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When in a match and looking at the stats, on the second tab what do the symbols mean at the top? There’s a heart, axe, fireball, shield and circle. Sorry for the newbish question

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Right, but the number value for each of those, is that just overall AD/AP, is that number per attack, or something else?

Reason I’m asking is I’m getting more into the game and want to get away from prebuilt builds and buying items based on matchups. So just trying to figure out the best way to determine in game what champs do what

AD is a stat you get from items, generally this relates to physical damage, it's on swords, bows that type of stuff. If your champion focuses on dealing physical damage they likely want a bunch of this. It also increases your basic attack's damage.

AP is the same but it typically scales magic damage dealing, or enchanter type effects. This doesn't increase basic attack damage (with certain champion specific exceptions).

Really what matters is looking at your champion's abilities and see what icons show up. Or use the recommended/top 3 builds as a reference point and look for similar items.