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I really like playing AP jarvin on normal LoL. Flags hit like nukes. On wild rift however it has a 2nd cast to sync with his 1st spell (as I’m sure most of you know).

Is there a way in settings or some way to change this so I can cast ability 3 faster without the sync?

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There is not a way to disable this, however 3's second press does not affect the cool down of the ability itself. It is simply there to help with his combo.

Bit of a sneak peak, but in the next major content patch we are adding this combo tech to Alistair's 2>1 / W>Q so that it functions by pressing 2>2 /W>W, and Jayce's ranged form 1>3 / E>Q so that it functions by pressing 1>1 / Q>Q.