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I just had to check by going to practice mode and found that Nautilus and Pyke are only listed in the support section. Is this the only lane/role they should be played in or do other roles work? Why wouldn't they be listed there?

I expected 100% that Pyke could be used in mid lane and Nautilus could be used in the solo lane. Why wouldn't they give these options? Does that not work for them?

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Nautilus is intended to function in Baron, Jungle, and Support. While Pyke is a pure support.

I'll ping people about updating Nautilus's roles once we see how he is performing.

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Originally posted by LandOfGAG

Sweet, thank you! I will try Nautilus in the jungle for sure now seeing his second and third ability does 150% damage to monsters.

His 2 was also changed from PC to make it better at clearing the jungle.

Players tend to underrate tank junglers so I expect you'll see some success, especially after lv 5 when your targeted CC makes ganks a breeze.

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Originally posted by yungraffi

I’m aware of the history of Pyke on lol pc but why does is his últ timer after the first execute so short compared to pc? Was there a reason why

We want to reduce the duration of long windowed effects like this. Wild Rift is much faster paced than PC so it doesn't make sense to be able to get a reset in one fight and carry it into another area of the map.

We have plans to take a similar pass at other long duration effects on other champions.

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Originally posted by Zamrayz

We all know pyke can off meta mid lane, and that's exactly why he's been adjusted on pc recently. Lmao

Ya it is possible we see something similar happen though we have also made adjustments to Pyke before his release. We do evaluate and change champions when we bring them to Wild Rift. We did a lot of work to tweak Pyke for this reason and have plans to adjust him further if needed.

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Originally posted by NotATypicalSinn

I've seen a bunch of pyke mid in PC and a couple in Wild Rift tho(?) is it just that off-meta, that it isn't super recommended?

I'm unsure about PCs current landscape. Though he has had a bit of a history of playing there too. That said I don't think the LoLPC team loves Pyke mid either. As for Wild Rift Pyke has been out for a few hours, you're going to see him in every role players can play him, that doesn't mean he is viable in all of them. There is always the chance we made a mistake, but if he is equally viable in mid as he is as a support you can expect us to make adjustments.

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Originally posted by instinct_hulk

Didnt get a chance , but wanted to thankyou for rylais 10% buff . Got to know this from endstep , waiting for u to stream with him

Lol thanks, I kept telling him that both it and Grudge should be at the same %, and he kept threatening to put them both at 0%. In the end Rylai got the buff, but at what cost!!!

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Originally posted by instinct_hulk

Haha he was seriously against it before the buff

The item was doing fine and didn't really need a buff, but both items matching is a good consistency win. Really more of him trolling me than fighting me on it.

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Originally posted by Ayo_The_Pizza_Here69

I’m going to suggest you hit him with the pc change of his stun not damaging minions. In the trade off all Thise who assist him in the kill gets gold cause lane pyke is going to be an issue thanks to that.

That is always an option, we will see how he performs and go from there. I wasn't on Pyke's release, but whenever a champion is launching the team plans some possible adjustments depending on how they are performing. So the right people already have some idea of what they might want to do, depending on how his release looks.

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Originally posted by SamuraiVibe

Silence Rioter! I shall take Pyke into the river as support role and introduce "River Pyke" to the game

.....I have no mouth and I must scream....

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Originally posted by AniStark97

Rogue naut seems a bit mana heavy to be used in jungle with constant clearing. Runs out very fast without blue buff even after lvl 10. Intended for ap build in jg?

I would expect tank builds to still work fine, I played it a bit in our internal play tests (not on live yet). Every jungler will have Blue Buff, and have some item options to choose from.

As an aside Winter's Approach is the most looked over item in the game, I don't have data on Nautilus using it in the jungle... But our data shows it's a far better item than people give it credit for, it might be worth checking out here if you are worried about mana.

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Originally posted by ZemGuse

Every time I see a Riot post I get jealous that you get to work at that awesome campus

It's a great office, lots of amazing people all working together to make some great games. Though depending on the day many of us still work from home, there are trade offs to both.

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Originally posted by ChartNew3237

Why nerf kayle so hard? It's better not release the her in the first place, I feel so bad seeing my favorite champ in the lowest place of some random guy's tier list 😔.

Don't release super late game champs anymore.

Despite many tier lists Kayle is doing fine at each elo. Tier lists are fine for judging a players perception, but they don't do a good job at looking at actual power or balance.

A good example we are seeing is pro play is Singed and Seedjar both being frequent picks when tier lists and the general player base thought both were garbage. Now obviously pro play isn't 1:1 with solo que, but our data shows that both are doing fine in solo que as well.

Every tier list is going to have someone at the bottom, that is the nature of lists. That doesn't mean that someone is in a terrible spot though, even if the list were an accurate representation of general power. There aren't any champions that I would say are in a super bad spot, as far as I am aware, and if you enjoy playing a champion you should keep playing them.

With all that said I'm not on the balance team, and was on vacation this last week, so I might be a little out of the loop.

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Originally posted by Hello_Imsanjay

dang bro why does riot hate when people play pyke with other roles?

Because he was built to be a support, we have assassins for every other role. If he shares that space with them then it waters down his intended identity/purpose.

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Originally posted by Ok-Ear-8155

hey what build do y’all think is better for jhin? The classic Youmuu or Stormrazor i’m really in doubt about how to build him it’s getting hard

I've seen success with both Pen tends to be really good vs squishy targets without a lot of armor. But both builds should do good work.

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Originally posted by DeathBySnuSnuuuuuuuu


Just say a champions classification (Mage, Assassin, Juggernaut etc) and let the game/players decide what lane they're in...

That is nice in theory, but it goes against some key aspects when designing content. Namely that you want to design with goals in mind that help guide your design. If we didn't try to push champions into their intended lanes then we wouldn't have things like minions/monster modifier on abilities, or even abilities like Pyke's passive that shares gold.

And we really don't like the idea of every champion being a powerful flex pick. There are times when we are ok with, or even encourage champions to branch out to other positions but it really depends on the champion, their design, and if we think that is healthy for the game and champion as a whole.