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So ive been playing wild rift for a bit and i played mundo as my last game and it made me think about his rework and it was supposed to come out earlier in the year but never did maybe i missed something but any info on it?

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It's still on schedule for sometime this year. That is all I'm allowed to say. =P

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Originally posted by gwtsva

What about Amumu :(

Oh we got him into the game a while ago.

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Originally posted by D0n0thing

Will you delete the current version or keep him?

Ya he will be changed, there won't be two versions. But don't worry he is keeping his identity and having it cranked up to a more modern standard.

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Originally posted by wondahboi

I never would’ve believed Rioters actually go on this sub haha

Plenty of us keep an eye on this subreddit, even if we aren't the most active posters. =P

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Originally posted by John__Gotti

Hello developer. Are you following Horizon? Don't you think Varus, TF, Riven and Renekton are too popular?

We've been watching, though I need to catch up a bit. My understanding is that there are a few with a higher presence than we would like (Ziggs, Camille, and Renekton are all currently at 100% presence with some others that are close), and the balance team is keeping a close how things continue to trend.