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It has no AD ratio in wildrift, moreover it just makes you deal magic damage with the passive. It should be on defense section or AP...

Or can they please just buff it and give it AD ratio too just like in pc? It is probably just me but it feels so worthless to buy it. It just feels underwhelming when i had to buy it, no damage but attack speed and magic resistence with a passive. Only if your champ is vayne and theres a fizz on the enemy team.

Any thoughts?

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Fun story, when we were bringing over Wit's End we weren't sure what the best tab to put it in would be. It deals magic damage so you could make a case for the Magic tab, but it also has MR so defense feels like it could work, a large focus of the item is AS so we felt like the physical tab would be the best fit. Given that the champions who would be buying this item tend to be basic attack focused we felt physical would be the best place for it.

As for the item's power, my understanding is that it is doing its job of being a great MR choice for basic attack-focused champions. It's not something you should see every game, but if you need a bit of survivability or care a lot about attack speed it's a fine item.

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Originally posted by can2005_

Thank you for the response, so no plan about adjusting it and adding AD ratio to it? Just like how you guys did on bloodthirster and added crit to it

There are currently no plans to change the item. Wit's End already has a lot going on and adding more would likely mean we need to pull power from other areas.

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Originally posted by Brucerino10

What about Jax ward jump? Can you guys bring it or there's a explanation why not. Or was just forgotten

Not forgotten, this is something we have talked about a few times. Basically, we didn't feel this was core to his identity or play patterns, combined with the added controls complexity it would bring made this something we didn't feel was necessary for his success.

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Originally posted by LieuVijay

True. Attack speed enhances your Auto Attacks which is largely Physical in nature barring spells.

This problem can be solved if items can appear in multiple categories. Like how GA should appear in both Defense and Physical. And Tear should appear in all instead of solely Magic since it builds into all three categories as final form.

This is something we also spent some time on but decided against because it would bloat the shop without adding much. If you are someone looking for Wit's End you should have a good idea of where it is, and at worst you click though 2-3 tabs to find it. But if we started adding items to multiple tabs it makes them all harder to find.

GA is another good example of an item that has a good argument to fit into more than one tab.