Hey all!

Congrats to u/AlsameSuzaku, who was winner #6 with Ryota Chess Mini! You can read the last Community Maps Spotlight blog here.

This is the entry thread for the 6th Community Choice Award, where one map selected by you will be featured in the Maps Spotlight dev blog.

Any biome, map or custom campaign will be considered, except from those with NSFW contents (incl. bad language and naughty map design) or those that have already been featured in a previous Map Spotlight post. Reposts from previous threads are fine so long as the map hasn't already been featured, but we'd really welcome new maps, especially ones featuring the new DLC Commanders!

We'll make a new thread each time to keep things tidy - this will be open until May 8th.

  • To submit a map: Comment in this thread with your map code, a mini description and ideally a link to a screenshot
  • To vote on a map: Just upvote it!

Have fun designing maps!

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Extending entries to this to May 8th!