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I don't know if it'll "redeem" anything. There's just a lot of stuff to write about. I hope you enjoy it all!

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Originally posted by KatashiWR

Mind compensating us with a patch preview release date at least?

ya, we'll be revealing the schedule for everything later this week! (i realise this is an announcement of an announcement of an announcement. pls forgive)

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Originally posted by Whats_Up4444

Unrelated, how was your reaction to sora in smash?

Favorite kh game?

To be super blunt I was quite tired (7am when it was announced) but when the Simple and Clean orchestral music started i literally had tears rolling down my cheeks lol. lots of memories of this series

favourite game is prob KH1 just for the nostalgia, but i am close to Chain of Memories purely for the time I put into it lol

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Originally posted by LieuVijay

X.0 or 2.X releases are always the ones that bring big/major changes as compared to the tiny 2.4x changes.

And they probably had to update/fix quite a few stuff. And bring possibly bring new features etc

It's pretty much this - the "major" patches are the ones that require a full new build of the game, reapproval by the app stores, full development cycle and so on, so they have a lot more that can go wrong (vs the "lettered" patches which are normally just balance/content/bugfixes)