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New Unleashed Preview Campaigns – Order

about 1 month ago - jade on Steam - Thread - Direct
The lost god Khaine is still followed by many devout servants, but none more revered and feared than the Daughters of Khaine. Seeking their vengeance on their foes, they are finally ready to launch their assault from deep in the realm of Ulgu, the Realm of Shadows.

And now they have set their sights on you…

Unleashed: Daughters of Khaine is the first of our four preview campaigns for our upcoming Unleashed set! See 20 new cards in this brand new 4 stage campaign jam packed with new Units, Champions, Spells and Abilities. By completing this campaign you will earn exclusive rewards!

See the new Unleashed cards and begin planning for the digital release of Unleashed on August 19th!

We’ve also added a number of new features and bug fixes:

– You can copy any opponents deck who you play against, allowing you to build off of strong decks you come across!
– You can now practice against your own decks to find winning strategies!
– A number of... Read more

19 Jul

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