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Like 80% of times we use zoe's E behind the wall and in that case we cant see if it will hit the enemy or not and we cant see the enemies

It should be something like varus Q?, If I want to hit my E behind a wall then the camera should move a little bit up to see the enemies


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This is something we wanted to do but we had some tech limits with it having a variable range that we couldn't solve in time.

We did try a few different variations with having the camera pan but it made things really funky when you were trying to quickly combo your abilities without sending E through a wall. Using the mini-map to pan the camera isn't a great experience, but we try to help compensate for that with the line drawn on the minimap.

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Originally posted by SHURIDACHI

Oh I see, thx for the explaining

I do have an idea about this could you tell me if it works?

Basicly if I want to hit my E behind the wall, it shows me on the small camera ( the small camera that shows up when I move my camera ) where exactly my E will hit

I understand if you didnt like this idea because maybe it is a big advantage? Not sure but I think this will be a lot better

We do use the mini cam when you hit something off screen, but we also don't want to put too much on the mini cam. Not all phones can handle both cameras at once so it can lead to situations where the game ends up being unfair if your phone's hardware isn't top of the line.

Or confusing situations where you are panning the camera (thus it shows yourself in the mini cam) as you aim or fire E, what should the camera show?

Or worse you (and we saw this a bit when testing abilities that could use the mini cam) are aiming your ability and the mini cam pops us blocking your view.

We can ways make adjustments in the future if there are significant problems, but this is a high-level optimization on a very high-skill champion. Zoe is also brand new so I expect there is a bit of a learning curve that everyone is working through atm before we decide if changes to this are needed.

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Originally posted by TerribleTeemoTime

Please just let us zoom out in general. It’s already in the replay system and the only reason it can’t zoom out more is tradition from Warcraft 3.

There is no reason we shouldn’t be able to zoom Out.

It's not so much a tradition of WC3, though I imagine there is a lot of overlap as to why it should be limited. We have tried different zoom levels, especially early on in the game's development but changing it has a fundamental impact on the feeling and balance of the game.

The biggest reason is that zooming out grants you more vision of the area around you (ofc) this makes ganks more difficult, while reducing the importance of vision. Wild Rift is also a very tactical game and being zoomed out makes pvp combat and tactical play much more difficult and unclear.

This camera zoom was specifically chosen and does impact the range of abilities, if we pulled the camera further out we would want to increase VFX (especially for short-ranged abilities) so that players could still have a clear understanding of what is going on, while long-range abilities are adjusted/balanced with the camera size in mind (Notice how Blitzcrank's Grab doesn't go past the screen).

Speaking as someone who has played WR with the adjusted camera, and raided in MMOs (where you are expected to have a max zoom camera) the game also just looks and feels better when you can see your champion.

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Originally posted by Wayward-Wayfarer

Well, I thank you for not making the game zoom out the moment I cast E on the wall it sounds like an FPS drop nightmare.

We had you in mind when we made this change.

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Originally posted by oozingdonut

I’m glad to hear there’s at least a chance of it being changed to make it like OP suggests (in the post, not really a fan of the idea they had in their comment lol).

Would a simple “camera pans out a bit when you aim E at a wall” not be feasible? Rather than the camera following the end of the bubble trajectory, I mean.

Also, and this is something I wondered a few days ago because of Zoe coming to WR, has the team ever considered a fully unlocked camera option? Maybe a toggle similar to the pan camera, only to unlock and lock the camera back on your champ, or even a settings option that lets you change the functionality of the current existing pan camera button?

I feel like it’s probably technical limitations and/or not wanting to put too many “moving parts” in a game that’s means to be more approachable for average players, but I thought I’d ask

We did try versions where the camera shifted a little bit while you were aiming E (even if not through walls) but it makes comboing a bit funky as the camera then needs to move out and then back Zoe, so it slows everything down in an unintuitive way. This makes using multiple abilities feel odd and is the kind of thing that is very difficult to explain without getting your hands on it.

As for a fully unlocked camera, that is not something the team is planning and we are very unlikely to change. A game's camera is directly tied to how the game plays and feels, and this would be a lot of work for something that I suspect most people would not use.

