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Community Maps Spotlight #24 | Wargroove
G'day everybody, thanks for joining me for this month's spotlight where I'll be shining a light on the fantastic efforts of the Wargroove community who continue to whip up awesome maps and scenarios for everybody to play. I'm quite pleased with the selection this month, so let's dive in! 1. Fortress of Pord by BadScra - Code: QHMXLUNLI was really pleasantly surprised by just how polished and well-balanced this 2v2 map felt. With the gates and choke points around the center, sea units play a very important role in determining the victors. 2. Twitchy Tributaries v1.21 by Emo Tarquin - Code: XBPUJKNCThis scenario pits two players in a head-to-head fight with a twist. There is a third player on a separate island who is both spectator and Lord over the game; with the ability to trigger game-changing events on their turn. They can summon free units, give players gold, modify health and groove levels, create smoke screens and so much more.As the name suggests the mode is intended to