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A Guide to Multiplayer Map Design

13 days ago - Armagon on News - Thread - Direct

Hi guys, senior level designer Armagon, back again!

Yesterday I unveiled the first of our map editor video guides. Now today, as promised, I have the next one locked and loaded for you!

This second video takes a deep dive into how to design a skirmish map with competitive play in mind. When writing this guide, I received valuable input from some of our most dedicated competitive mapmakers in the Groove of War community, so I have confidence in this guide as a good starting point.

Hopefully these first two videos will prove useful to you folks! They took quite a bit of time for me to write and produce, but I’ve already started prep...

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18 Mar

Hey everybody, senior level designer, Armagon here!

In the wake of Wargroove: Double Trouble being released, I’ve been tackling something of a personal project at Chucklefish; something that I’m hoping will prove useful to a lot of our players, or at least those who are interested in making their own content with the game’s robust tools. Today I’m pleased to be releasing the first of several video guides on using Wargroove’s map editor!

This first video is ideal for beginners who are new to the editor and want to know how to set up their map, and how to use the most essential tools ...

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16 Mar

Community Maps Spotlight #16

16 days ago - superconsole on News - Thread - Direct

Hey all!

We hope you’re all well and keeping safe. We know a lot of you out there are social distancing and working from home (we are too!) so what better time than now to work on a new custom map idea, or try out some of the finest the community has to offer!

Before we get going, we also wanted to give a quick shout out to Connor, whose map ‘Cold War’ was featured in our ...

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Hey all!

Congrats to Derek, who was winner #5 with TinyGroove CS! You can read the last Community Maps Spotlight blog here.

This is the entry thread for the 6th Community Choice Award, where one map selected by you will be featured in the Maps Spotlight dev blog.

Any biome, map or custom campaign will be considered, except from those with NSFW contents (incl. bad language and naughty map design) or those that have already been featured in a previous Map Spotlight post. Reposts from previous threads are fine so long as the map hasn't already been featured, but we'd really welcome new maps, especially ones featuring the new DLC Commanders!

We'll make a new thread each time to keep things tidy - this will be open until March 26th.

  • To submit a map: Comment in this thread with your map code, a mini description and ideally a link to a screensho...
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Originally posted by Marioaddict

Before I say anything else, I wanna give a huge shoutout to the Wargroove team for featuring the first version of this map in the community spotlight! It means a lot to me to be noticed by the people behind this game, so thank you very much!

Now then, the map: there are a number of changes I made to this version, based on the feedback I got last time I posted. Here's the full changelog for anyone curious:

  • Increased Map Borders by 1 on each side
  • Repositioned gates so they are out of range of the Catapults
  • Set default weather to "Always Sunny"
  • Added 6 more neutral Villages
  • Removed roads & bridges leading to central Tower
  • Added forests around central Tower
  • Repositioned player 1's starting Soldier
  • Repositioned both players' starting Barracks
  • Other Minor Changes

Hopefully, those changes will make the map better to play on! If not... well, there's always room for a v3. Fe...

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No worries! Great to see you've updated it. I'll add a mention in this week's Community Maps & change the featured map code in-game to the new one.

13 Mar

12 Mar

Originally posted by adyo

Much appreciated. Thank you.

Appreciate your patience, we know it's frustrating!

Hi there, sorry about the wait - the update is still currently stuck in the CERT stage, due to an outstanding technical issue we are trying to resolve. We'll be sure to update as soon as we know more, but unfortunately we can't give a time frame just yet.

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