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Aw cute boy Caesar! Thanks for including us in your GOTY list :)

Originally posted by ObliviousCyclone

I wish the deluxe addition came with extra in-game content, also how much more expensive is it because I’m wondering if I should get it digitally for switch (20% off sale) or deluxe, but I already have it on pc.

Our big, new free expansion (Wargroove: Double Trouble) is coming very soon - Feb 6th! So you'll be able to update the Deluxe Edition to include this when it launches.

If we'd had waited to launch the Deluxe Edition alongside the DLC it would have caused a big delay for those waiting for the physical version and not much benefit since the download size is relatively small & content is free anyway! :)

23 Jan

22 Jan

21 Jan

G’day folks!

Those of who you follow this blog probably know me as “that guy who sometimes posts music spotlights”. For those not in the know, I’m the Wargroove team’s sound designer and lead level designer, responsible for creating the missions that made up the original campaign. I’m telling you this is because today, I’d like to talk about our process in developing the ...

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17 Jan

16 Jan

14 Jan

Music Spotlight – The Tavern

11 days ago - Armagon on News - Thread - Direct

G’day folks!

So for this, the final music spotlight for the ...

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09 Jan

08 Jan

Happy New Year!
Let's start 2020 off with a bang...

Our *free* DLC, Wargroove: Double Trouble, will be ransacking digital stores on February 6th! The PS4 version will be on the way soon, date to be revealed.

Just like the main release, it will be playable in 11 languages and you can wishlist it right now.


Take a look at our brand new Wargroove: Double Trouble trailer created by our super talented Technical Designer Armagon:

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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/607050/announcements/detail/1689344848625305954]here[/url].

Happy New Year!

Let’s start 2020 off with a bang – our *free* DLC Wargroove: Double Trouble will be ransacking digital stores on February 6th on PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One! The PS4 version will be on the way, date to be revealed soon.

Just like the main release, it will be playable in 11 languages and you can ...

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24 Dec

Music Spotlight – Flashy Fumomancer

about 1 month ago - Armagon on News - Thread - Direct

Hello, hello!

So in this music spotlight I’m bringing a track with quite a bit more pomp and flair than usual. These are rather fitting qualities, as today’s theme belongs to the flamboyant wielder of smoke magic, Vesper, ...

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