing all your excitement. More tests in the future when we've made some fixes.

6 months ago - /u/DE-Marcus - Direct link

Originally posted by Snowy-Arctica

Hello! I have some feedback already. Xbox Series S Tenno here! My game crashes whenever I try to join a PC player's mission. It made it to the loading screen before crashing. Trying to view looks linked in chat says its from an older version of the game. The person I met up with tried to invite me to their Orbiter and that crashed the game as well. I also want to mention, I have issues submitting tickets on mobile so my apologies for dropping it here.

The test yields results! Thank you for the report u/Snowy-Arctica

6 months ago - /u/DE-Marcus - Direct link

Originally posted by gazing_into_void

Aaaaand they already disabled it.

just a costco sampler

6 months ago - [DE]Dudley - Direct link

UPDATE: Cross Platform Play Test #2 is Live
We want to repeat our thanks to those of you who were able to participate in our initial Cross Platform Play Test. Our second public Cross Platform Play test between Xbox and PC users is live. It’s possible that this test could close/end abruptly like the last one did, but we will update this thread if that occurs. We also updated our note on Trading to clarify what to expect during the test.
Please continue to report bugs and feedback to us in this thread!

4 months ago - [DE]Dudley - Direct link

We received a couple reports about not being able to whisper Xbox players with spaces in their names from PC players. If you want to whisper someone with a space in their name/alias then please use quotation marks to capture their full name.

For example: /w "Tenno Are Amazing" hello friend

This would send the message "hello friend" to the Xbox player Tenno Are Amazing

4 months ago - [DE]Dudley - Direct link

UPDATE: December 1st, 2022 - Switch & PlayStation Addition to Cross Platform Play Test
Today marks another milestone in Cross Platform Play development! Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Tenno can now join their PC and Xbox peers in playing missions together across the Origin System. The same restrictions apply from the current PC and Xbox test but now all players can join in the fun. As a reminder, however, players who are on the same platform as you will have their platform-specific icon next to their alias. Players who are on a different platform will have the cross platform play swirl icon :crossplay: to denote that they are not on your platform.
If at some point we need to turn off this Cross Platform Play test then we will update this thread. Your feedback is greatly appreciated as we continue developing this feature.