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Originally posted by siq1013

really good patch

Thanks, the team put a lot of hard work went into this one.

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Originally posted by Shikazure

Some how i dont think the remake system will be as impactful as we hope if its the same as PC since it wont give give loss protection from a afker after the first 3 minutes

This is correct, remake is meant to address a very specific case to prevent abuse. You should really only rely on it to work when a player is AFK from the first moment (i.e. they crash on loading screen). This is so players can't AFK to evade an unfavorable start to the game.

The intent is to use the AFK compensation system Maddy was talking about to penalize players who we detect AFK at any point in the game and provide compensation to their teammates. Note this initial version has conservative compensation because we're concerned about the potential for abuse (trying to force someone to AFK in a losing game). We're open to feedback on this once you all start playing with it.

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Originally posted by Unboxed561

No match making fix is disappointing but it seems like things are getting better.

Match making fixes aren't generally part of "patches". The team is continually making improvements behind the scenes. The matchmaker does not rely on patches to your phones in order to make improvements so they can do them at any time, unlike changes to the actual game which need to be downloaded onto your phones.

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Originally posted by yanssin

Finally remake system

Let me set expectations here. This is based on the PC system, and because of how quick games are in WR you can only rely on it to happen when someone is AFK from the start of the game (i.e. disconnect at the loading screen).

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Originally posted by dontping

on the topic of AFK please look into being detected as AFK while playing Yuumi. I played with an active Yuumi today that got a leaver penalty

Do you want to DM me your playername#tag and rough date, time, timezone, and region? You're probably already done with your leaver penalty, but we are looking at adjusting Yuumi settings because of false AFK detection and are trying to figure out the root cause. We already made some changes when for Yuumi specifically when she shipped, and we want to tune them to eliminate as many false positives.

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Originally posted by drekmonger

Hopefully duo/trio partners of an AFKing individual won't receive compensation. Otherwise, a partner might AFK to protect a friend's rank.

Above a certain rank, party members won't receive compensation (just like League PC). It's pretty high right now, but we could lower it if we see abuse.

edit: for remake specifically. The AFK compensation outside remake is tuned so it's not beneficial for one person to AFK to protect someone's rank (they lose more than their teammate gains).

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Originally posted by RefanRes

Will the person who got disconnected get just a loss or will there be an afk punishment even if say their game crashed and they tried to load back in? I could kind of understand them not receiving an afk on remakes for that reasoning. Or will there be a cushion for people to try loading back before remake triggers?

It's not just if you fail to load into the game, you need to be disconnected for some amount of time. If you reconnect for long enough before the remake window closes you should not get a remake. However if you cross our threshold for being considered AFK a remake will be available for your team even if you have reconnected.

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Originally posted by jlozada24

I have a question I can’t find answered anywhere and don’t have enough friends to test it. Does the heal from harmonic echo proc multi person censer/flowing waters? What about an aery shield from Jarvan’s 3rd ability?

Censer and SoFW both proc off any healing/shielding.

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Originally posted by Elegaynte

But what about the penalty for players who aren't "AFK" but are obviously trolling and griefing by running around in base, wasting summoner spells, doing nothing just to avoid AFK detection? Will there be compensation in ranked games with those insufferable people on your team?

Yes, we consider "non-participation" to be the same as AFK and try to detect it. If someone triggers the AFK system doing that you will get compensation. However, we are conservative with how we're detecting that kind of behavior because there is a high risk of false postiive (e.g. the person who got detected on Yuumi falsely in this post).

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Originally posted by fyi_radz

oh ya, will u guys ever considering dodge feature?? sometimes i get tilted even from draft phase and dont wanna start the game with that attitude

Not really my area of expertise, so I can't say. However working on this in my previous life on League PC I would say we are reluctant to make dodges too easy because it wastes a lot of time for every player. If we ever did dodges it would likely have a penalty component to it to discourage people from using it unless really necessary. I don't think it's likely anytime soon, it was a deliberate decision not to allow dodges in champion select in WR.

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Originally posted by I_am_Patch

Afaik attack speed is lower in wild rift compared to PC lol. Along with other stats like move speeds, to compensate for map size and game time etc.

Attack speed and moment speed are about the same. While the Wild Rift map is smaller than lolPC, keeping the movement speed the same is important for not drastically changing the feel of combat and someone's ability to dodge.

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Originally posted by SchokoArti

The Patch looks awesome but there is one small thing which made me wonder: whats the reason u decided to give control wards 3 instead of 4 hp comparer to PC?

This was done because 4 felt like too much of a slog for our games pacing. We didn't want you to spend a bunch of time to destroy a ward when things are closer together, on a smaller map. Pink wards also are less valuable in Wild Rift (you don't have to purchase them separately) so it makes sense for them to be easier to destroy.

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Originally posted by CloudDrinker

It's so nice to see rioters here I hope you will countinue to be here even when people don't like stuff

We are around all the time, and try to chat when we see something we can add value to.

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Originally posted by gheycub

Somethings the AFK system won’t pick up a “non-participant,” However, everyone will report them as AFK and a little while later I’ll get the punishment confirmation email. Will we get compensation after-the-fact as well?

Yes you should, but let us know if that doesn't happen.

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Originally posted by TheGivingTree7

Besides addressing actual concern. There are more post/comments talking about the poor state of tanks and how this patch will bury them, than praises, yet those post get ignored. Praises however, that can't be ignored. Shouldn't community managers actually address.. The concerns of the community or just high five and slap ass?

I'm not a community manager, I'm a designer on in-game so when players bring up pain points that are outside of my wheelhouse there isn't really much I can add to the discussion. Plus this is something many of us do outside of our regular work, so a choice of how we want to spend our free time.

I also make a point to not feed the trolls, no one gains anything in those situations, and if someone just needs to vent there isn't much value in trying to have a discussion.