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Hello, Tenno!

The team is well underway with developing our next Update: Abyss of Dagath.

Announced during TennoLIVE 2023, a lot is coming your way:

  • 54th Warframe, Dagath!

    • New storytelling from Grandmother

    • New crypt-style Dojo Room

  • Grendel Prime

  • Companion Rework

  • Hydroid Rework

  • Accessibility + HUD Changes

    • Auto-melee

    • Enemy visibility settings

    • etc

  • New Player Experience Changes

    • Waverider Quest

    • Universal Enemy Radar 

    • etc

  • Rough Edges & General QOL

    • Focus Acquisition

    • Nightwave Acts

    • etc 

  • And much more!!!


Abyss of Dagath will be a Mainline Update, and for us to fully build and test this Update, we must pause Hotfixes. We will still actively watch the Live Build for any issues we can resolve with the Dagath Update. 

Please see our Warframe Lexicon for Updates for a full breakdown of what a Mainline Update entails. 

Don’t miss our Abyss of Dagath deep dive on Devstream #173 this September 28th at 2pm ET!

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