UPDATE: This is now closed - thanks to those who entered & congrats to Derek!

This is the entry thread for the 2nd Community Choice Award, where one map selected by you will be featured in the Maps Spotlight dev blog.

Any biome, map or custom campaign will be considered, except from those with NSFW contents (incl. bad language and naughty map design) or those that have already been featured in a previous Map Spotlight post. Reposts from previous threads are fine so long as the map hasn't already been featured.

We'll make a new thread each time to keep things tidy - this will be open until August 9th.

  • To submit a map: Comment in this thread with your map code, a mini description and ideally a link to a screenshot
  • To vote on a map: Just upvote it!

Have fun designing maps!

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Community Maps Spotlight #11 | Wargroove
Happy Friday all! What an exciting week it's been. We had the launch of the PlayStation 4 version on Tuesday, and also discussed a bit more about what you can expect from future updates of Wargroove, including a sneak peak of the new map editor tool 'gizmos' in action! There's still plenty more to reveal this year, including the brand new content we currently have in development, as well as something else... But more on that soon! Before we start, our congratulations goes out to Red-Jams, the winner of the community-run Groove of War tournament! The Grand Finals took place on Thursday night, with Red-James vs Vitto, streamed on Twitch by host GimbleB. A big thanks goes to the Groove of War tournament organiser team who did a fantastic job of running the sessions. If you'd like to find out more about competitive play or get involved ready for the next tournament, feel free to join the Groove of War Discord. Alright, on with the maps! 1. Forgotten Island by MeowMeow – Code: R7FVVNXQ This