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So now, horizon cup just concluded and DKG convicingly won (But do you think, they will also have season 0 Champions skin like LoL PC), next to watch out for is the new patch 2.6. Scheduled to be released on Dec. 3, what are your thoughts on the possibilities on this new patch? I, myself, is looking forward to have a new Ranked season, given season 3 is already running for almost 4 months. Also to have the speculated "Orianna Glorious Skin". And also the New Wild Pass.

How about you guys? What do you wanna see this upcoming major patch?

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Originally posted by VASQUEZ_41

Mundo definitely getting his rework this patch there was a riot worker on this sub that said it was coming this year

He goes where he pleases, and it sounds like that is the Wild Rift!

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Originally posted by DCFDTL

When exactly is the season ending? Any news on that?

Nothing that I'm aware of, sorry.