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Is this what was teased with Caesar?

Yep! But there's lots more in the works too, hoping to share some more details on an upcoming patch next week after PS4 launch.

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So no cross platform play, does that mean that we won't be able to download the community created maps from other platforms? I read the release notes but wasn't sure if that was also unavailable.

Community=made map/campaign content is still available cross-platform for PS4, just not online multiplayer.

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Hi there, saw your posts - sorry to hear you had issues trying to find & download the game on the store. This was a global Store issue on PSN's side and completely out of our control. We're of course really disappointed about the situation too. This issue has now been resolved overnight.

In case you haven't found the link yet it's:
UK Store: http://bit.ly/WGPS4uk
NA Store: bit.ly/WGPS4na
EU (German) Store: http://bit.ly/WGPS4de
AUS Store: http://bit.ly/WGPS4aus

or searchable on PSN now directly on your PS4 console.