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I started playing her in top lane and I'm having a lot of funciona with her. Play jungle too, so I thought about with Gwen. It's a good choice?

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Gwen jungle has been strong since her release, and I don't expect she'll ever be weak in the position. As a good rule of thumb Baron Lane champions perform well in the jungle and the Baron Lane.

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What do you think about Fiora jungle? I’ve always felt confused about where I should be in objectives and teamfights, when I should gank etc., it’s much easier with Gwen for me, even though I main Fiora. I wish I could feel confident with her in the jungle 😅

She isn't particularly popular in the jungle but seems to do well partially at higher levels of play. Unfortunately, I don't play her myself, so I don't have much info on how to play her, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone else here has some tips.