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Originally posted by bluepbluep

Ive play few moba on mobile but almost all of them doesn't have rewind button on their replay system i wonder why

The suggestion 2 and 3 is already implemented in other games and working just fine. It would be great if wildrift consider this suggestions

It's because of how the tech on replays generally works for most games. Most games do not simply record the video and let you fully engage in it. What they do instead is recreate the game from the start and replay all of the inputs from the players and system - with you acting as functionally a new 'live' spectator. It's actually being created from scratch each time. This makes rewind functionality incredibly difficult, hence why most of games don't have it despite being something makes sense and folks want.

15 Apr


Originally posted by Decimusczf

There Is setting in option where you can tweak IT... I think Its called like Dash on enemy or something

That's for tap behavior for offensive spells such as Tryn's spinning slash or Tristana's Rocket Jump. It doesn't change the behavior discussed here, what it does instead is if there is an enemy on screen do I dash...

  • Towards my facing direction?
  • Towards my enemy?

Different players have pretty different expectations for that should behave the downsides to getting it wrong are... usually death :D so it's available as an option.


This is something that's always going to be contentious, and was something we debated heavily internally. When we assess the pros and cons of a system like this it's important to look at what happens when it goes wrong, what are the worst case scenarios.

Escape: You dash a very tiny distance and get wrecked, when you meant to go far. This is also done in a panic scenario when you _need_ to be as frame fast as possible.

Engage: If you dash a short distance your entire approach fails. In this scenario usually when engaging you have more preparation time to aim the spell the full distance, but it's still a painful experience.

Jungle: If you dash _futher_ than you want in the jungle it can be frustrating, and in the worst case you can mess up your route by going over a wall. However, jungle clearing is lower stress and time dependant. Additionally the worst case scenarios tend to only happen once as you can pretty easily adjust your positioning to avoid the pr...

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Thank you for the kind feedback and please do take a break or even stop entirely if you need to! As much as we'd love to have you in the game I know that it can't always work out, the real world and people's personal situations are really complicated. Please take care of yourself first and foremost.
And congrats on Gold! I'm really happy you got to hit such a meaningful milestone before leaving!

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