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14 Jun

Not at all - it's simply a deal to get 4 tickets for the price of 2 for Draft mode ( The Arena of Echoes )

13 Jun

12 Jun

Our latest update is now live, and with it we have a whole host of new features!

Following on from our recent Warband: Series 2 release, we wanted to add flavour and flair to the game for new ways to show off your battlefield. Introducing: Animated Playmats! Our first selection of these are available now in the store for 1000 Gems. We’ve also permanently reduced the prices of all of our existing playmats, so you can now customise your battlefield even further!

We’re also bringing a player inbox to the game, allowing us to send you information about in-game changes and updates. This means that the intrusive pop-ups that once dismissed are gone forever will now have a place of their own for you to refer back to whenever needed. You’ll also occasionally get free goodies and important news in your inbox from us – so be sure to check back regularly!

Ranked is being spruced up too; we have done away with the promotion and demotion series. This ... Read more

11 Jun

07 Jun

As the comments mentioned below, you can edit the decks! Hope you enjoy it a bit more now you know how!

06 Jun

04 Jun

02 Jun

01 Jun

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24 May

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