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03 Jul

15 Jun

12 Jun

G’day folks! Thanks for stopping by!

Choosing the player creations to shout out in these spotlights isn’t getting any easier. Narrowing the selection down to just a handful is always tricky, but at the end of the day, these were the entries that stood out most this month!

1. RAGNA’S ROULETTE! V1.6 by X Naut Elite – Code: X6X5KNMN

This free-for-all scenario is all about Ragna causing random events to each player at the start of their turn that can help or hinder them. This can include things like: being forced to give gold to an opponent, receiving free units of various types, having your groove meter charged or drained, having your commander’s ability to take action blocked...

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29 May

28 May

20 May

14 May

Hey y’all, it’s great to see you! I hope the day finds you well.

We’ve been happy to see the recent fog of war changes going over well with players, and the mapping community is still going strong with lots of new custom content being shared every day. If you’re in need of distraction, I’ve got some quality picks from the community for you, right here!

1. Cytosis 1.6 by Xmo5 – Code: QHT5JSC7

This map sees players racing for resources, which quickly gives way to heated conflicts as the players’ armies grow. Ignoring any front may spell defeat!


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13 May

12 May

11 May

Hey folks,

Hurray! Today we’re launching v2.1.0 across PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. This patch mainly focuses on competitive play and online bug fixes. Thanks to our friends at Groove of War for the feedback!

Gameplay Balancing:

  • Fog of War sight ranges reduced across the board
  • Single Player and Co-op campaign balance changes due to sight range reduction
  • When a unit is ambushed and ends on a neutral unit, it will backtrack instead of dying
  • Nuru’s groove charge rate reduced from fast to medium
  • Spectator can now spectate online campaign matches


  • ...
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03 May

30 Apr

Extending entries to this to May 8th!

18 Apr

17 Apr