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05 Apr

    Shubean on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Check out Tiny Metal, they also have crossover Wargroove DLC :)

07 Mar

    Shubean on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
1. Yes, just have players join instead of setting it to AI
2. Yes. Steam Remote Play works, I believe the other users will need to have controller set up and not keyboard/mouse however. > let me know if you find any bugs/issues with it though as it hasn't been as thoroughly tested as we'd like :D

17 Feb


Hey y’all! Before diving in today, I wanted to let you know that this is going to be the last community spotlight we’ll be putting out for Wargroove, at least for a while. With development ramping up on Witchbrook, and Wargroove having just celebrated its third birthday, it felt like the right time to take a pause. Don’t worry, we’ll be back with even more Wargroove goodness in the future. Moregroove if you will.

With that announcement taken care of, let’s get to those community creations!

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10 Feb

01 Feb

21 Jan


Hello everyone, we made it to 2022! I hope you guys have had a great start to the new year. To be honest, after coming back from holiday break, I half-expected to find new standout Wargroove maps to be a bit thin on the ground as people went off to spend time with friends and loved ones. In reality not only was my assertion wrong, but I’ve also been very pleasantly surprised by the originality and effort on display in today’s highlights. Let’s dive in!

1. Gladiators – Survival Map! by Jarle – Code: G2W3HAJ4
This custom mode is impressively robust. In this three player co-op map, each pl...

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17 Jan

10 Dec


Hey y’all! I can scarcely believe it’s December already, this past year has really gone by in a flash! Looking back on the last twelve months, the Wargroove community has consistently impressed me with the quality and variety of their creations; it can be really tough to pick which to shine a light on sometimes! With that said, here I present to you the final spotlight for 2021. Let’s get to it!

1. Dragonfly 1.1 by Xmo5 – Code: SF3DVWTS
Winding paths surround the rivers and lakes. Do you push your units forward along the tantalisingly open beaches and plains of the center, or do you systematically focus the v...

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18 Nov

    Shubean on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
There isn't one unfortunately.
However if you willing to lose everything like puzzle maps, unlocked commanders and rewards from story progression you can go to %appdata%/chucklefish/wargroove/save and delete the Playerprogress file.

16 Nov

15 Nov

    Shubean on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Are you in the discord?!
I highly recommend joining it because they are usually others looking for matches and people are always willing to give out pointers to newbies :)

11 Nov


Hi folks, it’s great to see you again! I’m back with more high quality maps from our lovely community with the usual little bonus from me! Let’s dive right in!

1. Meadow ver 1.0 by Mr.Cat – Code: HTHQ3Z8Y
This stunning piece of work plays as good as it looks and has some distinctive touches that I appreciated.

While most Wargroove multiplayer maps typically feature two barracks per player, this one has a third that is effectively and purposefully slowed to half production rate thanks to the necessity of using the nearby barge. There’s only one space available at each of the two drop-off zones,...

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09 Nov

02 Nov

    Shubean on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hi there, sorry for the delayed response!
I have another user experiencing this issue too and I've not been able to get to the bottom of it.

Are you and your friend playing on Steam, or are they on another platform?

15 Oct


Hey everybody, great to see you! I’m pretty excited because this month’s spotlight features a bunch of custom game modes, so if you’re looking for something a little different, I’ve got you covered!

Before we dig into today’s entries, a couple of our more recent highlights have received updates!
* Fadedsun’s map “Gilgamesh” got updated to version 1.9.1, which you can access with the code: 5C42EHKW
* Justyoureventualruler’s map “Beetle’s Brooks” also got a revision, and now is version 2.75, which you can grab using: LJ5LASFE

With those updates out of the way, let’s get to the new highlights!

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13 Oct

17 Sep


Hey guys, it’s great to see you all again! I’m back with more quality map creations, fresh from the Wargroove community!

Before we dig into today’s entries, one of our entries from the ...

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10 Sep