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The title pretty much sums it up, and no I'm not gonna bash on the game because in reality the problems actually with me, I always get too addicted to playing League just like on PC and in turn destroy my regular lifestyle, League has given me some good memories playing with friends but it's time to move on.

One thing that is great about wildrift is the fact that wildrift has alot of potential and the fact that people dont complain as much when compared to PC is definetly a plus as well, and I doubt I ever would have made it to gold in league PC but wildrift gave me that chance and accomplishment.

Thank you for everything and glhf!


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Thank you for the kind feedback and please do take a break or even stop entirely if you need to! As much as we'd love to have you in the game I know that it can't always work out, the real world and people's personal situations are really complicated. Please take care of yourself first and foremost.
And congrats on Gold! I'm really happy you got to hit such a meaningful milestone before leaving!