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Originally posted by OkConcert4923

So here is my question…. Why not just delay the champion release until you could perfect it….

Because we would never ship champions anything if we waited for things to be perfect. That's a larger take on the question, but and we do explore if we can do a champion before we start working on them. Famously Veigo was a champion we started on but ran into unforeseen constraints that forced us to put him in the ice box.

More seriously to your point though, we don't always know what is needed for a champion when we start working on them. Particularly the kinds of things that come from working on a champion and after having played them a bit. Things like Lillia and Zoe's third abilities (E) drawing a line on the mini-map were not things we thought of when we started on the champions, but that we discovered would be good to have through playtesting. Lillia's R showing the number of enemy champions that it would affect didn't show up until very late in her development.

Other times something ends up being easier than we thought, or even more difficult, maybe someone leaves the team or they need to shift their focus to another area of the game and we can't do everything we want to.

This doesn't mean we would lower our quality bar and release something we are not confident in, we do feel Zoe is in a good place. Would this be an improvement? Possibly, we haven't gotten to test it, but this is where iteration and experience help us in the future.

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Originally posted by Riftmakerz

I main Veigo have you guys made any progress with the constraints? Like can you still be added eventually or is there something fudgey with him that would take too much work?

I been spamming zoe and I'm liking her a lot. The E didn't feel bad to me personally and I'm having more success on her in wildrift than pc league.

We would still like to add Veigo and Sylas at some point but for the moment he is still a problem child.

I'm glad you are enjoying Zoe, I have had a similar experience with her in Wild Rift, I played her a lot when she came out on PC but I wouldn't say I was particularly good with her. In our internal tests I have felt she is much easier to pick up... Then I lane against Endstep who destroys me and shows that even with her being easier to pick up I still have a ways to go before I can call myself a good Zoe player.

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Originally posted by Omen46

Thank you for your participation in this Reddit

Thanks! You're gonna make me all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm glad I can shed some light on a bit of behind the scenes game dev. I'm glad you are enjoying the game.

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Originally posted by SHURIDACHI

We would still like to add Veigo and Sylas

Im not a developer but I think sylas is a lot easier than viego? If this is true does that mean there is a chance that we can get sylas? Or sylas will be in a box too with viego?

Sylas is a bit easier for sure, but they have the same core problem, due to them copying abilities. We want to add them both but need to solve those problems first.

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Originally posted by Yin155

Hey I noticed a bug with zoe earlier when i was playing her that if you stasis before your q damage hits it didnt do any damage i can see if i can still get the clip of it from the game but i didnt save it when it happened.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to look into this today, but yes that sounds like a bug, I'll bring this up to our QA team and we can look into it. If you have a clip send it my way, and I'll include it.

Thanks for bringing this up.

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Originally posted by TheQuestionableDuck

hey can i ask for a toggle button for zoe auto cast q behind and Infront of me? auto q backwards are extremely weird when i started playing her from pc its feel so weird have it like cast in the moving direction similar to dashing skill toggle. and also this weird bug that haven't been fix is popping up really frequently when you use joystick and manual q control at the same time it sometimes lost tracking of my control joystick making it really awkward when you bubble an enemy and both of you just stare at each other because you cant get your q in. i have lost so many fight because of that bug.

Champion-specific settings and toggles are not something we want to do, it ends up being a rabbit hole where before each game you need to adjust your settings or don't feel like you can play a champion until you have tweaked their own specific setup.

There are situations where players might prefer using an existing setting over another with a champion, but we are not happy when something must be used (Looking at you Riven, and Dash in Move Direction: Off).

I understand that shooting the projectile away from your opponent is a bit odd, but we felt it was worth it to avoid situations where tap casting the ability would basically be trolling yourself if the first cast went toward your target. It can still be aimed in situations where you do want to send the first cast forward, though that will likely be less common.

As for the bug you problem up, this isn't something I have seen, but if you have a clip (ideally showing your screen touch position if possible) send it my way and I'll bring it up to our QA team for us to dive into it.