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In light of the recent review-bombing of Warframe, i hope that despite it all - DE doesn't fold under pressure, and, stands their ground on ultimately what is better for the game's health. What comes to mind immediatly is Pablo's interview with Brozime, where Pablo states his fears when it comes to changing up the game (in this case, the rework of Chroma (timestamp 1:56:17 2:00:16)).

It's clear that, this extends to the rest of the game - not just on the topic of reworks - where DE will falter to change something afraid of a PR disasters (which they had many). DE has blundered immensely in the past and people were rightfully and naturally resentful and critical (Atlas prime drama is a good example).

However - it's clear that people become irked when DE makes a change that forces them out of their comfort zones, the spin 2 win meta comes to mind, and how there were whole macros set up for it, or, how Mesa 1.0 was a literal turret - This causes people to react angrily and emotionally without much thought beyond "this was my thing and you took it away from me". Hopefully DE will be more confident about their choices, and find the will to rework/nerf/buff Warframes/systems/etc, despite the amount of anger thrown their way by very passionate individuals.

edit: please, rework chroma Pablo....lizardbros....

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Based on the feedback we've seen (across the Forums, this subreddit, in-game, Steam), we feel these changes are a step in the right direction towards Warframe. Can't make that claim without all your input, everywhere. Changes are inevitable, upward and onward