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Personally I dislike it. Feels a bit janky, and also as a jungler hopping in at baron last second and stealing is so satisfying. Or just outsmiting the other jungler, it feels a bit RNG when it goes off and I'd much prefer standard smite. Also would it not leave Baron or somethinf up to pure luck? What are your thoughts

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Originally posted by RaccoonDu

Just curious, what would happen if both junglers are just doing baron at the same time and no one killed each other? Who would smite first?

It sounds like there is some confusion on how it works. This does not remove the timing requirement of Smite, you still need to deal non-DoT damage to the objective (we are experimenting with if this should include ability damage or just basic attacks). If your damage reduces the Large/Epic monster's HP below Smite's threshold it will execute it.

So if you have 2 champions fighting at Baron, and not damaging it, then neither will take the objective. However, if both are fighting Baron, the jungler who secures the objective is the one who brought Baron to the execute threshold. Just like on live the jungler who secures the objective is the one who last hit it.

Another part of this is that Smite doesn't have a cooldown, so this applies to every large/epic monster, and you no longer need to worry about using your Smite during the pre-Baron fight, on RedBuff before the fight, or to secure Baron. Or if you are not the jungler, you don't need to worry about if your jungler has Smite off CD.

The big difference here is that on live Smite is much more of a coin toss/ping check/controls complication whereas this shifts the focus to how you play your champion.

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Originally posted by RaccoonDu

Right, I understand that, but theoretically speaking, if both junglers are just auto-ing baron, if they have the same AD and AS, and say they had a full team of healing supports and they have life steal to stay alive, in this hypothetical scenario where both junglers got the threshold down at the same time, who would take it?

Even in a more realistic scenario, say baron is at 1000 and the threshold is 900. It's not uncommon for both junglers to do a 100hp ability or auto, at the same time, dropping it to like 800.

I know it'll go to the player whos attack or ability hit first down to the milliseconds but just for fun, what if the timing was IDENTICAL, what would happen?

I don't have a great answer for you in the scenarios you put forward, I'm not sure how it has been set up. I believe it follows the same rules Smite does right now if Baron is at 50 HP and both junglers hit Smite on the same frame (disgregarding ping). Even in the more realistic scenario you brought up, its still the same situation in the end (Both players Smite at the exact same time, who wins?).

What really ends up happening is that you end up trying to rush down the objective by using all your abilities on CD, or you save your big burst to secure it, not too different from live. And the frame-perfect scenario we are talking about isn't going to come up.

But what would you expect/want to happen in this case? Does it go to the team that started the buff? The team with the most gold? The team who has more players with the letter A in their name? Does each team get half the buff? Should it be 50/50 random?

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Originally posted by RaccoonDu

I would expect maybe both teams would get baron. Again, I'm not too sure what COULD happen, I don't even know if its physically possible in an ideal scenario where without ping and all variables aside, for both teams to execute a monster/neutral objective together at the same time. Of course, none of those scenarios would come up, it's just every now and then, the front page of Reddit has this post of like one in a million chances of something so coincidental, that we never thought it would be possible without staging, and I was just curious if smite executes like that would be possible.

The reason it intrigued me was because this is all automatic, I would think ping wouldn't be a variable (to a non game engineer like me).Now, it's not about who presses the button first, with time delay, reaction speed, ping, it would be impossible to double smite at the same time. Now that it's automatic, if both junglers somehow got the threshold below at the same time, I would think somehow both teams would get it, as you said, it just requires non DOT damage within the past few seconds. So if blue team was consistently attacking, but wasn't the last to hit it at the threshold, would he not be eligible for the smite to go off?

In reality, it's probably red team, who WAS the one to hit it last to drop it below the threshold to smite it, correct? It makes the most sense that only one team can get it, I was just curious if somehow, both teams could get it, or if that kind of scenario would even break the game's code or something.

To be clear it's not about damage in the last few seconds to "mark" the objective for Execution. Smite tiggers in the same instant that you deal damage, so timing is still important. Those timing delays and reaction speeds are still a thing. Timing an attack so that it is the one that reduces Baron to Smite's threshold is the same kind of timing as pressing Smite. Ping is still a factor too, but it's impact is minimized because it doesn't come down to a single press, and instead repeated basic attacks and abilities can all secure it.

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Originally posted by novice_warbler

Don’t you think this change removes the skill threshold for smite and changes it to rng? The better player should be rewarded, not whatever player happens to happens to drop the monsters health below the execution threshold.

I think both junglers try to hit Smite at the same time has plenty of rng in it already. And the same mitigating factors like zoning the enemy apply to both models. Plus the need to land a basic attack, or ability (if we go that route), plus the fact that CC now locks an opponent out of last hitting the objective, introduces more counterplay.

What do you think is more skillful? The Lee Sin who tries to hit Baron with Q, but you body-block the projectile and he dashes to you anyway then Smites Baron, or the one who dashes to you then needs to hit Baron?

Unless you are talking about the skill check of tracking if your jungler has Smite off CD or not. In that case then I'd say yes this does remove some skill, but I don't think it is one we think is a desirable skill check in Wild Rift. By removing the CD we make it so that players are not trapped by starting Baron/Dragon when their team's Smite is on CD.

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Originally posted by novice_warbler

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I definitely understand the reason you stated. Ultimately it makes sense and even rewards good teamwork.

It does seem like could cause more snowballing by eliminating the clutch baron or dragon steal for a lot of junglers as it’s more difficult to get an AA then it is to smite. But time will tell.

Overall I will take this chance to say I truly think your team is doing a great job.


There are risks with any change for sure, but we gotta take risks if we wanta make cool things. Adjustments can, and likely will, be made between now and the ship date (assuming we do ship it).

And thank you for your kind words, I'll pass it along to the rest of the team, it always puts a smile on our faces when we get to hear from players, and our work is appreciated.