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The official website of Chinese Wild Rift has their stats publicly available. Please look at the stats before ranting about your champ being weak. I see a lot of posts where they declare their champ as weak, but when I look at the stats, their champ is actually strong. Go look at Kayle for example, her win rates are 56.41% on baron lane and 54.94% on mid, and that's even after her so called "nerfs".

These stats are on Diamond+. For those people that will say that this won't be reliable because Diamond is included, take note that this is the Chinese server. Here's my points why this is very reliable stats: 1. All of their teams went on the playoffs in Wild Rift Icons. They're built different. I honestly think that their Diamond players are better that Diamond players on any other region(trust me I play on both SEA and CN server) 2. The chinese servers have A LOT of players. For those who don't know, China has 2 servers (QQ and WECHAT), Each having approximately 4000 challenger players. Now imagine how many players there are if we are counting the players in Diamond to challenger. 3. Riot bases their nerfs and buffs based on the Chinese server, that in itself tells us that the stats are reliable.

This will also help you in your ranked games. If you don't know what to play and will help you rank up, look at the stats and see what the op champs are.

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Originally posted by Undivid3d

  3.  Riot bases their nerfs and buffs based on the Chinese server, that in itself tells us that the stats are reliable.

Where’s the source on this?

We do look at Chinese winrate data, but that doesn't mean we only look at that data, and ignore the rest of the world.

We look at everything we can when making changes. Chinese champion data isn't always 1:1 with the rest of the world, but it is generally similar.

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Originally posted by Sweet-Activity8829

Perfect source found xd

But i do have a question though... the website https://wildstats.gg is it a reliable source for getting stats about the game, like average winrates or most played Champions?

I know on the bottom of the page it says: Wildstats isn't endorsed by Riot Games (...).

But this isn't very well specified and doesn't give me a straight forward answer

When I see it quoted the data is often very far off from our own data (no champions are anywhere close to -40% in their intended roles). I haven't looked at what is shown on playrate, so I can't speak to that.

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I don't understand why u don't buff kaisa.she has low winrate according to wildstats for several patches and official china winrates confirmed it.she has lowest winrate among adc champs in china server. It seems like riot forgets about some champs and only remembers that they need a buff when they want to release new skins for those champs.

No new skin for kaisa in several patches=no buff even if she has bad winrate .

So normally I wouldn't take the bait and only respond to people who seem interested in hearing responses, rather than arguing, but I'll bite.

First, the balance team does not take skins into account, they don't even know what skin release plans are, and are not judged based on the success of skins or revenue.

God Fist Lee Sin was the last example I used, so I'll stick to it here. We have wanted to Buff Lee Sin for a while, (he isn't doing great), but players feel he is strong. The skin came out, we didn't buff him, because of player perception even though (from looking at just winrate data) he needs it.

Second, it really depends on what brackets you are talking about Winrate isn't universal across the board and it really comes down to how you look at the data, and this is particularly true for Kai'Sa. Because of how our loadout system works the VAST majority of players just build the next item in line. This means they will rush Stormrazor, when you should really be doing a double BF Sword build (or who knows if that has changed), before finishing Stormrazor. The players who know to do this build, tend to be just fine, but her winrate is suppressed by the legions of people rushing Stormrazor.

This is something we would like to address, but buffing the champion doesn't do anything to address that, it just makes it worse. If she were to sit at a reasonable winrate for most players she would need to be very strong for players optimizing her evolve system, or we could shift power out of the evolve system and into other areas, but that isn't something we like to do and I don't think you would enjoy either.

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