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26 Sep


Hello! Chucklefish team member here. I might be a bit bias, but in terms of broader changes from WG1 to WG2, the team at Robotality have really aimed to address the accessibility (incl.
difficulty), pacing, and mission length in the sequel.

I think if you were finding later missions more tricky you'll have a better time with the changes in WG2. There's also a 'undo' turn button, you can skip scenes, and we think you'll find the campaign missions themselves are snappier.

Other changes include..:

  • New Commanders & Factions
  • New tiered groove system where you can 'supercharge' your groove and strategically wait to use the 2nd tier
  • 3 interwoven Campaign stories.
  • New roguelike mode - Conquest!
  • 5 new unit types to master.
  • Level-up an ordinary unit with groove-like abilities by picking up items.
  • Battle after dark with new night mode.
  • New & improved map, campaign & cutscene editors
  • ...
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14 Sep

    Keevahh on Steam - Thread - Direct
Exciting news!
Wargroove 2, is set to march on to PC and Nintendo Switch October 5th 2023. And even better, pre-orders have commenced with a 20% discount here on Steam and in the Nintendo Europe and America eShops!

For a sneak peek into the action-packed world of Wargroove 2 and an exclusive look at the new faction, the Faahri Republic, check out the official announcement trailer.

Wargroove 2 takes all the elements players adored in the original game - the charming pixel art, the big-brain turn-based combat - and amps it up several notches. Say hello to 2 new playable factions, meet new Commanders, and brace yourself to embark on three new interlacing campaigns: Breaking Grounds, Rising Tides and Dark Skies.

We also revealed the latest faction coming to Wargroove 2: The Faahri Republic. A natio... Read more
    /u/ on Steam - Thread - Direct
A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

Wassup Groove Gang,

Exciting news!
During the September Nintendo Direct we announced that the much-awaited sequel to our beloved turn-based strategy game, Wargroove 2, is set to march on to PC and Nintendo Switch October 5th 2023. And even better, ...

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24 Aug


Hey folks!

Hello I’m Simon from Robotality, one of the development leads on Wargro...

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01 Jul

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26 Jun

Hey everyone!

Today we're excited to share the new key art for Wargroove 2, created by artist Justin Chan! To celebrate the occasion we've decided to extend the Steam Next Fest demo for another 48hrs too, giving you even more time to lead that Conquest to victory!

Enjoy, folks :)

Full devblog here: ...

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Welcome back to Wargroove! Mangs & Wanderbots both did a Lets Play series. And a few days ago Retromation uploaded a video on the WG2 demo :)


Hi everyone!

Today we’re sharing a mini blog update to reveal our fantastic new key art for Wargroove 2! To celebrate, we’re also extending the Steam Next Fest demo for 48 hours. That means you have until 6pm BST on Wednesday 28th June to download the demo, and play the updated Conquest mode and Multiplayer maps. Enjoy folks!

Key Art

This time we’ve teamed up with Vancouver-based artist, ...

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