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The last patch had very healthy changes including some very well deserving and very impactful nerfs to Akali and Katarina who are obviously the most complained about champs so as an Akali main I'll bring up some of the points where the community thinks said ability is broken must be nerfed one by one and give my honest opinion on whether if it isn't or is OP after reading this feel free to comment your opinion below.

The Shroud (W):

On this point I do agree that the shroud is a very impactful tool during dives skirmishes and escapes and is probably regarded as Akali's only escape tool since her mobility is dependent on having champions around, on this point I do agree that the shroud is a bit too forgiving some people are even complaining about removing it, which is absurd since its basically Akali's core ability so in order to tune the ability all you need to do is make it more punishable by basically increasing its CD this will make an Akali think twice about using her shroud in a certain situauion where it could've saved her in a sticky situation she might face later.

High damage on shuriken flip second dash (E2):

Quite honestly I don't understand the reason behind this complaint? Before the rework she used to more damage on E1 as well so they basically made it more rewarding for Akali to go IN using the ability instead of just poking with it which is honestly very much fine like of course she has to be rewarded for diving since she's an assassin after all and the thing is sure the damage is great but it only looks impactful on squishies which is NORMAL, so basically on equal levels the ability can't burst down a tank Garen or Malphite or basically any other durable champion which is obviously normal since tanks are easily meant to shrug off burst.

Perfect Execution (R2)

So by the name of the ability you already know that her ult is an execution, the first phase of her ult (R1) doesn't do much damage if you aren't ahead and is only meant to be an enabler for the R2 which you can only use after comboing somone to a very low health threshold under 35% specifically to guarantee the full damage of the ult and kill them (However this doesn't apply to all champions, squishier champions do die right at the 35% threshold easily since they dont have any defenses however with tanks and durable bruisers you have to chip them down even more to gurantee the kill since their health maybe higher than the R2's max damage and could survive). Even with this idk whats so busted about it? Sure I may agree that the range is too wide, However complaints about damage numbers and even that the ability is free to aim just doesn't make any form of sense her ult used to damage based on missing health just like Evelynn and now its reworked to this which is quite honestly much balanced in terms of numbers and more forgiving for tanks to begin with, so with this I'd say make the R2's aim less wide and make it more punishable by maybe decreasing the time you have to hit it other than that the damage numbers on her ult is perfectly reasonable for the way she's supposed to be played.

So yeah that's what I think in terms of the complaints so far feel to free to voice your opinion on why I could be wrong and if I missed something thanks for reading this fellas have a good day.

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Originally posted by thatwasaheadshot

Well idk man you have to get into some deep discussions about numbers and mechanics to explain why said abilities are broken lmao otherwise its just plain useless complaining.

I read it, I think there are some good points here for sure, and well worth checking out for people who don't play Akali but want to better understand her.

I am interested to see how she looks after the nerfs (data is still early here). But my gut says it's promising.

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Originally posted by maher_bk

As an Akali main, I'm happy with the changes. However i am still seeing a high ban rate (8 out of 10 games) so it's kinda depressing.. do you think this will change ?

Many players are still more familiar with pre patch Akali (hell our data is still early on how its shaping up). I expect she will always be a high banrate champion, but I also expect/hope her ban rate to drop a bit with those recent changes.

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Originally posted by thatwasaheadshot

But I swear they did fix something about the ult scalings in the rework because the busted part about the ult in the first place was the 300% 3x damage I thought they removed that and placed a fixed maxed damage done under 35% health.

u/zekorei u/thatwasaheadshot Including you both cause I'm a noob who doesn't know if this reply with alert you both.
Akali's ultimate scales with missing hp, this damage scales from 100%-35% of the targets remaining HP, reaching cap damage when at 35%. This cap is 300% of the ability's damage. Rank 1 85(+40%AP)*300%=255(+120%AP)

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Originally posted by thatwasaheadshot

Hey, thanks for clarifying this I legit thought that the missing health part was gone since I couldn't see it in the description anymore.

Its on there, it talks about it on the in the section about the Second Cast. What language do you play WR in? Its possible that there is a language bug or something funky going on.

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Originally posted by thatwasaheadshot

I think ik what part you're talking about I meant the 300% part was pretty much always mentioned in her ult description before the rework until it was poofed away, im sorry btw im just not good with the mathematical stuff in the description so I might have misunderstood it.

No worries, we changed it to show the damage numbers instead of 300% for this exact reason.