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21 May

16 May

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10 May

Community Maps Spotlight #6

14 days ago - superconsole on News - Thread - Direct

Hey everyone!

Some of the eagle-eyed of you may have already spotted that we had two exciting Wargroove-flavoured tidbits since our last blog entry. On May 2nd we announced that Xbox players can now get access to Wargroove via Xbox Game Pass (...

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09 May

03 May

01 May

Originally posted by mamaburra

It seems the devs have no plans other than fixing bugs.

We're actually working on new things for the game right now! Can't give details or timings just yet, but exciting stuff is definitely in the works, as well as ongoing bug fixes of course.

30 Apr

26 Apr

Hey everyone!

Here's the latest custom maps spotlight, featuring some cool content to download ready for the weekend!

--> ...

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Community Maps Spotlight #5

28 days ago - superconsole on News - Thread - Direct

Hello everyone!

Things have been busy at Chucklefish HQ, with lots going on behind-the-scenes. We’re currently working on implementing modding into the PC version, as well as other exciting, secret things! The PS4 version is also still on the way, just taking a little longer than anticipated – thanks for everyone’s patience so far! In the meanwhile we’ve also been addressing minor bugfixes. Nintendo Switch players can now find the latest patch update (v1.2.5), which resolves issues when resigning from matches – full version history for all platforms can be found here...

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25 Apr

23 Apr

20 Apr

19 Apr

18 Apr

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