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I’ve been catching up on old content I missed and have finally gotten around to the Zariman.

The intro quest is great, the new mission types are mostly very good (less excited about the tower defense one), but overall the area is very cool. The wispy ghost energy aesthetic is very strong and I’m really looking forward to earning the ephemeras in a week or two (standing gates suck). I just earned Felarx as I’ve read it’s a 10/10 so I’m looking forward to leveling it up. The evolving incarnon mechanic is an excellent addition to the game that I look forward to getting deeper into.

Overall, for now at least, the hate I’m seeing feels pretty unwarranted, but that’s okay. Everyone’s got their favorites. I’m thankful the zone is still very populated despite being more advanced in difficulty and requiring New War completion. Great job everyone, cheers all around.

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Zariman absolutely nailed it. Gameplay, atmosphere, lore were all as good as you could ask for really . 2/3 of the new modes were legit great, and the exterm and mobile defense weren't bad at all. The syndicate has the best version of rep gain yet, via the pinions that encourage you to explore the fantastic tileset. And between the arcanes, incarnons, and even the bounty rewards, it's highly worth the grind.

But it's ultimately that elevator that gets folks angry at Zariman around here. And understandably so, it's never quite worked well and has likely hurt more than it's ever helped. Here's hoping they can find a better solution for Whispers since that's looking like a very similar system!


We actually changed the instant Extraction for Hosts in Update 34. When a Host uses the button now, they instead start a 60 second timer.

If you still experience issues, please let me know and send your logs to support. Logs are extremely useful for cases like this.

Here's how to get logs: https://support.warframe.com/hc/en-us/articles/200182250-What-information-should-I-give-when-submitting-a-ticket-

Support: https://support.warframe.com/hc/en-us