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So that was a lie huh?

Just to clarify I'm not annoyed or anything. I honestly don't care but they had how long to make another pass to just swap in once this one ended? What's the point in ending it if you aren't going to immediately follow it up with another one? Let the people who may have not finished it keep doing it if you weren't going to replace it.

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Yep, that was something we said which didn't happen this time around due to the patch delay. I take responsibility for it, and I'm sorry

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It's all good. Game development is hard. Just take the last part I said into consideration more than anything. If you aren't able to replace it right away might as well extend it till you do

Yeah - I actually chased that around a week before the pass was due to expire. We worked through a bunch of possible solutions for it (unfortunately it's not as easy as it would be in games where we can just adjust a config in the background, it turns out, and would have required a bunch of dev work and a patch) - Given that the 2.5 patch was around the corner the team opted to not fix it this time, but they're aware of it in case something similar happens again. The upshot is that we did grant 10 extra levels to everyone partway through for an unrelated thing, so hopefully people got what they wanted in the end anyway. I realise it feels like a bit of a ghost town when the pass isn't live tho lol

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Unrelated question: I got a name in WR that I dont want to get taken away but want a letter capitalized but afraid to submit a ticket lol. Its nothing bad but is it possible to get it capitalized without changing it? Cant do it via account settings

I know we honour this for League PC, but I don't know if we do so for Wild Rift. Worst case is they say no! Feel free to try!